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Chapter 589 Someone From the Gu Family

“What he said before is true!”

Rong Zhenxing didnt know what expression to use.

He looked at Secretary Liu, as well as all the influential people present, and finally turned his gaze to Zhang Han.

At this moment, there were only a few words in his mind.

“He is a General!”

At this time, many people were looking at Patriarch Rong and his followers.

Right then, Wang Sibei also knew that she had made a mistake; she shouldnt have been so aggressive.

Zhang Han took a glance at them and asked calmly, “Whats the matter”

Zhang Hans simple and casual words turned into a huge hammer, which hit them in the brain, as if to drive them away, leaving them a little at a loss.

But their problems still needed to be solved.

Wang Sibei tried to stand up and smiled awkwardly, saying, “We are here to wish you happy new year and to clarify things.”

“I see.

Its not necessary.” Zhang Han calmly shook his head and didnt add another word.

He picked up Mengmeng and went back to the sofa.

Zhang Han didnt care about them.

Fundamentally speaking, they were not qualified to be Zhang Hans opponents.

Only in order to help Rong Sheng did Zhang Han reluctantly pay attention to them.

At the moment, Zhang Hans attitude was very important.

After Zhang Han finished his comment, Liu Qingfeng took a glance at Wang Sibei and frowned, “Lady, could you do this another time We are having a party right now.”


Rong Zhenxing, Rong Zhenmao, Rong Fan and Rong Jin, who were regarded as the hope of the Rong family, all felt embarrassed.

Secretary Liu slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at them with interest.

At a glance, he knew that the Rong family members hadnt recognized Zhang Han before and had said something impolite.

Luckily, they offended Rong Shengs branch instead of Zhang Han, or they would have suffered a lot.

If she had targeted Zhang Han, she wouldnt have had the chance to continue talking.

Secretary Liu shook his head and preferred to remain standing.

He bowed and said with a smile, “Mr.

Zhang, Im in a really good mood after watching your daughters performance.

I must leave now to visit my ex-chief.

Oh, by the way, my ex-chief also heard about your coming; he said that Mr.

Zhang should go and have a chat with him if you have time.”

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded.

The others gasped in surprise after hearing their conversation.

They all knew the identity of the elder who could be called ex-chief by Secretary Liu.

He was the leader of the military region where Lin Hai was located; many senior military officers in the south were his students.

The invitation he extender to Zhang Han surprised many people.

But Liu Qingfeng, Wang Ming and the others who were close to Zhang Han knew how powerful he was.

In just a few months, all the members of the security group had reached the Qi Strength Master stage, which was a great achievement at a small cost.

“Goodbye, uncle,” Mengmeng whispered and waved her hand.

If Secretary Liu didnt have a good hearing, he would have missed it.

“Bye.” Secretary Liu waved to Mengmeng, then glanced at the others, smiled and nodded.


“Goodbye, Secretary Liu.”

The other guests saw Liu leave the room.

When he passed by Rong Zhenxing and the others standing by, he nodded slightly, and then walked to the door.

Before he could reach the door, he saw several men coming in.

Secretary Liu stopped and smiled, “Third uncle Rong, happy new year.

I heard that you have made a breakthrough.


“Secretary Liu, nice to see you here.

Happy new year.” Rong Changjiang smiled, feeling surprised.

He was really happy, with a smile on his face.

He was in a good mood because of the breakthrough in martial arts and felt very proud at the same time.

Even Secretary Liu came to visit him after he had made the breakthrough.

However, when he saw what was happening inside, he found something strange.


“Chairman Liu Chairman Wang and Patriarch Wang Are they all here for me”

“Patriarch Bai has a much higher social status than me, and theres a man at the Grand Master Late-stage in his family.

Its understandable that Chairman Liu and Chairman Wang are here to congratulate me, but why is Patriarch Wu, a Grand Master at the Middle-Stage here Ive just reached the same stage as him, and he is more powerful than me.”

“Happy new year, everyone.

I didnt expect to see all of you here.” Rong Changjiang laughed.

All the five martial artists following him bowed to the guests.

“Happy new year.”

On the first day of the lunar new year, Rong Changjiang broke through to the stage of Martial Arts Grand Master, which was really gratifying.

