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Chapter 568 The Powerful Demon Dancing Sword

“Damn it!”


“How did he suddenly become so flexible”

Ning Zhanqi gradually felt nervous in the battle against Ah Hu, and he kept stepping back, waving his sabre at a high speed to fend off Ah Hus melee attack.

However, he had yet to touch Ah Hu; all he could do was to resist his two short sticks.

Ning Zhanqi was shocked and annoyed by Ah Hus change.

The onlookers around were also astonished by Ah Hus performance.

“No wonder he dared to challenge Second Childe Ning.

He is actually a talented martial artist.”

“He was suppressed by Ning Zhanqi when he was using the whole stick.

Now, after his long stick was broken, he has turned the tables completely.

It seems that hes not good at using a stick at all, right”

“No,” said the middle-aged man who took the lead among the first five people, while speaking slowly and keeping a serious face.

“That man from Mengmeng Security doesnt major in stick skills.

Instead, he is good at fighting at close quarters like the way he is doing now, but his skills were restricted by the length of the iron stick at the beginning.

Have you seen his postures, actions and angles of attack They seem so natural; he must be good at controlling his moves.”

“Yes.” The middle-aged man with flattop haircut shook his head.

“But all of these methods and skills give him only a superficial advantage; theyre not enough to defeat Ning Zhanqi.

As long as Ning Zhanqi manages to get rid of him and use Grand Master Gus moves, the situation will soon be reversed.”

Except for those two middle-aged men, most of the onlookers were staring at the two fighters with glowing eyes and admiration.

About 90% of the martial artists present were below the Heaven-stage Master level, and most of them hadnt even reached the Qi Strength Master stage yet.

Only the first middle-aged man with a flattop haircut could count as a grand master.

In fact, there were not many onlookers present; most of them were low-level martial artists.

Therefore, they were all stunned by the two fighters dazzling performance.

On the other side…

Zhao Feng nodded at Ah Hu, who was enjoying his battle.

“He has made more progress than a few months ago.

It also seems that he has practiced regularly during this period.”

As long as they kept practicing the body-refining methods, their physical qualities would be continually improved.

The speed of improvement wouldnt slow down until they reached the Martial Arts Grand Master stage.

“Ah Hu is a talented young man.” Wang Ming smiled and nodded.

“You all have a good understanding of martial arts and have been progressing quickly.

I admire you very much.”

“No no no.” Zhao Feng shook his head and said, “Its all thanks to our masters help.

Otherwise we wouldnt have entered the martial arts world yet.”

“Dont say that because all of us have gotten benefits from Han,” Wang Ming curled his lips and continued, “I would have stopped at the Heaven Stage if it wasnt for Hans aid.”

Zhao Feng smiled because what Wang Ming said was the truth.

“Our boss is the best,” Leng Yue said.

Leng Yue admired Zhang Han so much and regarded him as an immortal and a brother.

While he was strong and even almighty, he was extremely affable and approachable.

Wang Ming nodded to agree with Leng Yue.

“Hes like a monster.

I havent seen anyone so talented before.”

Zhang Han was good at making immortality pills, forming arrays and defeating his enemies with different kinds of methods and countless trump cards.

All the security group members and the Wang family members, including Wang Ming, admired Zhang Han.

All of a sudden, Wang Ming stopped speaking and turned his gaze to the battlefield.

“Ah Hu will be in trouble.”

Zhao Feng slightly raised his eyebrows and looked at the two fighters carefully.

He saw something exciting.

Ah Hu stepped forward and soon squatted down before Ning Zhanqis sweeping blade could reach him.

At the same time, he crossed the two sticks in his hand and swept them forward at Ning Zhanqis legs.

“Youve been fooled.” Ning Zhanqi grinned and suddenly turned his sweeping Tang sword vertically, which fell towards Ah Hus right arm.

The twinkling light on the blade made everyones pupils slightly shrink at that moment.

“You wont be able to dodge this time!” Ning Zhanqi had endured Ah Hus attacks for long time before he found an opportunity to make this move.

He was sure that he would cut off Ah Hus right arm with his move.

“I dont need to dodge!” Ah Hu stared at Ning Zhanqi.

Without even moving his right arm, Ah Hu began attacking Ning Zhanqis crotch with an upward move of the short stick in his left hand.

It seemed as if Ah Hu were desperate and decided to exchange his body part with Ning Zhanqis.

Both sides would suffer great losses this way.

At that moment, many people felt cold on their backs and their crotches.

Even Ning Zhanqis face darkened.

“Are you mad”

Of course, he didnt allow or accept the damage to his important body part, so he could only give up the attack, retreating five meters and looking at Ah Hu angrily.

“Haha!” Ah Hu stood up slowly with the short sticks in both hands and sneered.

“Are you close to the Martial Arts Grand Masters stage Why are you so weak Ive just reached the Heaven Stage and its easy for me to defeat you.

You are really good at boasting.”

“You!” Ning Zhanqi gritted his teeth angrily and nodded his head with great force.

“Okay, I dont need to spare your life now.

Ill show you my real strength.”

After that, Ning Zhanqi threw his Tang sword aside.

The tip of the saber was inserted in the ground, and most of the sabers body was exposed.


Something was glowing in his hand.

A huge long saber suddenly appeared.

It was majestic-looking and several times broader than the previous Tang sword.

Many of those present were surprised, including that Grand Master with a flattop haircut.

“The Soul-suppressing Nine Rings Sabre!”

“Grand Master Luos weapon!”

“My gosh, the Soul-suppressing Nine Rings Sabre will mark the end of the battle.” Many onlookers began to discuss about it.

