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Chapter 593 Fighting on Top of Lin Hai City

“Gu Donglai, you just cant change your nature, can you”

In the video, Gai Xingkong held the Dragon-tiger Spear and pointed it at the cameras.

Gu Donglai felt like the tip of the spear was pointing at his face.

He then sneered.

“This is such a nasty move, even for you! Now you should enjoy the fight today because Im pretty sure it will be your last one.”


Then the video ended.

Gu Donglai was immediately enraged after he saw the video.


Gu Donglais mobile phone cracked in his hand.

He crumbled it into dust.

Many people were confused at this moment because they still had no idea what on earth was going on.

They could tell Gu Donglai was furious, but they wondered why.

Only those who were close to the two, including Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, Mu Xue, Jin Mu, and others, could hear Gu Donglai and Zhang Hanyangs talk.

They could assume what had happened.

Gu Donglai sent someone to attack Zhang Hanyangs home and tried to cut Zhang Hanyangs way to retreat.

He wanted Zhang Hanyang to put up a desperate fight.

However, Gu Donglai seemed to have failed.

That was why he was furious.

He looked at Zhang Han with his glaring eyes.

Then he raised his eyebrows and said, “Zhang Hanyang, Im surprised that you were prepared for that, but you should pay more attention to your own safety.

Ill spend all I have to kill you and honor my cultivation career.

You and I are in the same realm, so I assume you share my feeling that advancing into the Divine Realm is our only goal.”

Zhang Hans face twitched a little when he heard that.

Gu Donglais facial expression turned weird and it seemed that he had come up with something.

Two seconds of silence later, Zhang Han lowered down his head and uttered, “What the hell do you know”

Cultivation is a long journey, and Zhang Han had seen numerous sects and powers.

All of them had their own way to ascend to heaven.

Some of them appealed to the Tao by breaking off relationships or giving up on their relationships, and others by double-cultivation.

They mainly focused on the cultivation of their souls.

After they made progress on it, they would be able to perform mental attacks on the opponents.

Zhang Han cared about his family and his love from the bottom of his heart.

But he would rather give it up even if he had the chance to mend the broken relationships.

He had been so fed up with those things.

But Gu Donglai was also right in some way.

The Divine Realm was almost the same as the Innateness.

Advancing into the Divine Realm indeed meant the cultivator had reached a new world.

There would be a significant promotion in his physical power, his meridians, and his spiritual force.

This was the most orthodox Tao, and if the cultivator practiced the psychokinesis in advance, that kind of abnormal achievement would make it hard to make further progress.

Being with the Innateness was the only way to achieve it.

Gu Donglai almost got choked on Zhang Hans words.

“Zhang Hanyang, you are too arrogant.

Your cultivation career has gone so smoothly ever since you started it.

Youre honored as the Invincible Grand Master, but you should know that this is a huge world and there are superior powers existing.

You have no idea what the Divine Realm is.

Ill kill you on Jinsha Island today to honor myself.

Ill let others know that Ive reached the Divine Realm, and there are no more restrictions for me in this world!”

Gu Donglai uttered those words one after another.

The pressure he gave out was increasing.

At last, others could feel that the pressure was very close to that from a real Divine Realm cultivator.

He was so imposing that other Peak Grand Masters would tremble in front of him.

However, Zhang Han was smiling and saying calmly, “You havent reached the Divine Realm yet, and even if you have, I can still kill you because your kills are too weak.”

In fact, in the three days before the battle, both of them had made clear of the information of their opponents.

No matter how much they hated each other, their fellows would just keep informing them of the profiles.

At first, Zhang Han thought that Gu Donglai would be powerful, which made him disappointed when he saw Gu Donglai perform saber skills.

Vermilion Bird Jiang Yanlan told him that Gu Donglai had once dispelled all the fog in the mountain by simply waving his saber.

That was what made Zhang Han interested because it seemed that Gu Donglai had gained a lot during his years of seclusion.

“Youre way too arrogant!”

