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Chapter 601 Back to Hong Kong

“Lets go check it out, which will help you make a breakthrough,” Zhang Han said with enthusiasm.

He led the way to the pool of about 50 meters in diameter on the left side of the field.

“Is it in that pool” Gai Xingkong was surprised.

Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng followed them.

They were not worried at all because there were no other martial artists here and all the treasures belonged to them.

They soon arrived at the pool.

Gai Xingkong looked carefully at the pool, and then he squatted down to put his hand into the water.

He blinked in surprise and told the others, “The depth of the pool is more than a few meters.”

The pool seemed to be only three to five meters deep, and Gai Xingkong stretched his soul sense as far down as he could.

However, when he finally reached a depth of six meters, he found that there was still water underneath.

“The pool is nearly 100 meters deep.

Its just a matter of sight.

Theres a little guy under the water.

Ill drag it up,” Zhang Han answered, then patted his right hand down and withdrew it.


In the middle of the pool, a fountain-like water column more than 10 meters high burst out.

After hearing Zhang Hans words, Gai Xingkong felt his heart beating violently.

“It is deeper than 100 meters…

“Now that he is able to scan to a depth of 100 meters, his soul sense must be more than 10 times stronger than mine!

“Is he a monster”

Before he was too shocked, the fountain of water began to spread out, as if something was coming out of the water.

Both Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng got nervous.

This was the first time for them to see such a weird phenomenon.

They would not be so nervous if they were in the face of someones profound skills, witchcraft, and incantation, which were powerful but could be resisted by them with their own blood and spiritual force.

After all, there were few martial artists as powerful as Zhang Han, who knew so many amazing incantations.

In front of them, the pool, which seemed to be only a few meters in depth, was constantly spouting water.

At the same time, the blazing energy and weird Qi around them became more and more intense, indicating that their opponents might have reached the Grand Master Late-stage.

“Whats that”

“Flood dragon”

Everyone was looking carefully at the pool.

Gai Xingkong was preparing to summon his Dragon-tiger Spear.

Under everyones gaze…

The pool still looked empty.

All of a sudden, something weird happened on the water surface.


They saw a one-meter-long pale-gold monster, who looked like a goldfish with sharp teeth and dazzling eyes and scales.

Such a fish was lifted up by Zhang Han with invisible force.

Floating in the air three meters above the ground, it constantly shook its tail and wriggled, but could not break free from the force.

“A fish” Lei Tiannan was confused.

“Its just a fish I expected to see a flood dragon.”

“Its better than a flood dragon.”

Zhang Han began telling them about the fish.

“Though this one-meter-long Dragon Bone Fish hasnt reached the level of Grand Master, it will grow to be a monster 30 meters in length in the water, which is difficult to be dealt with.

It has strong defense, infinite power, and extremely fast speed.”

Zhang Han only gave a simple explanation.

In fact, a mature Dragon Bone Fish could reach Innateness Last-Stage, which not only had the advantage of defense, strength, and speed, but also gifted supernatural power.

Perhaps one Dragon Bone Fish was not so formidable, but Zhang Han used to see thousands of such fishes in groups, which looked like a tornado.

This kind of fish could breed very fast, and Zhang Han intended to bring it back for breeding to add a delicious dish to their dining table.

Most importantly, the whole body of a Dragon Bone Fish was a treasure, which could improve martial artists physical qualities.

“Will this fish help me make a breakthrough” Gai Xingkong was confused.

“This fish hasnt reached the Grand Master level yet.

How can it help me to advance to the Divine Realm”

Wang Zhanpeng and Lei Tiannan dared not to believe it, either.

Zhang Han waved his right hand slightly and said, without keeping them guessing, “Its not the fish but the pearl in its mouth.

The pearl is the core of this Land of Extreme Yang!”


With a wave of Zhang Hans right hand, the Dragon Bone Fish suddenly seemed to be slapped.

It opened its mouth and spat out a pure-white pearl the size of a palm.

Seeing the pearl, Zhang Han began scanning it with his soul sense.

The pearl glowed as soon as Zhang Hans touched it with his soul sense.

As dazzling as the sun, it seemed to make the whole Land of Extreme Yang tremble at that moment.


Then there was a strong wind.

Under the explorers gazes, the golden light and blazing energy surrounding them began to converge into the pearl.

The pearl, like a bottomless hole, sucked all the mist in the Land of Extreme Yang.

Later, the area changed from light gold to dark with the pearl as the only light source.

“We are standing on a pillar” Lei Tiannan looked around and found that the “football field” was just the top of a pillar.

There seemed to be a huge cave above them, and the abyss below them was filled with billowing magma.

“It can help you advance to the Divine Realm.” Zhang Han looked at Gai Xingkong and said, “But I think its necessary for you to go to Hong Kong with us.

If I plant the sunflowers, you will get a wave of Qi from the sun.”

