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Chapter 613 Long Waiting

Almost at the same time, all the participants burst into an uproar.

They no longer cared about any manners because they were too shocked.

“Whos that guy” In the VIP room where Zhang Chen was, the two elders looked at each other and were stunned.

“Whats going on”

“Who on earth is this person in room No.


“Who is the one in room No.

30 Why are they competing with each other Are they just trying to show off Its so fierce!”

Zhang Chen didnt say anything, but his hands were shaking due to excitement.

He looked at the auctioneer on the stage, and in his mind, he was trying to recall the scene of Zhang Han and his fellows walking into the hall.

“Is it him

“Of course he cares about the stuff of the former patriarch, right

“No! Thats not possible.

That price was too high even for the whole Zhang Clan.

Nobody in the family would pay such a heavy price for that.

“It must be the two important elders.

There are things they want from the former patriarchs stuff.”

Lots of ideas crossed Zhang Chens mind.

He even speculated that Zhang Han was here with some rich man that would help him bid for his familys stuff.

Zhang Chen couldnt come up with other possible reasons for Zhang Han to come to the auction.

What would have surprised Zhang Chen was that the rich man was no one else but Zhang Han himself.

In the VIP room where Qiao Fei was…

“Do they really have to be that aggressive” said Qiao Fei as his eyelids twitched.

It was the first time that he had been to an auction that was as fierce as a martial arts tournament.

The continuous competition was really interesting.

“Is that some kind of joke Are they really going to buy that junk with so much money I just cant understand what they are thinking,” Qiao Fei snorted.

However, people could also sense the jealousy in his tone.

That kind of competition might be quite thrilling for the bidders as long as they were rich enough.

“I really didnt expect such a big fight at this years auction.

Thats awesome.

I wonder who the bidders are,” Lin Jie said and took a long breath.

He seemed so excited by what he saw.

“Maybe they are just angry with each other, but Im afraid that the bid is already too high.

Look! Its already one billion yuan now!” Qiao Fei exclaimed and shook his head.

Under everyones shocked gaze, the auctioneer on the stage announced in excitement, “One billion yuan from the bidder in Room No.

8! Any bid from the guests in room No.


“Thats what Im talking about! The guests in room No.

30 bid one billion ten million yuan!”

“The guest in Room No.

8 adds 200 million yuan! Its 1.2 billion yuan now!”

The mood in room No.

30 was chilly at this moment.

The white-haired man looked furious.

The short-haired man beside him slammed the table and stood up.

He looked so fierce and nearly shattered the table next to him.

“Elder Han…”

The suited man looked pale.

He looked at the old man and reminded him with a quivering voice, “We only have 1.22 billion to be put into use.”

The white-haired man hesitated and gritted his teeth.

Then he commanded, “Go on!”

“1.2 billion going once, 1.2 billion going twice… Oh! The guest in room No.

30 has bid 1.22 million yuan!”

“This is the highest price so far in tonights auction, and as far as I know, its also the new highest price of the past five years.”

The auctioneer said that to stall some time, and then she continued, “1.22 billion going once, 1.22 billion going twice…”

Everybody in room No.

30 looked grim.

The two elders were standing and holding their breath.

This was the critical moment!

“1.22 billion yuan, last chance…”

At this point, everybody thought the bid was coming to the end, but something dramatic just happened.

Just as the auctioneer was about to drop the hammer down, the screen in front of her changed.

The bid shown on it made her a little dizzy.

“The guest in room No.

8 bids 1.221 billion!”

“1.221 billion”

Many people were confused and wondered what was going on.

Then they suddenly realized that the bid of the items on the stage started at one million yuan, and the minimum increment was only 100,000 yuan!

“What the heck…”

Many people were startled.

In VIP room No.

30, the white-haired old man, Elder Han, was so pissed off because the 100,000 yuan was so little yet impossible for him to outdo.

“Go on!” commanded the short-haired man who was looking at those people from the corner of the room.


The four men in suits shivered.

One of them was trying to input the bid number because it was better for them to do whatever they were told now, or they might suffer horrible consequences.

Although there was a limit on their budget, they had the right to use a few million more.

They thought that they could at least pay the extra by themselves, and that was why they asked their fellows to press the bidding button.

“Forget about it.”

Elder Han waved his hand with a cold face and asked, “What the matter with letting him win”

He then stood up and took three steps forward to stand in front of the fragile glass window.

Many people would be able to see him as long as they raised their heads, but few of them had noticed him at that time.

“The person in room No.

8… Lets meet each other, shall we”

The old mans deep voice spread throughout the hall.

The auctioneer was stunned for a while, and she forgot to introduce the items coming up next.


Other people looked up and saw the old man standing near the window.

“Who is he”

“Hes provoking.

The person in room No.

8 is in trouble.”

