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Chapter 525 Earning Some Extra Income

“Well…” The look on Zuo Dongs face was pretty bitter.

At this moment, he simply did not know what he should say.

In his opinion, Hanyangs leaving made the whole competition more uncertain, as well as more interesting.

However, on the other hand, he wanted to see how Hanyang would perform in the next round.

That was because Hanyang was so amazing that if he still participated in the competition, he definitely would be in first place, which was beyond doubt.

Consequently, at this moment, he felt paradoxical as well as complicated.

“Well, this is too…” Da Hua opened his mouth and did not say anything at all in the end.

Even Chief Director Cheng Xu was somewhat confused and thought, “What Hanyang is going to quit”

At this moment, the other trainees were somewhat astounded, many of whom said one after another, “The guru is going to abdicate”

“Did I hear it wrong Why did he do this”


A few others were astounded at first.

After that, their eyes brightened up.

They thought that if Hanyang was going to quit the competition, it indicated that they had a chance to fight for the championship!

With the four mentors and Hanyangs publicity promotion, the first season of Chinese New Voice was pretty powerful in training celebrities.

If they could win first place, it would be pretty good for their future development.

However, as for Ah Yan, who was on the verge of being eliminated, he was at a loss at this moment.

Both his eyes were red.

He held the microphone and choked with sobs as he said, “Based on the communications over these days, we all know who the guru is.

Though the guru is short-spoken on usual days, Guru Cute is my idol in my heart.

I did perform poorly today and guru Cute could not help me pay the price for it.

I understand that the guru wants to help cultivate new talents, but I dont want to accept it.

I want to experience the moment when the guru takes the first place.

Thanks, thanks.”

As Zhang Han heard his words, he smiled helplessly and looked at Zi Yan while saying, “As for choosing talents, I will respect the mentors decision.”

As he talked, he made an eye gesture at Zi Yan.

At this moment, all the people on the scene fixed their eyes on Zi Yan.

Feeling somewhat complicated, Zi Yan pursed her red lips and picked up the microphone.

It was not after she had been silent for a while that she said slowly, “I know him well and vice versa.”

As she spoke, all the people on the scene felt nervous.

It seemed that they had sensed something.

Zi Yan went on talking.

“So my decision is also a tacit thought of ours.

As for the one who is going to be eliminated in my group in the PK competition this time, it is… Hanyang.”

As Zi Yan made this announcement, all the people on the scene were excited.

This was the first time that Zi Yan had acknowledged Zhang Hans identity in public!

This moment was quite shocking.

Even Zuo Dong, Da Hua, and Gu Fan stood up involuntarily and walked to the stage.

Zi Yan also stood up and walked over.

At this moment, the situation on the stage was out of control.

The other two groups of trainees also stood up and ran in the direction of the stage.

Even Chief Director Cheng Xu stood on one side of the stage quietly.

All the people on the scene encircled Zhang Han, saluting him.

Especially Ah Yan, who was in tears.

Only he could understand this kind of complicated mood.

Even Tong Jiajia, Sun Dongheng, and Lu Ze sighed emotionally.

Ah Yan edged forward and hugged Zhang Han as he said, “Guru.”

Zhang Han found it funny and did not know whether he should laugh or cry.

However, he could understand Ah Yan somehow.

He patted Ah Yan on the back as he said, “All right, all right.

Work harder in the future.

Its OK if you dont get first place as long as you have tried your best and dont feel regretful.”

Following that, he stared at the group of people, including Sun Dongheng and Lu Ze, as he said, “The same for you.

Keep fighting.”

“You finally are willing to admit that,” Zuo Dong walked up close to Zhang Han and said smilingly.

Following that, he said solemnly, “Hanyang, not only are you talented, but also your behavior has made me admire you so much.

Well, here it is, since youre leaving this place, there will be less amazement on this stage.

However, hope remains here.

Anyway, we respect your way.”

