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Chapter 622 Kill Them All

When Zhang Han, Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu arrived at Hantai Entertainment Club…

Four cars stopped at the entrance of the Dongfang Hotel.

Bang bang bang…

The doors of the cars closed.

A man got out of a black Hummer.

He looked very conceited, as if he didnt care about anything that was happening around.

He could act like that because here is Shang Jing, and he is Qiao Zhan.

Many people would tremble upon hearing his name.

Qiao Zhan got out of the car, followed by two strong men in shirts.

They had just gotten out from the back seat.

“Brother Qiao Zhan!”

“Only that guy can call you out, Lin Hui,” Qiao Zhan said indifferently.

“It has been a while since the last time I went out,” Lin Hui laughed.

He was very humble to Qiao Zhan, because the latter was a Grand Master, which was way higher than the Heaven Stage that he was in.

“It takes a lot to arrange a meeting with you.

Why dont we eat something first” Lin Hui asked.

Qiao Zhan looked at Lin Hui and turned down that proposal, “Lets get straight to what we are here for.”

Lin Hui didnt feel embarrassed at all because he knew that Qiao Zhan was not a good-tempered man.

Moreover, whether Qiao Zhan agreed to eat or not had nothing to do with that days plan at all.

“Lets go up to there then,” Lin Hui said and waved to the other eight people who just got out of the car.

Then he and Qiao Zhan walked to the gate of the hotel.

The whole team looked very imposing.

“Brother Zhan, Xiaojie told me that I only need to deal with the two bodyguards this time.

Ive seen their features in photos.

Im not sure if they are on the upstairs at this moment.

I can deal with both of them, so why did Qiao Fei tell you to come here”

Lin Hui looked at Qiao Zhan with some confusion.

After hearing those words, Qiao Zhans face froze and said, “We need to bring three people away, two bodyguards and a beautiful girl.”

“A beautiful girl” Lin Hui said with a smile, “Thats what youre here for Shed better be pretty enough.”

“Well, her name is Zi Yan and she is really pretty.

I may fall for her when I see her,” Qiao Zhan nodded and said.

“Who Zi Yan Why does the name sound a little familiar to me” Lin Hui asked while he was thinking.

Then his eyes flashed because he recalled that he had heard the same name one or two months before.

He couldnt remember the exact time.

And just when he tried to figure it out, Qiao Zhan answered, “Shes a star.

I also thought the name was familiar when I heard it for the first time.

Then Xiaofei told me that she was a very popular star.”

“A star,” Lin Hui burst into laughter.

“Thats right.

I must have heard of this name, but I couldnt recall who she was.

It turns out you and I do share things in common.

Both of us care little about celebrities.

Thats what young people callbreaking away from the social trend.”

“They are so stupid.

Ordinary people are all so stupid.

Only martial artists know what real human life is!” Qiao Zhan sneered.

Lin Huis lips twitched when he heard that.

He had once discussed the same thing with another Wu Dao Grand Master; that person had confessed that he envied the life of the ordinary people because they had been through ups and downs.

Ordinary peoples lives usually had a happy ending, while living in the martial arts world was too cruel and ruthless.

While he was thinking, the leading one of the five suit men at the gate of the hotel greeted them and walked over, “Hello Childe Lin, welcome!”

Lin Hui looked up and found that it was the executive of the hotel, Wu Peng.

“Hello,” Lin Hui replied coldly.

He then asked, “Is everything ready”

“Yes, all is ready.

Theyre all on the ninth floor,” Wu Peng replied respectfully.

“Then lets get there,” Lin Hui said casually.

Other people showed him the way to the elevators.

The team got on three different elevators and they met on the ninth floor.

Wu Peng held several room cards in his hand.

He was standing in front of everyone and said, “All the rooms on the left side of the corridor have been booked by them.

They paid 10 million yuan as deposit.

Thats a lot of money… they must be very rich.”

He was implying that those people should be more careful because the woman was a well-known celebrity and she had many companions.

He was also afraid that this would get him in trouble, but he didnt know how to refuse Lin Huis request without embarrassing him.

“Shes just an actress.” Qiao Zhan sneered and seemed very disdainful.

Wu Peng smiled bitterly.

Given how many people Qiao Zhan had brought, it was clear that they were here to make trouble.

They stepped into the corridor on the left side.

Wu Peng took a look at the room card and said, “Theyre in Room No.6.”

They passed by the first three rooms, and then the fourth rooms door was suddenly pushed open right when they were about to pass it.

