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Chapter 561 Get Out

At this time, Liu Jiaran did not talk back to Ah Hu anymore.

She ran over quite obediently and held Ah Hu up as she said, “Oh.”

However, she was quite curious about who Brother Feng was, whom Ah Hu had brought up many times.

She thought, “Could it be that he came here to deliver the parcel Could Brother Feng be a delivery man”

Liu Jiaran, who was quite curious, supported Ah Hu and walked to the entrance.

As they neared the entrance, the door was pushed open by the housekeeper.

There was a man behind him, who was dressed in clothes printed with the words “Three-Day Delivery Service”.

The man wore a hat and pulled it down much lower.

At this time, holding a big paper box in his hands, he lifted his head, glimpsed at Ah Hu, and said with a smile at the corner of his lips, “Here is your parcel.

Please check the thing inside.”

As Ah Hu heard his words, he fixed his eyes and said, “Its so heavy.

Kindly help me move it to my bedroom.”

“All right.”

“This way, please.”

Consequently, Ah Hu put his arm around Liu Jiarans shoulder and led them to walk to the bedroom on the ground floor.

Zhao Feng put a pair of specialized shoe sets on his shoes and followed behind them.

Zhao Fengs behavior made Liu Jiaran and the housekeeper confused, who could not help wondering, “What the hell is going on”

The housekeeper did not go with them.

As Ah Hu led the way, being supported by Liu Jiaran, Zhao Feng followed behind them and went into the bedroom on the side.

It was not until they walked into the bedroom that Ah Hu stretched his arms out and walked forward one step by himself.

He grimaced in pain and hugged Zhao Feng as he said, “Brother Feng, I have not seen you in several months.

Ive missed you so much! Without the stuff that you asked somebody to send me last time, I would have given up early on.”

Zhao Feng took off his hat and hugged him back as he said, “How did you get hurt like this”

Ah Hu scratched his head as he said, “I feel ashamed by that.

A middle-leveled ninja pierced through my calf with his warrior sword.

By the way, Brother Feng, let me introduce her to you.

She is…”

“I know who she is.” Before Ah Hu finished his words, Zhao Feng stared at Liu Jiaran and smiled gently as he said, “How could I have never heard of Lady Liu Hello, Lady Liu, nice to meet you.

I am Zhao Feng.”

Liu Jiaran eyed Zhao Feng up and down curiously, stretched her hands out, and shook hands with him as she said, “Brother Feng, nice to meet you.”

“Thanks.” After Zhao Feng greeted Liu Jiaran briefly, he looked at Ah Hu and said, “People keeping watch on you are surrounded outside in three directions.

Are they from the Secretive Killing Organization Should I take them down first”

Ah Hu waved his hands continuously as he said, “No, no, no.

Dont do that.

I am planning to trap a more influential figure.”

Zhao Feng put the helmet on his head again and said, “All right.

Then I wont stay here long if you say so.

This box is filled with the stuff that the boss exchanged.

They are used to help you recover from the injuries.”

“Hold on, I have something to discuss with you.” Ah Hu pulled Zhao Fengs arms directly and glimpsed at Liu Jiarans by his side as he said, “Well, Eldest Lady, kindly go out of my bedroom since we have something to discuss.”

“Oh.” Liu Jiaran was somewhat at a loss.

After that, she turned around and walked out.

As she closed the door, she saw Ah Hu taking his shirt off and mumbling something to Brother Feng in a low voice at the same time.

Liu Jiaran patted her forehead and changed the look on her face slightly as she said, “Ouch!”

Fortunately, more than a minute later, Zhao Feng walked out, said farewell to Liu Jiaran, walked out of the door, and left.

As for Ah Hu, it was not until two minutes later that he walked out.

He had not been able to walk on his own a moment ago.

However, he could walk forward lamely now.

However, Liu Jiaran did not pay attention to Ah Hus good condition at all.

