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The trouble was enough to occupy the Zhang family for several days.

The birthday party lost its purpose because of the departure of the second master of Zhang family and the emergency.

“Those who are here, go to the main house for a meeting!” Zhang Nan stood up, wiped the sweat on his forehead, said in a deep voice, and took the lead to leave.

Their expressions and attitude confused the others.

Before the meeting, Zhang Nan told everyone that Zhang Han was Zhang Hanyang, and they would temporarily restrict spreading the news and wait for the situation to change.

After calming down, Zhang Nan realized that the other families must have no idea that Zhang Han was Zhang Hanyang.

Therefore, after hearing of Zhang Hans return, those who were hostile to him would definitely find fault with him, such as Liu Feng and Lin Jie.

He hoped their conflict would divert some of Zhang Hans anger.

“But if Liu Feng and his little brother also know about it, I cant guarantee that they wont tell it to others.” Zhang Chen said.

“Now that we have reached this point, we can only wait and see what happens.

There are still three days left.

Lets find a way.” Zhang Nans tone was helpless, “Everyone can voice your own opinions.”

They didnt know that the Liu family had made similar decisions with them at the same time.

“”What did you say Zhang Hanyang” Looking at Liu Feng, seven high-level members of Liu family exclaimed several times.

But they soon calmed down after hearing Liu Fengs specific description.

“Dont spread this to the other families.

He must be causing trouble in the Zhang family, and maybe other people who dont know his identity will provoke him.

Its good for us to tell no one the news first, rather than let it spread.” Patriarch Liu said slowly.


Just as he finished his words, his cell phone rang.

Liu Feng took out his cell phone with his left hand and scratched his head awkwardly with his right hand.

Looking at the screen, he was surprised, “Its Lin Jie.”

“Ha ha, perhaps he is on the way to provoke Zhang Han.” Patriarch Liu smiled and beckoned Liu Feng to answer the phone.

“Hello Childe Lin, why do you call me” Liu Feng felt that it was a bit awkward to speak in his usual tone in front of his elders.

He turned on the hands free function, so that everyone could hear Lin Jies words, “I heard you saw Zhang Han Did you wait for him at the end of the auction My friend finally saw that you and Zhang Chen were waiting for him, but Zhang Chen seemed to have been slapped downstairs”

Liu Feng looked up and found that Patriarch Liu beckoned him to say whatever he wanted, so he thought about it for two seconds and said casually, “I saw him.

Hes now a bosss timid follower now.

I asked him out for a game, and he promised.

Childe Lin, do you want to rob him, my prey, from me”

“Why” Lin Jie smiled twice, “Im just curious.

Zhang Han is an old friend of mine.

Now that hes back, Id like to have a party with him.

Do you know the party that will be held by brother Fei tomorrow Lets go and have fun.

As for Zhang Han, do you have his contact information Ill invite him to come with us tomorrow.”

“His contact information I have, but I wont give it to you.

You can find it out yourself.” Liu Feng hung up directly.

He and Lin Jie had never been friendly to each other.

If he pretended to be too keen, Lin Jie would doubt his motivation.

“Zhang Han once injured Lin Jie, which is always a thorn in Lin Jies heart.

I think he wants Zhang Hans contact information.” Liu Feng nodded.

Just as Liu Feng predicted…

Lin Jie was now smoking in front of the window of a hotel room, and on the bed lay the little beauty brought back from Lin Hai City.

He was very clear headed now.

After listening to Liu Feng, he murmured to himself at the window, “Its impossible for Liu Feng to give me what I want.

But why didnt he beat Zhang Han yesterday”

Based on Liu Fengs temper, Lin Jie speculated about what happened yesterday, feeling that Liu Feng should have wanted to humiliate Zhang Han in the car race.

“Ha ha, lets meet since you are back.” Lin Jie thought about it and dialed a phone number.

“Send Zhang Chens phone number to my mobile phone in five minutes.”

Lin Jie received a message within three minutes.

He dialed the number, and it was connected after a few rings.

“Hello, Zhang Chen.

Im Lin Jie.”


After hearing Zhang Chens voice, Lin Jie smiled quietly, “I heard that Zhang Han is back, so I want to ask you for his contact information.”

“Youve got the wrong person.”

“Dont you have his contact information Oh, I forget it that Zhang Han has been kicked out of Zhang family.

Im sorry.” Lin Jie knew Zhang Chen didnt want to give him what he asked for.

“I have his contact information.

Ill find it after I finish my meeting.” Zhang Chen replied calmly.

“Okay, thank you, brother Zhang Chen.” Lin Jie laughed and hung up.

He looked out of the window with a smile.

“Zhang Chens tone is different.

