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Chapter 520 The News of the Relics

“How dare he choose someone else


“All my efforts and rewards are in vain!

“Popping candy Stop dreaming!

“Ill whip you when I get home!


Zi Yans face darkened.

She had almost gone mad.

Turning right, she tried to find Zhang Hans ideal mentor.

“Which mentor did he chose”

However, Zuo Dongs and Da Huas facial expressions told her that Zhang Han was not there.

“Why is Gu Fan looking left and right”

All of a sudden…

All four mentors were stunned.

“He is not here,” Zuo Dong said in confusion.

“He is not here, either.” Gu Fan shook his head.

“Where is he”

The light in Zi Yans eyes dimmed.

“Did he escape from here”

Just then…


She heard someones voice.

Looking ahead in a hurry, Zi Yan found someones head by the door.

It was Zhang Han!

Zhang Han smiled at Zi Yan, and then shrank his head back.

Zi Yan hurried forward several steps.

She saw a ladder by the door.

Zhang Han was coming down from above.

On the side of the ladder, Chief Director Cheng Xu was snickering.

Zi Yan realized it was mischief.

She stared at Cheng Xu and said angrily, “Director, is this funny You gave us a hard time!”

“Hahaha.” Cheng Xu laughed and shook his hand at Zi Yan.

“Sorry, I arranged this mischief in order to record your astonishment.

Thanks toIm Cute for his cooperation.

Well, lets continue the show, and I wont bother you any longer.”

He rushed back after apologizing to the mentors.

“Congratulations, Zi Yan, you again get a strong team member.”

Zuo Dong, who was not so depressed after the mischief, applauded Zi Yan.

“Zi Yans team is so competitive,” Gu Fan said helplessly.

“Both Ah Yan and Lu Ze are professional, Tong Jiajia is a promising singer with a strong personality, Ma Yues voice is solid, and Sun Dongheng is talented.

Most of all, she hasIm Cute.

Well, the next round of competition is so stressful for me.”

“The same for Da Hua and I.

We are nervous.” Zuo Dong shook his head and said, “We mentors may also take part in the following competition, and we are frightened by him, Zi Yans mobile song library.”

“What if he is a slacker” Zi Yan covered her smile with her hand.

After the mentors finished chatting, Cheng Xu went back, picked up a microphone, and explained, “In the next round of competition, you are required to save the remaining competitors who are not in any team, and each mentor group will sing a new original song with one of your competitors.

You have three days to write the song, and the 100 judges on-site will rate them.

The first mentor can resurrect two competitors, the second mentor can resurrect one competitor, and the third mentor is not eligible for resurrection.

There shall be at most seven members in a team! Now you can go to the room and discuss with your team members who your partner will be.”

Hearing Cheng Xus words…

Gu Fan, Zuo Dong, and Da Hua were all stunned.

“Well…” Da Hua grinned and said, “Is this competition specially designed for Zi Yan”

“I think so.” Zuo Dong smiled.

“The program division enjoys seeing us in trouble.”

“Zi Yan, why not spare us more chances” Gu Fan suggested, “You already have six members, and will choose only one singer if you win first place.

Why not be the second and let one of us select two more singers Wait, I have six competitors, too, and there are only five singers in Zuo Dong and Da Huas team.

If they win first place, the number of their team members will be seven, which is more than ours.

I made a mistake and Im confused.”

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Gu Fan scratched his head and put on an embarrassed smile.

“Im just joking.

This program is fair and just, and everyone can only win by strength.

Mentor Zi Yan, though you have a strong team, we are not much weaker than you.”

“You are right!” Zuo Dong said excitedly, “We aim for first place, which will bring us two more singers and help us out of the dilemma!”

“I have no mercy!”

Zi Yan winked and made a gun gesture.

“Biu, biu, biu.”

She looked like a naughty girl.

Then all the mentors entered the team room.

All the members of the three teams were waiting for them there.

Seeing “Im Cute” following Zi Yan instead of the other mentors, Zi Yans team members, including Ah Yan and Tong Jiajia, began cheering.

“Its too early to celebrate.

The situation of the competition is unpredictable, and he is not almighty.

Im waiting to challenge you.” Zuo Dong smiled.

Zuo Dong was outgoing, and everyone knew that he was joking and was amused by him.

“Okay, lets go make a plan.” Zi Yan waved at Lu Ze and the others.

They quickly stood up, followed Zi Yan out, and went to the preparation room of their team.

In addition to them, there was a cameraman who recorded their activities all the way.