Instead, she ran to his side.

The look in her eyes was somewhat peculiar.

She stared at him closely and did not say anything at all.

“Whats wrong Did I become more handsome” Liu Jiarans behavior made Ah Hu feel somewhat confused.

Liu Jiaran asked somewhat anxiously, “Are, are you and him both gay”

“G… gay” Ah Hus eyes were much bigger as he glared at Liu Jiaran.

He raised his palms the next moment and smacked Liu Jiarans butt as the sound of “Pia” rang out.

“Ouch, what are you doing”

“That is how you will end up if you talk nonsense.”

As Liu Jiaran sensed that Ah Hu became somewhat energized again, she was relieved.

The next morning, Ah Hu almost recovered from the injuries.

They did not go out during the daylight.

It was not until 8 p.m.

that Ah Hu took Liu Jiaran out and went to a nightclub, where they had quite a good time drinking.

Liu Jiaran was somewhat blushed.

Ah Hu was somewhat drunken.

Liu Jiaran held Ah Hus arms as she said, “Can you drive Lets walk home.”

“Then lets walk home.”

Though Ah Hu was somewhat drunk, he was clear-headed.

However, Liu Jiaran was somewhat drunk in a sense, who kept talking to Ah Hu and almost put herself on him.

After they had been walking for more than 20 minutes, they had almost arrived at the villa quarter.

As they walked past a crossing without a trace of human habitation, Liu Jiaran fluttered and stood across from Ah Hu.

She lifted her head slightly, stared at Ah Hu, and kept smiling foolishly.

It seemed that Ah Hu had sensed something.

He pulled his head back slightly and said, “Eldest Lady, you are drunk.

Lets go home first.

You can have a rest after you get home.”


Then you must promise me one thing.”

Liu Jiaran smiled.

As she stared at Ah Hu out of her drunkenness, she thought that Ah Hu became more handsome.

It seemed that she was going to summon up her courage to say something.

Ah Hu also felt somewhat moved while staring at Liu Jiaran bathing in the dim light.

“What are you going to ask me”

“I want to ask…” Liu Jiaran pointed at the left side of Ah Hus chest as she said, “Do you keep me in your heart or not”

Ah Hu, who was somewhat hesitant, replied, “I will tell you the answer after we arrive home.”

“No way.”

Ah Hu clenched Liu Jiarans arms and said, “Lets go home first.”

However, Liu Jiaran ran forward two steps and stood in front of Ah Hu as she said solemnly, “You need to tell me the answer right now.

You only have two options, yes or no”

As Ah Hu saw the expression on the Eldest Ladys face, he knew that she would cry as well as become paralytic if he gave her a negative answer.

Ah Hu sighed in secret and thought, “I should have stopped her from drinking so much.” After that, he replied, “Yes.


Before he finished his words, he sensed that the eyes of the girl in front of him became bright and her head approached him closer and closer.

Based on her speed, though Ah Hu could have avoided her dozens of times, he seemed to be frozen at this time.

Though he had wanted to avoid her, he did not intend to, or to be more exact, he preferred to accept her from the bottom of his heart.

A kiss occurred quietly at this crossing.

However, before they kissed each other for a few more seconds, a figure walked out from a dark place amid the light of the street lamp.

As he walked over, he clasped his hands and said in his crappy Chinese, “An ambiguous love story between a bodyguard and his employer, which is an intriguing one.

You are also indulged in kissing each other.

However, you can take that as the last kiss.”

As Ah Hu heard the words, his body froze.

Liu Jiaran, who had pulled herself away from Ah Hu, leaned by his side somewhat dizzily.

Out of her drunkenness, she was not afraid of the enemy in front of her at all.

Instead, she said noisily, “Why are you so annoying Too annoying.

Who employed you I will pay you five times the salary.

Can you just get out of my way”

Ah Hu stroked Liu Jiarans head and said, “You are drunk.