A short-haired and spirited man with single eyelids slowly stepped in their way.

That was Xu Yong.

He had a meaningful smile on his face.

“Youre bringing quite a lot of people.” Xu Yong smiled leisurely.

“Who are you looking for”

Seeing Xu Yongs meaningful smile, Qiao Zhan frowned slightly and almost hit him.

Lin Hui asked in an unhappy tone, “Who are you Step aside.”

“Sorry, weve booked this area.

If youre looking for someone, you must be in the wrong place,” Xu Yong said, still with the cheeky smile on his face.

“What” Lin Huis eyes turned cold and said, “I will kill you!”


Xu Yong laughed and sighed.

“It seems that youre here to make trouble.”

He then stretched out his hands and clapped three times.

“Clap! Clap! Clap!”

After that sound, under the gaze of Lin Hui, Qiao Zhan, and the other ten people, all the five doors opened at the same time.

Many people came out of the rooms; there seemed to be a dozen of them.

Lin Hui and Qiao Zhans team were stuck in the middle of the corridor.

A fight could start at any second.

Wu Peng felt nervous because he would face the consequences if this went out of control.

Lin Hui might be able to take part of the responsibility, but Wu Peng was still afraid.

After all, he wasnt the owner of the hotel and could be fired because of this.

He was unaware that this situation was more complicated than he imagined.

On the contrary, Lin Hui and Qiao Zhan seemed completely unafraid.

All they had on their faces was some unhappiness.

“You just gave up your chance to be safe and chose to play fire.” Lin Hui sneered.

“Youd better get out of here and go as far as you can.

What do you think youre doing here You useless and weak rubbish!”

“Really” Before the others could speak, Xu Yong curled his lips and asked, “Our boss wife is in the innermost room.

I think you know who she is, and youre here up to something.

Who sent you here Give me your name.

I must say, my people are getting very upset.”

“Go to hell!”

Xu Yongs words made Qiao Zhans turn ruthless.

His body shook and disappeared.

When he showed up in front of Xu Yong, he lifted his right fist and targeted Xu Yongs chest.

He was sure that his powerful punch would definitely kill the man, even though he had only used 30% of his real strength.

The little minion had just insulted a Grand Master, and Xiao Zhan wanted him to pay for this with his worthless life to teach the others a lesson.


A dull sound echoed in the corridor.

“Hum I havent smashed down yet!”

Qiao Zhan thought to himself with his eyes wide open.

Then he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen.

He was bent by the strike and flew backward like a shrimp, knocking down many of his followers before he stopped.

Those people knocked down by him, including Lin Hui and Wu Peng, were all stunned.

Lin Hui was the one most shocked among all.

He was roaring to himself, “How did that happen Did he just kick away a Grand Master Damn you, Qiao Zhan! Are you sure youre a Grand Master”

He was so confused, but he realized what had happened very soon.

Qiao Zhan looked at Xu Yong in surprise and asked, “Are you also a Grand Master”


Someone suddenly sneered.

A huge pressure took over the whole place.

The sudden change made Qiao Zhans face freeze and Lin Hui tremble in fear.

He turned around and saw Lei Tiannan walking over step by step, saying, “Youre going way out of line today.”

“Thats right.

Do you really think that you can do whatever you want just because Han is not here” Wang Zhanpeng asked coldly.

His aura was rippling.

Soon, the aura of Wang Ming, Leng Yue, Xu Yong, and Wang Zhanzong was surging.

Qiao Zhans face turned livid and scolded, “Theyre all Grand Masters Damn you! Qiao Fei!”

Qiao Zhan wouldve killed Qiao Fei if he was there despite their brotherhood.

Qiao Fei had pushed him into big trouble this time.

Seeing those people approaching, Lin Huis face turned pale.


“I am a staff member of the hotel, not…”

Before Wu Peng could explain…

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

Dense muffled sounds pervaded in the corridor.

Just when the man started screaming, somebody resented the noise and cast a ray of light, which blocked the scream.

Concurrently, at the Hantai Entertainment Club…

Zhang Han, Zhao Feng, and Instructor Liu arrived at the door of the private room.

There were eight men on both sides of the door.

They were Qiao Feis followers.

Dong Hu, the fat guy, was also there.

He was facing the wall, smoking and talking to some woman on the phone.

Then Zhang Han suddenly came into their sights.


Dong Hu exclaimed and hung up the phone.

Then he walked over with a hypocritical smile and said, “Brother Han, there you are! Weve been waiting for you!”

