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Chapter 59 – Exquisite dishes

“Youre right.” Zhang Han rubbed Mengmengs head and said: “Dont worry, in the future, the food will be more and better.

And I guarantee it; there will be a lot of delicious foods that you have never eaten before.”

“Really Boss, can you tell me whats inside” Liang Mengqi and the rests eyes lit up.

Even the silent Zhao Feng was suddenly in high spirits and looked at Zhang Han with shining eyes.

“For example, fruits, crystal peaches, red heart apples, Ksitigarbha persimmon, Nine Flavors Immortal Pears, and various kinds of meat you have not eaten before, such as delicious Dark Shadow Wolf, Dark Demon Tiger, and even Azure Dragon meat.

You might have the chance to taste these in the future, but recently you can eat Kobe beef meat, Tai Lake Black Swine meat, and Dark Pearl Mu Qin sheep, these meat are all over the 5A level.” Zhang Han slowly said.

In the vast universe, there were enough food ingredients, also there were plenty of delicious foods.

It would take a long time, and in the future, when Zhang Hans cultivation level increases, he could still treat them a try or two.

However, they only had a possibility, whereas Mengmeng had to be able to eat it because as Zhang Hans daughter, her life had already begun to lengthen indefinitely.

As for Liang Mengqi and the others, they were only mortals after all.

If it took Zhang Han a hundred years to leave Earth, then what were they waiting for He had probably become a pile of bones long ago.

Everyone listened until they were confused, not knowing what Zhang Han was talking about, but now, no matter if they were fruits or meat, they were all sorts, so they subconsciously thought that Zhang Han was talking about some imported good stuff, but in the end, they had heard of the Kobe beef meat, Tai Lake Black Swines, and Wu Zhu Mu Qin, especially the last sentence that surpassed the 5A grade meat!

“Theres even meat beyond the 5A rank” Liang Mengqis small mouth gaped open, as she said with some surprise.

“Forget about 5A; there are even those that have surpassed 10A.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Wah!” “Then, when will we be able to eat meat” Yu Qingqing said excitedly.

You are all members of the restaurant, I will cook for Mengmeng, and you all have your share, so dont worry.

Zhang Han shook his head and said.

“Okay, okay.

Then what do we eat in the morning” Yu Qingqing asked again.

“Egg Fried Rice.” Zhang Han replied.

His words were like a bucket of cold water thrown over their heads, bringing them back to their senses.

Just now, they had all been lost in their endless reverie.

They had been filled with hunger and thirst for the plum blossom.

Anyone could see the anticipation in their eyes.

“Director Zhao, this boss knows how to trick people.

Your eyes are turning green from talking about it.”

The two people who came with Zhao Dahu whispered:

“Yeah, his words are too godly.

Is the food here really that good”

“Isnt it just Egg-Fried Rice I often eat it.

It seems that every dish has the same taste.

The Egg-Fried Rice here is excellent.

I cant possibly taste something else, can I”

This person did not believe him from the start.

However, when he tasted the first mouthful of Egg-Fried Rice …

His expression completely changed.

It was as if he was worshipping someone.

With incomparable respect, he quickly finished up the Egg-Fried Rice, then asked for a second serving.

After that, he also asked for a second serving.

This scene caused Mengmeng to be a little surprised, and she even whispered into Zhang Hans ear:

“Papa, Papa, look, that little brother has eaten three servings…”

When Zhang Han saw this, he could not help but smile.

He had seen people who could only dry three bowls of wine, but he had never seen anyone who could eat three bowls of Egg-Fried Rice.

This person had eaten three servings in a row, but he didnt know that this record had been broken in just a few days by eating four meals in a row.

After eating three servings of rice and drinking two cups of milk, the man burped and said with a face full of emotion:

“This is not Egg Fried Rice; it is simply divine.

Heavens, I can taste the taste of life.

Ah, what should I do I still want to eat …”

“Dont f * king eat it, whos going to take responsibility if you push yourself to death” His companion said snappily.

He was not only trying to persuade him to eat less, but he was also muttering in his heart:

‘Damn it; Im treating you to a meal! This guy is looking forward to death! “Three servings of rice and two cups of milk, how much money is that ah, ah, ah …”

The man paid the bill in heartache and left the restaurant sorrowfully.

The reason why he felt sad was that he thought that he had to spend a lot of money to come here to eat.

The most important thing was … The salary was not enough!

He didnt even have money to eat.

This was an intense thing to do.

Liang Mengqi and the other two had only left after washing all the tableware, but when Zhao Feng saw this, he felt that he could already buy a set of tableware.

After everyone left, it was 8 oclock in the morning.

Zi Yan called them daily.

After chatting with Zhang Han for a while, the two of them started to talk on the phone more.

Sometimes, Zi Yan would tell Zhang Han some exciting things about how to record a video while Zhang Han would say to him some things about playing with Mengmeng.

This kind of conversation allowed their relationship to improve by a lot.

That kind of strange feeling began to melt away.

