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Chapter 529 The Little Girls Choice

“Today is your birthday.”

Staring at Mengmeng, who was anticipating eating the cake, Zhang Han could not help laughing.

He stretched out his hands, pinched Mengmengs pink and tender cheek, and smiled as he said, “This is the first time that Papa has celebrated your birthday.

I also made the cake specifically for you.

You can eat more cake today.

By the way, I wish you a happy birthday, Mengmeng!”

Zi Yan also said smilingly, “Happy Birthday, babe!”

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu also said, “Happy Birthday, Mengmeng.”


Mengmeng was stunned and even forgot to blink her big eyes.

It was not until two seconds later that the little girl came to her senses and her big eyes got bright all of a sudden.

“Is it my birthday Mengmengs birthday”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Yes, it is your birthday.”

“It is Mengmengs birthday! My birthday! Ah! It is my birthday! Hohoho.

I am going to celebrate my birthday! I can eat cake…”

Mengmeng was so happy all of a sudden that she grinned from ear to ear.

As Zi Yan saw this scene, her eyes became red.

She felt sour in the heart since it was only she who understood how difficult it was for her to get everything she had currently.

At that moment, she was about to cry with joy.

However, she did not weep.

Instead, she pressed her red lips together and blinked her eyes quickly.

It was not until she calmed herself down that she stroked Mengmengs tender head as she said, “We need to put in the candles first.

It is not until after you make a wish and blow out the candles that you can eat cake.”

Mengmeng replied eagerly, “I know, MaMa.

Then we should put in the candles quickly.”

“Here you go.” Zhang Han took the candles from the side table and inserted them in the front of the castle cake as he said, “Mengmeng, you are four years old now, so we are going to put four candles on the cake.”

After Zhang Han was done inserting the candles, he lit them up with the lighter.

Zi Yan said in a gentle voice, “All right.

Make a wish now.”


I am going to make a wish.”

Mengmeng pressed her tender palms together and closed her shining big eyes as she mumbled, “I want to… well, make a wish.

Well, Papa, Mama…”

Zi Yan could not help reminding her as she said, “You should make a wish silently in your heart.”

Mengmeng reacted instantly and closed her mouth.

It was not until about 20 seconds later she opened her big eyes and said joyfully, “I am done with making my wish.

I am going to blow out the candles.

Whoo… PaPa, can I eat cake now”

Zhang Han took a cake knife from the side as he replied, “Of course you can.” He cut the cake while saying, “I am going to cut a big piece of cake for my little princess, who is celebrating her birthday today.”

Mengmeng pointed at the upper area of the castle cake and said, “I want to eat the cake on the round house.”

Zhang Han obeyed her order and cut a big piece of cake.

“So big.

You are so kind, PaPa.”

Mengmeng took over the small fork and started eating the cake.

It was not until she devoured a few mouthfuls of cake that she observed the abnormalities and lifted her tender head as she said, “Papa, Mama, Grandmother, and Grandfather, why dont you eat cake”

Zhang Han chuckled as he replied, “We will eat later.

Since you are hungry, Mengmeng, you should eat a small piece first.

After that, lets go to the back mountain and play the fireworks.”

“Fireworks,” Mengmeng murmured and ate the cake much more quickly.

After Mengmeng finished eating a big piece of cake, she patted her tender belly, hopped off the chair, and said, “Im done.

Lets go to play with fireworks quickly.”

Zhang Han smiled, stood up, and walked outside as he said, “Lets go! Lets play with the fireworks!”

“Lets go!”

All the family members walked out of the castle, followed the path amid the underbrush at the back of the castle, passed by the thunder yang tree, and went to the back mountain.

Right at this moment…

Many people were hiding in each corner of the back mountain.

All the people, including Zhao Feng, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Wang Ming, Wang Ya, Rong Jiaxin, Liang Hao, Liang Mengqi, and so on, were ready in each corner.

It was dark.

Fortunately, there were no mosquitoes and bugs here.

Otherwise, they would have suffered.

Besides these familiar guys, the family members of the security group and the Wang family were also there.

Zhao Feng stared at one side of the castle quite warily.

Upon seeing Zhang Hans family members walking out, he picked up the interphone as he said, “They are coming, they are coming.

Everybody, attention.

I will count down later and we should get it started immediately.”

As Zhao Feng alerted them, he paid attention to the several people walking over as he said, “Three, two, one!”

As Zhao Fengs voice faded away, Dahei and Little Hei, who were by his side, could not restrain themselves anymore and bark loudly.

It seemed that the show had just started.

“Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo!”

“Ooh ooh ooh ooh!”

They barked happily and seemed to be saying: “Little master, Happy Birthday!”

