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Chapter 615 Lets Go to the Zhang Family

“Ah!” Liu Feng was scared stiff.

He fell to the ground and was constantly moving back.

Even the yellow-haired guy on the other side trembled with fear as Liu Fengs companion.

Just now, the four men behind the two aged men, all as strong as their boss, were killed by the man in front of them without hesitation.

How could they survive

The guy with yellow hair was the most frightened, lying on the ground shivering.

After a while, yellow liquid was seen pooling behind his buttocks.

Zhang Chen and Zhang Yuan were both stunned.

They were not martial artists and seldom watched battles among martial artists.

Therefore, what happened here astonished them.

And even those who knew real martial arts, such as the man in black standing next to them, didnt know what to do at this time since he dared not to risk his life and stop Merciless Zhang.

So he stood aside and watched in silence.

Under their gaze, Zhang Han slowly raised his hand.

His face was still fuzzy, as if it had been changing.

Everyone felt their hearts in their mouth.

They were afraid that Liu Feng would be killed the moment Zhang Hans palm fell on him.

Liu Feng was scared to death.

He hurriedly shook his hand, “Brother Zhang, brother Zhang! Spare my life, please.

Its my fault and I didnt intend to cause trouble for you.

I just wanted to compete with you again.

I didnt mean to provoke you.”

Liu Feng explained in a hoarse voice, “What happened in the last car race was all planned by Dong Hu.

I never thought of hurting you.

I just wanted to win.

I wanted to beat you once! I just wanted to prove myself, I had no intent to harm anyone, please, I just wanted to win too much, let me go…”

“Puff.” Zhang Han breathed softly.

The light black fog around his face dissipated, and his eyes returned to normal.

After thinking about it, he withdrew his palm without glancing at Liu Feng.

Although it seemed that Zhang Han had stopped his attack, Liu Feng was so nervous that he even forgot to breathe.

Among the four of them, Zhang Chen, who was relatively calm, felt that Zhang Han did not want to attack anymore.

It was an opportunity for him.

In order to keep himself competitive, Zhang Chen needed as many social relationships as Lin Jie, who got along well with Qiao Zhan, and Liu Feng, who was the first heir of the Liu family.

Despite his fear, Zhang Chen appeared calm and said in a trembling voice, “Zhang Han.”

Zhang Chen forced a smile.

“What a pity that it is the first time I have met you, because Ive heard about you and been looking forward to meeting you for a long time.

You are really handsome and amazing.

I think you should know me too.

Im Zhang Chen.

What I want to say is that Liu Fengs father and his family work well with us.



Zhang Han raised his right hand and shook it in the air.

A clear sound rang out from Zhang Chens left face.

After being slapped, he spun around twice and fell to the ground.

His cheek swelled at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Zhang Han took a glance at Zhang Chen, but he had no interest in speaking.

Then he went to Liu Feng and looked down at him

“Do you know why I didnt kill you”

“No, I dont.” Liu Feng replied, trembling.

“Because I did bully you and let you go overseas, now you can… Live and dont provoke me next time.” Zhang Han smiled faintly.

Then he took the initiative to leave.

Zhao Feng and others followed him and walked to the side of the elevator.

“I know Im wrong! I wont do it again!” Liu Feng looked at Zhang Hans back and shouted loudly.

He was breathing heavily, and a stream of cold sweat flowed from his forehead.

Many years later, when Liu Feng became patriarch Liu and promoted the Liu family to one of the top eight families in Shang Jing within ten years, he would always teach his younger generation, “Do you know why I succeeded Because someone taught me the most important lesson in life.

That person, oh, he is a God…”

But at this time Liu Feng was still an ordinary person.

He still felt scared after the disaster.

All of a sudden, his yellow haired companion crawled over and then cried out in a wail, “Im scared to death, brother Liu.

You said it was very safe here and nobody dared to fight us, right They not only fought, but also almost killed us…”

The man in black behind them turned stiff.

He was annoyed by their words.

He snorted and left directly, without asking anyone to send the two guys away.

More than ten minutes later, Liu Feng, Yellow Hair, Zhang Yuan and Zhang Chen recovered and stood up to leave.

Zhang Chens cheeks were red and swollen, but his skin was not damaged.

Although he was in pain, he knew it was the result of Zhang Hans mercy.

Liu Feng and Yellow Hair ignored their friends waiting for them, got in a car and left straight away.

Zhang Yuan and Zhang Chen also got in another car.

“Zhang Han… Who is he” Zhang Yuan said with lingering fear.

“Didnt you see Call him Grand Master Zhang instead of his name!” Zhang Chen answered covering his face with a towel.

