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Chapter 581 The New Years Eve

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Ah Hu was overjoyed and kept nodding his head.

Liu Dong looked very strict, but in fact, he had approved their relationship.

At that time, even Xiao Ling, who was sitting by, covered her mouth and sniggered.

“Hum.” Liu Jiaran pursed her lips and snorted.

“Dad, since you promised me, I can also accept a stepmother.

What about sister Xiao Ling”


Xiao Lings face turned red, and she lowered her head bashfully.

It was only recently that Liu Jiaran found out about it.

She thought that if she and Ah Hu got married in the future, her father would be very lonely.

In fact, she understood a lot of things, but she didnt know how to deal with them.

Liu Qingfengs mouth quivered a little when he heard it.

He said angrily, “Thats enough.

Stop bothering me.

Youd better take care of yourself and drive back now.”

With that, he gave an order to the driver at the front, who quickly took out his walkie talkie and told the team to leave the airport slowly.

Tian San, Liu Qingfengs bodyguard, looked at Ah Hu and coughed softly, “Chairman Liu, Ah Hu seems to be a promising man.

He was frank and sincere.”

Tian San liked Ah Hus character, but he was also frightened by his growth speed.

Tian San could easily defeat Ah Hu before, but the situation had been completely reversed.

In his opinion, with such a son-in-law, Chairman Liu didnt have to hesitate at all!

But as a father, Liu Qingfeng was still reluctant to give his daughter to another man.

Even when he was on the plane, he thought about how Zhang Han would face such a thing once Mengmeng grew up in the future.

According to Zhang Hans character, Liu Qingfeng thought that Mengmengs boyfriend might be beaten, maimed or even killed.

As for his daughter and Ah Hu, Liu Qingfeng was still unwilling to accept their relationship.

Although he knew that Ah Hu, who was supported by Zhang Han, was a good choice and could protect Liu Jiaran, he didnt know if they could keep going like this.

“Well, forget it.

Let her experience the things related to love.”

Liu Qingfeng sighed silently and made this promise.

Along the way, Ah Hu carefully chatted with Liu Qingfeng.

Even though Liu Qingfeng hardly ever paid attention to him, he still tried to find a common topic.

In Ah Hus opinion, he could be embarrassed, but he couldnt make others feel embarrassed.

Liu Jiaran was in a troubled mood, so she occasionally echoed Ah Hu.

After they drove into the city…

Liu Qingfeng looked at Ah Hu and smiled.

“Arent you going home for the New Year Today is New Years Eve.

Why are you still in Lin Hai” Asked Liu Qingfeng.

That was to ask about Ah Hus family.

Ah Hu nodded and answered, “I lost my parents when I was 13 years old.

I left my hometown and went to many cities.

Finally, I came to Hong Kong and became a gangster.

Soon I began to follow Brother Feng, and some of Brother Fengs men had the same background as I.

To be honest, they all like to hang out, but were not bad guys.

Therefore, we still work together now as members of Mengmeng Security.”

“I see.” Liu Qingfeng sighed slowly.

“Life and death are natural laws.

Whether you accept them or not, the results cannot be changed.

Have a New Years Eve dinner with us tonight.

Well have a happy time.”

“Thank you!” Ah Hus eyes lit up.

Then he hesitated and said, “Chairman Liu, if you feel lonely, seven of my friends, including Brother Feng are in Lin Hai.”

In fact, Ah Hu was still a little shaky when facing Liu Qingfeng alone.

“Dont they have to accompany Han Oh yes, they are going to the Rong family for the new year, and they dont need to be accompanied.

You can invite all of them.” Liu Qingfeng nodded.

So it was settled for the time being.

On the other side, Zhang Han and the others had a lot of special snacks at noon and drove to Zhujiajiao in the afternoon.

Rong Han was very excited along the way.

She not only acted as a temporary guide, but also took many photos with Zi Yan.

Zhujiajiao was famous for its wonderful mountains and lakes.

There was a 47 square kilometer fan-shaped town in Zhujiajiao, inlaid in the landscape of lakes and mountains.

Some people regarded it as Venice in Shanghai and a pearl next to the Dianshan Lake.

It was one of the four famous cultural towns in Lin Hai.

There were many rivers in the town and thousands of buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties were built near the water.

36 stone bridges in the town were still made in the ancient style, and there were many places of interest.

It was an interesting place to visit.

Zhang Han and the others got on the boat and strolled around the ancient town, which was very pleasant.

They enjoyed themselves until five oclock in the afternoon, and then they returned home.

After a simple dinner in a restaurant, Zhang Han and Mengmeng went back to the Peninsula Hotel, while Rong Sheng and the others went back to the Rong family.

On the New Years Eve, they, as the elder generation of their family, should be present.

They left Rong Han to accompany Zhang Han until 10 oclock in the evening.

After Zi Yan finished the program, they went to the Rong family estate together.

Back at the hotel, Mengmeng sat on the sofa in the living room.

Zhang Han turned on the TV for her and Mengmeng began to watch a cartoon.

