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Chapter 535 Elder Fus Marriage

“I didnt say that my boss is not here.”

Sun Dongheng said with an embarrassed smile, “Ive mentioned in my livestreaming room that all those private helicopters belonged to my boss.

How would I dare to take his helicopter without him on it”

“Dammit! Ive seen that! I was playingThe Alliance with several game livestreamers while watching your livestream.” Sanpang forgot what had happened just now, and said repeatedly, “You wont be tolerant of Wei Zhaodong anymore, right Your boss is here, and he is famous in Hong Kong.

Does he know any influential celebrities here”

“I dont know his friends.

But… wherever he goes, he is always the most powerful person.

Even the whole Wei family cant restrain him, let alone Wei Zhaodong,” Sun Dongheng replied with a casual smile.

“Really Is he really that brilliant” Sanpang felt cold at the root of his tooth.

Sanpang was shocked by the news and took some time to calm himself down.

Then he forced a smile and said, “Dongheng, Im so curious about your boss.

Could you please tell me something about him Ill keep it to myself.”

“This…” Sun Dongheng hesitated for a while and then replied, “Youd better give up this idea.

My boss is traveling with his family here, and well be going back to Hong Kong in a few days.

There is no chance for you to be introduced to him or communicate with him in depth.”

“Youre quite right.” Sanpang realized that he had made an impolite request, so he thought for a while then changed the subject, “Did you have breakfast yet What about coming here to have breakfast with me”

“Okay, Ill come to meet you.”

“Im in Cheng Mansion, and you can drive my Ferrari during your stay here.

Ill take some bodyguards with me this time, in case those fools may try to get back at you.

Wei Zhaodong will be astonished when he finds out that his men were beaten by you.

Haha, Im so happy, we should have a good time and celebrate it.”

Sanpang burst out laughing.

After determining the meeting place, Sun Dongheng began to make some preparations.

In fact, Wei Zhaodong was even more astonished when hearing that his mens legs were broken by someone.

“You… Is it true” Wei Zhaodongs eyes were widely open, as he still couldnt believe the news.

He was shocked and even at a loss.

It was incredible that the foreigner he wanted to punish could break all his mens legs.

He was confused when he heard of the sudden appearance of that guys helpers.

And what surprised him was that all that guys helpers were so powerful that they defeated all his men in just a few moves.

Besides that, they were not afraid when they heard Wei Zhaodongs name.

“Did I meet with setbacks this time”

Wei Zhaodong frowned.

Hesitating for a while, he said, “He also stays in this community, so we should be able to find out something.

Ill give you three days to send someone to find out his origin.”

“Yes!” His men nodded.

After his men left, Wei Zhaodong looked out of the window coldly.

“Its not easy to bully my men.

If you are not as powerful as me…” Wei Zhaodongs intention was self-evident.

In the morning…

All three of Zhang Hans family, Zhao Feng, Zhou Fei, Wang Ming, and Rong Jiaxin got up early.

They finished breakfast at seven oclock.

“PaPa, MaMa, what is skiing” before they went out, Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Skiing is standing on a board and sliding down a snowy mountain.” Zi Yan smiled and replied, “Youll feel like youre surfing.

Do you remember PaPa carrying us surfing “The difference is that surfing is to stand on a surfboard and follow the waves, while skiing is to stand on skis and slide down the mountain.”

“Wow, I want to have a try.” Mengmeng was attracted by the new activity and her big eyes lit up.

“When we get there, PaPa will take us to try it.” Zi Yan touched Mengmengs little head.

All three of them were wearing thick hats and clothes, and Mengmeng was even wrapped like a mummy.

She was walking like a little penguin, wobbling and adorable.

Comparatively speaking, Zhang Han wore fewer clothes than Zi Yan.

But Zi Yan was slim and all these clothes didnt make her look fat.

“PaPa.” Hearing Zi Yans reply, Mengmeng looked up at Zhang Han.

