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Chapter 557 Zhao Fengs Spring

Generally speaking, the way home was a little boring.

Although Mengmengs company added a lot of fun to Zhang Hans and Zi Yans journey, after playing in the cabin for an hour, the little girl lolled on her sofa and fell asleep.

“Im a bit sleepy, too.

Im going to sleep for a while,” Zi Yan whispered to Zhang Han.

“Sweet dreams.” Zhang Han smiled.

Then he covered Mengmeng with a blanket and Zi Yan with another.

The mother and daughter pair fell asleep.

The plane had been customized by a prince of Dubai who pursued pleasure; it had a large cabin area and a luxurious interior decoration.

The resting room of the family of three was very quiet.

Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Ming, Zhao Feng and the others were resting in another part of the cabin.

They seldom communicated with each other, and even if they talked occasionally, their voices were very low.

After that period of contact, Rong Jiaxin, as an elder, was very satisfied with Zi Yan.

She knew that the young couples life was very happy.

Not because Zhang Han, as a martial artist, was rich in strength and money, but because their life was in good order in all aspects, including daily cooking, room cleaning, travel planning, etc.

Rong Jiaxin had observed from various details that Zhang Han and Zi Yan complemented each other in life, which made her feel quite relieved.

Mengmeng and Zi Yan slept for almost two hours.

After they woke up, they rested for a few minutes, drank some warm water, and then became active again.

They even sang a nursery rhyme together.

“Dear little rabbit, open the door.

Open it quickly.

I want to come in.”

“I cant open it.

Mom hasnt come back.

I cant open the door…”

Their clear voices echoed in the whole cabin, making the atmosphere more active, so the other people began talking to each other.

After the steward reminded them that they were about to arrive in Hong Kong…

Zhang and his family went to the dressing room and changed into thinner clothes to embrace the local warm weather.

After all the passengers changed clothes one by one, the plane landed at the airport behind the Mengmeng Group very smoothly ten minutes later.

When getting off the plane, Zhao Feng arranged his men to send their luggage to the Cold Immortal School.

There were some people waiting for them near the plane.

Among them were the senior managers led by Sun Ming, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, Liang Mengqi, Brother Long and some members of the security group, including Instructor Liu and 48 members of the Wolf Head Detachment, 16 of whom were not present.

All those 16 men were the ones following the members of the security group, to advance to the Profound-stage Master stage.

In addition to Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, Elder Meng, Xu Yong and Leng Yue, who had reached the Heaven Stage level, all 51 members of the security group were now at the Profound-stage Master level with the help of abundant martial arts resources, as well as skills and body movement training.

According to the martial arts criteria, all of them could have been famous masters, making a living by themselves, but their reputation hadnt been established yet.

That was not only because they rarely went out for tasks on their own, but also because Zhang Hans achievements were too dazzling.

“Brother, sister-in-law… Mengmeng, did you miss your aunt” Zhang Li ran to them, greeting everyone first, then hugging Mengmeng and asking with a smile.

“Well…” Mengmeng was hesitant after hearing Zhang Lis question.

“I was so happy these days that I forgot to miss her…”

“Your expression is telling me that you didnt miss me at all!” Zhang Han pretended to get angry.

“I missed you,” Mengmeng replied in a hurry, her big eyes blinking.

“Both PaPa and MaMa thought it was a pity that aunt Lili didnt come with us.”

“Well, you passed my test.

Lets go to eat ice cream first!” Zhang Li put Mengmeng on the ground, holding her little hand and walking forward.

“Ice cream” Mengmengs eyes lit up because she was just thinking about it.

When she was about to go with Zhang Li, she turned around to look at Zi Yan.

“Go with her!” Zi Yan smiled.

“Wow, lets go!” Mengmeng cheered.

It was almost six oclock in the afternoon; they were going to have dinner in the companys restaurant.

When they were entering the building…

Instructor Liu quietly approached Zhao Feng.