Mengmeng called out happily, “Hey! Big Heihei, Little Heihei!”

She saw the two of them running from afar vaguely.

Right at this moment… “Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Flashes of fireworks rose into the sky.

They were not ordinary fireworks at all.

Instead, they were some magical fireworks that Zhang Han had specifically refined and did not need any help.

It was pretty easy to release these fireworks, which were the same as grenades.

As long as the thread was triggered, the fireworks would rise to the sky by themselves.

There were four rough shining lights in total rising into the sky.


They broke into four round and big fireworks in the low sky.

At this moment, the fireworks illuminated the entire New Moon Bay!

Even many passers-by in New Moon Bay could see the firework display.

Upon seeing this scene, they were all at a loss.

Following that, they snapped photos one after another and discussed hotly.

“Another fireworks display.

The fireworks display last time illuminated the whole New Moon Bay.

It is on display this time again.

When did the fireworks display become so random”

“Though you cant do a fireworks display, that does not mean others cant.

But the fireworks display looks quite beautiful.

Why does the color of the fireworks look so glorious”

“Such a beautiful fireworks display.

Its shape is so good.”


“Clatter, clatter, clatter…”

The fireworks rose into the sky and bloomed continuously over and over, which lasted for a full 10 minutes.

As the fireworks display came to an end, Zhang Han picked up Mengmeng in his arms directly, kissed on her cheek, and said smilingly, “Today is Mengmengs birthday.

Papa prepared a show for you specifically.”

“What is it” Mengmengs big shining eyes were bright all of a sudden.

Even Zi Yan was at a loss and thought, “What is the show Why didnt he tell me”

Following that, Zhang Han took Mengmeng to Zi Qiangs arms and said, “You let your grandfather hold you for a while.

I am going to perform a show for you.”

Zhang Han smiled while the others stared at him.

He moved forward dozens of steps, lifted his head, and stared at the moon in the sky.

He scrunched down and took an ordinary long sword three feet in length out from the underbrush with his left hand.

“Clash!” Zhang Han stretched out his right hand and pulled the long sword out slowly.

A deep roar came from out of the sword.

At this moment, the fireworks display had not come yet to an end, which still illuminated the whole Mount New Moon.

The light from the fireworks and moon was reflected on the long sword.


All of a sudden, Zhang Han moved and thrashed the sword sideways.

Following that, he lifted the sword, swept it horizontally, and flung it by circling.

A sword flower was displayed.

Following that, Zhang Han started moving.

“Swish, swish, swish!” As Zhang Han moved the sword faster and faster, the sword light blinked and looked fabulously amazing.

This was a kind of sword playing, which utilized the visual sensors to the fullest—it was pleasing to the eye but of no use.

However, Zhang Han did so to show off in front of Mengmeng.

The effect was quite obvious.

Mengmeng said with admiration all over her face, “Whoa, you are so handsome, PaPa.

It is so beautiful.”

Zi Yan saw the expression on the little girls face, bit her lower lip, and said in a low voice, “Deceiver!”

As for the others, including Zi Qiang, Rong Jiaxin, Wang Zhanzong, Wang Zhanpeng, even Liu Qingfeng, and so on, they were standing around and staring at Zhang Han, who was waving the sword, and they had only one thought in their minds, “Awesome!”

Indeed, as for the sword trick, which Zhang Han thought of as a mere form, it had to be awesome.

Soon, a minute later, Zhang Han retrieved his long sword and put it back in the scabbard.

After that, he squatted down, put the sword down in the underbrush, and sent the sword back into the Space Ring.

Mengmeng clasped her tender hands continuously as she said, “Papa is so amazing!”

A smile crept over the corner of Zhang Hans lips.

He walked over.

As he was just at the front of Mengmeng, some lights bloomed from afar all of a sudden.

Everyone looked over and saw dozens of people running over.

Several people held a few big shining characters in their hands, which read: “Happy Birthday, Mengmeng!”

There were some small light decorations, which were formed into many shapes, including flowers, grass, trees, and so on.

Today was Mengmengs birthday, the birthday date of the little master of Cold Immortal School, which was worthy of celebrating.

On the other hand, they celebrated for the Wang family and the security groups joining and moving in.

Consequently, almost everybody was here, encircling the place where Zhang Han was.

“Er.” Upon seeing so many people all of sudden, Mengmeng got somewhat shy.

She nestled up in Zhang Hans arms and hid her tender head in her PaPas neck.

However, five minutes later, Mengmeng lifted her head again, waved her tender hands, and said in a melodious and crisp voice, “Everyone, thanks for… Um, thanks for celebrating my birthday with me.”