There was also a circular sofa in the preparation room, with a tea table in the middle, two guitars, and an electronic piano beside.

“Sit down please.” Zi Yan waved at her team members casually.

After everyone found their seats, Zi Yan looked at them, smiled, and said, “First of all, we are now in the same team, and I, as your mentor, wish you to go farther in the show.

We aim at winning the championship and will make a great effort to achieve this goal, thats my expectation of all of you.

But most importantly, I want to bring happiness to you and I wish that you will enjoy the team life.

Do you understand”

The show would be attractive.

More and more people would be their fans and followers.

They would thus be famous, get more chances to make money, and even get promoted in social stature, which would in turn make them more famous.

But too many benefits might blind them.

That was why there were so many scandals and intrigues in the entertainment industry.

Zi Yan didnt want her team to be drawn into such a whirlpool.

All they should do was to win their fans favor and the championship with strength and effort.

Therefore, Zi Yan decided to warn them at the beginning.

After hearing Zi Yans words…

Ah Yan immediately understood it and took the lead to reply, “You can rest assured, Mentor.

We know how to get on with each other well, and were sure to go farther with you andIm Cute, the guru.”

“Mentor Zi Yan, I like you so much.

Of course, Ill obey you.” Tong Jiajia smiled.

The others also echoed Zi Yans suggestion.

Zi Yan nodded and said, “Second, something about how to save the rest of the singers.

According to the directors requirement, I want a contestant to sing a song with me.

Anyone want to have a try”

At this time…

Zhang Han didnt say anything.

He didnt care about the result of the competition, and all he wanted to do was to obey Zi Yans order.

But he couldnt stop the other team members from recommending him.

“The guru is the most suitable candidate,” Ah Yan hesitated and said, “Your performance is sure to detonate the whole stage.”

“I also think so.” Tong Jiajia nodded her head.

The others again echoed Ah Yans suggestion.

Sun Dongheng raised his hand and said, “I want to have a try, but Im not suitable for Mentor Zi Yan.

Guru, its your chance.”

Zi Yan pursed her lips and took a glance at Zhang Han.

“Thats settled.”

The others had no objection to the decision.

After chatting for a while…

Zhang Han checked the time then said, “Its 3:20 p.m.

I have something to do and must leave now.”

“Mentor and guru, are you free tomorrow or the day after tomorrow Id like to invite you to dinner,” Ah Yan suggested.

“Im afraid that I will be busy in the next two days.

May I invite you to dinner in a few days” Zi Yan replied with a smile, and then stood up.

“Lets call it a day, see you next Monday.

Youd better make full preparation for next week, and there may be a special show after the competition.”

“Okay!” all the team members replied.

Then they left one after another.

Zi Yan and Zhang Han got in separate cars, went back to the villa, and then got on the same helicopter back to New Moon Bay.

“You are going to sing a song with my Sister, Brother-in-law.

Will it be a love song” Zhou Fei asked curiously.

“Well, its up to your sister,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Its up to me Did you give me a chance to make a decision this afternoon Why did you scare me then” Zi Yan said angrily.

“The director required me to do so,” Zhang Han replied with an embarrassed look.

“Even though it was Cheng Xis idea, why didnt you get my permission”

“Hmph, wait for my punishment!” Zi Yan snorted.


Zhang Han was about to say something when his cell phone rang.

It was Lei Tiannan.

Zhang Han fixed his eyes.

“Has he discovered the relics”

He answered the phone.

“Hello, Director Lei.”

“Zhang Han, which do you want, the bad news or the good news” Lei Tiannan was laughing.

“Both,” Zhang Han said casually.

“Which one shall we start with Okay, the good news is that we got some information about the relics.”

“Just as I expected.”

Lei Tiannan explained, “The relic hasnt been ranked yet, but it must be at level C or above.

Its location is near Mount He Snow in H province, and it will open in less than one month.

All the information about the relic will be collected within half a month.”

“Mount He Snow in H province” Zhang Han was attracted by the location.

H province was in the northeast on the mainland, and Zhang Han had planned to go there.

“As for the bad news, the close-door cultivation of North Tiger Gai Xingkong is over, and maybe he has reached the Divine Realm, or at least a stage very close to it.

As your fathers opponent, Gai Xingkong is so strong that he made such amazing progress in several years, and it is said that he has inherited some cultivating methods from someone.

He will be your opponent, and the northeast of the mainland is his stronghold… Therefore, its bad news.”

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