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Chapter 624 A Dumbfounded Backer

“Uncle Hu…”

Qiao Feis face froze.

He couldnt believe what he was seeing.

Uncle Hu had a solid background.

He was a Grand Master as well as a high-level official of the National Security Agency.

Last time he visited the Qiao Clan, the patriarch welcomed him with full respect and manners.

This bigwig had just knelt before Zhang Han without hesitation.


However, this was just the beginning.

Uncle Hus followers foreheads were also leaking sweat when they saw Zhang Han.

They looked at each other and saw the fear in their eyes.

“That man is Merciless Zhang!”

“What do we do now”

Although they didnt say anything when they first came in, they knew Zhang Han could tell that they were with Uncle Hu who was already kneeling.

They thought of those powerhouses from the Li Clan in Hong Kong.

They were also once ranked at the top of the list of the most influential clans, but all of them had been exterminated.

That made people shudder.

They hesitated for two seconds and suddenly rushed forward.

That made them look like football players after scoring a goal in the World Cup.


All of them slipped towards Uncle Hu.

“Please spare us, Grand Master Zhang!”


Qiao Fei stumbled and felt desperate beyond words.

Their attitude had just convinced Qiao Fei that Qiao Zhan had been killed.

He called his brother many times, only to be told that the phone had been turned off.

He was completely stunned after having seen the horrifying and confusing scene happening there.

“I just provoked a monster.”

The whole room fell into a dead silence.

Almost everyone held their breath, except Zhang Han.

He looked at those people kneeling on the ground and asked calmly, “Do we know each other”

Zhang Han wouldnt ask the question if he were in Hong Kong because he had been well-known there.

However, he didnt go to the north very often, and he had only been to the northeast only once.

He had not returned to Shang Jing in a while.

Lots of people were familiar with his name, but few of them were supposed to recognize him at first glance.

That was why he asked the question.

Uncle Hu seemed nervous upon hearing that question.

He cupped his hands and answered, “I had a mission in Ice City once, and I was lucky to have met Grand Master Zhang.

Youre a person of great power and talent.

I admire you very much.”

He was trying his best to flatter Zhang Han.

The young man was too temperamental.

One mistake would cost his life.

They had learned enough lessons previously, and they didnt want to be the next lesson in other peoples textbooks.

He ran into Zhang Hanyang last time he went to help somebody.

Zhang Hanyang was provoked and he killed the man in an instant.

That was not what he wanted.

He was willing to kneel down to beg for mercy.

He was being as humble as he could, although he could call Azure Dragon over at any time.

The guy was his supervisor in the National Security Agency.


Azure Dragon might not be able to help him, either.

The captain of the Azure Dragon Detachment was a peak Grand Master, but that was no threat to Zhang Hanyang.

Azure Dragon was not an even match for Zhang Hanyang.

The teammates behind Uncle Hu also understood this, so they immediately knelt down and also begged for mercy.

Zhang Hans casual question and faint smile made them anxious.

Their hearts were jumping in their throats.

Fortunately, after Uncle Hu answered that question, Zhang Han nodded and waved his hand, saying, “You can leave now.”


Uncle Hus eyes lit up and he said something that almost made Qiao Fei collapse to the ground, “Thanks for not killing me.

Grand Master Zhang!”

Zhang Han found that funny.

“Just get out of here.

Im not sure if he will change his mind later.” Instructor Liu snorted.

“Yes, lets go, now!”

Uncle Hu left with his followers without looking back.

He paused for a second when they passed by Qiao Fei.

Then he sighed with a troubled expression in his eyes, “You deserve this.

Dont get other people involved.

Im done with this; you should deal with this on your own.”

He didnt know exactly what had happened, but he knew Zhang Hanyang was stalling for time so that Qiao Fei would call more people over…

Zhang Hanyang wasnt going after Qiao Fei, he wanted to kill more.

Given his connection with the Qiao Clan, Uncle Hu felt that he had to remind Qiao Fei.

Since he had kindly reminded Qiao Fei, he would leave the young master to make his own choice, and Uncle Hu would no longer be accountable for this.

He didnt want to get involved in this at all.

As soon as he finished speaking, he took the lead and walked straight out.

As the door opened, he saw more people in the round hall outside, including those armored men, the managers of the hotel, and some police officers.

“Ill report this to my superiors.

You dont want to get involved in this.

You can leave now,” said Uncle Hu after some consideration.

It was useless for those people to be there.

Uncle Hu knew that the only one that could make a difference was Vermilion Bird, the only one who had a connection with Zhang Hanyang.

He was pressed for time, so he took out his phone and dialed Vermilion Birds number.

“Captain Vermilion Bird, this is Ning Hu, youre still on holiday Im sorry… Ill talk to Captain Azure Dragon.

Ah Okay, then please listen to me…”

Ning Hu was a little nervous.

Judging from the background noise, she seemed to be having fun at a party.