Mengmengs words made everyone laugh out loud.

“All right.

Time for the meal.”

Zhang Han smiled and headed for the big restaurant of Cold Immortal School.

However, as they were about to enter the castle, Mengmeng was at a loss.

Upon seeing them walking forward, the little girl said somewhat anxiously, “Well, something is wrong.

The cake is still there.”

Zhang Han pinched Mengmengs cheek smilingly and said, “The cake has been moved there.”

Zhang Han was glad to pinch her soft and pink cheek.

“Well, it is taken there.”

It was not until this time that Mengmeng felt relieved.

They arrived in a big restaurant.

There was a big door on one side.

There was normal glass on one side and integrated French windows on the three other sides.

The lighting was so good that they could see the adjacent pool.

A signboard was hung on the upper part of the door, which read: “Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.”

Though the address had been changed, this name was quite memorable.

Moreover, they would treat dozens of members here soon.

They planned to have hotpot for dinner.

However, Wang Long had prepared exclusive food specifically, which was divided into several lines on the nearby cabinets.

Various kinds of snacks, cold dishes, and fruits from the mountain were also placed at the side.

Within a short period, the fruits from the garden of Cold Immortal School had conquered many people.

Even those who did not like eating fruit could not resist such a delicacy like this.

At first, the fruits had been taken to the restaurant of the company, and even the ordinary members of the company could buy them.

However, within only three days, the fruits were in short supply, which scared Zhao Feng so much that he called a halt to the fruit supply in a hurry and included the fruits into the members food.

However, there was a compulsory requirement for those members, which was they were prohibited from wasting the fruits.

If they did so, they would be refused the serving of fruits next time.

As for those members in the restaurant, whatever their identities were, they needed to be obedient.

Whatever they wanted to have, they should take less than needed and take more later if the quantity was not sufficient, which was another way to have a buffet.

They had prepared quite a sumptuous dinner this day.

Even those with ordinary food intake would be full by taking a bite of each dish.

Of course, it was a different situation when it came to the big eaters.

Consequently, they started having delicious and fragrant hotpot.

After Mengmeng was almost full, she ate another piece of cake and divided the other pieces to give to others.

“Mengmeng, you are celebrating your birthday.

This is a gift from Aunty Feifei.”

“Aunty Lili also has gifts for you.”

“This is a small gift that Aunty Mengqi has specifically prepared for you.”

Previously, Liang Mengqi had called herself a young sister, however… she took the initiative to call herself an aunt now, which might have had something to do with Zhao Feng.

After all, Mengmeng had called him Uncle Feng all the time.


Everybody started giving Mengmeng their gifts one after another.

Mengmeng was so happy, feeling that she was the focus.

“Thanks, Aunty Feifei, Aunty Lili, Aunty Mengqi, and Uncle Feng…”

Mengmeng expressed her gratitude quite politely.

There were a lot of people, so there were a lot of gifts.

However, Zhao Feng had been prepared for that.

He got a cart and placed the delicate gift boxes in the cart one after another.

After all the gifts were collected, he asked someone to push the gifts to the castle so that Mengmeng could play by herself while unwrapping the gifts at night.

The dinner ended amid an extremely lively atmosphere.

Zhang Hans family members, Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, and Wang Mings family members, all followed Zhang Han to the castle.

“PaPa and MaMa have gifts for you too.”

After everyone sat down on the sofa in the living room on the ground floor, Zi Yan smiled gently and took five gift boxes out from the side, which were of various sizes, and put them on the floor.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng untied the colorful wrappings together and opened various boxes.

There was a drivable car in the biggest box.

A crystal flower sculpture was in another nearby box, which was made by Zhang Han.

The flower was so beautiful that people could not stop looking at it from the corner of their eyes.

Mengmeng liked it more.

There was a rectangle box on the right side.

After the box was unwrapped, a one-foot-long sword lay peacefully inside.

The sword was made of wood.

Though it was very light in weight, it looked quite beautiful.

Whether its sword handle or the sword body, it suited Mengmeng well.

As Zi Yan opened the box, she could not help staring at Zhang Han and thinking, “Since Zhang Han performed such a long show a moment ago, Mengmeng must have been affected.”

There was a toy gun on the right side, and a beautiful doll was last.

Zi Yan blinked her big eyes as she said, “Mengmeng, you can only choose one out of the five gifts.

Which one do you like”

Upon discussion, she and Zhang Han finally made up their mind that they should prepare more gifts rather than only one gift.

Later on, Zhang Han had another idea and confirmed that they should prepare these gifts.

Depending on Mengmengs choice, Zhang Han would consider when Mengmeng could get in touch with cultivation and how she could cultivate herself.

