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Chapter 54 – Expensive restaurant membership card

Liang Mengqi didnt mind after hearing this.

A rare flirtatious and bashful expression surfaced on her face as she pleaded in a pleading tone:

“Aiya, Im begging you, can you just eat a little bit You two wont be able to eat, its a waste even if you leave it.

Just eat a little.

Im your loyal fan! ”

“I am also a loyal fan! “Boss, you better not pull me down!” Yu Qingqing quickly agreed.

“Hes also the bosss brothers loyal fan.” Zhao Dahu said in a somewhat anxious tone.

“Cough cough …” Zhao Feng coughed lightly, as if he had not expected such a day to come.

He replied in a very soft voice, “I think so too.”

“No way!” Zhang Hans attitude was still firm.

Seeing that Zhang Han had rejected them, Zhao Feng was slightly better.

The three of them were a little disappointed and sad.

For a foodie, not being able to eat the delicacies they really want to eat was the same as when a smoker was addicted to cigarettes and had nothing to smoke.

Oh, no, it was too light.

It should be when the addict wasnt addicted to drugs.

Zhang Han ignored their expressions, but the little princess beside him could not bear to see them any longer.

Looking at their pitiful expressions, she said in a small voice, “PaPa, why dont you, why dont you give some to the big sisters …”

In an instant, hope rose in the eyes of Liang Mengqi, Yu Qingqing, and the others.

They knew that Zhang Han cared a lot about Mengmeng!

The Little Princess asked, I wonder if Zhang Han will agree to it.

At this moment, Liang Mengqi and the other two were extremely nervous, to the point where Zhao Dahu felt that the nervousness they were feeling right now was even more intense than when he was applying for a job.

Facing Mengmengs words, Zhang Han muttered to himself.

One second, two seconds …

Amidst the incomparably nervous atmosphere, finally, after ten seconds, Zhang Han turned his head around and said:

“If you want to eat my dishes, thats fine, but you still have to follow the rules.”

“Tell me about the rules!” “I agree!” Liang Mengqi quickly nodded and replied.

“In my restaurant, only with a membership card can you eat the dishes I make.

The price of the membership card… If its the top ten, then its a bit cheaper.

One million apiece, and one membership card can only be used by one person.

” Zhang Han thought for a while and said.

Since Mengmeng had spoken, Zhang Han could make an exception.

Since he made an exception, there must be a rule.

Originally, Zhang Han planned to make a membership that was at least ten million or more, but since Liang Mengqi and the other two were beingrespectful to him, then he would give them some face.

The moment he said this, everyone was stunned.

A 1 million membership card wasnt something that could be found everywhere, but Liang Mengqi, who had experienced high end clubs, felt that it was worth it.

However, one million was quite a sum for Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu.

After working for a few years, the two of them had saved up to around three million, and if they were to spend a third of it in one go, their hearts would inevitably ache.

But after considering for less than two seconds, when they saw the few dishes on Zhang Hans table, their eyes became resolute.

“Okay okay, I want a membership card, I want the first one!” Liang Mengqis reaction was the fastest.

She quickly responded and stood up before quickly walking towards the kitchen counter.

She looked back and forth between the Egg-Fried Rice and the normal rice before deciding to eat rice and vegetables.

After scooping some rice, Liang Mengqi brought the plate to Zhang Han and imitated him and said with a pout:

“Boss, give it a try, give it a try …”

Zhang Han sighed in his heart, took her plate, and picked up some of every dish.

Liang Mengqi was elated when he saw this.

They looked at Mengmeng with gratitude and said: “Mengmeng, I really love you to death.

You are so nice, thank you, cute little princess Mengmeng!”

“Haha …” Hearing the praises, Mengmeng laughed extremely happily, waved her small palm in a decent manner, and replied with her childish voice: “Dont mention it, little big sis.”

Liang Mengqi smiled as he carried the plate back.

“Boss …”

The second voice followed closely behind, Yu Qingqing stood beside Zhang Han with the plate: “I want the second membership card, I, I also want to eat a little …”

“Yes.” Zhang Han gave her some of the food.

“Thank you.” Yu Qingqing first thanked Zhang Han, then looked at Mengmeng and said: “Thank you, Mengmeng, Mengmeng is the most adorable.”

“Humph …” “No, youre welcome.” Mengmeng waved his hand and replied.

“Boss, big brother …” Zhao Dahu also came.

After they shared a few more dishes, Zhao Dahu thanked Mengmeng with satisfaction.

Mengmengs smile became even happier, and she felt like she was a little hero at this moment.

However, she was truly a hero in their hearts!

At the same time, the three of them came to understand that, as it turns out, Zhang Han cared about Mengmeng.

In the future, rather than fawning on him, it would be better to fawn on him instead!

They seemed to have found a way to deal with Zhang Han.

“Eh ….” Boss, I just want the fourth membership card, the food you make is really delicious.

” Zhao Feng brought the paper plate over.

Helpless, Zhang Han could only give Zhao Feng some of the food, and after giving him some of the food, he only had less than a quarter of the food left.

“Thank you, Little Princess Mengmeng.” Zhao Feng smiled at Mengmeng, and carried the plate of food back, satisfied.

