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Chapter 542 A Meeting in the Gai Family


Mengmeng was lying between Zhang Han and Zi Yan, just beginning to listen to the story.

After a while, Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and mumbled, “The King of Dwarves had gained more strength, but he was still no better than PaPa…”

Zi Yan was amused by her.

It was a happy thing for her to lie in bed and watch her husband tell stories to their daughter.

The family of three was warm and peaceful.

When Zhang Han was telling a story, Mengmeng seldom talked, she just mumbled vaguely at most.

Mengmeng didnt understand the plot of the story, but she knew that her father was telling a story of the King of Dwarves and the King of Elves going to explore a mysterious place together.

An adventure story!

Mengmeng also wanted her PaPa to take her to explore somewhere!

At the same time…

In the eastern suburb of Ice City, there was a mountain that looked like it was wearing a cap.

Facing southward, it was called Mount Zongnan.

The Gai family, who was well known in northeast China, lived in the residential area at the top of the mountain.

The Gai family had been a martial arts family since the last century.

As the most powerful family 70 years ago, it even had close contact with two top sects in the worldlet.

However, the times had changed.

50 years ago, the Gai family suffered heavy losses in a worldlet turmoil, and it had never recovered.

The decline of the Gai family was not reversed until Gai Xingkong became famous.

Everyone in the Gai family knew that when Gai Xingkong was only seven years old, he had no martial arts talent.

When he was 13 years old, the daughter of the First Elder of the Xuanshi Sect, one of the top sects in the Mystical Martial World, came to destroy their engagement.

This must have heavily struck Gai Xingkong, because since then, he had set his direction of cultivation on promoting his strength, including Obvious Strength and Inward Strength.

Finally, with the help of the martial arts resources provided by his family, Gai Xingkong successfully advanced to the top Peak-Strength stage.

At that time, Gai Xingkong was 16 years old.

But he was five times slower in cultivation than his peers and was often looked down upon by them.

Therefore, Gai Xingkong left Mount Zongnan for Kun Xu World in the central plains with a friend, who was said to have a good relationship with Gai Xingkong.

After that, Gai Xingkong disappeared for five years.

When he came back as a Heaven-stage Master, he was only one step away from being a Wu Dao Grand Master.

When he was asked about the secret of his success, he just said that he had encountered an unspeakable chance.

Since then, cultivation had been as simple as drinking water for Gai Xingkong, and his strength had been improving rapidly.

In his era, few martial artists could reach the stage of Grand Master, but he easily became a Wu Dao Grand Master and soon made the moniker North Tiger Gai Xingkong a symbol of that era.

Gai Xingkong was almost invincible.

He failed only once in a hundred battles, but he deliberately failed that time.

The Gai family remembered that he had once stood at the gate and said, “I dont want to break that record of winning all 100 battles.”

Gai Xingkong had always been a legendary figure, even regarded as an immortal in the Gai family.

And now, Zhang Han wanted to challenged Gai Xingkong.

Though the Gai family had heard about the legend of Zhang Hanyang for a long time, they were still very angry.

At this time, on the viewing platform beside the main house of the Gai family…

Many people sat there, including the Gai family members and some representatives of other sects.

They were having a lively discussion.

At the edge of the platform, there was a small pavilion.

In the center of the pavilion, there were chairs, a table, and a middle-aged man with a square face and sword-shaped eyebrows sitting beside the table.

He was Gai Xingkong, a legend of the Gai family!

Wearing a long black gown, he sat with his back to the people present, drinking tea leisurely while enjoying the snow in the moonlight.

But the voices of the people behind were getting louder and louder.

“Though Zhang Hanyang is powerful, he doesnt deserve the title of Invincible Grand Master! Its too soon to brag about him,” a chubby man said in a cold voice.

“Although Ji Wushuang said that in Hong Kong, the title hasnt been acknowledged by the whole martial arts world yet.

How could he act so recklessly in the northeast He thinks hes really invincible”

“Our Gai family has been living in the northeast for many years and has not developed outward.

We have strength, but we dont have such great ambition.

After Zhang Hanyang came here, he didnt come to visit our patriarch, but wanted to challenge him shamelessly.

Its a joke! If we do nothing in the face of his challenge, we will be ridiculed by the martial arts circle in the northeast, or even the whole martial arts world,” another martial artist said with a frown.

