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Chapter 527 Mengmeng Is Going to Celebrate Her Birthday!

“Is it… is it over”

Director Bi was at a loss, feeling confused.

He was pretty sure that he had sensed the aura of the ghost face quite accurately a moment ago, which was quite strong.

The ghost should be at the Grand Master Late-stage.

However, the capability of the Yin soul was quite tricky.

If it were him, he thought he could take it, but it would require quite strenuous efforts.


Before he had time to stare at the ghost face again, it disappeared right away.

Was the ghost face beaten to death

Patriarch Jia asked somewhat dubiously, “Grand, Grand Master Zhang, so is the issue solved How about my father…”

Zhang Han nodded and replied, “He will wake up after we go back and treat him.”

As Zhang Han finished his words, the atmosphere on the scene became much more relaxed in an instant.

Their backbone was finally saved.

Consequently, everyone headed homeward.

After they got back to the main bedroom of the main residence, they found that the Old Master of the Jia Clans complexion became rosy again.

However, he still did not wake up.

That was because the ghost face was still attached to his body.

Since the ghost face had been attached to the body for a few days, his body and soul would be affected.

Moreover, since the Old Master of the Jia Clan was nearly 80 years old, he would run into a dangerous situation.

Various treasures were placed on one side of the bed.

Zhang Han waved his right hand.

All the covers of the boxes were opened and the treasures rose slowly.

As Zhang Han clenched his right hand, the spirit treasures exploded one after another, transforming themselves into threads of colorful mists, which wormed themselves into the Old Master of the Jia Clans body from nine acupoints, including the top of his head and his chest.



As the last mist disappeared into the Old Masters body, he inhaled all of a sudden and exhaled relaxedly.

Following that, he opened his eyes slowly.

“Dad!” Patriarch Jia walked forward in a hurry and asked anxiously, “How do you feel Dad Do you feel uncomfortable”

“Ah” The Old Masters eyes were somewhat turbid, which was characteristic of the elderly.

It seemed that his brain had not gotten back to normal yet.

He glanced around and said confusedly, “Why are so many people here What time is it Why havent you started having a meal”


Upon hearing his words, everyone on the scene did not know whether they should laugh or cry.

After they united for a few minutes, Patriarch Jia stood in front of Zhang Han and Director Bi as he said quite enthusiastically and politely, “Thanks so much, Director Bi and Grand Master Zhang.

Many thanks.

Kindly walk out with me.”

Consequently, Zhang Han, Zhao Feng, and Director Bi, as well as his two subordinates, followed Patriarch Jia out.

As they turned right and turned left, they arrived at a basement of a villa.

All the people saw those natural precious materials that Patriarch Jia had promised.

To save the Old Master, the Jia Clan had used up almost all the treasures in the trove of their family as well as that of the martial arts world.

In his opinion, even if he needed to double the resources, the Old Masters life was the most important.

Zhang Han glanced around and saw that the treasures were of higher quantity than what the Jia Clan had promised.

However, he did not take more than what he should take.

Instead, he waved his hands and put the treasures that Patriarch Jia had promised into the Space Ring.

At this moment, Patriarch Jia smiled and saluted Director Bi as he said, “Director Bi, kindly take the remaining treasures, which represents my appreciation.”

Upon hearing his words, Director Bi was at a loss.

He smiled and said, “Patriarch Jia, you are too polite.

I wont take the treasures.

You should prepare more nutritious materials for the Old Master recently.

Feel free to contact me if you have any issues later on.

You should be most thankful to Director Zhang this time.”

“Yes, I agree.” Patriarch Jia nodded continuously and saluted Zhang Han as he said, “Director Zhang, words fail me when I try to express my heartfelt gratitude.

I will bear your kindness this time in mind.”

Upon hearing his words, Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

Following that, as the group of people including Director Bi and all the family members of Patriarch Jia saw him off, he left the old house of the Jia Clan.

Before Zhang Han got in the car, Director Bi changed the look on his face, walked to the side of Zhang Han, and said, “I wonder if you know anything about the relic sites that are to be opened on Mount He Snow in Northeast China, Director Zhang”

“I have heard a little about it.”

“Then, do you plan to go there, Director Zhang”

Zhang Han nodded and said, “I probably will be there.”

Director Bi smiled as he said, “The C-grade relics also have great exploration value.

Moreover, it is much safer.”

Zhang Han asked, “Is it already confirmed that the relics are C grade”

Director Bi said slowly, “A piece of news came from the other side at about eight oclock this morning, saying that it is confirmed that the relics are C grade.

However, this time, among all the local forces, you should be cautious of North Tiger Gai Xingkong, who has stopped being isolated from the outside world.

It is said that he is rough and sometimes moody.

It is unknown whether other strong masters will be there or not.”

“Is it that Gai Xingkong again”

Though Northeast China was far away from here, the news that he had stopped being isolated from the world had already spread.

It could be seen how locally influential he was.

Zhang Han frowned slightly as he replied, “It is nothing but that Gai Xingkong.”

Since this name had been mentioned from time to time and they had talked about his deeds in a somewhat solemn way, it indicated that his counterpart was pretty awesome.

But so what

Zhang Han had his haughtiness.

Up until now, never had he viewed anybody as a powerful enemy.

Whether it was Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, Mu Xue, Emperor Qing, or that Gai Xingkong, they could be indeed called talents even if they were in the Cultivation World.

Though the successors of the talents showed up one after another, few of them could be counted as evil.

However, it seemed that Zhang Han had beheaded countless talents among the evil ones.

