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Chapter 534 Livestreamer Hit by a Group

Sun Dongheng had participated in such gatherings many times.

He could easily tell that these people present were not very intimate.

Sun Dongheng just ignored what the lady with the ponytail said.

However, the lady continued finding faults.

She squinted at Sanpang, smirked and said, “Sanpang, why are you always talking so cluelessly If you want to introduce a friend, just introduce him.

You dont have to lie that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Besides, everyone her now was also.

Whats more, would a silver-spooned person livestream all day”

Her words made Sanpang a little unhappy.

So he frowned and said, “Why do I always have to encounter you I dont want to talk to you.

Dont bother me here.”

“What You brought him to our private room.

Cant I say anything about it” The lady with the ponytail fought back.

This made many people present ready to rubberneck.

At the same time, Sun Dongheng also understood.

This lady had a bad relationship with Sanpang, and he was completely involved passively.

But it was a bit awkward indeed.

Sanpang was also aware of this.

As the lady was constantly finding faults, his face darkened.

“Li Xiaoxiao, dont push your luck.

Youd better think about what your job was” Sanpang said a little angrily.

As soon as this remark was made, the atmosphere on the scene cooled down.

A man with a flattop haircut next to Li Xiaoxiao holding a wine glass was a little shocked.

He said in a low voice, “Sanpang, watch your words!”

“I didnt talk nonsense.

Everyone knows it.” Sanpang cared little and spread out his hands.

Everyone knew that Li Xiaoxiao had been a prostitute before.

And she had been a mistress kept by Wei Zhaodong after he took a fancy to her.

“She is even not silver-spooned.

She is just borrowing power to do evil.

Get real.”

Sanpang was very annoyed.

But these words werent spoken out loud after all.

Even a friend beside kicked his foot under the table to warn him.

Wei Zhaodong had a relatively high status.

His family was wealthy and high-class in Ice City.

Besides, his boss, Bai Pingyuan, was influential.

Bai Pingyuan was super powerful in Ice City, one of the most four influential and powerful childes.

The Bai familys strength in Ice City was among the top three.

The Bai family had always been powerful and wealthy, making it hard for other common wellborn people to catch up with them.

Because of this, Wei Zhaodong got many benefits and even entered into the core circle of his family.

“You said that everyone knows.

When Childe Wei comes, I will have him ask you what you meant.”

Li Xiaoxiao smiled softly.

This made Sanpang speechless.

With a slight movement of his lips, he tried to say something, but held back.

He felt angry.

“Just a woman backed by Wei Zhaodong.

Dont push your luck here.

“Wei Zhaodong will abandon you one day, and I look forward to what you will look like then.”

Sanpang thought in his mind but said nothing.

Seeing the aggressive Li Xiaoxiao, the short-haired woman sitting on the innermost side smiled and said, “Enough.

I invited everyone here today.

Lets be kind to each other.

Im going to the army tomorrow.

I dont know when I will see you next time.”

“Thats right.” Sanpang grinned and said, “I came here only because of your invitation.”

“Look at yourself, who is willing to invite you” Li Xiaoxiao pouted her lips and glanced at Sun Dongheng and said, “You bring a toy boy with you.

Are you gay”

These words completely annoyed Sanpang.

“So peculiar Am I too good-tempered”

Before Sanpang said anything, Sun Dongheng sneered and said, “Ive also learned a few words of the northeast dialects.

Haha, you are bad-looking and bad-tempered.

If you want to know my sexual orientation, how about going with me to the room next door”


As soon as he said that, everyone present was shocked.

“What did you say” Li Xiaoxiao slapped the table and stood up.

Many people were ready to rubberneck.

In fact, many people were annoyed with Li Xiaoxiao.

But as she backed by Wei Zhaodong, so nobody dared to say anything.

Some people were happy with Sun Donghengs words, but they didnt show it.

Sanpang was also stunned, but then his eyes showed that he was not afraid.

Wei Zhaodong could make Sanpang afraid, but Li Xiaoxiao couldnt.

“Li Xiaoxiao, who do you think you are You are a nobody without Childe Wei!”

Sanpang stood up and stared at Li Xiaoxiao, then looked at the short-haired woman, the host, and said, “Elder Sister An, I am here today because of your invitation.

When you come back next time, I will treat you.

