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Chapter 63 – Only Mama can love PaPa.

“welcome, welcome.

Mister, please come over here.

Please come to the second floor.” Hearing that, the lady knew that a big client had come, and welcomed Zhang Han to the second floor with a warm smile.

“Sir, your daughter is so beautiful.

It would be better if her hair was tidied up.” The lady looked at Mengmeng, and her eyes lit up.

When Mengmeng was with him, he had always let her hair be the natural look.

It was only when Zhang Han went to the beach that he gave Mengmeng a ponytail.

Even so, Mengmengs exquisite little face managed to control the unusual hairstyle.

There are no ugly hairstyles in the world, only people who cannot handle their hairstyles.

Some people, whether long or short hair, are very good-looking.

Some people couldnt handle many hairstyles, such as curl, or straight hair.

If they had a new hairstyle, they might not look like who they really are.

It was like giving a bald man a wig, or something like that.

As for Mengmeng, she had a good face and can handle all the hairstyles, it would make the staff of studio feel much more easier.

“Of course my daughter is beautiful.

Look at her hairstyle.” Zhang Han chuckled.

Facing the praise, Mengmeng was naturally happy, she hummed a song in a low voice.

In the afternoon, Mengmeng had changed her hairstyle quite a bit, and took ten solo pictures by herself.

Some looked angry, some looked happy, some had cute pouting mouths, and some even had one eye closed while she made a golden fish mouth.

The photographer even wanted Mengmeng to pretend that she was about to cry, because he loved art, and he was sure that thus pictures will blow peoples mind.

Thus, he brought up the idea.

“how to pretend that Im about to cry ” Mengmeng blinked her large and clear eyes and asked curiously.

And when Zhang Han heard this, he immediately glared and replied:

“What are you talking about, dont take that kind of pictures.”

The cameramans expression froze.

He quickly forced a smile and started to take photos of Zhang Han and Mengmeng.

There was a picture of Mengmeng riding on a neck.

Mengmeng rode on top of the PaPas neck, raising both of his hands, leaving behind a happy little face.

As for Zhang Han, who was below her, he had a smile that anyone could see.

Of course, there were also pictures of Mengmeng kissing PaPa, with his face close to hers, and Mengmeng nestling in his embrace and his big hands held her little hands, etc.

After taking the picture, the cameraman added Zhang Hans WeChat and told him that he would develop the picture tonight and send it to the restaurant tomorrow morning.

Zhang Han went downstairs to pay and then directly left.

Before he left, the photographer was praising him:

“The pictures of Sir and your daughter are the most beautiful and warmest photos Ive ever taken …”

Facing the praises, Zhang Han only smiled lightly.

Just as he got on the car, Zhang Hans phone started ringing.

He took it out and saw that it was Zhang Li who called.

“Bro, your restaurant is open for business, right How about it did u attract any customer just by your poor cooking skills ” Zhang Li joked.

“Huh” What And you even started to make fun of your brother ” Zhang Han laughed and replied.

Zhang Han liked the jokes of relatives a lot, and only when he was with his family did he feel that he was a normal people, not a Han Yang Immortal.

Family affection is not something that can be changed by differences in social class.

“Im not teasing you.

I know how you cook.

Remember, on my fifteenth birthday, you cooked once.

What happened” Zhang Li said with a smile.

“In the end, we all had diarrhea for an entire day, and in the end, you even went to complain to our mother that our big brother wanted to murder you.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

In his mind, he recalled the scene from that day.

At that time, Zhang Li was fifteen, and he was eighteen.

Although he had played very well in the Shang Jing, and was young and frivolous, looking down on others, he still felt very cherish his own little sister.

On Zhang Lis birthday, Zhang Han wanted to give her a special present.

Thus, after thinking about it, he decided to make abig meal himself.

As a result, everyone knew that this big meal was like a laxative.

From then on, Zhang Li would call Zhang Han theKitchen Assassin!

If Liang Mengqi and the others knew about this, they would probably be greatly shocked.

“Humph!” Zhang Li snorted and said: “I thought you had forgotten.

I will be on vacation the day after tomorrow, Im going to take a look at your place.”

“Mmm, this time, Ill let you experience my true culinary skills.” Zhang Han smiled slightly.

Most likely, after Zhang Li ate his own food, she would not be willing to leave.

it was maybe for the best, because the job that being a DJ in a night club was still rather difficult for her.

The important thing was, that kind of place was filled with all kinds of people, and no matter what, Zhang Li was still a slim and graceful beauty, and it didnt take a thought to think that there would be some bad people who would harass her.

Instead of that job, why not stay in my own restaurant and serve a meal or something

At this time, Zhang Han was already preparing for Zhang Lis arrival, so the prepared food was a bit more sumptuous, making her to stay and work here.

Zhang Li laughed after hearing this, and then spoke a few words with Zhang Han before hanging up the phone.

