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Chapter 602 Delicious Fish

Mengmengs lovely appearance amused Zi Yan.

“The fish doesnt understand your words.”

Zhang Han was standing on the right side of Zi Yan and talking with Gai Xingkong.

Beside him were Rong Changjiang and some key members of the Rong family who came to see them off.

Wang Zhanpeng and others were behind them.

Although they were going to take a private plane, they had to cross the airport and go to the hangar on the side of the airport.

They went in through the direct door and walked for two minutes to get to the plane.

There were three private planes parked in this area, among which Zhang Hans was the most luxurious.

There was a smaller plane on one side of Zhang Hans, and seven or eight people were following a young man to the plane in front of them.

“Childe Lin, we didnt treat you well this time.

I thought you could stay a few more days.”

“Yes, Childe Lin, its too sudden for you to decide to go back.

You havent caught up with the girl in Linhai University, right”

As soon as he finished his words, everyone burst out laughing.

The one whom they surrounded was Lin Jie, one of the Four Young Masters in Shang Jing City.

After hearing this, Lin Jie waved his hand.

“Are you joking Look at the front.”


They looked up and saw a tall girl in a short dress and black silk stockings standing at the door of the plane, smiling and waving her hand at Lin Jie.


They were shocked.

“How could that girl from Linhai University dress in such a sexy way Didnt she refuse Lin several days ago”

Dong Hu, a little brother of Zhang Han, was now standing beside Lin Jie.

He smiled and said, “Brother Lin had a good time with her last night.”

After Dong Hu recovered, he shut down his second-hand car shop and worked for Lin Jie, who found that Dong Hu was not only bad but also declining.

But such a guy was suitable to amuse Lin Jie as a clown, so Lin Jie brought him to Lin Hai this time.

Moreover, he knew that Dong Hu was the kind of person who could give up righteousness for interest.

It was funny for Lin Jie to see Dong Hu give up Liu Feng and come to be his follower.

“Childe Lin, I admire you so much.

I didnt expect that you could do that in two days.

Its amazing.”

Several people behind Lin Jie began to flatter him.

They really admired Lin Jie because the eldest son of the Gu family was also pursuing that girl at the same time, who didnt appear in these two days for whatever reason, leaving such a good chance to Lin Jie.

“What issue does Childe Lin have to make you go back to Shang Jing in such a hurry” asked a man beside Lin Jie.

He had the highest status in this group of people aside from Lin Jie.

He knew that Lin Jie had planned to stay in Lin Hai for half a month but actually spent less than a week here.

Lin Jie received two calls yesterday and immediately arranged for the plane to leave.

Obviously, there was something wrong with him.

The man had intended to go to Beijing with him, but he would give up this idea if Lin Jie was too busy.

“Nothing serious.” Lin Jie shook his head.

“Heavenly Stranges annual auction is about to start.

Its said that there are many genuine antiques there, and I plan to go back to have a look and buy some gifts.

My second uncles birthday is coming up.”

“Oh Is it the Heavenly Strange Auction” The man with a flattop haircut was attracted by the news.

“I dont know if its inconvenient for Childe Lin, but Id like to go with you.”

“Yes, youre welcome to, Xiao Ma.

Its my turn to treat you after we go back to Shang Jing.” Lin Jie smiled.

“Well, Ill follow Childe Lin to broaden my vision,” Ma Liang said with a smile.

As one of the candidates for the chairman of a business subsidiary of his family, Ma Liang needed a strong supporter like Lin Jie.

“Dont be too modest, Xiao Ma.

Your vision should be broader than mine, as far as your identity is concerned.

Just go with me to have fun, and take whatever you like in the auction.” Lin Jie smiled and walked toward the plane.

That sexy girl in high heels came to lean on his shoulder.

Lin Jie casually reached out his right hand to hug the woman, and then went up onto the plane with her.

Ma Liang was surprised by the girls attitude.

It was true that he couldnt judge a girl by her looks.

He turned to say goodbye to other people and walked to the entrance of the plane with Lin Jie and Dong Hu.

When Lin Jie approached the entrance of the plane, he saw something weird and said, “Huh”

“Whats wrong, Brother Lin” Dong Hu turned his gaze in that direction.

When he saw the man leading another group of people not far away from them, his face changed, and then he became a little ferocious.

“That expensive plane is very good.” Ma Liangs gaze focused on the plane in that direction.

“Not the plane, but those guys.”

Lin Jie frowned and looked at Dong Hu.

“Was that man Zhang Han just now”

“What do you mean” Dong Hu was surprised.

Because Lin Jie asked whether that man was Zhang Han, instead of whether that man looked like Zhang Han.

“Zhang Han doesnt deserve to be your servant now.

The private plane over there is very expensive, and he couldnt afford to take one.

Whats more, that man took the lead in getting on the plane That man may look like Zhang Han but it cant be him, since there are so many similar people in the world.”

“You are right.” Lin Jie laughed.

“Its a pity that such an arrogant young man becomes so miserable now.”

“Dont sympathize with him, Brother Lin.