Feeling somewhat dizzy, Gu Fan stroked his chest and expressed his thoughts as he said, “I have nothing to say.

Nor do I know how to express my thoughts.”

Da Hua and the other trainees also issued a statement one after another.

However, since the competition needed to go on, Zhang Han said farewell to them and was prepared to leave.

In the end, Zi Yan hugged him and whispered in Zhang Hans ears as she said, “You are relaxed this time.

Wait for me at home.”

Zhang Han could not help himself as he asked, “Is there any reward”

However, Zi Yan broke free from his arms.

Her beautiful eyes blinked.

Zhang Han grinned, waved his hands to everyone, and left the stage.

During this period, a camera followed Zhang Han to the outside of the venue and followed him to the car.

It stopped filming as the car disappeared in the far distance of the street.

From the perspective of the program division, this might be a legendary departure, which was destined to be clipped into the programs on-air video.

After Zhang Han left, the atmosphere on the whole stage was somewhat gloomy.

Staring at many trainees, Zuo Dong encouraged them as he said, “The competition still goes on.

Did you see that Even the guru, Hanyang, left.

Though he did so voluntarily, it indicates that anything is possible.”

Admittedly, what Zuo Dong had said struck the heartstrings of many trainees.

The willingness to fight was ignited again.

“The next team on stage is the team of Gu Fan.

Please welcome them.”

The show went on as usual and the elimination continued.

However, Zhang Han could not see them anymore.

As the competition came to an end, all the participants were fighting for the ranking.

There were probably five more days to go before the competition would end.

Zhang Hans mission of accompanying playing was completed more or less, in a perfect way.

Since he had worked hard in the daylight, he could unlock the reward at night, which was quite a pleasure for him.

However, he would pay more attention to Lu Ze as well as Sun Dongheng and prepare a few suitable songs.

Since it was pretty early, Zhang Han and Zhao Feng went back to the villa that they had rented.

After Zhao Feng sat down, he asked, “Master, should we go back to New Moon Bay”

Zhang Han glimpsed at the time and replied, “Lets wait for Zi Yan.

She will finish her work at about three oclock.”

Originally, Zhang Han had thought he could stay in the villa leisurely the whole afternoon.

However, it did not occur to him that his mobile would ring two minutes later.

It was a call from a strange local mobile number.

Zhang Han glimpsed at the mobile and picked up the call.

“Director Zhang, hello, this is Director Bi from the National Security Agency of Shenzhen.

Im sorry to take the liberty of calling you.

Hope you dont mind.”

Zhang Han asked directly, “How can I help”

“Here is the thing.

The local Old Master of the Jia Clan, Jia Xinghua, was stricken with a strange illness all of a sudden.

He only woke up for one hour every day, whose mental status was the same as that of a lunatic.

The period when the illness struck lay between midnight and one oclock in the morning.

Though his family members had employed many helpers, they all could do nothing to help.

They turned to me later on and I found out that it seemed a Yin soul had been attached to Jia Xinghuas body.

Strangely, though I had annihilated the weak Yin soul five times, the Yin soul would return to be reborn within less than one hour, which could not be annihilated.

It is somewhat weird.

I heard that Director Zhang was accompanying Mrs.

Zhang recording a show in Shenzhen.

Consequently, I thought of you and called to ask if you knew how to deal with this kind of situation.

Director Zhang, rest assured that if you have a solution, the Jia Clan is willing to take out five kinds of Heaven-grade treasures, 30 kinds of Earth-grade treasures, and hundreds of kinds of Profound-grade treasures as a reward.”

Director Bi explained the series of situations quite clearly.

Upon hearing his words, Zhang Han was silent for a while.

This kind of situation could be divided into many types, which was almost always caused by the Yin soul, such as the Syngenetic Soul, Sub Parent Soul, and some peculiar Yin souls.