“Lets go.” Zhang Han led the way out of the room with Mengmengs hand in his.

“Lets go!” Mengmeng cheered and waved her right hand happily, which was soon held by Zi Yan.

“Wow! Our snowman is so beautiful!” Mengmeng giggled when she saw the three snowmen on the flowerbed far away.

Since she found her father, the little girl knew that her father was really a big hero, just like they said in fairy tales.

“Its actually my first time skiing, Brother-in-law.” Zhou Fei said in a casual manner, “Its said that we will fall many times when skiing for the first time.

If I fall down later, you must help me!”

“You…” Zhang Han turned around, took a glance at Zhou Fei, thought for a while and then said, “You can depend on yourself.

More falls will benefit you more.”

“Haha.” Zi Yan burst out laughing and then blinked her eyes in a lovely way.


“Hmph!” Zhou Fei stamped her foot hard and said, “Brother-in-law, do you still remember how I praised you in front of Sister Zi Yan before How can you burn the bridge after crossing it I see right through you, bad man.”

“What” Mengmeng was annoyed.

She looked up at Zhou Fei and pouted, “Thats not true.

PaPa is the best man.

Hmph! Aunt Feifei is bad, and I dont like you anymore.”

“Well, well, I admit defeat.” Zhou Fei immediately lost her courage.

Wang Ming, Rong Jiaxin, and Leng Yue all burst out laughing.

Before they got in the cars, Zhao Feng and Elder Meng took out a lot of skis from the house.

They had almost a complete set of ski equipment, including single boards, double boards, shoes, protective equipment, and so on.

The quality of skis for rent was not very high, so Zhao Feng had specially purchased this equipment, each piece of which cost thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan.

Although there was more expensive equipment, Zhao Feng specially chose the more popular skis.

Though they were too rich to worry about the price, Zhang Feng didnt want to waste money, and all this equipment could still be used later.

Zhao Feng knew that Zhang Han would travel the whole world with his little princess.

After getting in the cars, they drove all the way to the east and soon left downtown Ice City.

They were going to Yali Ski Resort, also known as Yali Ski and Holiday Resort.

This resort was a national 4A level scenic spot, including three mountains for tourists to visit, the altitudes of which were 1,000 m, 1,250 m, and 1400 m respectively.

It had always been called one of the top ski resorts in Hua nation, and was very popular with tourists from all over the country.

They arrived at the ski resort around nine oclock in the morning.

The environment was beautiful and the sunshine made them feel warmer, but the overall temperature of this area was still very low.

“This area is so large!” Mengmeng looked left and right in curiosity.

“Lets take the cable car up the mountain first, and then we can play!” Zhou Fei said excitedly.

Growing up in the south, they seldom saw snow, so they often exhaled and looked at the white fog coming out of their mouth, as if they were smoking, which was very interesting.

After arriving at the mountain top, they found that among all of the activities here, skiing was the most popular.

Other activities included tire skating, snowmobiles, snow archery, skid ways, and so on.

After they changed their clothes, they all stepped on their own skis.

Zhang Han thought about it, then decided to hold Mengmeng and ski with Zi Yan for the first run.

The instructor beside them was worrying so much after seeing them.

For the fifth time, he began to persuade Zhang Han.

“Sir, Im still worried about you.

The little girl is delicate, and what you are going to do is dangerous.

What if you fall down while holding hands Why dont you rent a ski tire for your child”

“Dont worry.

We wont be in any danger.” Zhang Han smiled.

Then he thanked the keen and kind instructor.

Holding Mengmeng in his left hand and Zi Yan in his right, Zhang Han started to glide down the ramp.

They were a bit slow at first.

And even Mengmeng was a bit confused.

“PaPa, why are we so slow” Looking at all those tourists passing them, Mengmeng was a little worried.

“Lets catch up to them!”

“Okay, Im going to speed up.” Zhang Han chuckled and turned his gaze to Zi Yan.