Zhang Han sold Young Master Lius supercar for several million yuan, which is enough for him to live in a village.” Dong Hu smiled.

“Haha.” Lin Jie was amused.

Ma Liang was curious.

“Whos Zhang Han”

“He…” Lin Jie slightly narrowed his eyes.

“He used to be a person hard to deal with for me, but he was too fragile.”

With that, he put his arm around the shoulder of the tall woman and entered the plane.

Dong Hu, Ma Liang, and Lin Jies bodyguards followed him in.

The plane started and slowly lifted off along the runway.

Behind them, Zhang Hans plane slowly flew to Hong Kong.

They had been traveling these days, and Zi Yan missed that castle, Dahei, and Little Hei.

She didnt realize that she loved their home so much before.

At 10 oclock in the morning, the plane landed at the airport behind the Mengmeng Group.

After getting off the plane, they walked to the side parking exit.

“The Mengmeng Group, Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant, Purple Moon Entertainment Company, Star-Moon Bar…” Gai Xingkong was amused.

“You named them in such a casual way.”

“No,” Mengmeng said before the others could answer Gai Xingkong, “Grandfather Gai, they are not casual names.

PaPa built this restaurant especially for me.”

Gai Xingkong was surprised and then burst out laughing.

“OK, its my fault.”

“Its true.” Wang Ming nodded.

“Han built this restaurant especially for Mengmeng, and the branch restaurant is for his staff.

The entertainment company is for Zi Yan to do business in a more convenient way.

Star-Moon Bar belongs to Li, an amazing DJ.”

“I see.” Gai Xingkong nodded.

“Its a large company and Han has a talent in business.”

Zhang Han smiled without saying anything.

In fact, he was not good at business at all, but he didnt mind it.

When they were talking…

Sun Ming and Xu Yong walked toward them.

“Happy New Year, Boss, Madam, Mengmeng, and everyone.”

Although they had already said Happy New Year on the phone, they still needed to greet each other face to face.

They all went to Mount New Moon together in the luxury motorcade.

When they arrived at the foot of the mountain, Gai Xingkong was surprised again.

“Does the whole mountain belong to Han”

Only Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanhong, Gai Rulong, and him were in the car.

“Yes, the whole mountain.” Wang Zhanpeng smiled.

“Han is powerful and knowledgeable.

Our Wang family used to live in Xihang, and Wang Ming is Rong Jiaxins husband.

To our surprise, this relationship brought us a good chance and we all moved here to live a happy life in the mountain with Han as our backbone.”

“If it wasnt for Xiaohan, we might have been crushed by the Mystical Fog Sect.” Wang Zhanhong sighed.

“The Mystical Fog Sect in the eastern suburb of Xihang” Gai Xingkong was surprised.

“Is Xiang Qitian the sect chief there”

“Yes, its Xiang Qitian.”

“The Mystical Fog Sect majors in formation and Xiang Qitian is said to be good in this field.” Gai Xingkong nodded.

“But he was defeated by Han.” Wang Zhanpeng smiled.

“Han has reached the highest level in the field of formations, which cant be understood by me or Xiang Qitian.”

Gai Xingkong was stunned.

“I knew that Han was good at them according to the formation he made in Jinsha Island.

But he seems to be more powerful than I expected.”

“Not only that, Brother Gai.

You will find that what you know is just the tip of the iceberg after talking with him.” Wang Zhanpeng shook his head and sighed.

Gai Rulong also sighed along with him.

Zhang Hans present strength was far from what he could achieve, and that was just the tip of the iceberg, which was a little scary.

It was 11 oclock in the morning.

The motorcade line passed through the tall stone gate and went up, stopping directly in the parking lot on the left side of the restaurant.

After getting out, Zhang Han and his friends walked into the restaurant one after another.

Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, and Liu Jiaran, who followed them, took the fish tank with the Dragon Bone Fish in it to the back mountain and put the fish into the pond.

The Dragon Bone Fish began swimming happily in the pond and sometimes would jump out of the water.

Even Dahei and Little Hei were attracted by it when it was eating the other fishes in the pond.

“Whats this”

“Brother Gai, just enjoy the dishes here.

Im sure they are more delicious than all the food you have had before.”

Wang Zhanpeng smiled at Gai Xingkong before entering the restaurant.

“Youre exaggerating.” Gai Xinglong laughed.

“Delicious food cant attract me.”

However, when he took the first bite, he was stunned.

Then he began to eat as fast as he could.

While Zhang Han and his friends were enjoying the food, some of the guests wandering in the mountain detected a fragrance in the air, which didnt come from the restaurant.

“What is it It smells so good.”

“Boss is having lunch in the restaurant.

But this smell is not the same as before.”

“Its like the smell of grilled fish…”

A half of a fish about one meter in length was lying peacefully on a shelf next to a boulder in the back mountain forest.

The fish had been roasted.

Dahei and Little Hei had divided the other half of its body and were eating happily.

While eating, they sometimes chatted with their eyes.

“What a delicious fish!”

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