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Chapter 518 He Is Hanyang

“Okay, lets begin.”

Gu Fan nodded with a rare smile on his face, and then he told Zhang Han, “According to the rule,Im Cute will sing first.

Ive seen the name of your song and the lyrics, well… Is it for mentor Zi Yan again”

Zhang Han replied without hesitation, “I want to express my true feelings through some lyrics.”

Zhang Hans explanation was surprising.

It aroused a new round of discussion in the preparation room.

“My gosh, is he trying to pursue Zi Yan”

“Its dangerous! Zi Yan said that she doesnt like having jokes played on her, and he might be penalized for this song.”

“You havent got it clear yet.

Mentor Zi Yan is smiling with shining eyes! Maybe they have already known each other.

The other mentors guessed that he was Hanyang, remember”

“He is sure to go viral when the show goes on the air!”

Many people were sighing with emotion that up to now, “Im Cute”, who was suspected to be Hanyang, was the most attractive singer.

As they could imagine, it was most likely being used as a publicity stunt by the program division.

Though “Hanyang” couldnt draw as much attention as before, the mysterious songwriter was still attractive to the public.

No one could draw a conclusion before the truth came to the surface itself.

For them, it was ridiculous for such an amazing songwriter to take part in such a competition as a contestant.

Hanyang was at a higher position than all the competitors on the show, and it was unnecessary for him to go viral this way.

All the contestants felt they were much closer to the truth.

“Im looking forward to your performance.” Gu Fan nodded and motioned to Zhang Han to begin.

At one side of the stage, TQ found himself a chair and sat down.

Zhang Han made an “OK” gesture to the DJ near him.

In addition to yesterdays cap and sunglasses, he wore black slacks, white and red shoes, white short sleeves, and a light-black jacket.

Soon after, the accompaniment was heard.

A melodious guitar prelude, which was short, lasting 11 seconds.

At the 12th second, Zhang Han began singing with his deep and calm voice.

“We are crying.

“We are laughing.

“We look up at the sky, counting the stars.”

The deep voice and melodious music set off the feeling of emptiness.

Though the lyrics were short, everyone present, including the mentors, felt as if they were listening to a concert.

Zhang Han succeeded in affecting all the audience members with his stage performance, who were calmed down and attracted by his song.

“We are singing.

“The song of time.

“Finally we know what the hug means.

“We know the reason for it.”


Both the song and the stage were peaceful.

Instead of making body movements as he had done when singing I Love You, Zhang Han stood still and sang in a quiet way on the stage this time.

While singing “We know the reason for it”, Zhang Han stretched out his hand at Zi Yan, delivering his feeling.

“Hes probably going to do the same thing as the day before yesterday.” The audiences speculation was quickly denied by Zhang Hans next move, as if they were in a car that suddenly sped up from 30 to 300.

It was not until this moment that Zi Yan understood Zhang Hans purpose of asking her for singing skills yesterday.

All of a sudden, Zhang Hans voice changed, which was now very close to a female voice.

“Because I just met you, and my memory will be decorated with our footprints.

“I cry for the falling flowers in the wind, for I dont want to leave.

“Because I just met you, and we made a 10-year appointment.

Next time we meet, I will still remember you.”


“Whats going on”

Zuo Dong, Da Hua, Gu Fan, and Zi Yan were all surprised by the change, and Da Hua was looking incredulously at Zhang Han with his mouth open.

No one was talking at this moment, and there was no other sound except for Zhang Hans singing in the whole program division and venue.

In the preparation room, everyone, with goosebumps all over, gradually held their breath.

“Were crying, we are laughing.

We look up at the sky, counting the stars.

We are singing a touching song, and finally we know what the hug means, we know the reason for it.”

Then the soothing melody was heard again.

Everyone was ready for the second round of emotional eruption.

They held their breath in advance, waiting for the excitement!

Zhang Han didnt let his audience down, and he soon reached the second apex of the song.

“Because I just met you, and my memory will be decorated with our footprints.

I cry for the falling flowers in the wind, for I dont want to leave.

Because I just met you, and we made a 10-year appointment.

Next time we meet, I will still remember you.”

A sudden pause in the accompaniment.

Then, like the surging waves, the continuous singing resounded throughout the stage.

“Because I just met you, and my memory will be decorated with our footprints…”

The audience felt as if they were caught in the throat by this shocking song.