Today, my friend is here, and it is not very convenient.

See you next time.”


See you next time.” The short-haired woman smiled resignedly at Sanpang.

As Sanpang stoop up, the two young men next to him also stood up.

Just when they were about to leave…

Suddenly, the door opened, and a group of seven people came in.

In the front was a man with yellow hair, a long face, and diamond earrings.

His arrival made the atmosphere tense.

At this time, if Li Xiaoxiao didnt say anything, there would be nothing at all.

Moreover, in the eyes of many people, it was not worth the trouble.


“Childe Wei,” Li Xiaoxiaos eyes turned red, and said aggrievedly, “I said that I didnt want to come here.

Now I arrived here first, and someone said bad words to me with cynicism.”

“Who” Wei Zhaodongs tone was flat, as if he didnt care, but he deliberately looked at the three fat guys without any reason, and went directly to Li Xiaoxiao and sat down, his right hand resting on her shoulder.

“Those two.” Li Xiaoxiao stared at Sanpang and Sun Dongheng, then leaned over and muttered beside Wei Zhaodongs ears.

After hearing Li Xiaoxiaos words, Wei Zhaodongs face darkened.

He took out a metal box of Yellow Crane Tower cigarettes from his pocket with his right hand and lit one.


Of the six people together with Wei Zhaodong, three sat at the table and the other three blocked the door.

Sun Dongheng was already distressed at this time.

His parents told him not to bother his boss.

However, it seemed that he would make some trouble this time.

Looking at Wei Zhaodong, he felt that he had some power indeed.

Everyone else on the scene was afraid to speak because they were afraid to cause some trouble.

Wei Zhaodong smoked, speechless.

Li Xiaoxiao looked coldly at the people in front of the door.

The short-haired woman hesitated then said, “Childe Wei, I invited Sanpang and his friends here.

Besides, they are going to help me with some things.”

These words meant that she would be responsible for what had happened.

And the key point was whether or not Wei Zhaodong would do her a favor.

As a matter of fact…

She was going into the army.

And with the cultivation of her family, she would be in charge of some things when she came back.

Wei Zhaodong was very willing to establish good ties with her.

So he smiled at her and said, “Since youve asked, Ill definitely do you this favor.”

He waved his hands at the doorway.

The three people then stepped aside.

Sanpang wanted to say something, but he didnt and took the lead to leave.

Just when he got to the door…

Wei Zhaodong said, “Sanpang, I wont do anything today.

But in the future, youd better be careful.”


This made Sanpang feel very awkward.

So he slowly turned his head and said with a fake smile, “Childe Wei has a point.”

Wei Zhaodong casually threw the remaining half-cigarette into the ashtray, and said, “Besides, someone has said something he shouldnt say.

I think you know how to deal with it.”

Sanpangs face froze.

Sanpang took the lead to leave.

When they went through the gate, the two men beside Sanpang changed their perception of Sun Dongheng.

Wei Zhaodongs words meant that Sanpang should punish Sun Dongheng.

If Sanpang would punish Sun Dongheng, this incident would come to an end.

If not, maybe Sanpang would be punished by Wei Zhaodong one day.

They remained silent along the way.

Out the gate, Sun Dongheng sighed and said, “Sanpang, sorry to have made some trouble for you.

Ill find someone to solve the problem.”

“Dont say that.

Wei Zhaodong is not that powerful to make me scared.

He just has a powerful boss.

Never mind it, they dont dare to make some trouble with me.

Lets go and have some fun.”

Sanpang spoke a little angrily.

It made Sun Dongheng laugh.

Sometimes, from some things, one could tell if making a friend was worth it.

He did not refuse, and went to eat barbecue and drink freshly brewed beer with Sanpang and his two friends.

They had a great time.

In the end, they were all a bit drunk.

Sanpang and his two friends drove sports cars, so they hired others to drive them home.

Sanpang invited Sun Dongheng to get together tomorrow.

He would treat Sun Dongheng the whole day tomorrow.

There was going to be a birthday party tomorrow night.

Many beautiful girls would be present.

They joked that the girls would fall in love with Sun Dongheng because he was good-looking.

Sun Dongheng was good at drinking.

A little drunk but still clear-headed, he took a taxi to return to Ice Bay The First.

After he walked in, he took out the device from his bag and started livestreaming.