“He said he was going to kill that man, so he did it.

Its so cruel.

Why is he so terrifying” Zhang Yuan felt dizzy and his mind was filled with that scene, which scared him.

“Oh, no!” All of a sudden, Zhang Chen screamed with his eyes widely opened..

“Whats up” Zhang Yuan was somewhat shocked.

Zhang Chen quickly took out his mobile phone and called a number.

“Hello, uncle Ma.

Have they damaged the No.8 villa What”

Zhang Chens face changed.

After the phone was hung up, he sighed heavily, “Im afraid something terrible will happen.”

“Go back at once and drive faster.” Zhang Chen looked at Zhang Yuan.

After saying that, he picked up his mobile phone and clicked into WeChat.

“Hello, Mr.

Wu, Im sorry to disturb you.

I want to inquire about your martial arts circle.

Have you heard about Grand Master Zhang and Grand Master Lei One is a young man with a masculine appearance and short hair.

The other is nearly 1.9-meter tall, who is a big man with a little beard.

He put down his cell phone after sending the message.

One minute later, he heard “Ding.”

The other side sent a message, “Are you talking about Merciless Zhang and Director Lei”

“Merciless Zhang”


The news was like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky.


When Zhang Han and others entered the elevator…

“Brother, is it ok” Zhang Li frowned nervously.

Though her brother was strong enough to kill their rivals without hesitation, she was worried that he had killed too many people.

Lei Tiannan was amused, “Little girl, you know too little.

To be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to yourself.

And they are the disciples of the Wind Snow School.

According to the division of forces, they are fated to be your enemies.”

“Lili, the martial arts world is very dangerous, and those who dont take the initiative to harm others can be called kind.

My master never provoked others.”

“Yes, I can see that the boss likes to live that kind of lifestyle, and he has a little princess to look after.” Xu Yong said with a smile.

“I see.” Zhang Li nodded and said, “So… Eh Brother, why dont you talk”

Zhang Li turned her gaze at Zhang Han in confusion.

Zhang Han didnt notice the others gaze.

He was now stunned with his eyes narrowed.

It took Zhang Han two seconds to come to himself after hearing Zhang Lis words.

He slightly shook his head and said, “I was thinking about something.”

That gem was not used for killing Elder Han, but for Zhang Han to cast a kind of magic.

With the gem of Yin power, Zhang Han could keep the soul of Elder Han temporarily for two seconds and read his memory.

Although Zhang Hans soul sense might be affected as a side effect of the magic, he would not be injured because of his strong soul sense and Elder Hans strength.

What was interesting was that the real age of Elder Han was only about 25 years old.

The reason why he looked much older was that he had been enslaved for five years in the West and forced to provide blood for the vampires.

To survive was the best result for him.

At the same time, Zhang Han knew the specific reasons for their bidding.

In Zhang Hans memory, Zhang Guangyou, his father, was also the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

There was a reward task in Wind Snow School: Anyone who killed the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect would be rewarded with one divine-level treasure and two holy-level treasures.

The reward itself was attractive enough, and the other reason they came here was to find a key to a secret place, which was kept by Zhang Hans father.

In addition to Elder Han, there were 11 people who came back together, and they were all young people of the same age but looked much older.

As for the rest of the martial artists present, they were all Shi Fenghous supporters in Big Dipper Sects secret place in Muzhou.

“Are Zhang family members doing this to protect themself”

“Just for several late-stage Grand Masters”

Zhang Han didnt believe it, but he didnt care about the Zhang familys goals and plans.

After walking off the elevator, they walked out of the auction house and got into two Rolls-Royce Phantoms.

“Brother, I dont like the Zhang family at all.”

Zhang Han and Zhang Li sat in the back seat of Zhao Fengs car.

A few minutes later, Zhang Li mumbled in a muffled voice.

Hearing Zhang Lis words, Zhang Han took a glance at her and was about to say something.

Zhao Feng suddenly took off his Bluetooth headset, turned his head slightly and said in a deep voice, “”Master, Yong just called me.

Half an hour ago, there was a fire in the No.

8 villa of Zhang family.

The fire was very extensive, but the fire engine didnt arrive until now… ”

As he spoke, Zhao Feng looked at Zhang Hans expression in the rearview mirror and saw him frowning, with ice in his eyes.

“No.8 villa, is it…”

Zhang Li covered her mouth with her hand, and her eyes were full of grievance and worry.

“Its my parents villa.”

“Ha…” Zhang Han smiled sarcastically.

“They did a good job.”

“They are crazy.”

“Feng.” Zhang Han leaned back to his seat with his eyes closed.

“Lets go to the Zhang family.” He said indifferently.

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