The last line of lyrics was: “Next time we meet, I will still remember you.”

Zhang Hans performance was over.

It was over in such a peaceful way.

But no one could wake up right away from the dream created by the song.

10 seconds passed.

Da Hua took the lead to stand up and applaud Zhang Han.

Following him, Zuo Dong and Gu Fan hurried to stand up.

Zi Yan didnt move, but her eyes were lit up, with tears in them.

“Hes my husband, and he sang this song for me.

Why must I stand up to encourage him Why not reward him tonight.”

“Good, good ,good…”

Da Hua was trembling because of excitement, and while applauding Zhang Han, he couldnt help repeating “good”.

“You are marvelous, and I felt as if I was dreaming just now.

Its amazing…” Da Hua marveled.

He hesitated for a while, and then pointed to his seat.

“You are more suitable to sit here if you like.

Seeing you on the stage, I feel that… you are here to play a game,” Da Hua said seriously.

Then he again shook his head.

Da Huas words detonated the whole preparation room.

Both the quality of Zhang Hans song and his stage performance subdued Da Hua.

What was more important, Cheng Xu had told them something before the show.

They were told the truth.

The mysterious “Im Cute” was Hanyang.

Zi Yan asked Cheng Xu if he was sure about it.

Cheng Xu said “yes” since he had found that “Im Cute” was using the same email as Hanyang.

“Oops, I forgot that.

The truth was discovered so soon, and its not funny at all.”

Zi Yan was a little upset, but she didnt mind it.

On the other side, all the audience members were cheered up by Da Huas words, for they immediately understood what Da Hua meant.

Though Cheng Xu didnt want to release the news for the time being, the audience could deduce the truth from the mentors words.

“Just as I said before, you are not cute at all, and youd better be calledIm Strong.

Youve conquered me with this song.” Zuo Dong smiled while applauding Zhang Han.

Gu Fan smiled, pointed to Zi Yans sofa, and then turned his gaze to Zhang Han.

“I think we can have another person there, if you are willing to do so.

Im sincerely suggesting you, because the other singers will lose the chance to win the championship with you on the stage.”

Zuo Dong made his opinion clearly.

He was actually telling the other performers that Mr.

“Im Cute” was much stronger than them.

And they would not have any chance to win the competition.

As for the music director standing near the side door, his face darkened, and there was sweat on his forehead.

All his social relationships were wasted because TQ couldnt defeat Hanyang by any means.

He had expected a mediocre performance from Hanyang.

How could Hanyang be mediocre

The promising young man had never made a mistake on the stage.

Everyone was shocked by his stage performance.

All the music directors efforts were in vain.

There was no chance for TQ.

TQ would be eliminated not only for the gap between the two songs, but for the gaps in every aspect.

TQ couldnt win the competition with Hanyang on the stage.

The music director gave up on his nephew.

He was depressed.

But the others were cheering.

Especially Chief Director Cheng Xu near him, who was grinning from ear to ear.

“Zi Yan was so smart.

“How could she manage to invite such an amazing songwriter here

“This show will go viral.

Its wonderful!”

Thinking about this, Cheng Xu became even more excited.

The three mentors words detonated the preparation room.

“Have I heard it wrong We wont have a chance to win the championship”

“How could it be possible Unless he is Hanyang!”


The whole preparation room fell into silence.

Looking at each other, everyone realized that they had found out the truth.

Their astonishment was captured by the cameramen.

“Zi Yan, why not say something”

Zi Yan was still calm with a smile on her face, which amused Zuo Dong.

“Though we tried in vain to persuade him, your words might work.

You can form a mentor team, or there wont be any suspense in the following shows,” Zuo Dong suggested to Zi Yan.

“Will my words work on him I dont think so.” Zi Yan smiled.

In her opinion, though Zhang Han was good at singing, it would be difficult for him to sit here all day as a mentor.

All the mentors were required to work late, but Zhang Han had to leave when it was time to pick up Mengmeng.

Therefore, Zi Yan didnt give a direct answer to the question.

Da Hua took over the topic while looking at Zi Yan.

“Whats your comment on this song What do you think about it”

“Well…” Zi Yan thought for a while, slightly tilted her head, and then turned her gaze to Zhang Han.

“A wonderful song, as was his singing skill.

He must have a good teacher.”

She was actually playing a joke on Zhang Han, because she was the “good teacher”.

