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Chapter 521 The Amateur Go Player Is Back

“Is it bad news”

Zhang Han thought about it and said calmly, “Ill take this opportunity to have a talk with him if I encounter him this time.”

“Yes, you are as strong as him, or even stronger, and even Master Ji praised you as an Invincible Grand Master.

As long as he is still below the Divine Realm, we neednt worry too much.” Lei Tiannan smiled.

Invincible Grand Master, those three words meant so much.

It indicated that Zhang Han was invincible among Grand Masters.

Therefore, Lei Tiannan had confidence in Zhang Han.

But it was necessary for Lei Tiannan to remind Zhang Han, because Zhang Hans family was his Achilles heel.

Lei Tiannan knew that if Zi Yan or Mengmeng had an accident…

Zhang Han would destroy this world without hesitation.

Therefore, Lei Tiannan would make careful and detailed arrangements to ensure the safety of Zhang Hans family.

Thinking about what had happened, he asked in curiosity, “We are in the Cultivation Ending Period, and it should be much more difficult for a cultivator to grow.

But we have seen so many talents and relics recently, and even Gai Xingkong is going to advance to the Divine Realm, which is so weird.

And you, Zhang Han… Ive never heard of anyone who has made rapid progress in such a short time like you.”

“Cultivation Ending Period I dont think so.” Zhang Han chuckled.

In a real Cultivation Ending Period, there wouldnt be enough spiritual Qi for further cultivation.

Therefore, although the cultivation circle here was not prosperous, the world was filled with spiritual Qi, and their era couldnt be called a Cultivation Ending Period.

There wouldnt be so many relics and treasures for them to discover in a real Cultivation Ending Period.

Not to mention all those steady worldlets attached to the main world.

There were signs that…

Zhang Hans guess might be right.

This planet might be not in a Cultivation Ending Period, but… it was more like a Saint Warrior Planet.

To be exact, a Saint Warrior Planet being suppressed by something unknown.

It seemed that all the energy it contained that could transform the cultivators was being used to do something else.

“Is the planet suppressing something horrible with all its energies

“Are all the energies converging somewhere to form a real place of cultivation

“Is that place the world of immortals they often mentioned

“All in all, these energies must be maintaining something.

“Thats why although this world is in an era close to a Cultivation Ending Period, there are still talents emerging in an endless stream.”

Zhang Han though about the boat of curse he had encountered several times.

It was also weird.

All these were just conjectures made by Zhang Han after a period of observation.

As for the truth, he knew that when his strength was raised to a higher level in the future, he would naturally figure it out.

“Ill inform you when I get the specific information,” Lei Tiannan said then hung up the phone.

Zi Yan hurriedly asked, “Any information about the relics”

“Just some news that hasnt been confirmed yet.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Ill search for the location of Mount He Snow.”

While chatting with Zi Yan, Zhang Han clicked open the map application on his cell phone and search for the location.

After a while, he raised an eyebrow slightly.

“Its near the eastern suburbs of Ice City.

If we go on a trip, we can go there and have a look.”

“Well…” Zhao Fengs eyes lit up.

“Is this trip suitable for us”

“I dont know.

Im waiting for the specific information,” Zhang Han shook his head and replied.

Everything remained uncertain, and Zhang Han dared not make a conclusion so early.

After returning to their company, Zhang Han and Zi Yan drove to Saint Kindergarten to pick up Mengmeng.

At the gate of the kindergarten, Zhang Han got out of the car and entered the school.

“PaPa.” Mengmeng bounced toward Zhang Han, threw herself into her daddys arms, and then dug into her pocket for something.

“PaPa, look!”

“Wow! You got a little red flower again.” Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

“Yes!” Mengmeng announced happily, “Its my second flower, and PaPa owes Mengmeng two wishes.”

“Yes,” Zhang Han gently pinched Mengmengs face, “Mengmeng is marvelous, how could you get the second flower so soon”

“Hahaha, PaPa, you have to promise me two things,” Mengmeng waved her hands and said happily.

“OK,” Zhang Han put Mengmeng on the ground and asked with a smile, “What are your wishes”

He wanted to know what Mengmeng liked so he could make preparations for her birthday.

However, Mengmeng pouted after hearing his words.

“No, I cant.” Mengmeng began playing with her fingers.

“Why not” Zhang Han asked in confusion.

“I dont want to use these two opportunities so early.

Ill wait for the 100th promise and use them all then,” Mengmeng raised her head and said innocently.

“Ill save a hundred wishes and then use them, so I can be happy for a long time.”

Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

“Okay, Ill wait for Mengmengs 100th little red flower.”

Mengmeng was delighted by Zhang Hans words.

“I can definitely get a hundred flowers.”

They went back to Cold Immortal School.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng pasted the little red flower on the small blackboard and then played on their large bed.

After a while, when Zhang Han was about to prepare dinner, he received a call from Zhao Feng.

“Master, I got a call from Patriarch Luo, Luo Chengwen, saying that the bluefin tuna arrived, and he wants to visit you along with Luo Shan.

He wondered if you are free.”

“I see.” Zhang Han thought about it and replied, “Let them come to my house.”

“Okay,” Zhao Feng replied, then continued, “By the way, Master, Zi Qiang and Chairman Liu will arrive at the international airport in half an hour.”