Have some sleep first.” After that, he patted her neck.

Liu Jiaran rolled her eyes and fell in Ah Hus arms.

After that, Ah Hu looked at the Muramasa in front of him, who was standing alone 10 meters away.

He held a sharp warrior sword in his hands, which had not been pulled out of the scabbard yet.

As Ah Hu observed the situation, he said in a deep voice, “You want to drag me here by yourself, dont you”


As I said last time, I would not be alone when I showed up next time.

How could I be alone” The Muramasa, who seemed to be chatting with his friend, said calmly, “They are all observing nearby.

This time, six out of the eight middle-leveled ninjas in the Secretive Killing Organization are here to take care of you.

You wont die with regret.”

Ah Hu let out a sigh gently as he said, “It is a pity that only six ninjas are here.” Sensing that this Muramasa was in a good mood and was willing to chat with him, consequently, Ah Hu voiced his confusion.

“I have one question.

Back when you had been assigned the task the first time, only the martial artists at the level of Obvious Strength and Inward Strength had shown up.

Why did six of your middle-leveled ninjas show up in the end I think it seems that abducting the Eldest Lady wont be of any practical use for you.”

Ah Hu wondered how much it had cost to employ six ninjas at one time.

Ah Hu was quite curious about the reason.

However, after he heard the Muramasas explanation, he was somewhat astounded in an instant.

“That was because… among the people sent to complete the mission the first time, the martial artist at the level of Inward Strength was a disciple of our master.

He had conducted his mission for the first time then.

Later on, the task related to Lady Liu failed.

We are here today to just kill you.

You are doomed.”

The Muramasa finished his words in a resolute way.

As he spoke, he looked pretty calm.

However, as he finished his words, he pulled out the warrior sword with his right hand.

“Clang!” In an instant, an ambiguous killing intent permeated the area.

It was not until this time that Ah Hu came to his senses and realized that the killer at the level of Inward Strength that he had seen the first time was somewhat powerful and influential.

It did not occur to him that he would be their target in the end since they had all failed in the task of abducting the Eldest Lady.

Ah Hu could not help smiling bitterly.

Ah Hu shook his head, waved his hands, and said, “Ask your five other brothers to show up.

Fighting with you alone is not eye-catching enough.”

“Swish!” The Muramasa placed his warrior sword horizontally.

The light made Ah Hu squint slightly.

Originally, he had thought that the Muramasa would directly launch the attack.

However, he nodded and said, “All right.

Since you are a man on the brink of death, I will make your wish come true.”

“Tck, tck.” The Muramasa knocked the ground with the edge of the warrior sword twice.

A black figure showed up on the dark street on Ah Hus left side, who stood 20 meters away from Ah Hu quietly.

All of a sudden, a cold light flashed across the right side.

A dart was plugged into the ground in front of Ah Hus legs.

At the same time, a figure showed up on the right side.

Ah Hu wondered, “Are there only two here” After that, he glimpsed back and saw two more instantly.

The ninjas were indeed capable.

They had approached him within 20 meters, which Ah Hu had not noticed at all.

He glimpsed at the situation on the right side carefully and found that there was a figure sitting on a three-meter-high wall.

Ah Hu shook his head all of a sudden and said, “Since you are all here, its time for the game to come to an end.”


The game will be over soon.

However, rest assured that your employer will be by your side so that you wont be alone on the way to the underworld.”

As the Muramasa finished his words, he lifted his sword all of a sudden, intending to start fighting.

“Hahaha, you were right about one thing.” Ah Hu held Liu Jiaran in his arms and chuckled as he said, “However, it is you who wont be lonely on your way to the underworld.

Since you have helpers, why would you think that I wouldnt have any brothers”

Ah Hu roared all of a sudden as he said, “Come out, my Iron Tyrannosaurus Beasts!”

Within an instant, the group including the Muramasa was so startled that they stood still and observed the surroundings warily.