Gu Donglai snorted and his eyes looked as cold as ice.

The pressure he gave out went up to its limit and he stopped talking.


Suddenly, his right arm stretched out on one side of his body.

The power on his right hand was increasing, as if there was a fireball burning in there.

Gu Donglai cultivated the advanced skills of fire attribute.

He combined his Genuine Qi with the Roaring Flame Saber, which was what made him one of the most powerful people in the martial arts world.

But it seemed that Gu Donglai wasnt going to pull out his saber this time.

Zhang Han shook his head disdainfully and put his hand on his back.

It seemed that he didnt even intend to defend himself.


Gu Donglai looked ruthless.

He put his right hand in front of his chest and suddenly raised it vertically.

He released his fist and pressed on the air in front of him.


A flaming saber extended out of his hand.

It was more than a hundred meters long.

His Genuine Qi was so dense that other people could see it with their naked eyes.

They saw numerous wisps of spiritual force burning like fire.

This hand-knife instantly crossed over 50 meters and slashed toward Zhang Han with overwhelming power.

Before it touched Zhang Han, the trees under his feet cracked and their leaves withered.

Then the branches and leaves fell onto the ground.

Other peoples facial expressions changed because they knew other Late-stage Grand Masters couldve been severely injured by that strike.

That was the unformidable power of the Grand Master Late-stage, let alone Gu Donglai, who was just one step away from the Divine Realm.

However, faced with the fierce strike, all Zhang Han did was raise his right hand and press forward, like a traffic officer trying to stop a car.


Invisible energy spread from his hand.

That was the spiritual force.

It instantly formed a shield in front of him.

After a muffled noise was heard…

Gu Donglais Qi blade fell on Zhang Hans shield.

The noise sounded like a mountain collapsing.

Storms rose and the trees started to rustle.


Gu Donglai sneered at how weak Zhang Hans shield was.

Zhang Han wouldve been killed by him if he was using his Roaring Flame Saber at this moment.

He was sneering so proudly.

Suddenly, his eyes stopped moving.

He could sense that his strike had been blocked by the shield, which was about to disappear.


It collapsed into flower petals and rushed at him like a shower.

The petals moved swiftly.

Gu Donglai tried to take one step forward, only to find that he had been surrounded by those petals.

He felt the coldness and killing aura given out by them, making the place an ice realm.

What made him even more fearful was that when he released his soul sense, he found that all these petals were actually real.

“How is this possible”

Gu Donglais face changed out of astonishment.

The shield was transformed into a weird attacking tool in an instant.

That made him so confused because even those Grand Masters of spells wouldnt be able to cast spells so fast.

“Thats an illusion!”

Gu Donglais face turned grim.

He crossed both hands in front of his chest and made a round shield with his violent spiritual force, trying to protect himself from those petals.

“Youre just bluffing!”

After that, Gu Donglai craned over the petals to look at Zhang Han.

He somehow felt that Zhang Hanyang, who was standing behind the flower petal barrier, looked much more divine than ever.

It was as if he didnt belong to this world.

He looked like an immortal coming from heaven above.

All of this felt like a movie scene to Gu Donglai.

That made Gu Donglai furious.

He stared at Zhang Han and said, “Zhang Hanyang, youre no more than a newbie in the martial art world.

Your skills are nothing better than a catfight.

Do you really think that can make me concerned Youre so naive.”

“Oh, am I” Zhang Hanyang answered calmly.


Those petals were approaching.

When the first petal approached his shield, he felt that his shield was intact, like new.

Gu Donglai laughed out loud.

“You want to hurt me with an illusion”

He continued to laugh at those petals, and everyone was looking at him.


The first petal landed on Gu Donglais hand.

Gu Donglai suddenly felt cold on his hand.

He couldnt move his eyes away from the petal, and his smiling face froze.

He could feel the spiritual force given out by the petal.


He drew back his hand and checked it carefully.

Then he saw a slim but deep cut on it.

Blood oozed out of the wound immediately, drip by drip.

