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Chapter 553 Enjoying the Lightning

Even Gai Xingkong, Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng on the chain bridge were shocked.

“Whats going on”

They were startled because the lightning attacking them was nothing compared with Zhang Hans giant lightning.

When they saw the 300ft long lightning attacking Gai Xingkong before, they realized that the length of lightning was related to their strength.

At the moment, they denied the idea.

Zhang Hans lightning was at least 20 times the length of Lei Tiannans, but Zhang Hanyangs strength couldnt be 20 times better than Lei Tiannans.

“So, what determines the length of the lightning”



They couldnt help gasping in astonishment.

“Its amazing!”

“Zhang Hanyang is not an ordinary martial artist.”

“Ten thousand ft in length.

Its too exaggerated!”

“While Grand Master Gais lightning is 300 ft in length, Zhang Hanyangs lightning is ten thousand ft long.

How can there be such a large gap between their strengths”

“If I were on the bridge now, I would retreat after two or three stones.

I wonder how many stones will Zhang Hanyang cover It is even more difficult for him to bear such a terrifying lightning.”


Four lightning rays landed on Zhang Han and his friends respectively.

Zhang Han was thinking about it.

In terms of talent, Zhang Han had a ten Inches Dantian and was sure to meet the strongest lightning.

He wondered how powerful the Taiyi Wood Thunder could be.

When Zhang Han was looking at the lightning seriously, it hit his chest.

“Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.”

Zhang Han was immediately numbed by that lightning.

Although he had completely lost the feeling below his neck, Zhang Han kept observing the thunder carefully and found most of its energy was absorbed by the stone on the bridge.

It was the lightning itself creating chaos in Zhang Hans body and meridians rather than its energy.

In the next moment…


When the intensity of the Taiyi Wood Thunder reached a certain level, they found a vent and rushed into Zhang Hans soul sense sea.

At that moment, in the clouds above the soul sense sea, a thunderbolt flickered.

The thunderbolt seemed to be very happy, absorbing the incoming attributes directly, and then its color became light green.

“The Taiyi Wood Thunder was eaten by the clouds above my soul sense sea”

Zhang Han was stunned and continued to observe, only to find that the thunder retreated into the clouds after the strong light broke out.

But at the edge of the cloud, a stream of energy was converging, forming a new cloud.


Zhang Han was surprised and overjoyed.

“Its my opportunity!”

After the first lightning strike.

Zhang Han stood in place for five seconds before his body regained its mobility.

The second lightning attacked him as soon as he stepped onto the second stone.

In terms of energy, the new lightning was the same as the former one.

Therefore, Zhang Han thought it might be the largest lighting on the bridge.

The attribute energy of the second lightning was also absorbed by the thunder in the cloud, and then another cloud appeared at the edge of the cloud.

Zhang Han found the area of his soul sense sea larger than before and his soul sense grew stronger.

Although a single lightning didnt have a great impact, if all the lightning energy on the 1000 stone slabs were absorbed, it would give Zhang Han a terrifying amount of energy.

What a pity that Zhang Hans body was ordinary.

Looking at his numb hands, Zhang Han murmured to himself, “I will refine my body after reaching the Innateness stage.”

“I used to focus on accelerating my speed and ignored the method to refine my body.

It was one of the reasons why I was killed by my lightning punishment.”

“This time, I must learn a body refining method.

Luckily, Im in the Saint Warrior Plane, otherwise the relic would be a little difficult for me.

Zhang Han relaxed for several seconds and then stepped onto the third stone.

Gai Xingkong, Wang Zhanpeng and Lei Tiannan were still on the first stone.

They looked at each other.

Gai Xingkong: “”

Wang Zhanpeng: “”

Lei Tiannan: “”

They were all confused because they had just recovered from the numbness.

“How could he move so fast onto the third stone”

“How fast is he”

“Is his body as strong as Gai Xingkongs”

“Is it true” He soon recovered from the giant lightnings attack and was still three times faster than Grand Master Gai.”

Everyone on the back was stunned.