The slow speed was to let Zi Yan get familiar with the rhythm of skiing and learn to keep balance.

Zi Yan nodded at Zhang Hans words.

When Zhang Han was about to accelerate…

“Woo!” He heard someone cheering.

Then he saw Zhou Fei, armed to the teeth, swinging her ski pole crazily and gliding forward at a high speed.

She even turned around and made a face when she passed by Zhang Han.


When she turned her head back, her smile froze.

“Get out of my way! I dont know how to stop or turn.

Ah, ah, ah…”


A muffled sound was heard.

A young man who had been skiing ahead of Zhou Fei was knocked over by her.

They both slipped six or seven meters to a stop.

Luckily, they were not hurt, and they even greeted each other after standing up.

When Zhou Fei was about to go on skiing, she heard a whoosh sound.

Then she saw Zi Yan and Zhang Han, with Mengmeng in his arms, skiing downward at a high speed.

“Woo!” Mengmeng said in a loud voice, “Aunty Feifei, you are so slow!”

“Ill catch up to you!” Zhou Fei patted off the snow on her pants and continued to ski down.

They skied all the way to the foot of the mountain to enjoy the pleasure of the high speed.

It was also a sense of control, which was one of the reasons people liked this sport.

Along the way, Mengmeng stayed in Zhang Hans arms and safely experienced the happiness of skiing.

Seeing Zhang Hans unrestrained figure, their speed, and their ability to control the skis, the instructor behind them felt very ashamed.

He couldnt help twitching the corner of his mouth.

“He seems to be much stronger than me!

“No wonder he dared to ski in this dangerous way!”

After a while, Zhang Han went to the area of freestyle skiing with his family.

There were ski slopes of various angles, and when they slid down from the top of the slope, they would take off first, land on the ground, and then slide forward.

It was the territory of experienced skiers, but even if they were experienced, they would sometimes fall down and get hurt.

The instructor tried to keep Zhang Han from doing this activity.


Then he saw Zhang Han fly into the sky, roll 360 degrees, and land in different ways…


“Do whatever you like, guru.”

He was shocked by Zhang Han.

“With such skills, this young man should be able to reach the level of national athletes.

He is even better than those athletes I know.”

The instructor knew many skiing gurus in foreign countries.

They preferred gliding down from the snow mountain with high risk.

At this moment, he felt that this man was one of those amazing gurus.

What he didnt know was that…

This young man could even fly down a snow mountain!

After several skiing runs with Mengmeng and Zi Yan, Zhang Han began to train them again.

He was a good skiing partner.

“Oh, how can I move Are my legs too stiff”

“I feel that I cant stand stably.

Why cant I slow down What can I do”

“Help me, sweetheart!”

Zi Yan was trying hard to ski with her own strength.

Her experience just now was so wonderful that she felt clumsy without Zhang Hans help.

She kept a frantic balance.

When she was about to fall, Zhang Han pulled her back.

In this way, after playing with Zi Yan for one run, Zhang Han began to train Mengmeng.

“Xiaoyue, please bring me a single board.” Zhang Han called out to Leng Yue.

After taking over the board from Leng Yue, Zhang Han stepped on it and held Mengmeng in her arms.

“PaPa takes you skiing.

Now you can fly.”

Zhang Han held Mengmeng up with both hands and threw her into the air like Dahei did.

“Wow!” Mengmeng went up more than one meter and landed safely in Zhang Hans arms.

Then Zhang Hans skis started to move.

“Hahaha, we are flying!”

Mengmeng was facing down, with her small arms outstretched like a bird, waving them up and down.

As Zhang Han slid down the snow slope, he rotated and jumped from time to time.

Mengmengs laughter was heard all the way.

“What are they doing” When the father and daughter passed by the center of the venue, a fat boy of six or seven years old was shocked.