He reached out with his fingers and touched Zhao Fengs waist, beckoning him to step back.

Zhao Feng stopped in surprise and turned his gaze to Instructor Liu.

“Whats wrong”

“I have something to ask you.

Come with me.”

Instructor Liu quickly pulled Zhao Feng aside.

He took out a pack of cigarettes, then offered one to Zhao Feng and lighting another for himself.

“There is no free lunch, you must be up to something.

Are you in any trouble” Zhao Feng was amused by Instructor Liu.

“Hey, hey, hey, I heard that our boss and North Tiger Gai Xing Kong had a fight, is it true” Instructor Liu asked first.

In fact, this news hadnt been widely or quickly spread in the martial arts circle yet; it would take some time for it to be known to all.

But Lei Tiannan, Director Bi and Protector Leng returned to Hong Kong the previous day; they had told the news to some of their friends.

When he noticed the amazing promotion speed of the members of Mengmeng security group, Instructor Liu began to make his own plan.

Then he heard that Zhang Hanyang with Demon Dancing Sword and Gai Xingkong with divine-level Dragon-tiger spear had tied!

He was stunned, and then made a decision after careful consideration, which was reported to Leading Cadre Liu.

Although the plan was rejected at first, Leading Cadre Liu finally compromised due to his persistence.

Hearing Instructor Lius question, Zhao Feng nodded.

“Yes, but there was a misunderstanding between my master and Grand Master Gai, which was finally solved and they became friends.

Master Gai has sent many treasures to master.”

“Its amazing.” Instructor Liu forced a smile.

“Instructor, just tell me what you want to say.

If you continue to hesitate, I will leave,” Zhao Feng said.

“Well, why not be more patient” Instructor Liu stared at him and said, “I want to join your security group with all my 48 team members.

What do you think…”

Hearing Instructor Lius words…

“Pfft… Pfft…” Zhao Feng was suddenly choked by the smoke.

He coughed several times before staring at instructor Liu and asking in disbelief, “How can this be achieved Can the Wolf Head Detachment join the security team Can your leaders agree with you”

“The price I paid was to let 16 of my teammates to be assigned to various troops as instructors.

In addition, I promised them to complete some very difficult tasks, the process being similar to the tasks we receive from the National Security Agency,” Instructor Liu shook his head and said, “Anyway, my leaders agreed with me.”

“This…” Zhang Feng forced a smile.

“Instructor, why do you want to join our security group”

“Im always slower than your group members in cultivation, so I decided to join you.” Instructor Liu scratched his head and smiled.

“Its a good opportunity for me to follow your boss, and I have been dreaming of visiting the Cold Immortal School.”

Zhao Fengs mouth slightly twitched.

Before Zhao Feng could say something, Instructor Liu placed his arm around Zhao Fengs shoulder and whispered, “I wouldnt dare tell your boss directly, because Im afraid of being refused.

Thats why I turn to you, Master Zhangs first disciple, for help.”

“Its not necessary.” Zhao Feng shook his head and smiled.

“Weve already regarded you as one of us, and Im sure master will agree with you.

But… This is serious and we should tell master first.

Before that, I want to know, how do you and your team members intend to join us”

Zhao Feng wanted to make it clear, in the likelihood that Instructor Liu and his team members might still obey their leaders commands after joining the security group.

Although Zhang Han wouldnt care about it, Zhao Feng wanted everything in order.


Liu understood Zhao Feng, so he clapped his chest and said, “We will join you completely.

You can rest assured that our military status will be the same as yours.

We are no longer regular armies.”

“Okay! Hahaha, we will soon be teammates!” Zhao Feng grinned happily.

He was willing to be in the same team.

Zhao Feng smiled and wanted to hug Instructor Liu, who stretched out his hand and clapped it on Zhao Fengs face.

“Stay away from me.

I dont want to hug a man.”

“Will you cast me aside when I have served your purpose” Zhao Feng pretended to be annoyed.

“Stop joking.