“Zhang Hanyang, or Merciless Zhang, is well known in Hong Kong, and hes even become famous in the whole Hua nation in just a few months.

We cant look down upon him.” A middle-aged pretty lady sitting on the edge nodded her head and said softly, “His reputation has even surpassed that of Emperor Qing, which seems to me like the rise of a new king.

But… just because Uncle Kong didnt want to fight, he gradually got away from the publics vision.

That doesnt mean that our Gai family is weaker than Zhang Hanyang.

After all, Zhang Hanyang is reckless, and I also suggest that we accept his challenge.”

After that, she took a look at Gai Xingkongs back, because her speech was also for Gai Xingkong.

Except for her, only Gai Rulong, who was most favored by Gai Xingkong, had a closer relationship with him.

Outsiders all knew that Gai Rulong was Gai Xingkongs grandson, but the truth was that Gai Xingkong was only over 50 years old and had no children.

Gai Rulong was Gai Xingkongs relative, a grandson of Gai Xingkongs brother.

After Gai Rulong went back to Mount Zongnan, he gave a detailed report of what had happened today to Gai Xingkong and made his own guess.

Now, Gai Rulong was standing silently outside the pavilion.

Since neither Gai Rulong nor Gai Xingkong said anything about it, the rest of the family began to talk about it.

Hearing their comments, some representatives of other sects also joined them.

“If Patriarch Gais owner agrees, our Blazing Sect is willing to help the Gai family and teach Zhang Hanyang a lesson.”

“On behalf of the Xingyi Sect, I would like to follow Patriarch Gai to fight.”

“The Chiyang Sect is willing to…”

In the face of these excited people, the others who did not advocate fighting had no choice but to join them.

For a while, the platform was full of voices asking to fight against Zhang Hanyang.

What was absolute authority

This was absolute authority!

This showed the high status of the Gai family in the northeast and its influence on the local martial arts circle.

However, their voices had no impact on Gai Xingkong at all.

He still sat there with his back to the crowd and did not speak.

If other people could see his expression, they would find that he had fallen into memories.

Although he was the only one in the pavilion, there were two teacups beside the teapot on the table beside him.

The other cup was filled with tea and placed on the other side, as if waiting for someone.

“Who is he recalling”

For this matter, Gai Rulong had his own guess.

When he heard the words of the people behind him, he sighed in silence.

Then he turned around, made an obeisance, and said, “Elders and seniors, though we have the strength to fight against Grand Master Zhang, I heard something when I went up the hill.”

As soon as Gai Rulong spoke, the whole platform became quiet.

As the one who knew the most about the situation and was most favored by Patriarch Gai, Gai Rulongs words were always authoritative.

“Just at nine oclock, a flight from Hong Kong landed.

Lei Tiannan, the director of the National Security Agency in Hong Kong, some of his subordinates, and Mo Chengfeng, who ranks 2nd on Hong Kong martial artists list, were on that plane.

As soon as they arrived, they went directly to the Senhu Hotel on the edge of the main street, which is very close to Ice Bay The First.

At the same time, Director Bi and some of his staff of the National Security Agency in Shenzhen also registered in the Senhu Hotel.

“In addition to all this, I also heard that in Ice Bay The First, there is not only Grand Master Zhang, but also the Wang family of Xihang.

Its said that the three elders of the Wang family have greatly improved their strength.”

“Is it important who comes to Ice City” Suddenly, Gai Rulongs second uncle frowned and interrupted him.

Gai Rulong smiled and replied, “It doesnt matter who comes.

Whats important is that they all have a good relationship with Master Zhang.

Whats more, if they unite against us, we cant easily defeat them, and this battle cant be carried out in the city, otherwise the citizens will suffer a lot.

Besides, I know that although he is called Merciless Zhang in Hong Kong, only in the face of his enemies will he be merciless; most of the time, he is just a good man who loves his family.

For example, this time, he only killed Bai Zhenhong and didnt get angry with others.

“So I guess that there should be some reasons for Zhangs challenge.

As for whether to accept his challenge, I think its better if my second grandpa decides himself.”

Gai Rulongs words silenced the others present.

They all heard about the arrival of Lei Tiannan and Zhang Hanyangs detailed information.