Then he pulled his father, who had just come out of the snow, and asked, “Dad, I want to fly like them.

Can you hold me in your arms”

When the father turned around to look at Zhang Han and Mengmeng, his expression froze.

Then he replied in embarrassment, “Forget it.

Do you want to be buried in the snow with your father”

While saying like this, he felt a little depressed.

“Is that girls father a superman”

After doing a run with Mengmeng, Zhang Han went back to the mountain, equipped Mengmeng with a double-ski, and then took his family to a gentle slope.

Under the protection of Zhang Han, the mother and daughter began to play happily.

At two oclock in the afternoon…

Zhou Fei was covered with snow because of countless falls, and her glasses were twisted.

Zhao Feng, Rong Jiaxin, and the others also had a good time.

They had a special iron-pot meal for lunch in the venues restaurant, with a mixture of chicken, potatoes, chicken wings, pork ribs, and beans in a large pot, and a circle of pancakes on the inner wall of the pot.

Though they were unfamiliar with the special flavor, they liked it.

What they finished lunch at three oclock in the afternoon, they began another round of snow activity.

This time, they chose some new equipment including the snow tire.

They spent the whole day on the snow and felt so happy.

This kind of carefree play could relieve the pressure from work and life to a great extent, so it was also the reason why more and more people liked to travel with the main purpose of relaxing their body and mind.

At four in the afternoon, they headed home.

When Zhang Han was making their dinner at Ice Bay The First, he received three calls from Zhou Xiaohui, who used to be his classmate.

He was eager to invite Zhang Han out for some fun.

When Zhang Han was about to finish cooking, Zi Yan came in and asked, “Would you like me and Mengmeng to accompany you later”

“Do as you like.

It seems to be a birthday party of Elder Fus girlfriend,” Zhang Han replied in a casual way.

“There must be many people at the party.

Wed better wait for you at home,” Zi Yan thought about it and replied.

Zhang Han checked the time and said, “Okay, Ill be back before Mengmeng falls asleep.

About 9 oclock.”

It was seven in the afternoon, and it would take Zhang Zhan two hours to attend the party and chat with his classmates.

Though the time was limited, it was enough for them to have a talk, and they could make an appointment at another time if they liked.

When the dinner was ready…

Zhou Xiaohui called him again.

“Im at the gate of Ice Bay The First.”

“Okay, wait a minute,” Zhang Han replied.

Then he touched Mengmengs little head and said, “Dad is going out for something, and Ill buy you some ice cream.”

“Okay, come back earlier, PaPa,” Mengmeng replied and waved her hand at Zhang Han.

Mengmeng was not depressed since Zi Yan had told her about it.

While waving goodbye to Zhang Han, she was looking forward to the ice cream.

After all, it was a little hot in the room.

Zhang Han walked to the gate of the community and saw Zhou Xiaohuis Toyota Highlander.

“Bang! Bang!”

Zhou Xiaohui and Chen Man got out of the car.

“Brother Han!” Chen Man walked hurriedly toward Zhang Han with a warm smile on his face.

Chen Man had short hair and wore a thin sweater, overcoat, and polished leather shoes, and the pockmarks on his face were very distinctive.

However, Chen Man soon failed to maintain his image.


Chen Man slipped and fell to the ground.


Chen Man burst out laughing and hurriedly stood up.

Instead of patting the snow off his coat, Chen Man rushed toward Zhang Han and hugged him.

“Brother Han, I havent seen you in so many years.

But you are as handsome as before.

Haha, I heard from Xiaohui that you were back, but I didnt believe it.

Now Im relieved, and we must have a good time today.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han looked up and down at him and smiled.

“Youve learned how to dress yourself.

I remember that when you wore pants at school, you always liked to show your ankle, which was so silly.”

“Hahaha, dont remind me of what I have done.

So silly indeed.” Chen Man scratched his head and said, “I heard that you got married.

Where are your wife and daughter Ive prepared gifts for them.”