However, since Director Bi could do nothing with the Yin soul, it indicated that the strength of this kind of soul was above the Grand Master Early-stage at least.

Zhang Han was silent for a while then replied, “I can go there to check it out.”

“Great!” As Director Bi heard Zhang Hans words, the way he talked showed that he felt somewhat happy.

He replied in a hurry, “I wonder where you are now, Director Zhang.

I can send someone to pick you up.”

Zhang Han replied, “Just tell me your address.”

Director Bi said, “All right.

It is not far from the place where Mrs.

Zhang is filming the show.

It will take half an hour to get here by driving.

Just keep driving south to Limin Road in Villa District, Yongtai City.

I will wait for you at the entrance.”

After that, Zhang Han hung up the phone.

Zhao Feng asked curiously, “Master, whats up”

“Lets go to earn some extra income.”

Zhang Han smiled casually and said, “Lets go out to Limin Road in Villa District of Yongtai City.”

Zhao Feng responded, “OK.”

They went out and got in the Mercedes Benz S600.

Zhao Feng drove south all the way.

Less than half an hour later, they arrive at Villa District of Yongtai City.

At this moment, more than dozens of people were standing at the entrance of Villa District.

Director Bi stood at the foremost.

After he saw Zhang Han getting out of the car, he walked forward in a hurry and greeted Zhang Han as he said, “Director Zhang, welcome, welcome.

Thanks so much.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly as he said, “You are welcome.”

Without those natural precious materials, which Director Bi had mentioned, he would not have come over here.

Consequently, he viewed this as a kind of deal.

“Hello, Grand Master Zhang,” the middle-aged man who was beside Director Bi said respectfully.

“I am the patriarch of the Jia Clan.


Zhang, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come here.

Whether the thing succeeds or not, I will give you a satisfactory answer on behalf of the Jia Clan, Mr.


As he finished his words, other people on the scene also greeted Zhang Han one after another.

The title of Zhang Hanyang was also quite well known in Shenzhen.

Though it was not as strongly influential as it was in Hong Kong, everyone knew him.

Many people in the martial arts world respectfully called him Invincible Grand Master Merciless Zhang!

He was so amazing.

Even the Jia Clan needed to be respectful to him, including some martial masters of the Jia Clan.

The expressions on the subordinates, who had been brought by the Jia Clan and Director Bi, had much more reverence.

Zhang Han looked at his watch and said, “You are welcome.

Lets go to check on the patient first.”

Patriarch Jia nodded and said, “All right, all right.

Please come in.”

They walked inside.

As the family members of the Jia Clan indicated, the door to Villa District opened.

Zhao Feng followed behind them by driving slowly.

As they walked inside, they saw there were several lines of fences in the most central part of Villa District.

There were quite many stacked houses as well as recreational areas inside, where the Jia Clan presided on usual days.

It indicated that the strength of the Jia Clan was quite strong since it possessed such a manor in the bustling area of downtown.

Moreover, to cure the Old Master, the natural precious materials, which they had consumed, were quantitative resources.

They walked into the Jia Clan area and walked to the main residence in the most central part.

Zhang Han saw the Old Master of the Jia Clan in a spacious bedroom on the second floor.

The bedroom was decorated in a somewhat archaic style.

Whether it was the wardrobe or the decorations on both sides as well as the shelves, they were all made from pure wood.

There was an old-styled rocking chair on the balcony.

It could be seen that the Old Master of the Jia Clan preferred the previous leisurely life.

As for the Old Master himself, he lay on the bed quietly and looked somewhat pale.

The blue veins on his neck were vaguely visible.

His breath was pretty detectable.

“The Old Master has been like this for four consecutive days.

He takes neither rice nor water.

If this kind of situation continues…” Patriarch Jia was somewhat distressed.

His voice was somewhat trembling.

He acted in this way not just because of his feelings for the Old Master.

Though he was on pretty good terms with the Old Master, if the Old Master was gone, the situation that the Jia Clan was going to face would head for a sudden turn for the worse.