Stepping on the snow made some crunchy sounds.

And the street lights in the community were brightly lit.

With the bright moon and white snow, the surrounding environment was clearly seen.

“Alcohol Yes, I drank with Sanpang.

Im now in Ice City and he treated me.

“How is he He is handsome, but not as handsome as me.

Haha, thank you for your two Rockets, Damahua.

“Look! It snowed today, so its quite cold.

But its fun.

Uh, by the way, there are three beautiful snowmen made by my bosss family in front.

Let me show you.”

Sun Dongheng walked a lot faster to the flower bed in front and pointed the camera at the snowmen.

“It looks good, right Where am I staying now I am now in Ice Bay The First, seemingly a luxurious villa area…”

So Sun Dongheng sat there and livestreamed.

He decided to go into the house once he felt cold.

He hoped to sober himself up, as he was a little drunk.

As he was livestreaming, three black Paramelas drove by slowly on the road 40 to 50 meters away on the right.

In the car in front, a buzz-cut man in the passenger seat suddenly said, “Well Blue cotton suit and a red hat, was he the guy we met in the club Dammit! Stop!”

After the car stopped, the buzz-cut man looked at Wei Zhaodong, who was holding Li Xiaoxiao in the back seat.

“Childe Wei, should we beat him”

Wei Zhaodong glanced at Sun Dongheng sitting next to the flowerbed.

“Up to you.”


The buzz-cut man glanced at Li Xiaoxiao, grinned, opened the door, and got out.

He waved to his brothers in the car behind, and a group of six quietly set off.

Wei Zhaodong had no interest in watching this.

All his attention was focused on the beauty beside him.

He even unknowingly put one hand under her clothes, and the other hand waved at the driver.

Three cars drove forward slowly.

And Sun Dongheng didnt realize the danger.

Holding his mobile phone and looking at the villa, he said, “The others seem to be sleeping.

I also feel a bit cold.

I will sit here for another two minutes then return to my room.

I may continue livestreaming for another half an hour.

I will go to bed early today and go out with Sanpang tomorrow for the day.”

While talking, he looked at real-time bullet screens and said, “What Someones behind me Dont scare me at night.

“Why should I run away”

Sun Dongheng looked at these bullet screens and froze.

When he turned his head, a huge snowball smashed into his head.


Being drunk, Sun Dongheng recognized that it was the head of the snowman that represented his boss.

“Dammit!” Sun Dongheng shouted.


Sun Dongheng felt snowflakes on his nose and head.

He knew that he had been hit by someone.

He wanted to run away, but he slipped and fell to the ground.

So he arched his body and protected his head with both hands.

Another snowball hit him again, followed by some kicks.


Just as the man was shouting…

Many people sensed it.

Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Ming, Rong Jiaxin, Leng Yue, Zhao Feng, and Elder Meng woke up immediately.

Zhang Han woke up more quickly.

Using his soul sense, he knew what was happening.

But at this time, Zi Yan was on his body, so he didnt move.

When he was about to use his spiritual force, he saw that Zhao Feng had rushed over.

So he didnt do anything.


Zhao Feng was so speedy.

Like a ghost at night, stepping on the snow was like stepping on flat ground.

Behind him, Elder Meng, Leng Yue, and the security group rushed over.

Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Ming didnt go out when they saw the situation.

They just stood at the window and looked down.

Sun Dongheng knew that he was beaten, and was a little panicked.

But it seemed that he was only kicked seven or eight times.

In fact, it was not very painful because he had a down jacket on.

Two kicks at his head were blocked by his hands, which made the back of his hands a little painful and numb.

He had no other feelings.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Following these sounds were their groans.

Sun Dongheng shook off the snow on his head and said, “Brother Feng…”

“Are you OK”

Zhao Feng came over and pulled him up.

After seeing two snowmen without their heads, Zhao Fengs face was a little gloomy.

It would be bad if Mengmeng saw this.

“This…” Sun Dongheng scratched his head and said with a bit of shame, “Im sorry to cause you such trouble.”

Zhao Feng shook his head slightly, and looked coldly at the six people lying on the ground.

They were all groaning.

Looking at these people who had appeared suddenly, they tried to figure out what was happening.

“When did they come here”

“Who are you” the buzz-cut man looked at the approaching Zhao Feng and said.