“What about visiting them next time They wont attend the birthday party today,” Zhang Han replied.

“Okay, what about tomorrow” Chen Man said, “There will be many people at the party, and we cant enjoy ourselves with them around.

It will be more convenient for us to hold a small party tomorrow.

Brother Han, its cold outside, and you can get in the car first.

Lets have a talk on the way.”

“Lets go.” Zhou Xiaohui checked the time and said, “Wed better hurry up, or Elder Fu will be buried by that girls complaint once again.”

They all got in the car.

Zhou Xiaohui drove while Chen Man and Zhang Han sat in the back seat.

The car was clean and had a light fragrance.

After getting in the car, Zhang Han looked at Chen Man and asked, “Have you gotten married yet, Big Man”

“Its too soon for me to get married.” Chen Man shook his head.

Then he added, “We are just 26 or 27 years old, and its too soon for me to get married before 30.

I enjoy remaining single and happy, and Hui doesnt have a girlfriend either.

Though Lao Fu found himself a girlfriend, it turns out that…”

He sneered and stopped talking.

It seemed that he disliked Elder Fus girlfriend.

While driving the car, Zhou Xiaohui took over the subject.

“After graduation, the three of us became all successful in business, and Elder Fu is the best among us.

However, he will be in trouble.”

“Whats the matter with him” Zhang Han asked with curiosity.

He had always known that Fu Hongshan was the slickest among them.

“Its because of his girlfriend!” Chan Man curled his lips.

“One year after we came back, Old Fu opened a technology company and gained more than 30 million yuan in two years.

“Last year, he fell in love with a senior student at the local university, whose name was Jiang Tongtong.

Then he got to know that the girl was the daughter of the Jian family, a top-class family in this city.

Though Jiang Tongtongs parents disapproved of their relationship at first, they were attracted by Elder Fus potential and agreed to marry their daughter to him in exchange for a half share of Elder Fus company.

Not long ago, there was a problem with the companys capital operation, and several of his projects failed… Now old Fu is going bankrupt, and Jiang Tongtongs family wants to deny their engagement.

“Old Fu spent at least 150 million yuan on the Jiang family last year.

“Jiang Tongtong often complains to him or even scolds him.

Though they havent split up yet, Im afraid they wont get married.

But Elder Fu still loves Jiang Tongtong, and we tried in vain to persuade him.”

Zhang Han was surprised at the news.

“As a top-class family, why doesnt the Jiang family return the share to Old Fu”

“Though the Jiang family is powerful, Jiang Tongtongs parents are not,” Zhou Xiaohui grinned and continued.

“The Jiang family is so large, and not every family member is rich.

Jiang Tongtongs parents are not core members, thus they asked for Elder Fus share.

But he didnt expect them to deny the engagement.

All in all, it all depends on Jiang Tongtong, and we cant meddle in their affairs.

“But…” Zhou Xiaohui added, “Jiang Tongtong is famous in the second-generation circle of influential families, and many celebrities will attend her party.

Its none of our business and we can ignore them.

By the way, Brother Han, how did you come out of Ice Bay The First I heard that the Zhang family…”

Though they knew Zhang Han was born into a really big family, they had heard about Zhang Hans tragic experience.

“I left my family, and now I live in Hong Kong,” Zhang Han replied casually.

Zhang Han was surprised by Old Fus experience, who had almost married into the Jiang family.

“I admire you so much, Brother Han.

You can always be successful wherever you are.” Chen Man grinned at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han shook his head and smiled.

“You can come to Hong Kong with me if you want.”

It seemed that Zhang Han had a good relationship with them.

“Hong Kong…” Chen Man hesitated for a while, but finally, he shook his head and replied, “Haha, thank you, Brother Han.

If I cant survive in the future, Ill go to ask you for help.”

“My family is here, and I cant leave them, though I really want to go outside.” Zhou Xiaohui forced a smile.

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