He didnt think this was a good time to tell her that.

However, it seemed that he had run out of options.

He smiled bitterly and said, “Please dont blame me.

This is very tricky.

Zhang Hanyang was provoked; he is now furious because of actions of the Qiao Clan and the Lin Clan.

Qiao Fei and Qiao Jie were in the club, and Zhang Hanyang gave them some time to call over their backers… The two had no way to vent Zhang Hanyangs anger.

Captain, please come and take a look, or the entire city will be affected.”

Just as he finished speaking, the one on the other side of the phone called out, “What did you say”

Then her voice sounded sulky as she commanded, “Give me the address!”

“Hantai Entertainment Club,” Ning Hua muttered.

Obviously, the woman was angry because this ruined her vacation.


“Hiss!” Ning Hu quivered and raised his voice.

“Hantai Entertainment Club, Room No.601!”


The phone was hung up.

Ning Hu stood there helplessly.

He looked back at the room peacefully.

Five seconds later, he shook his head and said to himself, “Ive done everything I can… Im not the one to blame no matter the outcome.”

Jiang Yanlan was singing and playing with a few of her friends from college in a karaoke at the Eastern District of Shang Jing.

She wanted to have a normal vacation like other ordinary people would do, but she didnt enjoy it for long after hearing such news.

Jiang Yanlan was so angry that she gritted her teeth and complained for quite a while, then she turned around with a sorry face and apologized to her friends, “Im sorry.

Its a family emergency.

I have to go back.”

She drank up a glass of wine as an apology and then said good-bye to her friends one by one.

Then she got on a low-key blue Volkswagen Beetle.

Her face turned grim.

She reached out her right hand and pressed a circular button in a hidden position under the wheel.

Then she hit the gas.


An air explosion rippled and rose into the sky.


The car rushed away like flying.

She didnt care about the traffic lights because her way to the club was long and she was pressed for time.

“Zhang Hanyang, why is it you again Why do you always make trouble for me Youre such a pain in the neck!”

In Room No.601 of Hantai Entertainment Club.

Zhang Han, Instructor Liu, and Zhao Feng seemed very relaxed, while the others felt quite tense.

The people in the room didnt even dare to take a breath.

They had completely understood that Qiao Fei and Lin Jie were in some serious trouble which seemed impossible to deal with.

They couldnt help thinking of how Dong Hu was turned into a piece of stone.

They wondered what kind of poison could be that scary.

“Will Lin Jie and Qiao Fei be turned into stone too when the time is up”

Everyone was thinking about that issue, including the two people who took the poison.

“Grand Master Zhang, I never offended you before.

Every debt has its owner.

If Lin Jie has offended you, just kill him.

I have nothing to do with him!” said Qiao Fei with a pale face.

Lin Jie was nothing when compared to matters of life and death.

“It doesnt matter.

Have you forgotten how Qiao Zhan died”

Zhang Han looked at him coldly and said, “He plotted against her.

I bet he didnt know who her husband is.

I wouldnt mind exterminating the whole Qiao Clan for that.”

“Are you referring to Zi Yan” Lin Jies face paled again.

He staggered and took two steps back, murmuring, “Why How could this be”

“No! You cant kill me!” Qian Fei seemed to have lost his mind.

He roared to Zhang Han, “Im the eldest son of the Qiao Clan! My family has Emperor Qing as our backer! Its Emperor Qing! You cant kill me! If you do, Emperor Qing will make you suffer!”

“Really” Zhang Han looked at the two and waved his hand calmly.

“Did you forget the time You still have 40 minutes.”

As Zhang Han waved his hand…


The twos faces suddenly changed.

They lowered their heads, only to see that their feet had been turned into stone in just two seconds.

They couldnt feel their feet as if they had gone numb, or struck by some magic.

The creepy grey color was crawling from their feet to their legs.

It was going slowly but with an unstoppable momentum.

They were scared senseless.

“You still have time to find your backer.” Zhao Feng sneered.

“Maybe you should call Emperor Qing over.”

Qiao Fei and Lin Jie were in such a panic that they took out their phones immediately and dialed their patriarchs numbers, leaving all their scruples behind.

The Qiao Clan and the Lin Clan were both shocked.

They inquired other people and were dumbfounded when they heard from Ning Hu that it was Zhang Hanyang.

As time went by, 20 minutes later, the twos thighs had been turned into stone.

They were horrified and desperate.

Right at this moment…


Someone quickly came in from the gate.

People gazed over and saw a woman in a tight suit.

It was Jiang Yanlan.

Her face changed slightly when she saw the two half-stone-half-men.

She trotted to Zhang Han and sighed.

“Can you stop that”

“No,” Zhang Han refused her directly.

“Can you show some mercy”


“Alright then.” Jiang Yanlan let out a sigh of relief.

“I have to remind you that the Qiao Clan has sent someone to Mount Red Leaf, the place where Emperor Qing is cultivating in seclusion.”

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