It seems that he must have been slapped.

“But whos going to be the first Liu Feng Its possible as far as Liu Fengs temperament is concerned, perhaps he was beaten by Zhang Chen or Zhang Hans new boss to stop him Who is his new boss Is his boss the VIP guest in room 8 Its not necessarily.

No boss can spend two billion yuan on others.

Ha ha, and… its useless for anyone to come in the face of Qiao Zhan.”

After thinking of some possibilities, he lost interest in thinking about it anymore, because Qiao Fei and Qiao Zhan were almost invincible to him.


Of course, Zhang Han was not clear about all this, nor interested in understanding it.

After getting in the car, Zhang Han and Zhang Li were still sitting in the back seat.

Different from the time when he arrived, Zhang Han felt a little relieved now, because those peoples expressions had pleased him.

Zhang Lis expression relaxed a little because she had given up something.

This time, Instructor Liu was the co-driver of the car.

After sitting for a while, carefully looking at the expressions of Zhang Han and Zhang Li, he turned his head and made a gesture of praise at Zhang Han.

“Boss, you were so awesome just now.

With a wave of your hand, they flew around in the sky.

When can I reach your level” He smiled.

“You Cant you do that now” Zhang Han replied.

“I cant.

My spiritual force can only stretch 20 meters.

Its not enough.” Instructor Liu complained, “Why can Zhao Feng stretch more than 30 meters”

“Look at your talent! You fool.” Zhang Li snorted.

“Sister Li, dont tell me that.” Instructor Liu said.

Zhang Li said, “Go away.” Zhang Li didnt want to talk with him either.

She turned to look out of the window.

“Boss, I saw water and fire when you were making your moves.

Why cant I do it Could you teach us one or two moves” Instructor Liu was not ashamed to ask.

Instructor Liu only inquired tentatively, but Zhang Han nodded after only thinking for a second, “Okay, Ill teach you when we go back to Hong Kong.”

“Wow! Cool! ” Instructor Liu was overjoyed, and couldnt help turning around and patting Zhao Fengs arm, “Did you hear that The boss will teach us something powerful when we go back to Hong Kong!”


Zhang Hans cell phone suddenly rang.

It was from Ziyan.

When he answered the phone, the first voice came from Mengmeng, “PaPa, its almost five oclock.

Why havent you come back”

“Dads on the way.

Ill be back soon.” Zhang Han was cheered up by Mengmengs voice.

“Were waiting for PaPa.

MaMa said we will eat delicious food when PaPa comes back.” Mengmengs voice was full of happiness.

“Do you want delicious food or do you miss Dad” Zhang Han smiled.

Zhang Han clearly heard the murmur from his mobile phone.

Then the little girls cheerful voice rose again, “MaMa lets Mengmeng say that I like to eat delicious food.”

“Ah” Zhang Han shook his head, pretending to wonder, “What do you like”

“Well, I like PaPa.

Do you like Mengmeng”

“Yes.” Zhang Han said with a smile, “Dad loves you.”

“I love PaPa, too.

Hum, PaPa, MaMa wants to talk to you.

Come back soon.”

Then the little girls voice was far away, Zhang Han guessed that she might have gone to the sofa to watch cartoons.

“”Hello, honey, have you finished”


After chatting with Zi Yan for a few minutes, Zhang Han hung up the phone and drove for another half an hour to return to Dongfang Hotel.

After Zhang Han went upstairs, Mengmeng came to his arms.

There were only Rong Jiaxin, Leng Yue and Zhou Fei in Zhang Hans room, while the others were all in another room.

When the boss was away, it was time to boast.

Instructor Liu immediately ran to the room and talked about his experiences today.

Although Instructor Liu had experienced a lot before, it was the first time for him to see such a scene.

Lei Tiannan and others stayed in Zhang Hans room and sat on the sofa by one side.

After chatting for a while, Zi Yan checked the time and said, “Lets go out for dinner.”

“You seem to have arranged it” Zhang Han saw Zi Yans expression and smiled.

“Well, lets go to Dadong Roast Duck tonight.

Our uncle sent ten ducks to them, and they should be ready at six oclock.” Zi Yan replied.

“The roast duck in that restaurant is crispy and not greasy.

Its the duck skin dipped in white sugar that I mentioned last time.

Put it in your mouth and it will melt immediately.

The taste is very good, and you will be fascinated by it especially with the duck we raised in the mountain as the key ingredient.”

“Pooh… You seem to be a duck seller.” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

The others also laughed and shook their heads.

Then they simply picked up their bags and left the hotel together.

Under the passers-by gaze, they got into a row of Rolls-Royces and went to the nearest Dadong Roast Duck restaurant.

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