Now he knew that the petals werent just illusions.

Gu Donglai raised his head.

His neck felt stiff when he saw thousands of flower petals reach his front.


“I dont believe this!”

Gu Donglai roared.

Everyone could see how Gu Donglai was buried by thousands of petals.


That made many of them scared.

Jin Mu trembled and asked, “What just happened Is Grand Master Gu really going to fail”

“Not really!” An old man beside him swallowed and explained nervously, “Grand Master Gu hasnt used his Roaring Flame Saber yet.

When he pulls out that saber, Zhang Hanyang will definitely be killed!”

“This fight is so different from the one we imagined,” said a Grand Master in black, who seemed so scared.

They already assumed that in this fight on Jinsha Island, Gu Donglai would pull out his saber and defeat Zhang Hanyang without any resistance, like a real powerful king.

They were sure that Gu Donglai would crush Zhang Hanyang soon enough.

They knew that Zhang Hanyang would put up a fight, and the worst situation would be that the two broke even.

They had never imagined how this could happen.

It took Zhang Hanyang just one strike to make Gu Donglai cry out, “I dont believe this!”

They wondered if Zhang Hanyang had killed Gu Donglai within one strike.

Gu Donglais followers, especially Jin Mu, were so tense now.

Other people, including those survivors of the Li Family and the representatives of the He Family, were also stunned.

They were here to see how Zhang Han would be killed, but the young man seemed invincible.

“Why do I feel that he has grown much stronger” Ye Longyuan furrowed his eyebrows.

It was well known in the martial arts world that their families were being bullied and suppressed by Zhang Hanyang, which made them resent him so much.

Zhang Han hadnt played his trump card during his fight with Ye Yuanlong.

He just didnt want to fight anymore and quit the fight.

That was not what a bully was like.

But Ye Longyuan also acknowledged how powerful Zhang Hanyang could be.

One had to be powerful enough if he wanted to steal the Golden Armor from Ye Longyuan.

At that time, Ye Longyuan had also reached the half-step Divine Realm.

If he put up a real fight, nobody knew who would be the winner because Zhang Hanyang was such a powerful opponent.

He was also confused and concerned at this moment.

He opened his worldlet so that he could go back to his sect and try to advance to the Divine Realm.

Only in that way could he have the chance to kill “Merciless Zhang”.

That was his only goal at this moment.

“Ha hasnt even reached the Divine Realm yet.

How could he be so powerful He could be one of the most excellent talents in the worldlet! He mustve been so lucky to grow this strong in this world.”

Shi Fenghou stared at Zhang Han and turned grim.

He had read something from that strike, which impressed him more than ever.

“Is Gu Donglai really going to fail”

Mu Xue seemed very disgruntled.

She said, “That old man is so lame! Hey! Can he just take out his divine weapon Or I think he may really fail!”

The three of them were so straightforward because they had powerful backgrounds.

Mu Xue had the Seven Harmony World to support her, and she was the princess of the Luo Fu Sword sect!

Her father was a powerhouse in the Heaven Realm and could be invincible in this world.

Nobody would dare to touch her.

No one in Hua nation would dare to block her way.

Those old forces and sects respected and feared her.

Only those disciples from the Luo Fu Sword sect would challenge her from time to time.

Merciless Zhang was an exception.

He was known for being fearless because he took the Demon Dancing Sword away from Mu Xue.

Gu Donglai seemed to have read what was in Mu Xues mind.

A dazzling red glow that looked like a fireball emerged and radiated out of the flower petals.


The flames expanded out in all directions.

Other spectators could feel the heat brought by the strong and flaming airflow.

The trees under Gu Donglais feet were all burned to ashes within three seconds.

Soon, after the fire waves disappeared, Gu Donglai was floating in the exact same spot as he just was.

The only difference was 10 more wounds were on his body, cut by the petals.

Gu Donglai felt so ashamed and outraged because of that.

In his right hand, there was a saber.