When these over-excited people calmed down, they realized what would happen if they faced Zhang Hanyang alone.

More importantly, the decision on this matter depended on Patriarch Gai.

Everyone turned their gaze to Gai Xingkong.

After a minute, Gai Xingkong drank all the tea in the cup.

He slowly stood up, exhaled a long breath, then said softly, “We dont have to pay attention to it.

“Do what you have to do, guard the relics, and dont let out any information.”


With that, Gai Xingkongs figure flickered slightly and then disappeared with his teapot and cups.

Where he had been sitting, a willow leaf drifted slowly to the ground.

The news that Zhang Hanyang suppressed the big families in Ice City spread overnight.

While pretending to be onlookers, many other big forces warned their children and disciples to behave themselves in the coming days.

Because it was not only Zhang Hanyang who came to Ice City.

At the same time, a lot of people knew that last night, Patriarch Wei visited the Bai family.

When leaving the Bai family an hour later, Patriarch Wei seemed to age suddenly.

Although they didnt know how the matter was handled, they knew that the Wei family must have suffered a great loss.

All this was actually caused by Wei Zhaodong, a nobody.

If it was not true, who would believe it

In the morning, in Zhang Hans villa at Ice Bay The First…

At half-past seven, the table was already full of big steamed buns, rice porridge, tofu porridge, and other breakfast foods.

Zhang Han had run out of his ingredients.

Therefore, after the family of three got up, Zhang Han went out to buy some breakfast.

Zhang Han walked along the road for a while.

Though there were several breakfast shops on the street, he found their ingredients not fresh after scanning them with his soul sense.

Finally, he bought some breakfast in a specialty shop on the main street.

“Wow, PaPa, this steamed bun is so big.

I feel full after eating just one,” Mengmeng mumbled while enjoying her breakfast.

“You can eat more; one and a half.

Let Daddy help you with the rest,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“Thats too much.

MaMa said that if I keep getting fat, she wont be able to hold me.”

“Thats because your mother is not strong enough.”

“Im strong enough.

Mengmeng is 18.5 kg now, and I can barely hold her, and Ill be tired after a long time,” Zi Yan complained.

“Just 18.5 kg.

Are you sure that you are strong enough”

“MaMa, MaMa, where are we going later” Mengmeng suddenly asked.

“Ice World,” Zi Yan replied.

“PaPa, were going to Ice World later.” Mengmeng notified Zhang Han happily.

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled.

After breakfast, Zi Yan and Mengmeng began to “arm” themselves.

Down jackets, masks, sunglasses, hats, gloves…

They wrapped themselves into two mummies.

When they got in the car, they felt hot and began taking off their clothes.

The place they were going to this time was Ice World.

Zhang Han had been there once.

The Ice World was a large-scale ice and snow art-boutique exhibit, which was the most representative tourist destination to show ice and snow culture.

Zhang Han remembered that when he went there last time, he saw all kinds of ice sculptures, including the Voice of the Century, Cartoon World, Adventure Park, Ice Style, and other themed scenic spots.

Adventure Parks snow mountain cableway, ice climbing, Arctic tracking, and other adventure exhibits were very interesting.

Ice Style was a variety of entertainment exhibits on the ice.

But Zhang Han knew that in the famous Ice World of Ice City, many exhibits would change every year, and he didnt know what exhibits were waiting for them this year.

Zhou Fei, Zhao Feng, and Leng Yue were following the family of three.

When they arrived at Ice World, Zi Yan and Mengmeng “armed” themselves again before getting out of the car.

They bought tickets to enter the scenic area.

Zhang Han found that there were many more exhibits in the Ice World than before.

Their first stop was Happy Castle, and Mengmeng had a good time in the magnificent Swan Castle.

Next, they went to Ice Disney, where they took a lot of family photos and saw a grand performance.

After visiting the Fairytale Kingdom, Mengmeng felt a little cold.

So the family of three went to the glass viewing gallery to get warm.

They had a good time in Ice World.

The day passed quickly.

When it was dark, they saw the fireworks in the sky.

Mengmeng was pleased with the fireworks.

“But its not as good as the fireworks you gave me.”

Mengmeng had good taste!

They left the Ice World at 6 p.m.

Zhang Hans cell phone rang.