“Okay, I see.” Then Zhang Han hung up the phone.

After returning to the bedroom, he asked Zi Yan, “Your parents are coming back, shall we pick them up”

“Dad and Mom Well… You can ask Xiaofeng to pick them up,” Zi Yan replied.

“Its my duty as their son-in-law,” Zhang Han grinned, “I must compensate them for stealing you away from them.

Would you like to wait for me at home with Mengmeng”

“Haha…” Zi Yan was amused by him.

“Lets go to the airport together.

Mengmeng, how about going to pick up your grandparents with us”

“Well, okay,” Mengmeng thought for a while then asked, “MaMa, will Grandpa play Go with PaPa this time”

Mengmeng remembered that Grandpa enjoyed playing Go with PaPa.

“Maybe.” Zi Yan hesitated.

“Of course he will,” Zi Yan thought.

But this time…

“Hmph, Im going to write songs with my husband.”

At the thought of robbing her father of the right to use her husband, Zi Yan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“In that case, PaPa wont have time to play with us!” Mengmeng pursed her lips and snorted.

“Dont worry about that.

You can watch us play Go.

And maybe your grandpa has something else to do this time.” Zhang Han shook his head and smiled.

The family of three left home for the airport.

After a while, they saw Liu Qingfeng, Zi Qiang, and their security guards.

“Grandpa, Grandma!” Mengmeng stretched out her hand and waved at them.

“My dear granddaughter, did you miss your grandpa”

Zi Qiang strode over to Mengmeng, picked her up, and kissed her on the cheek.

Seeing them, Zhang Han was about to say something.

But he managed to give up the idea.

After greeting Liu Qingfeng, they all got in the car.

While Zhang Han was still driving his panda car, with Zi Yan in the passenger seat and Mengmeng in the back seat with her grandparents, Liu Qingfeng went back to his company with his motorcade.

“Ive dealt with all my business.

Lets play Go after dinner.”

“Just as I expected.”

Zi Qiang began challenging Zhang Han as soon as he got in the car.

“Okay,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Dad, I can lend my husband to you for only one night.

Well be busy tomorrow.” Zi Yan warned her father jokingly.


“What are you going to do” Zi Qiang was confused.

“Well, were taking part in a show, and well write our own songs for it.” Zi Yan smiled.

“Your songs I see.” Zi Qiang thought about it and nodded.

“Take care of your business in the daytime, and come back to play with me in the evening.”

Zi Yan gave him a helpless smile.

“Why are you smiling like that” Zi Qiang stared at her daughter and said, “Ill go back to Singapore in a few days.

Do you want to rob me of Zhao Han You still have a long way to go with him.”

Zi Yan was amused by Zi Qiang and covered her smile with her hand, “Okay, do anything you like.”

Xu Xinyu, who kept smiling while listening to their conversation, was now playing with Mengmeng.

Zi Qiang enjoyed playing Go with Zhang Han, which showed that he acknowledged Zhang Han as his son-in-law.

“Dad, Mom, will you go back in a few days Why not stay here longer” Zi Yan asked.

“We still have something to do,” Zi Qiang smiled and said.

“Im going to cooperate with Chairman Liu on some projects, and he will go to Singapore with me for the final investigation before launching the projects.

I have to admit that Chairman Liu is an excellent businessman, and I admire his business style.”

“He would not be in his present position if he was not excellent.” Zhang Han chuckled and replied, “You are excellent, too.”

“Haha, I agree with you.” Zi Qiangs eyes lit up.

“Of course.

Only excellent parents could give birth to such an excellent daughter.”

“Ah” Zi Qiang was surprised and then nodded.

“Yes, you are right.”

“Well, he isnt praising me for my style of doing business.”

“Christmas is less than a month away, will Mengmeng have a vacation” Zi Qiang asked.

“Yes, maybe one week, but I dont know it clearly.

The chairman of the kindergarten is coming, and we can ask him,” Zi Yan replied.

“Will you go back to Singapore then” Zi Qiang tried to invite his daughter.


Zi Yan hesitated for a while, and then shook her head.

“Im sorry, Dad, but it depends on our schedule.

Its too early to talk about it now.”


They talked and laughed all the way.

As soon as they stepped into Cold Immortal School, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu were stunned.

They hadnt expected Zhang Han to finish such a big project in such a short time.

They had just been gone for a few days!

Zi Qiang thought of Zhang Hans identity as a martial artist, and shook his head with a smile.

But his son-in-law still had one drawback.

It was not because Zhang Han was mediocre.

On the contrary, he was so excellent that Zi Qiang was worrying about Zi Yans marriage with him.

“As an excellent man, he will encounter many beauties in the future.

What if he bullies or even abandons my daughter”

Of course…

Zhang Han didnt need to wait for the future, for there were some beauties thinking about him now.

“Ah-ah-ah! Zhang Hanyang, Ill kill you!”

Somewhere in a blessed region, there was a deafening cry from Mu Xue!

When she found the character “owe” on her forehead, Mu Xu wanted to go to Hong Kong and kill Zhang Han immediately.

But the character disappeared after 12 hours.

It frightened her, Shi Fenghou, and Ye Longyuan, and diluted their anger.

“What the hell is this magic”

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