Patriarch Jias wife covered her mouth and choked with sobs as she said, “He was quite fine previously.

However, he is in such a state all of a sudden.”

However, Zhang Han did not pay attention to them at all.

He fixed his eyes on the Old Master of the Jia Clan.

His eyes brightened slightly.

He discovered a gentle fragrance permeated his body and looked into it more discreetly.

All of a sudden! The old man opened his eyes.

His pupils were as small as sesame seeds.

He stared at him angrily.

Bloodshot strands around his pupils looked like spider webs.

A terrifying atmosphere permeated the room.

He opened his mouth and his teeth were black.

He stared at Zhang Han as if he were staring at his dead core enemy.

It seemed that he intended to eat Zhang Han alive!

Zhang Han fixed his eyes.

It did not occur to him that he would see such a scene while using his soul sense.

As others stared at the Old Master, he looked as he usually did with his eyes closed, who seemed to be resting himself.

However, his expression was almost the same as roaring.

Zhang Han waved his hands all of a sudden as he said, “Qing Ming Seal!”

All the people on the scene felt a fair breeze blowing past them.

Following that, the gray hairs on the Old Masters forehead moved slightly and restored calmness.

At this moment, the expression on Zhang Hans face changed slightly.

The ghost face in the netherworld!

It turned out it was this thing!

The ghost face in the netherworld was formed by grudging souls, which could clone themselves and were quite special.

Meanwhile, the ghost face in the netherworld could be refined and melted into armor to dazzle peoples minds.

However, based on Zhang Hans observation, he found out by using the suppression of Qing Ming Steal that this thing was only superficially similar to the ghost face in the netherworld, namely, there was still a long way to go before it was transformed into the ghost face in the netherworld.

What made Zhang Han dazzled was that the ghost face in the netherworld could be used to seal Ye Longyuans Golden Armor and Mu Xues Demon Dancing Sword.

If he could seal the weapons aura of being loyal to their masters, it would be much easier for others to use these two holy objects, namely, he could sell these two holy objects.

In that case, Zhang Han could get a double advantage.

However, all was still uncertain before he seized the thing-in-itself of the ghost face.

Zhang Hans silence made the others nervous gradually.

They were nervous, pretty nervous.

Since Grand Master Zhang was so powerful and had so many tricks, if he could do nothing, the situation would become more difficult.

Fortunately, Zhang Han had been silent for only three seconds.

Following that, he said, “I know how to cure the Old Master.”



“We can finally cure the Old Master!”

All the family members of the Jia Clan exclaimed one after another.

“However, you need to prepare some Heaven-grade treasures, including three sunflowers and two grams of mind-dazzling dew…”

Zhang Han listed out abundant treasures that were quite common.

They could even locate them in the warehouse of Hong Kong.

As Director Bi heard what Zhang Han had said, he patted his chest and said that he would take care of that, making the family members of the Jia Clan feel relaxed.

“I dont have much time today and will deal with this issue tomorrow.

However, you need to tell me accurately about the places he had gone to one week before he became unconscious.

Director Bi has my mobile number, and you can message me privately once you are done with the investigation.

Since I have other things to attend to, I will leave first.” Zhang Han said a few words and left as everyone saw him off.

Zhang Han drove back to the villa.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were at home soon after.

“Honey, you were eliminated.” Zi Yan pouted her mouth as she said, “Originally, I planned to keep you for a few more rounds.”

Zhang Han smiled and replied, “I dont want to join in the fun with them.”

He was a plagiarist originally and did not want to take first place in this way.

However, if the prize for first place was a fourth-stage spirit treasure and fifth-stage spirit treasure, it would certainly work for him.

“However…” Zi Yan smiled all of a sudden and said, “An invitation competition will be held later on.

You probably will be invited back.”

“Ah” The corner of Zhang Hans lips trembled.

