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Chapter 57 – Taobao

Zhang Han gave the second stall a few glances, and then headed over.

The first stall did not have a single item that was real.

Just two of them smelled a little better, but they were not some historical relic that the stall owner was talking about.

The same was true for the second booth.

The third, fourth, fifth …

Along the way, there were roughly forty to fifty stalls, but not a single one was genuine.

Currently, Zhang Han had already used two-thirds of his spirit energy, so he did not plan to stroll around the small stalls and prepared to walk around the shops on both sides of the street.

Not all of the goods in the store were real, and it could be said that there were very few real ones, but the possibility of the real ones was much higher than the ones outside.

Other than a few small accessories that Mengmeng had picked up, there were no other gains at the stall.

They walked into a shop called the Wanqing Antique.

The store was relatively large, and there were quite a few customers inside as well.

They were all sizing up the items on the shelves.

“Jade is made from the essence of the stone and is combined with craftsmanship, so it is called Hetian jade.

Young miss, this Hetian jade bracelet is lovely, and can be considered as the best gift.”

An old man smiled and said to a ponytailed woman of about twenty-four to twenty-five years of age.

The grey-haired old man was the shop owner of the Evergreen Ancient Store.

His name was Qian Ming, and the ponytail woman was the daughter of the Evergreen Groups chairman, Lin Xue.

Of course, the Wanqing Group was a group that focused on the old industry.

They had the Wanqing Antique Store, Wanqing Jewelry Store, and other related industries.

Lin Xue had come here this time because it was the birthday of an elder in the corporation.

She had come to choose a birthday present.

“This is not bad.

Elder Qian, then could this be a bit cheap” Lin Xue said somewhat hesitantly.

“Neither.” Qian Ming shook his head and said, “Jade has spiritual nature, and is non-affiliated with others.

It is soft and smooth, just like a babys skin, instantly giving off resonance with others.

The jade color is smooth and smooth, just like a quiet and elegant beauty.” Qian Ming shook his head and said.

“Chuffing …” Lin Xue laughed and said: “Alright, then thats it.”

“En, Little Liu, wrap this jade bracelet for Eldest Miss.” Qian Ming said to a young man.

“Yes, sir!” The man picked up the jade bracelet and retreated.

Just then, Zhang Han held Mengmeng, standing a few meters away and looking at the items on the shelves.

Mengmeng did not understand even after hearing Qian Mings words and whispered into Zhang Hans ears: “PaPa, then, what did the old grandpa say”

“Some knowledge about Jade, which can be said to be nonsense.” Zhang Han laughed and replied.

“Then why does that old grandpa look so weird when hes speaking” The old mans words carried a bit of ancient wisdom.

Adults might feel the words were refined, but the child wouldnt understand it well.

Especially since Mengmeng grew up in North America, she was able to speak Mandarin fluently and efficiently.

As for the words spoken by the old man, the Little Princess was a little confused.

“Its just a few words.

Mengmeng doesnt need to understand them right now.

You will understand them in the future.” Zhang Han laughed as he rubbed Mengmengs head.

“Oh …” Mengmeng nodded her head obediently; suddenly her eyes saw a small jade fish three meters away from the cabinet.

The fish was carved in a lively manner, and its tail had a small dot as a support point.

Its head raised upwards, and there was a small pearl in its mouth.

“So beautiful.” Mengmeng imitated the shape of the fishs mouth and pouted with an adorable golden mouth.

Her cute appearance made Lin Xue, who accidentally saw her, suddenly frozen.

‘This little girl is so cute!

Lin Xue praised from the bottom of her heart as she stared at Mengmeng.

“Mengmeng is the most beautiful.” Zhang Han chuckled.

Just as he said that the jade fish suddenly fell towards Mengmengs direction.


The old man, Qian Mings gaze, swept between Xiao Yu and Mengmeng a few times before he walked over and said with a smile:

“The candidate jade is inevitable, but the choice of jade is a coincidence.

It seems that this piece of jade is fated to belong to this little girl.”

“Is that so” Mengmengs eyes lit up as she chuckled and said, “Papa, he said that theres fate between Little Fishy and me.”

“Buy it then.”

Zhang Han laughed and shook his head; it didnt matter if the jade fell by accident or not, it didnt matter if the shop manager was deceiving him since he could make Mengmeng smile, he could buy it.

“What a beautiful girl.” Lin Xue smiled and sized Mengmeng up a few times, then looked at Zhang Han and laughed: “Elder Qian, give this guest a 50% discount for the jade.”

“Alright.” Qian Ming nodded.

“Theres no need …” Just as Zhang Han wanted to refuse, he tapped his forehead lightly and turned around to leave.

In the end, Zhang Han paid a 50% discount on the jade and bought it for eighty thousand gold.

While packing, Zhang Han took the ancient jade and sniffed it lightly.

“Interesting …”

Zhang Hans eyes narrowed.