In Chinese writing, only two characters represented those powerful ones.

As for the titles, such as talents, the most powerful talents, evil ones, and so on, they just had pretty good potential.

However, as Zhang Han finished his words… “Hiss!” Director Bi felt a coldness creeping over his teeth.

Though he felt somewhat weird in secret, he felt somewhat enlightened.

Though Gai Xingkong had prevailed through their times, those times had passed.

Though those elders all knew that Gai Xingkong was extraordinarily brave and invincible, what about Merciless Zhang

According to Master Ji, he was an Invincible Grand Master.

As long as Gai Xingkong did not make a breakthrough to the Divine Realm, he was not necessarily a rival of Zhang Hanyang!

As Director Bi figured it out, he shook his head somewhat emotionally as he said, “Director Zhang, then lets say farewell to each other now.

Thanks for your help.

If you have any issues in the future, Director Zhang, feel free to notify me.”

Zhang Han smiled and replied, “OK.”

After that, he got in the car with Zhao Feng as the group including Director Bi saw them off.

Director Bi mumbled gently as he said, “Zhang Hanyang… is amazing.”

His subordinate echoed him.

“I agree.

Currently, there are few people in the world at the Divine Realm.

It can be said that before the gate of the small world opens, Grand Master Zhang is almost invincible.

The way I see it, his state of mind is the most horrible.

So is his trick.

Till now, nobody can see what his cards are after fighting many times.

He is the most horrible in the way that his tricks emerge endlessly.”


Several people sighed with emotion.

After Zhang Han came back to the villa that he had rented, he got busy.

He went into the bedroom and sat cross-legged on the bed.

He held the Golden Armor in his left hand and Demon Dancing Sword in his right hand.

“The ghost face in the netherworld.




“Seal the soul!”

“Swish!” As Zhang Han carried out his tricks, the ghost face was divided into two parts and transformed into two thick black fogs, whose size was the same as that of the palm.

However, it appeared to be in the form of the ghost face.

The black fog rushed at the Golden Armor and Demon Dancing Sword respectively.

The moment they clashed against each other… “Zoom!” Golden light shone on the golden armor all of a sudden.

The golden light was Ye Longyuans aura of being loyal to the master, which could not be more mystifying.

If the masters were at almost the same level, in this case, unless the owner of the treasure was annihilated and beheaded, never would others fully exercise the power of the treasure.

On the other hand, as the ghost face touched the Demon Dancing Sword… “Clash!” The sword scabbard shook and stretched downward continuously.

It seemed that the Demon Dancing Sword wanted to break free from the scabbard.

However, as Zhang Hans thoughts worked, the ghost face sealed the Golden Armor and Demon Dancing Sword continuously.

10%, 20%…

At last, as Zhang Han fully exerted his tricks, the seal was 80% finished, completely suppressing the interconnection between the Golden Armor and the Demon Dancing Sword and their masters.

Only the masters of these two treasures could sense the seal when they touched the original body of the treasures.

They could only unlock the seal by cooperating with the treasures.

However, when others used the treasures, they could feel nothing at all.

Since the seal was 80% finished, it meant the user of the treasures could utilize 80% of the capabilities, which was quite objective.

In other words, these two treasures were ripe and ready for sale.

“The trip to Northeast China this time may be a good opportunity.”

Zhang Han glimpsed at the Golden Armor and Demon Dancing Sword, exerted his mind, and put the treasures back into the Space Ring.

He glimpsed at his watch and found that it was already 2:30 p.m.

The competition of Chinese New Voice was still hotly going on.

Ah Yan left the stage because of the PK competition between the teams.

Tong Jiajia was pretty good at both the stage performance and tone color.

With Zhang Hans and Zi Yans help, Lu Ze and Sun Dongheng adapted two hot songs and went into the next round stably.


As the competition went on, only eight strong trainees were left, with three in Zi Yans team, two in Gu Fans team, and three in Zuo Dong and Da Huas team.

Sun Dongheng was already satisfied that he was among the eight powerful trainees.

The current situation was not as simple as to give his fans an explanation, which was out of his expectations.

However, the reality did not happen by accident.

There were no inside stories in the following fight.

Everything depended on the trainees performance.

It turned out that Sun Dongheng was not among the top five trainees.

After Zhang Han left the show, the championship was claimed by another dark horse, Tong Jiajia.

Second place was taken by a trainee from Gu Fans team.

While a trainee from Zuo Dongs team got third place, and Lu Ze got the fourth position, which could be counted as a perfect ending.

According to the shows procedure, the program division decided to hold an ending concert for the first season of Chinese New Voice.

Over the phone, Zhang Han directly refused upon hearing the words as he said, “December 3rd No, I dont have time.”

What a joke.

It was Wednesday, December 3rd, which was also the date when his little princess celebrated her birthday.

Chief Director Cheng Xu coughed gently and asked, “Then, I wonder when Mr.

Hanyang will be available.

How about the day after December 3rd Is December 4th OK for you”

“The time between 10 a.m.

and 3 p.m.

on December 4th works for me.”


The show will start at 11 a.m., which will last one and a half hours.

After that, there will be a luncheon, which will mark a perfect ending to the first season.”


They held a simple communication.

After that, Zhang Han consented.

Since Zi Yan had communicated with Zhang Han about this in advance and Zhang Han had known the details, he just discussed the schedule with Cheng Hao.

It was clear that except for the mentors, Zhang Han was the only one whom the program division had taken the initiative to call to discuss the schedule with.

Several days flashed by.

Soon, it was December 3rd, the day Mengmeng celebrated her birthday.

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