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Chapter 576 What General

“Director Nan”

Zi Yan subconsciously grabbed Zhang Hans hand.

The director brought someone here.

Although they werent armed, Zi Yan could see from Director Nan and some of his nervous men at the back that they were coming with evil intent.

Director Nan looked at Zhang Han, then at Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

He was hesitating.

Finally, he waved his right hand gently to a dozen people at the back.

The hands that those people pressed on their waists slowly released.

At the same time, they sighed with relief, and even some of them began wiping their cold sweat.

They knew how fierce the handsome man in front of them was, though he was holding the little hand of a beautiful girl and seemed harmless to human beings and animals.

Even the director of the local National Security Agency was killed by him, and the National Security Agency was left without a leader.

They were the only ones to deal with it!

How much courage did it take for them to risk their lives

In fact, all these police officers, including Director Nan, were silently complaining about the order of their chief.

They had no choice but to come here because of that Commander Gus order.

In this case, Director Nan decided not to take out their weapons because he knew it would be useless to do so.

He discovered that fact the moment he saw Zhang Han walking out of the elevator.

After that, hed been thinking about how to say it.

At this time, Rong Yong greeted him, who was very enthusiastic.

“Who is he”

Director Nan took back his gaze and looked at Rong Yong.

There was a trace of doubt in his eyes: “Who are you”

“Well.” Rong Yong felt a little embarrassed, but he maintained calm and gave Director Nan a polite smile.

He nodded, “Im Rong, working in Yilin Office in the Southern District.”

“I see.” Director Nans face became a little indifferent.

In the Yilin Office in South District, the chief executive was Director Ma.

Although they were both called directors, they were in charge of different affairs.

There was a kind of thing called real power, and the real power gap between them was beyond imagination.

The middle-aged man in front of him was an office man, whose highest position was just a section chief.

At this time, he could not arouse any interest of Director Nan.

Director Nan even didnt want to talk anymore, because he had more important tasks.

So he again looked at Zhang Han and said in a deep voice, “Mr.

Zhang, I think you know my background.

Please cooperate with our work and come with us.”

“” Rong Yong was stunned.

“My gosh, Director Nan is here for Han”

“He is the director of the general public security bureau of Lin Hai City, who is in charge of the power of life and death.

Besides, he is one of the core members of Lin Hai officials, and it was not even easy to see him when Rong Yong was not demoted.”

“How powerful he is.

Is he here just for Han”


Rong Yong was shocked and immediately made a guess.

His heart beat violently.

“At this time, there were only two possibilities.

One is that Han has a high status, the other is that he has committed a major crime.”

He slowly turned to look at Zhang Han, but found that his expression was a little bit… impatient

Even Rong Sheng and his wife Jia Wei were confused.

“Whats going on”

As natives in Lin Hai, they were fully aware of the power of Director Nan, so they felt a little nervous.

Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin looked at each other and shook their heads with wry smiles.

“Im afraid something happened just when Han went to pick up Yan.”

Wang Ming knew that Zhang Han was a man of his own will, and his attitude towards his family and friends was quite different from that towards the others.

When facing his enemy, he was called Merciless Zhang!

“Someone must have become his enemy, alas…”

Wang Ming sighed to himself.

As he could imagine, the fate of those people should be miserable.

At this time, the eyes of all the people gathered on Zhang Han.

Even Mengmeng raised her head in a daze.

Her little body was close to Zhang Hans right leg, and her little hand held Zhang Hans big hand tightly.

“Director Nan.” Zhang Han looked at him and nodded, “I dont have time now.

Please go back first.

You can come back to me later.”

Zhang Hans answer was very calm, and even gave Director Nan an illusion, “His strength is not as good as ours.”

Director Nan took a step forward and shook his head calmly.

“No way, Mr.


You have to come with us now.

This is the most important thing.

I dont know if you are clear that in some cities there are some secrets, for example, someone who has superpowers.

They are the guardians of Hua nation.

It happens that Lin Hai is such a city.

Now, Mr.

Zhang, I advise you to think about it calmly and take the initiative to go with me.

Otherwise, well take you by force, and they are not the same.”

Director Nan knew something.

Why did martial arts rarely cause trouble in the city When there was a fight, even the powerful masters would choose some places with rare human traces.

This was because, in many cities, there were people who were called protectors or guardians.

They were a group of mysterious people at the top of the headquarters of the National Security Agency.

So Director Nan still had a bit of confidence.

Zi Yan was not worried about them, but Mengmeng was nervous.

She looked left and right with bright and shining eyes, and finally, she said, feeling a little wronged, “Uncle Police, my PaPa is the best, not a bad guy.

You cant take him away.”

While she was talking, Mengmengs eyes became waterier.

It could be seen that if the director kept saying more, she would cry.

Seeing this, Zhang Han quickly squatted down and picked up Mengmeng.

At the same time, he smiled and said, “They came here to ask me something, and its my work.

But I wont go with them.

Ill accompany Mengmeng.”

While talking like this, Zhang Han touched Mengmengs little head.