“PaPa is… Is Auntie coming to be a guest ” Mengmeng who was seated in the back row asked with a little curiosity.

“Yes, your aunt will come the day after tomorrow.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Ugh…” That Mama will be back the day after tomorrow! PaPa, dont we still have to go to the big birds place to pick up Mama ” Mengmeng reminded him with her young voice.

“Your mother wont be here until ten in the evening.

We can drive there by nine oclock.

Your aunt should be here by day.” Zhang Han said.

“Oh.” Mengmeng answered crisply, her large eyes blinking without anyone knowing what she was thinking.

Finally, after five minutes, Mengmeng said in a baby voice, “PaPa, mm … That older sister Kiki said she loved you today.

“She was joking.” Zhang Han could not help but laughing.

“That, that… Ugh … “No, only Mama can love PaPa, others cant …” Although Mengmeng didnt understand love, she understood that PaPa and Mama loved each other.

“Your mother, she …” Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

He muttered to himself for a while, then replied: “Mengmeng, dad has you, theres no need to worry.”

“Un humph, PaPa, Mama, Mengmeng, we will be together, Forever, um …” Never separate “We will never separate,” Mengmeng said in her childish voice filled with determination and expectation.

“Yes, Forever.” Zhang Han solemnly nodded his head.

Aside from Zi Yan, Mengmeng would definitely be with him forever.

A hundred years, a thousand years, ten thousand years … Forever.

“How about … …” For Mengmengs sake, get the childs mother to fall in love with him first ”

Zhang Han thought about it in his mind.

“Its better not to overdo it, just let it develop naturally”

about relationship, Zhang Han didnt like to interfere it.

Just like how he liked to live a quality life, he enjoyed this kind of spiritual pursuit.

Loving Mengmeng was real, but it was not love with Zi Yan yet.

Furthermore, Zi Yan did not know how she felt about him, as the time they had spent together was too short.

On the other hand, the past few days of chatting had brought the two of them closer to each other.

Sometimes, they would even chat about interesting things.

From a friend to a lover, this process was a very important memory in a persons life.

Furthermore, Zhang Han subconsciously felt that it wouldnt be long before Zi Yan would fall in love with him.

Returning back to the dining hall, Zhang Han gave Mengmeng a bath in the afternoon.

Mengmeng sat in the bathtub full of bubbles.

She was very happy as her little hands continuously waved the bubbles, and her childish voice hummed a song.

“Oh, oh, oh, I love bathing… “My skin is fine, oh, oh, oh, I love bathing my skin.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, I love bathing …”

The Little Princess only remembered this one sentence, but with just that one sentence, Mengmeng had been singing all the time, causing Zhang Han to laugh involuntarily.

Although the song hummed intermittently, Mengmengs voice had inherited Zi Yans bloodline, and was somewhat childish, but the sound of her voice was still very attractive and enchanting.

Soon, it was half past five.

Although the opening hours were written at 18.00-19.00, it seemed that some people already knew that there was no place to sit later.

Thus, at 5.30 p.m., six customers came one after another.

Amongst the six people, one of them was someone Zhang Han had met once before when he was with Zhao Dahu this noon.

Apparently, he was subdued by the Egg Fried Rice and had pulled his friends over to have a taste.

At this time, Zhang Han also started to cook the rice, and before long, Sun Donghen walked in alone.

This time he didnt bring a girl because he felt that he wasnt a member yet, so not only could he not act cool when bringing a beauty over, it even made it seem like young master Sun didnt have any money.

So he planned to not bring any women over until he bought the membership card.

“no seat available” Sun Dongheng saw that there were already six people sitting at the three tables.

He was slightly startled and turned to look at Zhang Han, asking:

“Excuse me, this place is full.

Can I sit there”

While talking, Sun Dongheng pointed to the member seats that Liang Mengqi and the others had bought.

“No.” Zhang Han replied indifferently.

Sun Dongheng laughed bitterly and sighed as he stood to the side of the table and waited in line.

Sun Dongheng was originally a comes from a rich family, and his temper was also not good.

Typically, he loved to act cool, but in this Zhang Hans restaurant, he really didnt have a temper.

The owner really had a unique personality and treated the customers with a bad attitude.

Let the customers serve their own food, and only the members can taste the tasty dishes! Furthermore, he never got changes back when he paid them the money!

The first two times, Sun Dongheng gave him money, he waited for two seconds, but after seeing Zhang Han casually putting the money in the drawer and walking away, he finally understood that the boss did not plan on giving changes!

However, he didnt really care about the money.

After all, the Egg-Fried Rice here was the best in the world.

Putting aside the matter of the money, he was still a frequent customer and a loyal fan! but he still couldnt even sit on a members seat and eat a meal!

“The membership card here!” I must have it!

Sun Dongheng clenched his teeth as he thought resolutely in his heart.


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