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would have thought it was false.


Lei Tiannan forced a smile when he saw Zhang Han leave the third stone.

“Han is truly fathomless.

Hurry up, we must catch up with him.”

The three of them stepped onto the second stone at the same time.

They didnt notice that the lightning above their heads had become smaller.

It may have been because Zhang Hans lightning was too dazzling.

At the same time, people on the shore were also a little surprised by the speed.


“How many tablets can he hold on to”

The question came to them.

“I think its like running for a long time.

He tried too hard at the beginning and it will be hard for him to keep this speed.

Therefore, he might cover less and less distance with each step.

I guess Zhang Hanyang wont reach the 500th stone this time, and he may stop at the 450th stone.”

“I dont agree with you.

His speed shows that he has a strong ability to resist lightning, and thus he may be able to reach the 600th stone.”


Everyone was making their own guesses, but they didnt notice at all that the images of the people who had lived there on the street behind them had turned their gazes to Zhang Han in astonishment.

If Zhang Han had seen it, he would have guessed that it was the embodiment of the human nature of that spirit treasure.



Zhang Han began to enjoy the lightning.

Although he felt numb and a little pain, the pleasure of his soul sense promotion was beyond words.

Gradually, Lei Tiannan, Gai Xingkong and Wang Zhanpeng didnt look at their own direction.

When the lightning fell, they were all watching Zhang Han.

When their body was no longer numb, they stepped on the next slate.

That way, Zhang Han would become everyones focus.

50, 70, 100, 200…

Under everyones gazes, Zhang Han had covered 500 stones.

“Wow, he broke Grand Master Gais record.”

“And his lightning is much more terrifying than Grand Master Gais.

Its amazing.”

Everyone on the shore was stunned.

They had no idea that Zhang Hanyang could rush in like that.


Zhang Han reached the 600th slate.

There was another exclamation on the shore.

Then he reached the 700th slate.

Everyone was speechless.

He continued to step onto the 800th slate.

He heard many people gasping in shock.

He soon reached the 900th slate.

Everyone was stunned.

When he stepped onto the 1000th slate…

“He succeeded.”



People on the shore began to praise and cheer Zhang Han.

Even Gai Xingkong was smiling at him.

He admitted that the young man was better than him.

“Its wonderful that his son has grown to be a strong man.”

Everyone present was sighing with emotion.

All of a sudden, they widely opened their eyes.


“What is he doing”

“Is he addicted to being hit by lightning“

Zhang Han stood on the 1000th slate and didnt press forward.

There was a new lightning above him.

The thunder bridge seemed to have been provoked, and it accelerated at the speed of lightning.

“Crack, crack, crack…”

The lightning rays began attacking Zhang Han one after the other.

All the other martial artists were astonished.

Even the other three men on the bridge, including Gai Xingkong, were stunned.

“What is he doing”

The three of them were still moving forward, reaching the 400th stone slab.

The thunder and lightning flashed ahead, but the sky was clear above them.

They could only look at Zhang Hans direction in confusion.

100, 200, 300… They soon gave up counting how many lightning rays Zhang Han had absorbed.

The number might be one thousand.

At the end, the light of the lightning was much dimmed.

“Is Zhang Han going to run out of lightning” Lei Tiannan joked.

Then he looked up at the sky in confusion, “Where is my lightning”

“Where is the lightning My lightning is missing!” Wang Zhanpeng echoed.

“All the lightning… They are going to hit him.” Gai Xingkong wanted to laugh.

They had been troubled by those bridges and even planned to give up exploring the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

But Zhang Han had defeated those bridges alone.

Gai Xingkong felt as if he were dreaming.


When the lightning disappeared, everyone could cross the bridge without any obstruction.

Gai Xingkong was excited and he waited for a while on the bridge with Wang Zhanpeng and Lei Tiannan.

When the last lightning disappeared…

All the onlookers turned their gazes at Zhang Han.

“How does it feel to be struck by lightning”

“Did it feel comfortable”


Zhang Han felt comfortable.