I have another thing to tell you, and its about Liang Mengqi,” said Instructor Liu.

“What is it” Zhao Feng was surprised.

“Well, you have a rival.

Liang Mengqi has a very handsome classmate.

Theyve had several meals together these days and chatted happily.

I know it because Liang Mengqi arranged all the meals here in Master Zhangs restaurant.”

“I see.

Theres nothing to worry about.” Zhao Feng smiled.

“Thats good.

We just had our meal and are going to train for a while.

Ill wait for your good news!” said Instructor Liu.

“Okay, see you.” Zhang Feng nodded.

Just after instructor Liu left, Zhao Feng took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Liang Mengqi.

“I heard that your old classmate is here.

Is that right”

“Yes, and he is so handsome,” Laing Mengqi soon replied.

Zhao Fengs face darkened and he rushed toward the restaurant.

Human beings were always selfish in love, and Zhao Feng was no exception.

He was now thinking about how to deal with Liang Mengqis old classmate.

Zhao Feng entered the restaurant…

He was a little annoyed and didnt say anything to Liang Mengqi.

Liang Mengqi was surprised by his attitude.

“Wow, youre too mean.”


Seeing that Liang Mengqi also ignored him, Zhao Feng was even more unhappy.

He kept silent during dinner and didnt tell Zhang Han about Instructor Lius plan.

Instructor Liu, who was waiting for the good news, would regret telling Zhao Feng about it.

After dinner, Zhang Han and the others drove back to the Cold Immortal School.

While Zhao Feng stayed in the restaurant, Liang Hao followed Zhang Li to the night club.

In recent times, Zhang Li only performed once a week, but every time she attracted many customers.

Liang Mengqi walked in the square and saw Zhao Feng following her.

She gave a light snort, then took out her mobile phone and pretended to answer it.

“Hello, Xiang.

Is that a date Okay, Ill go with you…”

“She wont go with you,” Zhao Feng shouted.

Liang Mengqi was shocked by Zhao Feng, who flashed towards her like the wind and took her cell phone.

Zhao Feng raised the phone to his ear and said angrily, “An date Who will you date Who do you want to date…”

Zhao Feng suddenly felt that something was odd.

He looked at the mobile screen carefully and found that Liang Mengqi talking with anyone.


Zhao Feng blushed.

He looked at Liang Mengqi with a sneer on her face, and felt that his forehead began to sweat.

“Zhao Feng, how dare you take my cell phone without my permission Would you do something worse things in the future”


“I see right through you.

Youre also a bad man!” Liang Mengqi snorted and said, “I told my classmate that I would introduce my boyfriend to him when you came back.

I didnt expect you to be…”

Hearing her words, Zhao Feng felt that he was in the middle of spring.

“You told him that you had a boyfriend You agreed to be my girlfriend” Zhao Feng asked in surprise.

“I havent agreed to be your girlfriend yet.

Because of your behavior, I have to think about it carefully… humph…”

Liang Mengqi was stunned by a sudden kiss.

It was her first kiss!

Zhao Feng lost his mind in love.

After the long kiss, Liang Mengqis face was red; she was too shy to look up in Zhao Fengs arms.

Zhao Feng was overjoyed that he succeeded after pursuing the beauty.

That kiss marked the beginning of their relationship.

Liang Mengqi was a little depressed because her first kiss had been stolen by Zhao Feng that way.

Although Zhao Feng wanted to do something with Liang Mengqi, he calmed down because she was a traditional girl.

Then he decided to wait for the girls birthday and make some preparations before that.

The two spent more than an hour chatting in a bench of the square.

That was, until he saw the figure of Instructor Liu with more than ten generals moving in a hurry…

“Its terrible.

Run!” Without hesitation, Zhao Feng took Liang Mengqis hand and ran to the parking lot on the side.

“Brothers, catch him!” Instructor Liu ran after then with his men.

It seemed that they were going to beat Zhao Feng.

Liang Mengqi screamed with fear.