No fire was burning on the blade, and people could clearly see how long and wide the saber was.

The blade was like a red crystal, very eye-catching.

Seeing the legendary divine weapon, Zhang Han took a careful look and nodded positively.

“Not bad!”

That was a precise comment.

That praise made Ye Longyuans mouth twitch.

He had the feeling that Zhang Hanyang was going after his divine weapon.

“Whats the name of the move that you just performed”

Gu Donglai was holding the saber, and he finally calmed down.

He turned back into Crazy Saber Gu Donglai once he had the weapon in his hand.

He asked that question because he had failed to cure those would on his body, which was quite unusual.

“Thats what youll never be able to understand,” answered Zhang Han calmly.

That flowery strike was a forbidden spell he cast by combining 90% of his spiritual sense and 10% of his spiritual force.

It looked beautiful, and it was very damaging.

Gu Donglai wouldnt be able to resist it for more than 15 seconds if without the Roaring Flame Saber.

The forbidden spell involved the soul sense.

Gu Donglai wouldnt be able to understand it because he hadnt reached the Divine Realm.

Gu Donglai couldnt accept that.

“Its just a spell,” Gu Donglai sneered.

He then let the power run over his body and said, “All the spells in the world work in the same way.

I dont know it, but I can break it.

My sword has come out of its shell now.

Zhang Hanyang, are you ready for it”

“Then well see if you can…”

Zhang Han wanted to say “if you can make me use my sword”, because he could feel that Gu Donglai was less powerful than he had expected.

But at this moment, a nervous cough came over, which paused Zhang Hans words.

He didnt turn around because he knew that the cough came from Rong Jiaxin, who was trying to remind him to be careful.

Zhang Han told himself not to underestimate the opponent.


As Zhang Hans body radiated golden light, something was summoned out in his hand.

The Golden Armor and the Demon Dancing Sword!

The expressions on Ye Longyuan and Mu Xue didnt look happy.

They felt really bad standing there watching someone else using their weapons.

As much as they wanted to rush over and fight Zhang Han for them, they gave up on that idea because they didnt want to get involved in other peoples fight.

“Ill let you move first for the sake of your Roaring Flame Saber.”

Zhang Han glanced at the fifth-stage spirit treasure, the Roaring Flame Saber, in Gu Donglais hand.

Its level was lower than the Dragon-tiger Spear, although they were both low-grade in the fifth-stage.

Anyway, they were much more powerful than most spirit treasures in the world.

Upon hearing that, Gu Donglais eye turned colder.

“As you wish!

“Go to hell!”


After a cracking sound, Gu Donglais body suddenly rushed forward.

At the same time, his Roaring Flame Saber stabbed, swept, thrust, and made turns in the air.

He finished 13 moves within a blink, and his moves were as smooth as water.

The 13 moves created differently blades, approaching Zhang Han from all directions.


18 cards popped out.

They floated in the air and orbited around Zhang Han.

Then the card stopped moving in the air and gave out dazzling lights.

They pieced together like a turtle shell, blocking the strike coming at Zhang Han.

That was one of the Four Symbols, the heaven-shaking Black Tortoise.

Zhang Han owned the soul of the flood dragon and the Golden Black Tortoise.

His card spirit treasure, which recently had advanced into the fourth-stage, was also quite powerful.

People watched the 13 rays of light approaching Zhang Han.


The golden light shield was extremely solid.

It flickered under the 13 strikes, but in the end, it withstood all the strikes with itself intact.

However, that had also consumed lots of Zhang Hans spiritual force.

He was still dissatisfied with his formations, because out of the four symbols, he only had two here.

Zhang Han shook his head.

The incomplete symbols made the formation quite limited in power.

The 13 strikes from Gu Donglai were already all it could take.

When Zhang Han was about to cancel his Four Symbols Formation, Gu Donglai laughed at him.

“The sky could be devoured by my flames.

Your moves on me are like cutting water with a blade!”

A gigantic blade then fell onto Zhang Han overwhelmingly.

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