“Youre welcome, youre welcome …” Mengmeng still happily waved her small arm, but when her clear and large eyes saw that only a few spicy dishes were left on the dining table, she immediately shook her head.


Mengmeng was startled, his mouth pouting as he said: “Uuu… Ugh … Youre really impolite … “Theres only so little left…”

Zhao Fengs facial muscles trembled when he heard this.

The dishes were split among the four of them, and it seemed like he got the least amount!

“Eat quickly, Mengmeng.” Zhang Han laughed and shook his head, then said: “I dont see much, but Mengmengs appetite is relatively low, its more than enough.”

“Yes, dinner …” Mengmeng continued to eat.

Zhang Han did not touch his chopsticks, but went to the kitchen counter to scoop up a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice and brought it back.

After eating for a while, there were only a few dishes left.

Mengmeng used her chopsticks to pick up the last piece of Red Braised Eggplant, and looked at it for two seconds, her big eyes telling him that she really wanted to eat it.

But in the end, she still reached her chopsticks towards Zhang Hans bowl.

“PaPa, you eat.” Mengmeng said with her childish voice.

“Daddy is almost full.

Mengmeng, eat.” Zhang Han laughed softly as he used his chopsticks to pick up the Red Braised Eggplant and placed it near Mengmengs mouth.

It was obvious that she felt Mengmeng had swallowed his saliva, but she curled her lips and said in a small determined voice, “Mn, hmph, PaPa will eat it, PaPa will eat it.”

Zhang Hans heart trembled at this moment.

He didnt say anything, but his heart felt a little sour.

fatherly love was great, but at the same time, the love of a child was also deep.

Mengmeng was only three years old, so the love he subconsciously expressed made Zhang Hans heart feel soft.

Zhang Han took the eggplant, and opened his mouth to bite about a quarter of the eggplant.

“En, its pretty good.

Daddy has already eaten it, eat these Mengmeng s.” Zhang Han placed the remaining third into Mengmengs small bowl.

“Ugh …” Mengmeng likes to eat, PaPa is the best.

” This time, Mengmeng did not reject and started to eat with gusto.

While they enjoyed the taste buds, they also felt a little guilty.

After all, they had split up Mengmengs dishes, but at the same time, if they hadnt split up, such a cozy scene wouldnt have happened, so the emotions of these people were a little complicated.

The reason why they did not think at all was because there werent many dishes cooked by Zhang Han, nor did they think that they had the right to eat the dishes that they had spent a million on.

Not only them, Zhao Fengs expression also changed.

“His daughter in his heart… Its a weakness, and at the same time, its a reverse scale.

Zhao Feng muttered in his heart, he had felt Zhang Hans casual personality, and felt that even if he offended Zhang Han, he would be fine.

But if he messed with Mengmeng, then something would definitely happen.

It had to be said that Zhao Feng saw things from a deeper angle than others.

He didnt think too much about it.

He decided to enjoy the delicacies first.

When they had their first mouthful of rice, they suddenly realized that the rice in the restaurant was so fragrant.

This fragrance was truly an unparalleled enjoyment of taste buds.

Soft, tender, fragrant, everything had to be enjoyed.

Even if they were given only rice to eat, they would probably still eat happily.

The four of them did not have many dishes, so their actions were similar.

They all first savored a small mouthful of each of the three dishes.

However, when they ate the first fried tomato and egg, they were stunned.

‘Whats going on

‘Even a normal fried egg and tomato is so tasty

‘Im finished.

I wont be able to leave this restaurant in the future.

What should I do


The four of them carried ten thousand bullet screen s in their hearts and then tasted the beans and stewed potatoes and the braised eggplant.

Afterwards, they wanted to control their pace and eat slowly, but they found that their hand speed had unknowingly increased by a lot.

As they ate mouthful after mouthful, they suddenly realized that all their rice and vegetables were gone!

“Gone” Liang Mengqi looked at the empty plate of food and said with a somewhat dejected tone.

She felt that she was only seventy percent full! He could even eat a bowl of rice.

“I havent eaten my fill …” Yu Qingqing pursed his lips, felt the remaining fragrance in his mouth, and was unable to control himself for a long time.

“Sigh …” Zhao Dahu only let out a light sigh to express his unsatisfied heart.

Zhao Feng, on the other hand, did not make any movements, and only silently picked up the paper cup to taste the milk.

From his gaze, it was obvious that he was also sighing at the deliciousness of the food.

While these people were indulging in their fantasies, two more guests arrived at the restaurant.

A man and a woman, both in their early twenties.

The man had dyed blond hair, dressed in famous clothing, with a somewhat arrogant expression, the woman had a good appearance, was tall, but she was inferior to Liang Mengqi.

“Boss, give me two servings of your 288 servings of Egg Fried Rice!” The blond youths tone was not very good.

There was a hint of disdain in his tone, as if he was very dissatisfied with the price of the Egg-Fried Rice.

“The rice is on the counter and the paper plate is on the side.

Go and serve it yourself.” Zhang Han replied.

“What did you say” The blonde youth frowned and said in a cold tone: “You want us to serve our own food” Is this how you do business ”


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