“Brother Han, are you free this evening” Fu Hongshan asked.

“We want to see our sister- and niece-in-law.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han thought about it then asked, “Is there any place to eat special food”

“Of course there is.

Brother Han, you must be bored of high-end restaurants.

What about trying special barbecue this time I often go there with Big Man.

The restaurant is medium-sized, clean, and famous in the local area, but few tourists know about it,” Fu Hongshan replied.

“Tell me its location,” Zhang Han said.

“216 Shengnan Road.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Han drove his family to their destination.

During the more than half an hours drive, Zhang Han took a few calls from Lei Tiannans group and talked with them briefly.

When they got to their destination, they found the restaurant a little out of the way on an auxiliary road.

Fu Hongshan, Jiang Tongtong, Chen Man, and Zhou Xiaohui were waiting in a car by the entrance.

Upon seeing Zhang Hans arrival, they hurriedly got out of the car.

“Nice to meet you, sister-in-law.” Jiang Tongtong was a little nervous when she walked quickly toward Zi Yan and greeted her.

“Sister-in-law, you are my idol.

Oh, Brother Han, Sister Yan, how beautiful your daughter is!”

Jiang Tongtongs eyes lit up when she saw Mengmeng.

She crouched slightly and whispered, “Whats your name”

“Well…” Mengmeng was shy at first.

Two seconds later, she waved her little hands politely and said, “Nice to meet you, pretty sister.

Im Zhang Yumeng, but they all call me Mengmeng.”

“Mengmeng Wow, you are really so lovely.” Jiang Tongtong loved the little girl so much.

“Brother Han and Goddess Zi Yans daughter would have to be very beautiful!” Zhou Xiaohui laughed and then said, “Nice to meet you, sister-in-law and everyone.

Lets go to the room Ive booked.”

Then he took the lead to enter the restaurant.

Zhou Xiaohui and his friends were curious about the strangers including Zhao Feng, who reminded them of what Zhang Han had done yesterday.

Zhang Hans image in their mind had completely changed.

They were a little hesitant.

After several rounds of toasts, they calmed down and began talking freely.

“Sister-in-law, Ill tell you something about Brother Han from before you knew him.

He was like a peacock at that time with countless ways of chasing girls.

I admired him so much.” Chen Man was slightly drunk and began teasing Zhang Han, an easygoing man.

“Really” Zi Yan smiled at Zhang Han.

“No wonder you are so romantic.

You have practiced so many times before.”


Zhang Han felt that his teeth were cold, and then he had an ominous premonition.

Then he glared at Chen Man, who was about to take out a cigarette.

“Do you still have time to smoke when boasting”

Zhou Xiaohui patted Chen Mans arm and said, “Why didnt I know about this Brother Han never did those things.

Get out if you want to smoke, otherwise youll choke the little girl.”

“Okay, okay.” Chen Man scratched his head, smiled in embarrassment, and put down the cigarette.

Mengmeng kept looking at everyone with her big eyes while enjoying the barbecue.

The flavor of the food in this specialty restaurant was really good.

While highly recommending the roasted kidney to Zhang Han, Fu Hongshan winked at him several times.


Its effect was a little like an aphrodisiac.

In his opinion, Brother Han must be very happy every night with Zi Yan, a fairy wife.

The reality was not what he thought.

Because every night, Mengmeng became a small burden for Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

They had a good time during the dinner.

At nine oclock in the evening, they went back to their house.

Mengmeng played in the villa hall for a while.

After washing, she lay on the bed and waited for Zhang Han to tell a story.

At the same time…

On Mount He Snow, the destination of all the martial artists in Ice City this time…

There was a groove at the top of the mountain.

There were nearly a hundred martial artists and their tents around.

Obviously, they had been stationed here for a period of time.

There was a fire for warmth and cooking near them.

When most of the martial artists were chatting…


The mist cluster behind them suddenly rippled.

In an instant, fog covered half of Mount He Snow.

10 seconds later, the fog dispersed, and the mist cluster at the entrance to the relics expanded a little.

It was amazing that such a phenomenon appeared before the relics were opened.

If the insiders saw it, they would be stunned.

This phenomenon lasted for 10 seconds, indicating that this relic was likely to be A-level.

It was at least a B-level relic close to an A-level one.

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