But no one else could get her point.

In their opinion, Hanyang was definitely taught by a good teacher.

Zhang Han grinned after hearing Zi Yans comment.

“Wait, I have a suggestion.”

Gu Fan said, “How about asking Mentor Zi Yan to take off Im Cutes hat Do you want to see who he is Will it offend him”

While speaking, Gu Fan kept looking at Zhang Han.

“Its up to her.” Zhang Han shrugged casually.

“Wow! Its up to her.” Zuo Dong, who was still smiling, clapped his hands and said with excitement, “You have a better relationship than we thought.”

“Im curious about him.

Mentor Zi Yan, could you please satisfy our curiosity”

“No way.” Zi Yan smiled and shook her hand, “That time has not yet come, and Ill satisfy your curiosity later.

Why not turn our attention back to the competition”

“Well, yes, lets continue.

BrotherIm Cute, please take a rest there,” Gu Fan said politely.

Gu Fan had more than 70 million followers on Weibo, and even more fans offline, but he still admired Hanyang and regarded the young man as a senior.

Therefore, he naturally spoke to Zhang Han in a courteous way.

At this time…

TQs face was ashen, who was still sitting in the side chair.

“Finally you think of me.

“Why not keep ignoring me and chatting until its dark

“Is my performance still needed”

TQ was utterly confused and seriously injured by the fact.

What a poor man.

“Really He is Hanyang Is he here to bully us”

Hanyangs song still echoing in TQs mind.

After answering the mentors questions at a loss, TQ unconsciously asked the staff to play his accompanying music.

He was still in confusion.

When the prelude was over and it was time for TQ to sing…

He was still at a loss.

When he was about to sing, he couldnt help looping Zhang Hans magic song in his mind.

“Because I…”

He was so desperate now.

He even ignored the music director, who was standing not far from him and worrying about him.

As TQs uncle, the music director couldnt help cursing silently.

“Dammit! Why cant you lose the competition in a more decent way What are you doing on the stage”

Holding the microphone tightly, TQ tried to sing his song, but he couldnt even make a sound.

The cold sweat on his forehead was running down, even into his eyes, but he forgot to wipe it.

He was at a loss and didnt know what to do next.

One minute had passed.

“Well, TQs condition…” Zuo Dong reminded him.

TQ came around with an ashen face, and then said in depression, “Sorry, I, I cant sing the song.

I admit defeat, sorry.”

After saying that, he looked left and right for someone to take over the microphone.

There was no one else on the stage, and TQ had to put the microphone on the ground and leave the stage awkwardly.

His reaction was captured by the cameramen.

What should be highlighted in this show

Chief Director Cheng Xu thought that everything deserved to be highlighted today.

Hanyang himself would make this show famous.

Let alone Hanyangs two songs and TQs reaction.

This winter, Silver Fruit Video Company was going to release a super show!

TQ left the stage.

The other three mentors, except for Zi Yan, forced a smile.

Even Gu Fan began joking.

“Dont worry, youll all behave like TQ when you are challenging him.”

“Yes, I agree with you.” Zuo Dong smiled.

“Even us mentors would be confused by him.”

“Let me announce the competition result.” Da Hua picked up his microphone.

“In the first round of competition,Im Cute defeated TQ.

Congratulations, now you are among the top 25 of the first season of Chinese New Voice.”

“Thank you.” Zhang Han stood up, shook his hand at the mentors, smiled at Zi Yan, and then turned around to leave the venue.

When he was back in the preparation room…

The whole room was in silence.

Everyone was gazing at Zhang Han.

Three seconds later, they burst into thunderous applause.


They began cheering for Zhang Han.

“Nice to meet you.”

“You are wonderful!”

“Nice to meet you, idol.”


Many performers realized that Zhang Han was Hanyang according to the mentors hint.

They admired Zhang Han and said hello to him politely.

Zhang Han smiled, nodded, and sat down beside Sun Dongheng.

“Good job, Boss!” Sun Dongheng mumbled.

Everyone in the room was discussing Hanyang, and they could not hear the sound outside.

One minute later, the vice director rushed into the room.

“Yuanzi, Brave Bear, its time for you to compete.

Have you heard the broadcasting”


“Im coming!”

They were awakened by the vice director and hurried to follow him.

At the same time, they were so confused.

“Its true that we didnt hear the broadcasting!”

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