Fortunately, Zhao Fengs car was nearby; they quickly got in and drove away.

“Damn it.

If I hadnt come here, they would have chatted here all night long,”

said Instructor Liu while mumbling, then he waved his hand and ordered, “Retreat!”

They went back to their training.

“Puff…” Liang Mengqi patted her chest and said nervously, “Wasnt that Instructor Liu Why did he bring people to beat us Is that… Is kissing not allowed in the square”

Zhao Feng was amused by the lovely girl.

“Im going to do something for him, and hes probably impatiently waiting for me.

So he took someone here to scare us.”

“Where shall we go now ” asked Liang Mengqi.

“Ill go to the Cold Immortal School and tell my master something… then well go wherever you like.”


Zhao Feng drove towards the Cold Immortal School.

They drove all the way to the front of the castle.

Seeing the brilliant construction, Liang Mengqi couldnt help sighing with emotion.

“What a beautiful place.”

“I will build a smaller castle behind it.

That will be our home.” Zhao Feng laughed.

“Stop dreaming,” Liang Mengqi rolled her eyes at Zhao Feng and said, “Go and do your business.

Ill wait for you here.”

“Okay.” Zhao Feng got out of the car.

He called Zhang Han first, then went to the hall on the third floor.

He sat on the sofa and waited for two minutes; after that, Zhang Han came out of the bedroom.

After hearing Instructor Lius plan, Zhang Han welcomed all those new members happily.

After chatting for a while, Zhao Feng rushed back to the car, and went to the companys Star-Moon Bar with Liang Mengqi.

It was just eight oclock in the evening, so they could stay there for a long time.

Mengmeng wanted to play with Dahei and Little Hei.

The family of three went to the back mountain.

They didnt have to worry about mosquitoes, so they could play outdoors at night.

At this time, street lights had been installed on both sides of all the winding roads in the residential area of Mount New Moon; even the edge of the back mountain had lighting equipment at the moment.

However, the area of the back mountain was too large, and no matter how intense the light was, it couldnt illuminate the lawn on the inside.

Fortunately, the moon that night was relatively round.

Under its brightness, all the scenery could be clearly appreciated.

“Big Heihei, Little Heihei, did you miss Mengmeng”

Mengmeng played happily with the two Heihei powers and the pet dogs.

After a while, three six-year-old children of the Wang family came running.

“Uncle Zhang, can we play with Mengmeng” One of the little girls with a ponytail asked timidly.

“Of course you can.

Go and play with her.”

After they left, two 16 or 17 year olds of the Wang family approached quickly.

They greeted Zhang Han and Zi Yan shyly, and then ran to the back mountain to look after their younger brothers and sisters.

“There are a few children in my uncles family, but few of them are about the same age as Mengmeng,” said Zi Yan with a smile, after looking at the back mountain.

Mengmeng was happy to meet her little friends, and they got along well during those days.

After a while, they began running and jumping happily.

“Does Mengmeng have any homework Oh yes, a speech for the Christmas holidays.” Zhang Han suddenly reminded Zi Yan.

“Yes, shell deliver a speech.

Im going to pick out some photos to use as background projection and Ill send them to teacher Lu.” Zi Yan was excited.

Taking out her cell phone, she began to select photos.

“Not too many, just one photo for each place.”

As Zi Yan spoke, she leaned against Zhang Hans chest.

They selected eight photos and sent them to Lu Guo.

“The photos are very beautiful.

I believe that Mengmeng will give an excellent speech tomorrow.”

“Im sorry about troubling you.”

“Its not a problem at all.”

They simply communicated with the teacher and finished the logistics work.

It was the last day of the holiday.

Mengmeng was allowed to have a good time and return to the castle at 9 p.m.

After washing, lying on the bed of their big bedroom, Zi Yan and Mengmeng realized that their own home was the most comfortable!

In Zhang Hans story…

The mother and daughter fell asleep.

Mount New Moon was peaceful at night.

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