Just then…

Seeing their backbone coming, Rong Zhenxing and Wang Sibei gradually calmed down.

Since Rong Changjiang was there, they didnt have to worry about many things.

“Congratulations, third uncle Rong.”

The other guests also greeted them, and some even looked at them with a little envy, such as Patriarch Wu.

The Wu family had once been among the top three families in Lin Hai City, but they had been overwhelmed by the Gu family, eventually falling to the same stage as the eight families in Lin Hai.

Fortunately, they still had some social relationships, which helped them to remain the current stage.

This time, he came to show Zhang Hanyang his support in front of the whole martial arts world of Lin Hai.

If there had to be a fight, he was betting on Zhang Hanyang to be the winner.

After they greeted each other, there was silence.

After three seconds, Rong Jiaxin stood up and made an introduction, “Third uncle, he is Zhang Han, my sisters son.

I specially asked them to come here for the new year.”

“So your parents are Jiali and Guangyou.

What a handsome young man.” Rong Changjiang took several steps forward, then nodded after looking at Zhang Han carefully.

When he saw the beauty beside Zhang Han, his expression changed slightly.

“The lady seems familiar.

Is she Zhang Li, Jialis daughter”

“No, no, no.” Rong Jiaxin laughed and shook her head, “She is Zhang Hans wife.

Did you see that little princess next to them Hahaha.

You may often see her on TV, thats why you think she is familiar.

She is Zi Yan, a big star.”

“No wonder I feel as if Ive seen her before.

It turns out shes a star.

Its great.

You seem to get along well with each other… Wait, whats her name” Rong Changjiangs expression suddenly froze.

He turned around in a daze and looked at his followers.

All his followers were stunned.

“Third uncle.

Zi Yan is that mans wife.

That man in Hong Kong,” One of the men whispered, shaking.

“That man in Hong Kong”


It was like a flash of lightning hitting Rong Changjiang head-on, completely petrifying his body.

Even his outstretched arms and his eyes were still.

Now he looked like a statue.

Rong Zhenxing and the others who were not in the martial arts circle were all confused.

“Whats going on”

Even Zhang Han and Zi Yan were clueless.

They didnt expect the man to react as strongly, to the point where he was in total shock before they could introduce themselves.

“I feel like a monster in their eyes.

Am I that terrible”

Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Third uncle Rong” After five seconds, Secretary Liu whispered in Rong Changjiangs ear.

“Oh!” Rong Changjiangs face changed as he screamed.

Turning to look at Zhang Han, he asked with a trembling tone, “Are you Zhang Hanyang”

“Its me.” Zhang Han pondered and nodded.

“Hiss!” Rong Changjiang gasped in shock and asked, “Are you Jialis son”


“Oh my…” Rong Changjiang was scared.

“Whats the reason Why are you so powerful”

Liu Qingfeng and the other guests were all amused by him.

They all burst out laughing.

The expression and tone of their elder confused Rong Zhenxing and his followers.

They stared at the scene and didnt know what to say.

In fact, they didnt dare to make a sound.

Rong Jiaxin smiled and said, “Third uncle, I wanted to tell you a few days ago, but you were busy breaking through.

I didnt mention it at that time to avoid affecting your mood.”

“Ah!” Rong Changjiang waved his hand.

“You should have told me that day so I could prepare for it.

Now Im a bit confused!”

“Nice to meet you, Grand Master Zhang.

Im Rong Xiyao.”

At that time, all those martial artists following Rong Changjiang realized what had happened, and a woman took the lead to greet Zhang Han.

“Happy new year, Grand Master Zhang.

Im Rong Dian.”


They greeted Zhang Han one by one.

Rong Changjiang did not treat Zhang Han as a family member immediately.

After all, he was seeing Zhang Han for the first time so he knew nothing about him.

He didnt dare to regard himself as Zhang Hans senior, lest he possibly becomes Merciless Zhangs enemy.

Hed better follow the rules of the martial arts world.

Therefore, Rong Changjiang bowed to Zhang Han and said with great enthusiasm, “Nice to meet you, Grand Master Zhang.

Im Rong Changjiang.”

Seeing his attitude, many faces started to change.

It was a good way to say something polite first and then talk about their relatives.

“Grand Master…”

Wang Sibei was also stunned.

