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Chapter 563 It Is a Good Thing

Usually, if one was escorted by several bodyguards, it was clear that they were either rich or powerful.

Consequently, more and more people noticed what had been going on here.

Since it was the Spring Festival rush during this period, many people came and went.

Several people among the crowd who had sharp eyes stared at Zi Yan for a while.

A woman exclaimed all of a sudden, “Ah! Zi Yan! Ah! Goddess!”

The next moment, she ran at the group in front of her who was dozens of meters away from her.

“Zi Yan” As more people looked over, they saw a series of characteristics of Zi Yan, including her profile, figure, long hair, height, and so on.

After that, many people were shocked.

Somebody said, “She is Zi Yan!”

Following that, those following the trend made a commotion in a low voice as they said, “What the hell She is Zi Yan!” “Lets go over there to see her quickly.”

Consequently, dozens of people from all sides swarmed in Zhang Hans direction.

The official workers of the airport were startled.

If a stampede were to occur, the consequences would be immeasurable.

However, before the people swarmed over Zhang Hans side, they saw nearly 100 people on the other side, who walked a few steps forward hurriedly.

After that, they slowed down and lingered around where they had been while clutching at each other.

Soon, five seconds later, Zhao Fengs group members walked out of the airport.

Zi Yan had lowered her head slightly.

It did not occur to her that she would be recognized.

Amid everybodys stare, the people in the front walked through the door of the airport.

What they found quite peculiar was that the woman who was suspected to be Zi Yan held a child by her side.

While by the childs side, there was a young man, who had turned his head back and glimpsed at the scene when he had walked through the door of the airport.

After that, a faint smile had crept up on the corner of his lips, then he turned his head back and left.

This scene made many people present feel somewhat… confused.

“Is she Zi Yan”

“Is she The woman was holding a child.

How could she be Zi Yan It is clear they are a rich couple.”

“She must be.

I saw her profile, which is the same as that of Zi Yan.

Oh no, it is her.

Moreover, didnt you see the guest lists of the New Years party in Lin Hai City Zi Yan is among the guests! It must be her!”

“No way.

Zi Yan is not married yet.”

“What the hell is going on…”

Everyone on the scene was discussing fervently, feeling at a loss.

At the same time, they all wondered who it was that had stopped them.

After they had turned their heads back, they had not been able to see who the people were.

The whole situation was chaotic.

Though they could not figure it out, they headed for their respective destinations under the official workers guidance.

After the group of people including Zhao Feng walked out of the airport, they led the way and walked to the motorcade.

Zi Yan patted her chest, let out a long sigh, and said, “Whoa… They did recognize me, which was surprising.”

Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Some peoples eyes are pretty acute.

They can recognize people easily.”

Mengmeng lifted her head and asked, “Well.

Why did they call MaMas name Was it because MaMa is a superstar”

Zi Yan was dressed in black leisure trousers, a thin white hoodie, hunting cap, and mask.

As for Mengmeng, she was dressed in light pink trousers, a white coat, and small-sized hat, who had dressed herself up quite delicately.

Zhang Han was dressed in a suit of black leisure clothing, having dressed quite casually.

After Zhang Han heard Mengmengs words, he smiled and said, “Yes.

Because your mother is a celebrity.”

Mengmeng asked in confusion, “Why did they all want to run over to our side”

Zhang Han replied, “Because they all wanted to see your mother in person, take a photo together with her, or take her picture at a closer distance.”

Mengmeng replied as she stared in front, “Oh.” It was unknown what she was mumbling about.

However, Liu Jiaran, who had been following in the rear and holding Ah Hus arms, was hesitant.

She opened her eyes much bigger.

Liu Jiaran stared at Ah Hu and asked in a low voice hurriedly, “Is, is she Zi Yan”

Ah Hu straightened a finger at her to hush her as he said, “Shh.” At the same time, he nodded.

After that, Zhao Feng walked to the second car, put the luggage in, and opened the door to the back row seats.

Zhang Hans family members sat in the back row of seats.

Zhao Feng walked to the first car.

Ah Hu was in the second car and Liu Jiaran sat in the passenger seat somewhat anxiously.

As Zhang Han and Zi Yan saw the scene, they eyed Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran up and down several times.

That was because Liu Jiaran had held Ah Hus arms a moment ago.

Zi Yan smiled gently and asked, “Ah Hu, is this beauty your girlfriend”

Ah Hu swallowed nervously, smiled awkwardly, and said, “Well… she is Chairman Lius daughter.”

“Heiheihei…” Liu Jiaran became quite nervous instantly.

The look on her face was quite rigid.

She turned around and said dryly, “Hello, everyone, I am Liu Jiaran.”

Zi Yan replied, “Hello.”

Mengmeng waved her tender hands cutely and said, “Well, nice to meet you, sister.”

As Liu Jiaran saw the little girls delicate face and cute expression, she, having been nervous before, felt somewhat relieved.

Zhang Han nodded and said, “Hello.”

However, after that, he stared at Ah Hu, who was nervous all of a sudden.

“Boss, well… I find it somewhat difficult to bring it up.

However, I…” As Ah Hu was thinking about what he was going to say, Liu Jiaran, who could not control herself anymore at this moment, stared at Zhang Han and summoned up her courage as she said, “Boss, I like Ah Hu and want to be with him.

Can you please let him go and give him to me”

Zhang Han found it somewhat funny and did not know whether he should laugh or cry as he said, “Oh, OK.”

However, Zi Yan stared at Ah Hu somewhat peculiarly and thought, “How could Ah Hu hit on the Eldest Lady successfully while completing a mission” Her thought was the same as that of others.