At the same time, as Zhao Feng heard what Ah Hu had said, the look on his face was dark.

He, who was not far away, said, “We wont come out first!”

Consequently, the whole situation became awkward.

The six people including the Muramasa observed their surroundings warily.

However, it was still quiet in the surrounding area.

They thought, “F**k, weve been tricked!”

The Muramasa was angry.

The look in his eyes was filled with flames.

He stared at Ah Hu and said, “After all, you are a Heaven-stage Master.

You performed this kind of lowdown trick several times and do not deserve the title ofmartial artist.”

Ah Hu complained continuously as he said, “What the hell Its real.

My brothers are hiding in the surroundings!”

“F**k! I am going to kill you, Chinese pig!” the Muramasa roared in anger.

He jumped forward and lifted the warrior sword in his hands.

In an instant, flashes of sword light shone on the battlefield.

The other five ninjas approached Ah Hu quietly, who were ready to launch an attack.

However, as the Muramasa was about to get within 10 meters of Ah Hu, Ah Hu adjusted the look on his face.

The look in his eyes was somewhat solemn.

A smile crept up on the corner of his lips.

He said, “Look, they did come.” It seemed he was telling a story of “The Wolf is Coming”.

This time, the Muramasa did not believe what Ah Hu had said at all.

He slashed at Ah Hu with the warrior sword in his hands.

While facing this attack, Ah Hu did not avoid it at all.

A sneer crept up on the corner of his lips.

The Muramasa found Ah Hus behavior quite strange.

Even if Ah Hu was willing to accept the result, he should avoid his attack subconsciously.

Why was Ah Hu so confident

In the next moment, he figured out the reason.

A white flashing light flashed over all of a sudden and hit his warrior sword directly.

“Zoom!” The Muramasa felt his palms were shocked and become somewhat numb.

He wondered since the attacker was that powerful, could it be that he was a Wu Dao Grand Master

In an instant, he paused and looked at all the crossings in all the directions.

His five other team members also did the same.

It seemed that… nobody was around!

However… “Whoosh!” A figure walked out of the darkness, followed by a second one, a third one, and so on… The people showing up were numerous.

It seemed that dozens of people were guarding at each crossing.

The number of people mattered nothing to them at all.

More importantly, the aura of all these people indicated that they were all Qi Strength Masters!

The Muramasas group members were startled.

“You!” At first, the Muramasa had been somewhat at a loss.

However, he came to his senses the next moment, intending to take advantage of these peoples weak points, including Liu Jiaran and Ah Hu.

Otherwise, they had nowhere to go once they were surrounded by multiple Qi Strength Masters.

The Muramasa turned his head back, stared at Ah Hu, smiled ghastly, and stabbed at him as he pulled his warrior sword out.

However, it did not occur to him that Ah Hu had not avoided his attack at all.

Consequently, the look in the Muramasas eyes was cold.

He stabbed at both Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran at the same time.

“Poof…” As he heard the sound indicating the warrior sword pierced through a body, he was incredibly happy.

After he had launched his first successful attack, he said in a hurry, “Lets go!”

As he spoke, he ran to the three-meter-high wall on the flank, tiptoed up to it, and threw himself over.

As he traversed the wall, he could see there was another three-meter-high wall, which was dozens of meters away in front of him.

He did not have time to ponder it and continued running forward.

However, after he traversed across one, there was another one in front of him.

He found it somewhat shocking and thought, “Could it be the so-called ghost straying or illusions”

Yes, exactly! It was something like an illusion, which was a kind of quite intriguing formation.

Although it was a scene in the Muramasas eyes, in reality, however, Ah Hu had stood on the side while holding Liu Jiaran in his arms.

Amid everybodys stares, the Muramasa lowered his head all of a sudden, spinning around in a one-meter-diameter circle quickly.

All of a sudden, he raised his head, stabbed his warrior sword forward, and stabbed at his team members.