She could no longer restrain her mood and wanted to make up previous attitude.

So she bent down to salute, “Nice to meet you, Grand Master Zhang.

Wang Sibei had done something unpleasant and I hope you can forgive her.”

Rong Zhenxing: “…”

Their attitude confused Mengmeng a little bit.

“PaPa, what are they doing” Mengmeng asked in a low voice, holding Zhang Hans hand.

“This is…” Zi Yan thought about it and replied in a low voice, “This is another kind of etiquette.

Mengmeng will understand it when you grow up.”

Zi Yan felt a little helpless.

It was too early for Mengmeng to know, but she couldnt help it.

Her husband was so powerful and he kept in contact with those from the martial arts world, which affected Mengmeng a lot.

Luckily, Rong Jiaxin talked about it with Zi Yan and suggested that they had better not introduce Mengmeng to the martial arts world too early or too late.

It was proper to do so when Mengmeng was about seven or eight years old.

Therefore, Zi Yan did not restrain Mengmeng too much.

She thought that when Mengmeng grew up, she might also carry a sword and follow Zhang Han happily to explore the relics.

As soon as she imagined the picture of Mengmeng holding the sword with great effort, Zi Yan felt it was very interesting.

However, she felt that it would be several years before Mengmeng grew up.

What a pity that Zi Yan couldnt cultivate…

Zi Yan pursed her lips and stared at Zhang Han with her beautiful eyes.

Zhang Han sensed her gaze, so he turned around to look and her.

He smiled at Zi Yan, he touched Mengmengs head, and then waved his hand at Rong Zhenxing before they could finish greeting him.

“Okay, elder Rong.

Dont be so courteous.

We are just here to celebrate the new year.”

“Yes, yes.” Rong Zhenxing nodded in a hurry and made a slight movement.

A stream of sweat dripped from his forehead.

He hurriedly said, “Its my fault that I didnt treat you properly before.

In fact, there are many things which are not like what they seem…”

As he was trying to explain, suddenly, a young man ran in from the door and exclaimed, “The Gu family sent someone here!”


The faces of Patriarch Bai and the other guests changed.

What has to come, will eventually come.

“Damn it.”

Rong Changjiang was very surprised at this time.

He couldnt close his mouth because of his smile.

“The Gu family also sent someone here… Hahaha.”

He smiled and looked at Zhang Han, trying to praise his influence.

Then he saw the weird expression of the others.

“Is there anything strange on my face”

Rong Changjiang was surprised.

“They may be here to make trouble.”

Rong Changjiang felt that there were some problems.

Just as he expected…

Three people hurried in from the door.

Seeing them, Rong Changjiangs expression changed.

The leader was a martial artist from the Gu family, who was at Grand Master Early-stage.

His name was Gu Zonglai, and he was one of Gu Donglais cousins.

“Gu Zonglai.”

“Gu Kong.”

“Gu Ci.”

“Nice to meet you, Grand Master Zhang.”

They greeted Zhang Han as if he were the only person they could see in the room.

After that, Gu Zonglai slightly changed his face and tone.

“We all know what Grand Master Zhang did in Lin Hai, and its not necessary to talk about it now.

Gu Donglai.

the elder of the Gu family knew it and he has been waiting for your explanation all these days.”

“Get to the point,” Zhang Han interrupted him casually.

Gu Zonglai was annoyed and he failed to keep his facial expression.

“Haha.” Gu Zonglai smiled.

‘Ill go straight to it.

Elder Gu wants to fight against you in Jinsha Island three days later.

Dont blame us if you are defeated or killed.”

“What” Rong Changjiang was stunned again.

“What did he say”

“Did I mishear”

“Gu Donglai wants to fight against Zhang Hanyang Why I have just got good news.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han accepted the challenge casually.

Gu Zonglai was confused because Zhang Han seemed to be unconcerned about Gu Donglai at all.

“Perhaps he intends to escape”

Gu Zonglai slightly frowned.

“Then its settled.

Well distribute the news later, and all the people present will count as witnesses.

Are there many local people here Oh, I…”

“You spout too much rubbish.” Zhang Han glanced at Gu Zonglai.


Gu Zonglais face slightly changed.

The atmosphere was mighty.

He felt Zhang Han was so frightening.

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