He said helplessly, “All right.”

“Hehehe.” Zi Yan covered her mouth and smiled as she said, “It is almost time.

We should go home.”

Consequently, the group got on the helicopter and went back to New Moon Bay.

On the chopper, Zi Yan started thinking about Mengmengs birthday with concern.

She pondered it then said, “By the way, well just prepare cake and fireworks for Mengmengs birthday, right This is the first time that you have celebrated her birthday.

So, hmm… The celebration ceremony can be livelier.”

Zhao Feng smiled and said, “Maam, rest assured that the so-called fireworks are not ordinary at all.

They are all treasures and look much better than ordinary ones.”

“Really” Zi Yans big eyes blinked.

After that, she said with concern, “You should not make the ceremony too mystifying.”

Zhang Han shook his head and said, “No, I wont.”

“Then, should we think about other gifts”


Consequently, they mumbled and discussed what kinds of memorable gifts they should give Mengmeng.

As they talked about topics related to Mengmeng, Zhang Han became talkative.

However, though they held a discussion all over again, they did not think of any satisfactory gifts within half an hour.

After returning to the company, Zhang Han drove Zi Yan to Saint Kindergarten.

This time, they arrived at the entrance of the kindergarten much earlier, at 4:10 p.m.

It just so happened that Lu Xiong was also off work, who was walking outside leisurely.

Upon seeing Zhang Han, he walked over, opened the door on the passenger side, and got in the car after he got Zhang Hans point.

Lu Xiong greeted them smilingly and said, “Grand Master Zhang, Ms.

Zhang, long time no see.”

Zi Yan knew Lu Xiong well.

She heard from Zhang Han that he was a pretty awesome Grand Master Strong, who was working in the kindergarten as a janitor because of Lu Guo.

His presence in the kindergarten elevated the security level of the kindergarten several levels.

Zi Yan smiled gently and greeted him as she said, “Master Lu.”

Lu Xiong smiled and said, “You flatter me! You flatter me! I dare not show off my seniority in front of Grand Master Zhang.”

Zhang Han asked, “By the way, you showed up in time.

I want to sell two holy objects.

Do you know any place that I can exchange the treasures, Master Lu”

“Exchange the treasure Of course I know!”

Lu Xiong nodded and said, “In the worldlet, there are some places where multiple sects will cooperate with each other.

These places are used for treasure exchanging.

However, since the door to the worldlet is not open yet, you should hold on and wait if you are not in a hurry, Grand Master Zhang.

Even the troves inside many sects can be used to exchange treasures.”

Zhang Han nodded and asked, “Oh, oh, dont they exist in the secular world”

If the troves did not exist in the secular world, he planned to sell these two treasures, which were loyal to their masters, after the door to the worldlet was open.

However, Lu Xiong gave him quite an unexpected answer.

He squinted as he said solemnly, “There is one place in the secular world where the treasures are much more than those in many sects of the worldlet.

The place is called the Spirit Treasure Pavilion.

There is no classification of Profound-grade, Earth-grade, and Heaven-grade inside but just simple numbers.

3 represents Profound-grade, 4 represents Earth-grade, and 5 represents Heaven-grade.

All in all, 5 is the highest grade.

However, every time the Spirit Treasure Pavilion holds an activity, there will be at least 5 holy objects.

Their price is too high, which ordinary people cant afford.”

Lu Xiong continued recollecting as he said, “When the Spirit Treasure Pavilion holds an activity, even the forces of the worldlet will take part in it.

This is because there are many kinds of treasures.

It is said that the owner of the Spirit Treasure Pavilion is a strong master named No Action Immortal.

There were several times when someone had made trouble, he had struck out and smacked eight persons at the Divine Realm level and two people at the Earth Realm level to death.

After that, nobody dared to make trouble again.”

Upon hearing the two words “No Action”, Zhang Han moved his brows and said, “Are you talking about Yue Wuwei”

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