At that moment, Rong Han took out two bottles of coke and a small pack of milk, then sat next to Zhang Han.

Instead of watching the cartoon, she looked at Zhang Han secretly.

Finally, Zhang Han chuckled a few minutes later.

“Whats the matter Do I have flowers on my face”

Rong Han heard the words and covered her mouth with a smile, “No, Im just curious about how you pursued Zi Yan successfully.”

“Well…” Zhang Han thought about it and replied, “It was very difficult.”

If the small accident called Mengmeng didnt happen, Zhang Han would have kept trying to pursue Zi Yan at her company.

However, they had also experienced a lot together, including the affair of Qiao Luoluo, and their romance was actually not so romantic.

At that time, Zi Yan didnt know much about Zhang Han, so she was easy to be provoked.

If that happened again and Zi Yan was shown one hundred photos, she wouldnt believe it.

“Tell me about it,” Rong Han asked.

“Let Zi Yan tell you about this.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Do you have a boyfriend now”

During the conversation, Zhang Han also looked at Rong Han.

She had single-layer eyelid and an oval face, which was not special but it was lovely.

“I dont have boyfriend now.

I had one while in college, but we parted ways after graduating,” Rong Han replied.

“Do you work now” Zhang Han asked casually.

“Yes, I work as a clerk at a department of my uncles company,” Rong Han curled her lips and said, “I always work hard and I didnt ask my uncle for help at all.

Our eldest uncle didnt take care of us; I was promoted to the position of clerk from the grassroots level step by step.”

It seemed that the branch of Zhang Hans mother didnt have a high position in the Rong family, and even Rong Han had to work hard to be a clerk.

“Your uncle is patriarch Rong” Zhang Han asked.

“Yes.” Rong Han nodded, but she found it strange.

“Isnt my uncle you uncle as well”

“Cousin, you dont know much about us, Ill tell you about it.” Rong Hans straightened her body and continued, “Now my third grandfather is the eldest in the family, and he is called Rong Changjiang.

He is always practicing martial arts with several of my uncles and hardly cares about his family.

Rong Zhenxing, my eldest uncle, is the leader of the Rong family.

He has the final say in everything related to the family and he is in charge of the Rongtai Business Company.

My second uncle, Rong Zhenmao, is also powerful.

He is the chief of the Department of Transportation.”

“Both of them are sons of my eldest grandfather, who has three sons and two daughters.

My third uncle is a major in the army, and thanks to his support, the other people in his branch are all high-layer members respected in the Rong family.

As for my third grandfathers branch, Rong Jin, my youngest uncle, is an excellent businessman who owns two big companies.

Those two companies are branches of the family Group; they are actually under the control of Rong Jin and they live a happy life with my third grandfathers support.”

“As for the branch of fourth grandfather, fifth grandfather and my father, they are quite normal when compared with the other branches.”

At the end of the speech, Rong Han stuck out her tongue.

“Of course, I got all the information from the adults in my home.”

In terms of population, the Rong family was a big family.

In the branch of patriarch Rong, there was an officer and a businessman.

There was a major in the branch of the second grandfather.

The branch of the third grandfather focused on business.

The other family members were not as close to the core layer.

All those mentioned were immediate family members; their wives, husbands, children and other relatives were not included.

“The competition is fiercer for us of the younger generation, but we dont get much cultivation resources.” Rong Han told Zhang Han about her family.

Although she didnt get along with Zhang Han for a long time, Rong Han liked Zhang Hans family a lot because of Zi Yan and Mengmeng; she was willing to share with them some of her thoughts.

They continued the conversation as they watched the cartoon.

Mengmeng began to feel a little sleepy at half past ten.

Zhang Han changed the channel to watch the New Years party program of Lin Hai.

Mengmeng suddenly cheered up when she saw Zi Yan appear like a fairy in a crystal dress.

“Wow, its MaMa.

MaMa in on stage, She is going to sing a song.”

“My sister-in-law is so beautiful.” Rong Han was surprised.

Zhang Han was smiling proudly.

“Its said that Snow White is running away, Little Red is worried about the wolf, the Mad Hatter likes Alice, and the Ugly Duckling will become a white swan…”

Zi Yans beautiful voice resounded, accompanied by all kinds of exquisite animations on the large screen in the background.

Zhang Han sat there until the song was finished.

“Lets go to pick her up.” He stood up.

They went out, driving a Mercedes Benz; they reached the TV station ten minutes later.

Then they waited downstairs for ten minutes before Zi Yan, Zhou Fei and Rong Jiaxin came out from the side door.

Zi Yan got in Zhang Hans car.

Zhou Fei and Rong Jiaxin got on a Mercedes in the parking lot and they went to the Rongs home together.

At the time, the Rong family was also brilliant, and New Year ceremony was very lively in the big family.

The Rong family was living at the center of Lin Hai City, about a 20 minutes drive from Liu Qingfengs villa.

The area of the house was not very large.

It was a house built in the period of the Republic of China, and it was usually inhabited by some of the elder members of the Rong family.

Many people of the younger generation were currently living in the high-rise residential area nearby.

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