Following that, he spun around to where he had been again.

As Zhao Feng, who had been at the eastern crossing, watched this scene, he smiled bitterly and said, “Uncle Wang, your arrival renders ours negligible.

Originally, we hoped to practice our fighting skills with these middle-leveled ninjas.”

“Haha.” Wang Ming scratched his head, chuckled, and said, “It did not occur to me that these middle-leveled ninjas would be so vulnerable.

They could not even stand the Illusionary Demon Formation, which I had just figured out.

They are simply too ordinary.

I thought they were quite amazing masters.

In this case, among all the Japanese Ninjas, only the upper-leveled ninjas are more amazing.”

Zhao Feng added, “Since the upper-leveled ninjas start from the Grand Master Early-stage, of course, they are amazing.

However, there are fewer of them.

The number of Japanese warriors is quite impressive.

However, there are not many ninjas.” He had got all of these pieces of news from Instructor Liu.

“It is indeed somewhat easy to deal with them.

After you are done with them, you can also enjoy some vacation time.” Sun Ming smiled, looked around, and said, “If you have family members, you should go home to celebrate the Spring Festival.

If you dont have any family members, Mount New Moon will be your home.”

What Zhao Feng had said made everybody on the scene feel warm-hearted.

However, if it were the boss who had said so, the effect probably would be much better.

However, they all knew that their boss was the kind of person who focused more on actions instead of words.

They also knew well that their boss had sent them medicinal pellets as gifts in several batches.

After Zhao Feng finished his words, he stared at Ah Hu and said, “You come over here!”

Ah Hu held Liu Jiaran in his arms, ran over, and said, “Whats wrong, Brother Feng!”

Zhao Feng, who found Ah Hus situation a headache for him, asked, “Whats wrong with you Why did you… kiss Chairman Lius daughter”

He did have his considerations.

If it were Liu Qingfeng who had witnessed the scene, it would be unknown how the situation would go.

Liu Qingfeng might have chased Ah Hu around the street while holding a sword in his hands, intending to kill him.

However, others tried their best to stop themselves from bursting into laughter.

“Ah Hu, you are amazing!” Elder Meng gave him a thumbs-up and said, “You have taken Eldest Lady Liu down quietly.

So amazing.

You completed the task, earned the money, and hit on the girl.

You have three gains at one time!”

“Impressive! As long as Ah Hu exerted his charm, even the Eldest Lady would be attracted by him.

They had kissed each other so attentively in front of everybody a moment ago!”


As Ah Hu heard everybodys teasing, the corner of his lips trembled slightly.

He smiled awkwardly and said, “She drank too much, too much…”

Right at this moment, the fighting in the middle of the crossing was in full swing.

The Muramasa stood together with the other four ninjas.

Gradually, only the Muramasa was still alive.

The look on his face was somewhat lonely and dejected.

It seemed that he was the only one who had survived the tangled fight.

As the saying goes, masters are usually lonely.

The next moment, his body shook and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The look in his eyes became clear again.

After he saw the scene clearly, he staggered.

His complexion was as white as a sheet.

He got down on one knee and started to feel fragile because of the various injuries on his body.

He stuck his warrior sword on the ground and looked at Ah Hu in front of him in the eyes as he asked with difficulty, “Why”

At this time, Ah Hu retrieved his playful expression.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, walked forward a few steps, stared at the Muramasa, and said emphatically, “That was because there was no way you could imagine how powerful my backer was! Let alone the so-called eight middle-leveled ninjas.

In my bosss eyes, even the Secretive Killing Organization is nothing at all! By the way, before you die, I can tell you the name of our boss.

He is… Zhang Hanyang.”

As the Muramasa heard this name, he was at a loss at first.

After that, he became distracted and opened his eyes wide gradually.

A hint of shock slipped from his eyes.

In the end, thousands of words were transformed into a mouthful of blood, which he directly spat out…

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