“The auction just now may cause a fight between two forces.

Thats terrible!”

Just as those people gradually quieted down…

“Who do you think you are”

The simple question echoed in the hall, but everybody knew that it came from the person in room No.


This made many people present shocked.

“Who do you think you are”

It sounded so scornful!

They wondered who on earth the guest in room No.

8 was.

“What did you say”

Elder Hans eyes looked cold.

As he was about to release his fierce pressure, a middle-aged man in black quietly appeared on the stage.

His eyes darkened and he warned in a hoarse voice, “Silence!”

A dignified voice resounded in the hall.

Elder Hans face froze.

He looked at the man in black with fear.

He took a glance at room No.

8 and then stepped back.

The four men in suits were actually glad to see that because they didnt have to pay extra money for the bid anymore.

“Go on.”

The man in black on the stage gave people a lot of pressure.

He was looking at room No.

8, appearing confused and vigilant.

He couldnt move his eyes away because he just felt an overwhelming pressure released from there, which made his soul tremble and his heart jump in his throat.

The fluctuation then calmed down very soon like the ripples created by a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water.

He wasnt sure if he had made a mistake, and if he didnt, the man sitting in room No.

8 was simply formidable.

After he made that warning, he returned to the back of the stage.

He was the martial artist at the Grand Master Peak stage.

He was here backstage to prevent any situations from breaking out.


The auctioneer calmed down and paused for two seconds, then she suppressed the disturbance in her heart and continued, “The next item…”

What had happened just now set a stifling mood for the subsequent proceedings.

Even the bids had been influenced and were lower than expected.

When it was almost over, quite a few rich people fought over the last and most important antique.

However, the fight was not as astonishing as the one between that of rooms No.

8 and 30.

The last item was a Longevity Gourds Bottle, and someone got it for 220 million yuan.

The Heavenly Strange Auction ended.

Liu Feng and the others were talking about the auction when they walked out of the hall.

“The person in room No.

8 is so rich.

Each of his bids was so astonishing.

His first bid was 800 million, and the second one was 1.221 billion.

Thats 2 billion in total, and he just spent it like water.”

“There are few people that can spend 2 billion yuan like that…”

The two then went silent.

Their family was indeed very rich, but they would never spend 2 billion at an auction.

Obviously, the person in the room was a big shot!

When they came to the exit through the corridor, they saw people waiting in line to leave the venue.

“Im going to meet someone.

Xiao Huang, you can stay with me,” said Liu Feng as he pointed to a yellow-haired man.

“Master Liu, arent you going out with us” a coquettish woman next to him asked.

“Ill stay here and wait to settle accounts with Zhang Han.

You can go out first,” Liu Feng waved his hand casually and explained.

“Okay.” His fellows nodded and left with the crowd.

Liu Feng and the yellow-haired man stayed in the corridor, searching for Zhang Han in the crowd in front of them.

“Brother Liu, weve got only two of us and they had at least five followers.

If we are going to fight in this place, we shouldve asked more people to stay,” the yellow-haired man said to Liu Feng in a low voice.

“What are you talking about” Liu Feng raised his eyebrows and patted the man on the neck.

“Dont you know where are we now”

“Huh In the Heavenly Strange Auction,” the yellow-haired man touched his own neck and answered.

“Then why do you ask” Liu Feng glared at him and said.

“Who would dare to fight in the Heavenly Strange Auction Youre so stupid.

Were going to mess with them but were not going to pick up a fight.

If they dare to touch us, they would never make it out of the auction!”

Liu Feng seemed very confident, but he actually needed the yellow-haired man to embolden him.

“Youre right.” The yellow-haired man smiled embarrassedly.

As the crowd flooded out of the hall, there were fewer and fewer people inside.

Zhang Yuan was also standing aside when he came out.

Soon, when Zhang Chen came out with the two elders, he hesitated for a while and stopped to stand next to Zhang Yuan.

He assumed that Zhang Yuan was waiting for Zhang Han, and he wanted to see what would happen.

Moreover, he had this faint feeling that Zhang Han was the person in VIP room No.


When this terrifying idea came to his mind, he couldnt help wondering about the truth.

Therefore, he chose to stay.

Five minutes later, many people finished their trades and left.

It seemed that there were only some workers in the auction hall now.

“Has he left” Liu Feng asked the yellow-haired guy, looking so confused.

“No, there they are!”

The yellow-haired man pointed to the corridor of the VIP area on the right.

A group of six people was striding over.

The leading one was exactly Zhang Han!

“Hey, Childe Zhang, I have been waiting for you for so long!” said Liu Feng with a weird smile on his face.

He squinted his eyes and strode over to Zhang Han.

Liu Feng then said aloud, “You were lucky to have escaped last time.

Ive been trying so hard to find you today.

You have to pay for what youve done before.”

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