It was just that this made Mengmeng a little unhappy, and they continued to argue, “PaPa, Mai Guang spoke to you, hmm … As time passes, I have been talking with Mengmeng less and less… ”

For the entire morning, Zhang Han accompanied the Little Princess to watch the cartoon show.

After watching it for two hours, Zhang Han and Mengmeng started to paint and play again.

“PaPa, guess what I drew” Mengmeng drew a face.

It had a rough appearance and a distant face.

Its eyes were two small dots, two of its nostrils were slightly big, and its mouth was a horizontal line.

There were only three or two wavy strands of hair on its head.

“Pigs” Zhang Han said in a hesitant tone.

“Humph, hes not a pig.” Mengmeng was surprised for a moment, and said with dissatisfaction: “PaPa, take a closer look, see if it looks like PaPa or not.”

“Puff …” “A cough…” The corner of Zhang Hans mouth twitched, and he invented suspicion as he said: “Then let me guess, huh Mengmeng seemed to be drawing … Its me.

“Eh Really Did PaPa manage to see through it ” Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“Aiya! Isnt father that Mengmeng drew “Haha, its wonderful.

It looks just like daddy.” Zhang Han revealed a gentle and happy smile and said something that went against his heart.

“Haha …” PaPa, PaPa, is already a handsome man … ” Receiving the praise of the PaPa, Mengmeng was very happy.

Amidst the noise, she drew anotherMama beside PaPa.

Looking atZi Yan whose face was longer than a donkey and had eyes like sesame seeds, Zhang Han chuckled.

He was afraid that if Zi Yan saw it, her expression would be interesting.

After drawing the PaPa and Mama, Mengmeng wanted to bring herself again.


Mengmeng happily finished drawing and was stunned.

Looking at her drawing, she was not satisfied at all, then she pouted and said: “I dont look like it, this doesnt look like Mengmeng … …”

In her heart, Mengmeng should be cute just like the picture on the restaurant board.

“Come on, the father will draw a Mengmeng …”

Zhang Han quickly picked up his pen to save the situation.

The entire morning passed with laughter and cheers.

Near midnight, the restaurant welcomed two groups of customers.

The first batch was from the blond Sun Dongheng who came last time.

This time, he drove a BMW Z4 and brought another great beauty over.

From the looks of it, this brat should be an insane demon that was flirting with girls.

“Good afternoon, Boss.” Sun Dongheng greeted passionately, he suddenly remembered that in this restaurant, the owner might not buy everything, he had to get rid of Mengmeng, so he quickly looked at Mengmeng, and smiled even more enthusiastically: “Good afternoon Little Princess Mengmeng!”

“Hmph, alright.” Mengmeng winked at Ming Che with her big eyes.

The little princess still remembered how he made a ruckus in the dining hall.

“Wow, what a cute northern nose.” The beauty beside Sun Dongheng said in an exaggerated manner.

“Of course, the boss is amazing; his daughter is even better.

Lets sit over here; the round table belongs to the boss and Mengmeng.” Sun Dongheng brought the beauty to a small table at the side of the window and sat down.

“Just these three small tables are the place for customers” The beauty pursed her lips in disbelief.

“En, its good enough to have a meal.

After you finish eating, you will know.

Even if you eat while standing, there will still be people willing to eat.” Zhang Hans Egg-Fried Rice entirely subdued Sun Dongheng; he looked like a loyal fan of Zhang Han.

“Boss, when are we going to cook” Sun Dongheng felt a little hungry, so he asked.

Zhang Han looked at the time; it was only 11: 40, so he replied: “Wait a moment, Ill cook the rice first.”

“Alright.” Sun Dongheng replied.

This time, Zhang Han cooked less.

Six cups of rice.

When it was time to cook, Zhang Han started to mix the noodles.

Mount New Moons noodles and rice were also of the same standard.

White rice was tasty and white bread were equally attractive.

The steamed bread with good quality noodles was already very fragrant.

If one bit the cooked food with aromatic and robust taste, then the Mount New Moon, the best white flour in the world, would have to conquer a large number of people.

There were even more ways to make pasta — steamed buns, rolls, youtiao, buns, noodles, bread, cakes, and so on.

There were too many things that could be done.

However, today, at noon, Zhang Han didnt plan to steam the steamed bun.

There was knowledge to steamed bun, and steamed bun needed noodles so that it might have a sour taste after a long time, and after adding a lot of alkaline noodles, it would turn yellow.

It would also have a slightly chemical taste.

Zhang Han had never studied it before, there was only one way that he could do it, and that was to make dumplings!

When Zhang Han was young, he had wrapped dumplings with his parents many times.

At that time, his father rolled out the dough wrappings, his mother was in charge of covering the dough wrappings, and Zhang Han would make small round dough wrappings at the side.

After a few tries, Zhang Han remembered the entire process of wrapping the dumplings, although he had forgotten about the details.

But after checking for a while, Zhang Han understood clearly.


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