Under the guidance of Zhang Hans fingers, that pearl slowly moved to Gai Xingkong.

That Dragon Bone Fish wriggled more fiercely, trying in vain to get back the gold pearl.

“This…” Gai Xingkong wanted to say something after taking the pearl in excitement.

But he was not good at saying something in a polite way.

When Lei Tiannan was busy organizing his language, Zhang Han said to Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng, “Lets do a big cleaning.”

“Okay.” Lei Tiannan cheered and began harvesting all kinds of spiritual herbs with Wang Zhanpeng at high speed.

Zhang Han smiled at Gai Xingkong, and then rushed toward the Sun Flower.

With a wave of Zhang Hans right hand, the whole Sun Flower disappeared along with its root.

Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng spent five minutes collecting all the spiritual herbs and piling them up.

“Han, come to pick some of them.

You can plant them in your mountain and make a spiritual farmland for us,” said Wang Zhanpeng.

“Yes.” Lei Tiannan nodded.

“Ill take some of them to exchange for those gemstones.

You can share the rest.”

“Thank you for the gold pearl, but I wont take the rest.

Just share some of them with those martial artists who gave the gems.” Gai Xingkong took only one-fifth of the herbs after thinking carefully about it.

Lei Tiannan took one-fifth of them.

Wang Zhanpeng put away the remaining half of the herbs and planned to go back and open up a spiritual farmland.

“Lets go back.” Zhang Han controlled the Dragon Bone Fish to fly upward with him.

He could see from a distance the burning door in front of him on the right.

It took them nearly an hour to get here and five minutes to go back.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Four figures rushed out of the gate.

Upon seeing them, the other people outside the gate were excited.

It was dusk now, and the sun shed its last light from the west side of the sky.

After Zhang Han and his friends came out, they were soon surrounded by a group of people.

“Grand Master Gai, did you get something there”

“Grandfather, will you be able to advance to the Divine Realm this time”

“It just turned black and looked like a black hole.

It was terrible!”

“Wow, whats that fish”


When everyone around him was talking, Zhang Han closed the door of flame with his soul sense, which soon disappeared with the remaining energy of all those gems.

Then he put the Roaring Flame Saber back into his Space Ring.

Many people envied him for owning such a divine weapon.

“Zhang Han now has the Demon Dancing Sword, Golden Armor, a whole set of cards, and the Roaring Flame Saber.

He is so rich in treasures!”

But no one, including Wang Zhanpeng, had seen Zhang Han use a saber, and they didnt know if he could fight with one.

“Well, those who have just provided us with gems can choose double-value gems among these natural precious materials.” Gai Xingkong waved his arms and a pile of spiritual herbs appeared.

At the same time, Lei Tiannan also gave some herbs to his subordinates.

Many people were surprised.

They didnt expect it to be a real wonderful land with so many treasures.

After allocating the treasures, Gai Xingkong said, “Id like to thank everyone for helping me this time.

Our business in Lin Hai is over now.

You can go back.

Ill go to Hong Kong with them.”

So the itinerary of everyone was determined.

Lei Tiannans and Gai Xingkongs men would leave tonight, leaving Gai Xingkong and Gai Rulong here to go to Hong Kong with Zhang Han the next day.

After making the plan, they went to the other side where there were loungers.

Mengmeng ran over to Zhang Han after seeing him, but was soon confused by the fish in his hand.

“PaPa, that fish is so big.”

“Yes…” Zhang Han took a glance at the Dragon Bone Fish and replied, “Lets bring it back.”


After chatting with each other, they got on the yacht one after another.

The big one-meter fish in Zhang Hans hand was quite eye-catching.

They had dinner in the dining hall of the Rong family that night, and Rong Changjiang was depressed after learning that Zhang Han would leave for Hong Kong the next morning.

He hadnt consulted Zhang Han about martial arts knowledge yet, which would benefit him a lot as far as Zhang Hans strength was concerned.

Rong Changjiang decided to wait for Jiali to return.

While Rong Zhenxing, the patriarch of the Rong family, Rong Zhenmao, Rong Yong, Rong Fan, and Rong Han all came to chat with Zhang Han, Wang Sibei was too afraid to approach him.

They talked until nine oclock in the evening and then went back to their houses.

Zhang Han told the story in a low and soft voice, which made the mother and daughter fall asleep soon.

At about six oclock in the morning the next day, Gai Xinggong and Gai Rulong followed Zhang Han to the International Airport in Lin Hai City in the motorcade of the Rong family.

The Dragon Bone Fish had been placed in a glass container and carried by Zhao Feng and Elder Meng.

Mengmeng had a good time in Lin Hai and looked forward to returning to Hong Kong.

She hadnt played with the two Heihei powers in days.

Mengmeng and Zi Yan walked toward the glass container and looked at the fish carefully.

Mengmeng murmured, “Big fish, Ill introduce you to Big Heihei and Little Heihei after we get back.

They are very nice.”

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