Zhao Feng said nothing.

But his right foot stepped on the leg of the buzz-cut man.


When he was about to scream, Zhao Feng kicked his neck, making him dizzy and almost dead.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The other five peoples faces drastically turned pale.

They could not stop trembling.

“What is going on”

“How is he so powerful”

“We… we are Wei Zhaodongs underlings.

Youd better…” The others got frightened at this time.

Several people surrounded them, so there was nowhere to run.

Zhao Feng only glanced at the three people who spoke, and frowned.

Elder Meng beside him hit them.

The three people were dizzy from the pain.

Seeing this, Sun Donghengs mouth jittered.

“Its great to be protected.” He thought for a while then said, “Brother Feng, let me explain.”

He simply stated what had happened.

Having learned what had happened, Zhao Feng said nothing.

Looking at the other two people indifferently, he uttered two words.

“Get lost!”

“Got it! Got it” The two were relieved, and they were just too nervous to speak.

Just because they hadnt spoken, they were not beaten.

The two stood up nervously.

They nearly forgot their fellows as they were about to run away.

So each of them grabbed two people and dragged them out.

Looking at their back, Zhao Feng shook his head slightly.

Then, looking at the two damaged snowmen again, he said, “Lets fix them.”

So, this late at night, they started to repair the snowmen.

Fortunately, only these two big snowmen had been damaged.

Many hands make light work.

They started balling up snow there.

At the same time, with the buzz-cut man and his fellows, two of them were pulling the other four people.

They struggled to return to their villa where they lived.

It was Wei Zhaodongs villa, and these underlings only temporarily lived here.

Taking a look at the time, one of the underlings thought that Wei Zhaodong might not be dealing with any important business so he hurried to call him.

But the call was hung up.

He dialed again, only to be told the number he dialed was powered off.

After thinking for a while, he and his companions took the injured to the hospital.

It seemed that he could only wait until tomorrow to tell Childe Wei what had happened.

It took Zhao Feng and the others about 10 minutes to repair the snowmen.

During this time, Sun Dongheng picked up his phone from the ground.

At a glance…

Bullet screens were here and there.

“What happened to the livestreamer”

“Gosh! There were screams just now.

The livestreamer got attacked by a group!”

“What can I do What trouble has Brother Dong made”

Seeing this, Sun Donghengs mouth trembled slightly.

Even the official administrators checked over.

There was no doubt that he would make some headlines the next day.

The title would be: “A well-known livestreamer got attacked by a group of people late at night when livestreaming.”

This would definitely attract much attention.

Sun Dongheng laughed bitterly and hurriedly said, “Im fine.

Its a misunderstanding.

Its fine.

Its getting late.

Im going offline.

Good night, everyone.”

Waving his hands toward the camera, Sun Dongheng went offline.

Back in his room, Sun Dongheng did some simple cleaning up.

He took a shower and went to bed.

The next day, just as he woke up…


Sun Donghengs cell phone rang.

The call was from Sanpang.

“Does he know what happened last night”

Sun Dongheng froze and picked up the phone.

“Dongheng, were you attacked by a group of people yesterday”

“To some extent.”

“Dammit!” Sanpang said angrily on the phone.

This made Sun Dongheng shocked.

“Why do you get surprised and frightened so easily”

“Were you attacked by Wei Zhaodong” Sanpang asked in an angry tone.

“It was his underlings.”

“How are you now” Sanpang hurriedly asked again.

“Im fine.

I was only kicked a few times.”

“Phew…” Sanpang was relieved.

But then, Sun Dongheng added, “But his subordinates were badly hurt.

Four people got their legs broken.”

“What” Sanpangs voice increased by three decibels.

“Were they beaten by you Dammit, how powerful you are!”

“Not me, how could I defeat them” Sun Dongheng smiled bitterly.

“Who was it then”

After a little hesitation, Sun Dongheng finally answered, “Yes… my boss is here.

“It was my bosss subordinates.

“If those guys were elsewhere, I really couldnt do anything.

But at the gate where my boss was staying, they were so lucky to only have broken legs.”

After he said that…

Sun Dongheng heard a crackling sound coming from his mobile phone.

Apparently the phone fell to the ground.

About five seconds later—

Sanpang screamed, “Wow! Your super powerful boss is here as well!”

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