On the other side, Wang Ming and Zhao Feng still remained calm.

“If he tries to win the battle by means of changing his weapon, Id rather see more of his methods and skills performed by his Tang sword,” Zhao Feng said indifferently.

If Ning Zhanqi had won the battle without changing his weapon, or at least forced Ah Hu to summon his Golden Armor, Ning Zhanqi would have been praised as a hero.


“Hes too young to understand the spirit of martial arts.” Zhao Feng slightly shook his head.

Wang Ming and the others also believed that the battle would end.

A third-stage spirit treasure wouldnt cause much trouble to Ah Hu.

But Ning Zhanqi didnt know it.

Believing that he was sure to win the battle, Ning Zhanqi slightly shook the Soul-suppressing Nine Rings Sabre in his hand, enjoying the crisp sound of the iron rings hitting the blade.

“Im the last disciple of Grand Master Gu, while you are merely a bodyguard unqualified to talk with me.” Ning Zhangqi was annoyed.

“A green hand in the martial arts world such as you… Ill kill you with just one move.”


After saying like that, Ning Zhanqi waved the long sabre in his hand and drew two circles at his left and right side in the air.

A light golden pattern was formed around Ning Zhanqis body.

Ning Zhanqi raised his weapon above his head and roared, “Wind Blade!”

As he chopped at Ah Hu with the sabre, all the golden light surrounding the blade followed his spiritual force and flowed forward, which looked like a wave blown by the wind.

“Clang, clang!”

At the same time, the Soul-suppressing Nine Rings Sabre was activated, and the nine iron rings collided on the body of the sabre, making a harsh sound.

The first round of soul attacks were approaching Ah Hu along with the sound.

Many onlookers were frightened and couldnt help holding their breaths.

“The real battle begins.”

On the other side, Luo Fang nodded upon seeing Ning Zhanqis new weapon.

“Junior Brother Ning has thoroughly understood the move and it is enough for him to kill Ah Hu with my nine rings sabre.”

Many people turned their gazes at Ah Hu, who was standing still as if being shocked and stunned by the soul attack.

Wind Blades golden light was about to touch Ah Hu; he would be killed if he failed to dodge the attack.

“Did he give up protecting himself”

All the onlookers were surprised.

Under their gazes, that golden light approached Ah Hu.

Ning Zhanqi was smiling, about to cheer for his victory.

However, at the next moment…

A lot of people opened their eyes widely in disbelief.

A dazzling golden light twinkled on Ah Hus body.


The Wind Blade landed on Ah Hu, but it just made a faint and dull sound.

The light soon dissipated.

In its place, the man was still standing there, but something was different from moments before…

A set of Golden Armor appeared and wrapped Ah Hu.

“A holy-level Golden armor” Luo Fang narrowed his eyes in astonishment, and then asked, “How can we continue to compete with him”

As far as he could see, Ah Hu had already won the battle since the moment he took out the armor.

When he was about to say something to Ning Zhanqi, he heard him roaring.

“I will destroy your armor!”

After that, Ning Zhanqi rushed towards Ah Hu.

However, he took five steps forward to later stop abruptly and take tens of steps back.

His body movement was accompanied by the sound of gasping in fear from the crowd.

Under their gazes, a long sword suddenly appeared in Ah Hus hand, which they were not familiar with.

Ah Hu held the hilt in his right hand and pulled out the long sword with a clanging sound.

The dark body of the sword and its mysterious breath made many people think of a name, which was said by Luo Fang, whose face was darkened.

“Demon Dancing Sword, the holy-level weapon!”

“Im coming!” Ah Hu drew out the sword and directly began attacking Ning Zhanqi with it.

Ah Hu couldnt use as much of the Demon Dancing Swords energy as he wanted, so he kept fighting against Ning Zhanqi, who had been stepping backward.

Luo Fang, on the other side, got more nervous each time he heard a new collision sound.

“Dont damage my nine rings saber!”

At a time when the fighting was becoming fiercer, Mu Xue was stepping on a helicopter on the tarmac in a villa area not far from Mount Dongsheng.

When the helicopter was about to take off, her face suddenly changed.

“Hahaha, is someone using my Demon Dancing Sword in a battle” Mu Xue sneered.

“Ill give you a surprise.”

All of a sudden, she sat cross legged, making a casting gesture with her eyes closed.

Ten seconds later, she opened her eyes and the whites disappeared.

“Come out, demon Qi!”


After a while, Mu Xues eyes were back to normal.

“Lets go,” she said.

After the helicopter took off, she looked at Mount Dongsheng and murmured, “Zhang Hanyang, when I go to get the Demon Dancing Sword, I will make you a slave forever…”

On the viewing platform of Mount Dongsheng…

Ah Hu had been suppressing Ning Zhanqi, who struggled to counterattack desperately, knowing that there was no hope for him to win the battle.


Ning Zhanqi couldnt bear the impact force and fell onto the ground.

Ah Hu raised his sword again and attacked Ning Zhanqi.

When Ning Zhanqi tried to block it with his remain strength, Luo Fang was about to join in the battle and save him.

He knew that Junior Brother Ning could only resist one of those attacks.



As everyone witnessed, the Demon Dancing Sword chopped at the Nine Rings Sabre, making a loud noise.



The dark body of the Demon Dancing Sword suddenly glowed, and a plume of black fog appeared, turning into a circle with a diameter of five meters, like a palm.

“Bang!” It slapped at Ah Hu.

“Damn it!”

Ah Hu was startled by the sudden change and had a sense of crisis.

He hurried to flash back for several meters and stared at the sword in front of him.

“What happened”

‘Why did the Demon Dancing Sword become so frightening”

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