As he spoke, Dong Hu reached out with his right hand.

However, instead of also extending his hand, Zhang Han stared at Dong Hu calmly and thought for a while.

Then he smiled meaningfully and asked, “Were you really waiting for me”

He didnt extend his hand in the end.

“Of course we were! Childe Lin has been waiting for you! Just go in!” Dong Hu retracted his hand involuntarily as he spoke.

When Dong Hu turned around, his lips moved a few times.

He was muttering with dissatisfaction.

Instructor Liu saw this and said, “Hum Young man…”

He was going to beat Dong Hu because he was a quick-tempered man and he was there to be Zhang Hans hatchet man in this occasion.

Zhang Han would be bothered if he had to teach a lesson to those little minions by himself.

But before he finished speaking, Zhao Feng patted him and gave him a hint.

Instructor Liu then stopped talking.

Dong Hu turned around to look at Instructor Liu, feeling a little puzzled.

“This guy is psycho.”

The interaction of the two was noticed by the cautious eyes of those bodyguards around them.

It seemed clear whom they were told to pay attention to.

Dong Hu curled his lips and opened the door to the private room.

A melody came out once the door was opened.

Someone sitting on the left side of the room was singing.

The speaker was not that loud, and the singer was singing fairly well.

There were about 12 or 13 girls waiting in a row.

Some of them were minor celebrities, and others were campus girls from art and music schools.

On the right side of the room, there were seven sofas and tea tables.

People were sitting at the tables and the one facing the left side of the stage was the spot for the host.

On the biggest sofa area, there were all kinds of snacks, fruits, and wine on the table.

It was unusual that there were fewer people sitting on the spot for the host, when compared to the other sofas.

Qiao Zhan, his two followers, Lin Jie, the campus girl, and Ma Liang, as well as five other people Zhang Han already knew.

Lin Jie noticed Zhang Han as soon as he came in.

Lin Jie then clapped his hand and announced to everybody, “Attention, everybody! Look! Zhang Han, the famous young master in Shang Jing City, is here today! Hes one of our most important guests tonight! Lets give him a round of applause!”

He then started applauding.

“Hahaha, welcome!” Dong Hu screamed and started clapping his hands, too.

There were about fifty or sixty people sitting around.

Those who were singing also looked over.

Most of them were laughing and discussing.

“Gosh! Zhang Han is here!”

“Hes still so handsome and cool.

Its a pity that the party was designed to plot against him tonight! Im afraid he wont be able to leave this place intact.”

“They are pretending to welcome him, but… you know what, Zhang Han used to be one of the Four Young Masters, and there was a long and bitter feud between him and Lin Jie.

He even snapped Lin Jies arms once.

Now that Zhang Han is down and out, Lin Jie would definitely take this chance to trample on his dignity.”


Many people present clearly knew about the feud between the two.

Their hands were following Lin Jies cue, but their mouths couldnt stop gossiping.

Under many peoples gazes, Zhang Han and his people walked towards Lin Jie.

“Why are you guys here”

Seeing Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu behind Zhang Han, Qiao Feis and Liu Jies faces changed.

They stood up and looked furious.


The room suddenly fell in silence.

Even the singers closed their mouths, while the backing music kept on playing.

“Do you know each other” Zhang Han looked at Lin Jie and asked with a smile.

“Ha! How could we not” Lin Jie sneered and continued, “So youre with them”

“So what” Zhang Han hesitated and answered.

He was wondering if Lin Jie was referring to Zi Yans bodyguards.

At this moment, a strong man that was about 1.75 meters tall stood up with a glass of red wine in his hand and toasted, “Zhang Han, a glass of wine with you is all that I am here for today.”

“Ma Sanman.” Zhang Han craned his neck and saw Ma Sanman who was then a martial artist practicing Inward Strength.

“I found what happened between us is actually funny to look back to.

I dont know how you feel about it but I do miss the good old days.

I think you are way better than those hypocrites.

I admired you.

Would you like to have a cup of wine with me If not, Ill just leave,” said Ma Sanman and smiled casually.

By saying that, he was also trying to ridicule Lin Jie.

Qiao Fei and Lin Jie stopped talking and were thinking about something.

Having heard what Ma Sanman said, Zhang Han picked up a random glass of red wine on the table.

He then looked at Ma Sanman and drank up the wine with him.

“Haha, thats perfect!” Ma Sanman laughed loudly and continued, “Youll have to handle this dinner party by yourself from now on.