“No.” Ah Hu shook his head and said, “Boss, I also like her.

We got drunk yesterday and kissed, kissed each other.

I want to be responsible for her.

As for this…”

Before Ah Hu finished his words, Zhang Han said amusedly, “I am not a tiger.

You dont have to be so nervous.

Since you like each other, you should try to be in a relationship.

Its a good thing.”

Ah Hu said, “However, as for Chairman Liu…” The look on his face was somewhat awkward.

Even Zi Yan pursed her lips and smiled, who found the situation quite interesting.

At this moment, Liu Jiaran said confidently, “Its OK.

I will deal with my father.”

“Its not like that.” Ah Hu drove as he said, “Its just that I feel somewhat guilty.

I had come to your side as a bodyguard.

However, I ended up getting together with my employers daughter.”

Liu Jiaran refuted him as she said, “Its OK! My father will understand.”


I agree.

Its OK.

Chairman Liu probably will feel happy to have such a son-in-law like you.

Rest assured that if you want to be with each other, just do it.

However…” Zhang Han was silent for a while then said, “Before the engagement, you should pay attention to how you should get along with each other properly.

I will talk with Chairman Liu later on.”

Zhang Han had almost figured out the reason why Zhao Feng had assigned Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran to drive for him, which was to test the thought on his side or see if he could do something to convince Liu Qingfeng.

Since Ah Hu was not an outsider, of course, Zhang Han would help him with that.

“Thanks, Boss.

Then I will be relieved.” Ah Hu became merry in an instant and did not look dull at all.

As Liu Jiaran heard Ah Hus laughter, she was also relieved.

However, she was more curious about the identity of the boss and wondered who on earth he was.

Liu Jiaran thought, “The boss is young as well as handsome.

Most importantly, he is Zi Yans husband and they have a child.

Oh my god! This is such a piece of breaking news!”

However, since it was the first time she had seen the boss and madam, she, being somewhat nervous, sat in the passenger seat obediently.

Mengmeng, who was by her parents side, seemed quite happy as she looked around continuously and said, “PaPa, is this place, this place Lin Hai City”

Zhang Han replied, “Yes.

This is Lin Hai City.”

Mengmeng stared at Zhang Han quite expectantly and said, “Then is there any place to have fun here I want to play with you and MaMa, PaPa.”

“Of course there is.” Zhang Han smiled and replied, “There is a Disneyland here, whose space is vaster.

We may not finish visiting it within one day.”

“Wow!” Mengmengs eyes brightened.

Zi Yan stretched her hands out and pinched Mengmengs tender cheek as she said, “We will take you there this afternoon.”

“Great, great!” Mengmeng was so happy in an instant.

She asked eagerly, “When will the afternoon come”

Zi Yan replied, “Its just 10 oclock now.

We will go back to the hotel to have a rest later.

After that, we will have lunch outside.

After lunch, we will go to Disneyland.”

“I see.”

Mengmeng lay on the seat merrily and sang songs gently.

After they arrived at the hotel, where they had booked a row of luxurious suites, the group of people including Zhao Feng stayed by their side.

On the way to the hotel, Zhao Feng had driven Liang Mengqi, Liang Hao, and Zhang Li, who had chatted with each other quite happily.

After everybody put down their luggage in the hotel and had a rest, Ah Hu took Liu Jiaran with him and leisurely walked to the suite where Zhao Feng was staying.

At this moment, Zhao Fengs suite was quite lively, where six to seven people were sitting.

Ah Hu said complacently, “Boss agreed.

Haha, I have a little female fan now.”

“Who is…” Liu Jiaran intended to talk back to him subconsciously.

However, as she sensed there were many people here, she said smilingly, “I am Brother Ah Hus little female fan.

Everybody, I am Liu Jiaran.”

Their behaviors astounded many people on the scene.

Even Zhang Li, Liang Hao, and Liang Mengqi were astonished.

Zhang Li felt somewhat confused and said, “Liu Jiaran Could it be Ah Hu, you are in a relationship with Chairman Lius daughter, arent you”

Liang Hao nodded and said, “This… this is quite materialistic.”

Liang Mengqi put her tongue out and said, “It may be another love story.”

Zhao Feng, who was quite curious about his masters attitude, asked, “What did my master say”


You should all open your eyes wide and listen attentively to me.” Ah Hu raised his head and said loudly, “Boss said that Chairman Liu would feel happy to have me as his son-in-law.

As for the issue between me and Eldest Lady, he will help me discuss it with Chairman Liu.”

Zhao Feng gave him a thumbs-up and said, “Its a done deal!”

The others all nodded and echoed, “Yes.

A done deal!”

However, Liu Jiaran felt somewhat curious and wondered whether the boss would be that convincing.

She knew well how much her father loved her.

She even intended to fight hard with her father on a long term basis.

However, based on their reaction, it seemed that as long as their boss was willing to talk to her father, he would agree.

She was quite doubtful and thought, “Is it true”

As for Ah Hu, he thought of another thing as he patted his forehead and said, “Well, Brother Feng, by the way, I have another problem.”

Zhao Feng asked, “What is it”

Ah Hu explained in detail, “I offended the Second Young Master of the Ning Family, Ning Zhanqi, whose strength is much more powerful than mine.

His master is the Old Master of the Gu Family, Gu Donglai, who is also quite awesome.

Then he asked me tomorrow to…”

After Zhao Feng heard him out, the look on his face was somewhat solemn.

In the end, it was not until he had been silent for five seconds that he stood up and said, “Come on.

Lets turn to my master.”

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