This piece of jade looked like an ordinary ancient jade, but Zhang Han could smell a trace of other odors in the center of the jade.

It was the unique aura of a treasure.

However, this hint of smell could not be felt by Zhang Han, because he could only use the weak ability of the Treasure-sniffing nose, and he would have to wait for his strength to increase in the future before he could use this ability.

Using an early stage Qi Cultivating Stage to search for treasures was equivalent to physical labor.

Zhang Han did not plan to do this, with the Yuan Qing Tree here, he would be able to advance to the Foundation Stage in a year, and that would be the start of the treasure hunt.

Furthermore, when he came out to make a membership card this time, he would take a stroll and find some treasures.

Mengmeng had brought him good luck.

After exiting the door, Zhang Han carried Mengmeng and walked toward the beginning of the street, planning to complete their stroll in the antique shop and then return home.

Every time he entered a shop, Zhang Han would circulate his spirit energy and use the Treasure-sniffing nose to smell around, but the reality was that there were antiques and no treasures in the shop.

Very quickly, Zhang Hans spirit energy was almost used up.

In the last third shop, finally, Zhang Han smelled the scent of a treasure.

“How much is this” Zhang Han said as he held out a rusty copper coin.

“Three thousand.”

“Ill take it.”

Zhang Han smiled and paid for the copper coin.

Zhang Han stopped shopping at the last two shops and headed straight towards the parking area.

“PaPa, the round thing you chose is so ugly …” Mengmeng said with her sweet voice.

“Eh ….” Although it is a little ugly, it is a good thing.

Mengmeng, sometimes ugly things can also be good things.

” Zhang Han laughed and said.

“Ugly, good” Mengmeng did not understand.

“Yeah, look, for example, that Fire Dragon Fruit doesnt look too good, right But its eating pretty good, and the squid, and it looks ugly, but the grilled squid tastes good, and there are some people.

When talking about people, Zhang Hans expression became stern, and said in a deep voice: “Some people are ugly, but they have a kind heart, and some people are beautiful with a venomous heart, so, Mengmeng, when you meet boys in the future, no matter how beautiful they are, you cannot let them approach you, do you understand”

“No, no!” That Mama is wonderful and kind.

PaPa is also very handsome and kind.

“Mengmeng said as she blinked her bright and clear eyes.

“Daddys kindness is only towards Mengmeng.” Zhang Han laughed as he rubbed Mengmengs head.

Zhang Han was not a bad person, but he was far from a kind person.

In the Cultivation World, where strength was respected and cruel, no one would show kindness for no reason, and no one would show mercy to the heavens and treat anyone else well.

This was because you did not know when someone would stab you in the back.

Of course, family love, love and friendship were universal in the Cultivation World, and that kind of precaution was only used against those who were not close to him.

“Hmm, theres still Mama …” Every time this happened, Mengmeng would always say these words.

In her heart, she hoped that the relationship between PaPa and Mama was good.

“Sure, and her.” Zhang Han laughed as he shook his head.

As he said that, Zhang Han walked to the front of the car, and called.

“Zhang Han.” Zi Yan called out Zhang Hans name as usual.

“Yes.” Zhang Han replied as usual, but this time, Zhang Han knew to say one more sentence, and just as she was about to let out a light snort, Zhang Han asked: “Hows the recording going”

“Humph!” On the other end of the phone, Zi Yan still snorted lightly, but a smile still rose on her face.

She took a deep breath and said: “Theres still the last song, I can record it in two days.

Ill be flying at 7 oclock in the afternoon on the 10th, and well reach Hong Kong International Airport at 10 PM.”

“Why are you so careful” Zhang Han pouted and muttered.

“What did you say” Zi Yans voice rose by three decibels.

“A cough, I understand, I will bring Mengmeng to pick you up at ten-thirty.” Zhang Han replied.

“What is it “You dont want to come and pick me up” Zi Yan asked.

Zhang Han originally wanted to reply with “Wasting my time.”

But when the words were just about to reach his mouth, Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng who was blinking her large eyes as she looked at him and finally replied: “No, Im very willing to work for you.

Ill be there at the airport on time at ten.”

As expected, as he said these words, Mengmengs large eyes were filled with happiness.

Of course, it was not only Mengmeng who was happy.

Zi Yan also smiled slightly and asked: “How is Mengmeng What are you eating today ”

“Household dishes: fried tomatoes with eggs, boiled potatoes with beans, and fried eggplant.” Zhang Han replied.

“Do you even know how to cook Can you eat it Dont touch Mengmeng.

Beans must be appropriately prepared.

Zi Yan said with worry.

“If my customers were to hear your words, they would bombard you.” Zhang Han smiled lightly.

What kind of joke was this In Mengmengs casual restaurant, a fan would come, and it was a loyal fan.

Zhang Han did not doubt that if he were to exchange his membership cards for a hundred yuan each, he would be robbed crazily.


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