I have to leave because I still have other things to deal with,” Ma Sanman said and left without looking back.

Even Instructor Liu was impressed.

He exclaimed, “Thats a cool man.”

After he left, Lin Jie and Qiao Fei looked at each other.

Qiao Fei didnt take it out on other people immediately because the two were both martial experts and they had professional bodyguards.

He was waiting for his brother to come back so that he could vent his anger.

He quickly calmed himself down and sat back after he gave a hint to Lin Jie.

Lin Jie read that signal and found it was exactly what he was thinking.

He put on a forced smile and said, “We were overreacting upon seeing the two friends behind you, but this is a party and we should leave those unhappy memories to be dealt with later.”

Before he finished speaking, Lin Jie saw Zhang Han and the other two casually sitting on the sofa, so he quickly added, “Please take a seat, Mr.


He was trying to take the initiative.

He was one of those who took the initiative to attack.

However, no matter how hard he tried, the other people present could still tell what was happening…

It turned out that Zhang Han didnt care about Lin Jie and Qiao Zhan at all.

All of them wondered how Zhang Han was making a living at the moment, and his two followers seemed very powerful.

Everyone was confused.

Lin Jie smiled and asked, “Zhang Han, you used to be one of the Four Young Masters in Shang Jing, why are you working as a bodyguard now Thats so not you!”

The moment those words were out of his mouth…

Many people present were stunned, and then they burst into an uproar.

Some of them were discussing.

“What A bodyguard No way! Childe Zhang had fallen so low!”

“Really I dont believe it.”

“Its so funny.

He used to be so powerful.

I dont think he would be willing to be a bodyguard no matter how broke he was.”


This discussion made Lin Jie smile.

Zhang Han, smiled calmly and replied, “Im actually a bodyguard, to some extent.”

Seeing Zhang Hans expression, Lin Jie decided not to beat around the bush anymore.

“Haha, Zhang Han, youre still as disgusting as you used to be.

Youre only a bodyguard now, who do you think youre talking to The master you protect will come here later and sing the song we wanted her to sing.

Would you believe that” said Lin Jie with a proud smile.

He was one of those who had been referred to as the “hypocrites.”

“Not just singing,” Qiao Feng added disdainfully, “I can do whatever I want as long as shes here, and so are you.”

Four strong men in black came over and stood behind Qiao Feis back.

He didnt want to put on an act anymore.

He was Qiao Fei, the most influential young master in Shang Jing!

He had never been beaten and bullied by someone else before.

He had never forgiven any of his opponents.

He had invited Qiao Zhan over to support him.

Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu who had messed up with him at noon were already dead to him by then.

Qiao Fei was no fool.

His people would be no match for Zhang Han just then.

So before his bodyguards came in, he held in his grudge, but he didnt have to anymore.

“Are you referring to Zi Yan” Zhang Han asked.

His eyes checked Lin Jie and Qiao Fei.

“Who else would it be” Lin Jie asked and shook his head.

“Youll watch a big show later.

You can help yourself before that.

Xiaomei, serve Childe Zhang nicely.”

Lin Jie then patted the womans waist.

Xiaomei was a little reluctant, but she still stood up.

Seeing her unwillingness to move, Instructor Liu said, “Get lost! Were not like you, we dont have to be accompanied by a woman.”

Seeing Zhang Han checking his phone, Instructor Liu knew it was the time for him to act.


Lin Jie raised his eyebrows and asked, “Who are you to speak to me like that”

“Let him talk,” Qiao Fei cast a cold glance and said, “They dont have much time left.”

His words were supposed to be murderous, but Instructor Liu couldnt help laughing because of it.

“Whats so funny” Lin Jie asked.

“Youll know what will happen once our seniors bring her here!”

Lin Jie and Qiao Fei were sure that they would bring her in less than half an hour.

Zhang Hans cold voice resounded right at that moment…

“You mean these two people”

Qiao Fei, Lin Jie, and the silent Ma Liang looked over.

Zhang Han held the phone to them and the screen showed a place somewhere in the corridor.

Many people were on their knees, the two in the front of the team were ones that seemed the most awkward.

Qiao Fei and Lin Jie stood up agape.

They exclaimed, “Uncle! Big brother!”

And it seemed that this wasnt over yet.

A cold voice came out of the phone.

“How should we get rid of these people”

Zhang Hans cold voice resounded again.

“Kill them all.”


The three words were like an unexpected thunder strike to Qiao Fei and Liu Jie.

They were all dumbfounded.

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