For example, if Mengmeng chose the flower, Zhang Han would consider educating her with the kind of education like illusions.

If it were the gun, Zhang Han would educate her with a kind of trick that could launch an attack remotely.

If Mengmeng chose the gun, which was Zhang Hans destiny weapon, Zhang Han would have much to teach her.

If it were the doll, Zhang Han could teach her some tricks of manipulating puppets.

If Mengmeng chose the car, Zhang Han would consider refining the God Transformation Trick and teach her how to control that kind of feeling of controlling the speed.

Of course, Mengmengs personal preference mattered the most.

Mengmeng would be more interested if she liked what she was doing.

Mengmeng was four years old now.

After time is up, it passes by soon.

When Mengmeng became 10 a few years later, she would get in touch with the cultivation after all.

Consequently, in these few years, Zhang Han planned to make a plan for Mengmeng based on her preferences or refine the most suitable way for Mengmeng.

As parents, they always wanted to leave the best for their children.

It was because Mengmeng had never seen the sword performance, or maybe Zhang Han preferred the sword the better in secret, that he showed off sword performing in front of Mengmeng.

“Why can I only choose one I want them all.”

Upon hearing Zi Yans words, Mengmeng pouted her mouth and stared at Zhang Han eagerly.

Zhang Han saw her look and almost said: “Then well take them all.”

However, he pondered and said, “You choose the one you like the most, Mengmeng.

As for the others, I will give them to you later, what do you think, Mengmeng”

“Well, then I will pick my favorite.”

Mengmeng sneaked around and went to in front of the gifts.

She went to the front of the small cart first and said, “The small cart!”

She stretched out her tender hands, stroked the top of the cart, and went to the next one as she said, “Beautiful flower.

Its a crystal flower.

“This is the thing that PaPa used a moment ago.

“Toy gun…”

Mengmeng did not hesitate at all and held the doll on the end in her arms joyfully, “This doll is so adorable.

I like it.”

Zi Yan squatted down and said smilingly, “Mengmeng, you like this doll, right”

Mengmeng nodded obediently and said, “Yes, I like it.”


Zi Yan covered her mouth, smiled, and glanced at Zhang Han.

She thought, “Well, Mengmeng is a little girl.

Of course she likes the doll.”

However, Mengmeng put down the doll the next moment and said, “If I can only choose one, I wont choose the doll since I have so many dolls.”

Mengmeng looked somewhat reluctant to part with the doll and seemed to be consoling herself.

After Mengmeng put down the doll, she walked to the side of the short sword joyfully and held up the sword handle directly as she said, “I like this one too.

I want to be like PaPa and play with PaPa.”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed immediately and said, “All right.

Then PaPa will play with you later on.”

Mengmeng stared at the thing at her hands somewhat confusedly as she said, “PaPa, what is this”

“Well, as for that,” Zhang Han looked somewhat complacent and said slowly, “it is a sword.”

If both edges of a sword were open, its body was straight and its point was edgy.

It could pierce through armor.

It was destined for killing under extremely dangerous situations.

As the king of the armors, it was called the king of all the weapons.

There were various kinds of weapons that showed up one after another and continuously.

They looked like different flowers, which had their characteristics and capabilities.

Since there were many types of weapons, it was hard to measure them.

However, as for some weapons, they were born with piercing and vigilant aura in nature.

The sword was the best among all the weapons.

Even in the Cultivation World, the cultivators using the sword were of the largest quantity.

As for the types of swords, there were long ones and short ones.

When it came to their power, it would depend on their grade.

Zhang Han saw Mengmengs choice and broke into laughter.

Due to the preference of a little girl, she liked the doll.

However, she chose the sword for the sake of her PaPa, which made Zhang Han feel that he could emphasize various kinds of tricks and secretive skills when he asked Mengmeng to try cultivation in the future.

Zi Yan saw Mengmeng shaking the small sword in her hands casually.

She was amused and shook her head again.

When it came to childrens choices, interests, and personalities, they were related to their parents.

Zhang Han stroked Mengmengs small head smilingly and said, “Then, Mengmeng, since you are done choosing, the other gifts are also yours.”

The little girl exclaimed happily and said, “OK.”

Mengmeng placed the small sword on the cart, put the crystal flower at the back, and put the gun on the side.

After that, holding the doll in her arms, she drove the car around the living room.

Everyone sat for a while.

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu went back to their rooms to have a rest.

Zhang Han pushed the cart filled with gifts and went to the bedroom on the third floor.

It was time for them to unwrap the gifts together.

Mengmeng was quite interested.

The birthday celebration this time was destined to be unforgettable.

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