He was surprised to find that there were two thousand more clouds above his soul sense sea, and the size of the sea had expanded a little.

At the same time, he found it harder to suppress the lightning in the clouds.


A green lightning flashed across the clouds above the soul sense sea.

Taiyi Wood Thunder!


Zhang Hans eyes brightened suddenly, and lightning flashed through his pupils.

His great soul sense power swept away in all directions.

One mile, two miles…

His spiritual sense energy was spreading like a hurricane!

Five miles, six miles…

In the end, it could extend up to ten miles!

The thunder in the cloud couldnt be used by Zhang Han, but his soul sense had integrated the powerful vitality of the Taiyi Wood Thunder, and it had been recovering himself in the process of being used.


Zhang Han took a deep breath after withdrawing his soul sense.

“We can cross the bridge.” Gai Xingkong turned around to announce the good news.

“The lightning on the bridge is gone!”

“We can also cross the bridge!”

“Zhang Hanyang resisted all those lightnings alone.”

“Hes such a good man!”

Everyone was praising Zhang Han.

Without the threat of lightning, the people on the iron chain bridge was unimpeded.

While the three men on the bridge kept moving forward quickly, the other martial artists also stepped on the bridge.

They soon approached Zhang Han.

Wang Zhanpeng asked in confusion, “Han, what happened just now”

“Could you please tell us” Lei Tiannan and Gai Xingkong turned their gazes at Zhang Han.

“Well…” Zhang Han though about it for two seconds and then replied, “I was cultivating just now.”

“You were cultivating”

The three men were even more shocked.

“Can being hit by thunder help in cultivating”

While they were talking, the following martial artists soon approached them.

They began cheering for Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was amused by them.

At the moment, however, they faced a more serious problem.

The Main Sect of the Heavenly Thunder Sect!

So after a discussion, they decided to enter the Main Sect together.

If it was safer, they would begin exploring it separately.

In fact, Zhang Han didnt care much about the following exploration.

He had received the Taiyi Wood Thunder, though its quality was not particularly good.

In fact, all kinds of Taiyi Wood Thunder could bring great benefits to Zhang Han.

And that attempt proved that his soul sense sea could integrate and absorb the original energy of lightning.

That opened a new chapter for his cultivation.

The place where they stood was an island with a large area.

In front of the iron chain bridge was the entrance of a large palace.

After crossing the palace, they saw many buildings inside, all of which were ancient houses, with some distance between each other.

It seemed to be a cultivation place for inner sect disciples.

There were countless houses on the island.

“We can search some houses on the edge and check the occurrence probability of treasures in this area.

Of course, there may be good treasures, but there are too many houses here, and we dont have enough time to explore all of them.

Most of our time should be spent on the innermost palace.” Gai Xingkong suggested after looking at that area carefully.

The other martial artists nodded and began exploring some houses.

In the first house, some treasures were found.

“I found two Heaven-grade gems and five Earth-grade gems!”

“I got three Heaven-grade gems and seven Earth-grade gems.”

“Han, my house is amazing.

There are eight Heaven-grade gems and 16 Earth-grade gems!” Wang Zhanpeng was so excited.

“I only have one less Earth-grade gem than you.” Lei Tiannan smiled.

It was a great harvest.

Everyone was exploring happily.

All the treasures they found there could be stored in a kind of Space Treasure they found in the relic, which was much more convenient.

But only five of the 20 martial artists present had that kind of Space Treasure.

Everyone there was familiar with each other and could borrow the Space Treasure.

Even Gai Xingkong couldnt help prolonging the time of the treasure hunt.

After all, what he could see and get was the real treasure.

They searched the area for two hours, but it was just the tip of the iceberg for the entire residential area.

“We only have two hours! Han and I decided to go to the main hall.

You can go with us or stay here together.” Gai Xingkong notified them.

“Ill go with you.”

“Ill go, too.”

A total of 19 people were present, 15 of whom planned to follow Zhang Han and Gai Xingkong, while the other two stayed there.

They didnt know that from the moment they chose to stay, they would stay there forever.

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