Mengmeng was a little relieved, but because she was held by Zhang Han, she turned her back to those people and could not see their expressions.

But just as Zhang Han said this, his face suddenly became serious.

Zhang Han turned his gaze to Director Nan and said calmly, “I said that I dont have time now.

Dont challenge my patience anymore.

Ill give you ten seconds to leave, otherwise… I dont mind sending you to see your Director Gu.”

“Sending me to see Director Gu”

“Are you joking He is dead…”


For a moment, Director Nans face changed.

A dozen officers behind him took a step back together.

They were silently counting down ten seconds.

Rong Yong, Rong Sheng, and Jia Wei in the front also became a little confused.

“Whats going on”

“Why is Han so… impolite towards Director Nan”

“Why do they seem to be afraid of Han”

Most people were afraid of death, including Director Nan.

At this time, he was really nervous, because what he saw in Zhang Hans eyes was indifference, the indifference that he looked at human life like a mustard.

“What can I do”

As he counted down, Director Nan felt anxious.

After only three seconds, the cold sweat on his forehead flowed down his cheeks.

Rong Yong was surprised.

“How could this happen Generally, people will sweat when they see Director Nan.

Now Director Nan himself is sweating.

Is it because of the deficiency of his kidney”

Three seconds left.

Director Nan suddenly felt the danger.

When he was about to speak…

From the side came a rough voice with dignity and discontent.

“Director Nan, why are you here Who sent you here”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Many people turned their gazes to that direction.

After seeing the comer, Director Nan was surprised and then sighed with relief.

He made an obeisance and said, “Hello, Secretary Liu.”

As for Rong Yong near Director Nan, he was stunned with his mouth widely opened.

Then he reacted and hurried to greet Secretary Liu with trembling voice.

“Nice to meet you, Secretary Liu!”

“My goodness, its Secretary Liu.

What is Secretary Liu doing here”

He couldnt believe that Secretary Liu of Lin Hai City, who was the head of the local government, a deputy state-level official, superior and in charge of the supreme authority here.

How could he come in person Moreover, he only brought two subordinates here, not even guards

Rong Yong was astonished at that moment.

Even Rong Sheng and Jia Wei were a little shocked.

Officials like Secretary Liu were really out of reach for them.

Under their uneasy gazes, Secretary Liu looked at Director Nan seriously as if he was about to blame Director Nan.

When Secretary Liu was blaming others with his eyes, his dissatisfaction was obvious.

At this moment, Director Nan felt very bitter in the heart.

“Why didnt you ask me for instructions” Asked Secretary Liu in a flat voice.

Director Nan felt a little out of breath.

He lowered his head and replied, “Its the order of Commander Gu.”

Secretary Liu frowned.

“You are a cadre of the state, not a cadre of a private enterprise!”

Director Nans face was pale, and he hurriedly replied, “Its my fault.”

If he behaved like this, the dozen shivering police officers behind him would feel more nervous.

They also felt very bitter in the heart.

They were all confused when they were commanded to go here and there.


Secretary Liu snorted and then turned his gaze at Zhang Han.

In an instant, he changed his face, smiled and reached out with his right hand.

What he said stunned Rong Yong, Rong Sheng, and Jia Wei again.

“Haha, General Zhang, welcome to Lin Hai.

Ive heard about General Zhangs deeds long ago.

Im so envious.

Why wasnt General Zhang born in Lin Hai”


Rong Yong could not help but spit on the half face of Director Nan.

His eyes were like dead fish eyes as he stared at Zhang Han directly.

Secretary Lius words were echoing in his mind, “General Zhang, General Zhang, General Zhang…”

Director Nan, who silently wiped Rong Yongs saliva on his face, felt very depressed.

Why must he get involved in this matter

“Nice to meet you, Secretary Liu.” Zhang Han smiled and shook hands with Secretary Liu.

“Isnt that a good attitude Why resort to violence”

“What a beautiful little girl.

Are you Mengmeng” Secretary Liu didnt choose to continue talking with Zhang Han.

Instead, he used the safest way to get closer to Zhang Han.

He knew that when he wanted to chat with Zhang Han, he might as well have a chat with Mengmeng first, because Mengmeng seemed a little aggrieved and nervous.

“Huh” Mengmeng was surprised, “How do you know my name”

“Because your father is a very powerful man, a general.” Secretary Liu said with a smile.

“Huh My PaPa is the most powerful.

My PaPa is a general.” Mengmeng was very happy for a while, but then she saw Director Nan and others, and her lips pursed slightly, “Uncle, I dont like them anymore.

They want to take PaPa away.

They are bad.”

Mengmeng also realized that those people were afraid of the smiling man in front of her, so she told him what they had done.

Zhang Han, Zi Yan, Wang Ming, and Rong Jiaxin were all amused by Mengmeng and they couldnt help shaking their heads and smiling.

But Secretary Liu nodded in agreement.

“Then let them bad people run out, OK”

“Okay.” Mengmengs eyes lit up.

Then, Secretary Liu turned his head slowly and looked at Director Nan, whose facial expression was a little frozen.

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