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Chapter 631 Prince of Heavenly Knights Sect

There was no lack of talent in this world, who could even have a breakthrough by drinking water.

Could you imagine that

While chatting, Zhang Han and his friends arrived at North Sea Park in Shang Jing.

There was an island in the center of the park with a farm on it.

Some crops were planted around the garden, making it a little like the planting area on Mount New Moon.

But there were fewer crops here.

Generally speaking, February was not the time for the northerners to plant, but the crops here were vibrant, and it was obvious that the Warlord of Chan Clan had used some treasures.

The farm was not large with only three small houses in it.

There was an ordinary willow tree in the main yard with a small tea table in the shed.

Some chickens, ducks and geese were running around in the backyard.

It looked like an ordinary farm.

“Elder Chen also likes a quiet and comfortable life.” Gai XingKong smiled.Through the conversation on the road, Gai Xingkong felt that the Warlord of Chan Clan held no malice towards Zhang Han.

Even if he had bad intentions towards Zhang Han, Emperor Qing who was standing behind Zhang Han would not agree with him.

Emperor Qings support for Zhang Han was so strong that Gai XingKong firmly believed that the relationship between Emperor Qing and Zhang Han was extraordinary.

What surprised Gai Xingkong even more was Zhang Hans attitude towards Emperor Qing.

If he didnt know that Zhang Han already had a wife and daughter, Gai Xingkong would wonder whether the two men were gays.

Hearing Gai Xingkongs words, the Warlord of Chan Clan smiled a little proudly and said, “Learning to cultivate ones personality and moral character is also a science.

I planted everything here one by one, from which I experienced nature and gained a lot.”

“Is that so” Seeing the complacent expression of the Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong could not help but sneer at him, “No wonder Han filled a whole mountain with such plants.

His mountain is 20 times larger than your island.

So it is a kind of self-cultivation Maybe Ill have to try when I go back.”

The Warlord of Chan Clans mouth quivered slightly.

He just sighed with emotion and didnt want to compete with anyone.

“Why did he say 20 times”

“Is it the larger the area, the more remarkable”

But Gai Xingkongs next words made his face a little stiffer.

“There were not only crops there.

Both his mountain and lawn were planted with natural precious materials.” Gai Xingkong said with ease

“Lets go down” The Warlord of Chan Clan landed on the island.

He didnt want to talk with Gai Xingkong anymore.

Gai Xingkong landed on the island with a smile, followed by Zhang Han and Chen Changqing.

They landed right under the willows in the front yard, where there were two chairs by the tea table.

The Warlord of Chan Clan slightly waved his hand and two wooden chairs appeared magically.

“Take a seat.” The Warlord of Chan Clan conjured a pot of hot tea and four cups.

“Grandpa, just say what you want to say.

Im going to visit my sister-in-law and Brother Hans daughter later.” Chen Changqing was the first to speak.


The Warlord of Chan Clan felt a little depressed.

“Whats going on”

“Why is he more impatient than me”

“Elder Chen, what do you want to tell me” Asked Zhang Han.

“Dont worry, try my tea first.” The Warlord of Chan Clan shrugged.

The other three took a sip of their tea.

“The fragrance lingers for a long time.

Good tea, good tea!” Gai Xingkongs eyes lit up as he praised.

Chen Changqing didnt say anything because he had drunk the tea several times before.

Zhang Han took a big sip like drinking water, and then nodded, “Not bad.”

Not bad Dont you know the value of this tea” The Warlord of Chan Clan was a little discontented.

A strong man like him could speak with such tone and expression, which showed that he regarded Zhang Han as his family.

“Grandpa, dont show off.” Chen Changqing coughed softly.

“Bad boy.” The Warlord of Chan Clan snorted.

Then he began to drink his cup of tea in silence, which calmed down his guests.

About a minute later, he drank up a cup of tea and served himself another cup.

While doing this, he looked at Gai Xingkong, hesitated for a moment, and finally looked at Zhang Han and said, “Do you know your identity and background”

“My identity and background” Zhang Han was surprised.

“What the Warlord of Chan Clan mentioned is certainly not my identity as a young master of the Zhang family.

Is there anything else I dont know” Zhang Han shook his head as he pondered.

Gai Xingkong was also a little confused, not knowing what the Warlord of Chan Clan meant.

Chen Changqings expression returned to its normal state.

He sat beside them drinking tea, not intending to interrupt, but only to be a qualified audience.

Other martial artists would be shocked if they knew that the well-known Emperor Qing was here to be a spectator.

The Warlord of Chan Clan paused and asked Zhang Han, “Do you know your fathers identity Has Gai Xingkong told you about him”

“Hmm Why do you know about Guangyou and me, Elder Chen” Gai Xingkong was surprised.

“He told me a long time ago.” The Warlord of Chan Clan nodded.

Then he nodded again at Zhang Han and continued, “Your father is the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect in Kun Xu World, which means that he is not an ordinary martial artist.

Once you get into this world, you have to obey its rules more or less.

When your father came to cultivate himself in the main world, he met your mother…”

“And me.” Gai Xingkong notified him.

Warlord of Chan Clan paused to calm himself down and then continued, “At first your father was not regarded as a member of the Zhang Clan in Shang Jing.”

“Your father is also very distinguished in the worldlet, because… He is the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect.”

At this point, Zhang Guangyous identity was obvious.

A Young Master!

This identity was not the same as what they knew before.

Both Zhang Han and Chen Changqing were so curious that they couldnt remain calm anymore.

Even Gai Xingkong fell into silence.

Under their gaze, the Warlord of Chan Clan said something that shocked all present.

“Because your grandfather is Zhang Shenwang, the owner of Heavenly Knights Sect.”


Gai Xingkong heard a clap of thunder in his mind.

While Zhang Han, as a reborn monster, was not so surprised at anything, Chen Changqing was a young martial artist who didnt know much about the forces in the worldlet.

Gai Xingkong was the only one among the three people who knew how noble the owner of Heavenly Knights Sect was!

“Why didnt Guangyou tell me” Gai Xingkong was a little dissatisfied.

“The more you know, the more danger you face.” The Warlord of Chan Clan replied.

Then he turned to look at Zhang Han and said, “Your grandfather is Zhang Shenwang.

Can you understand your fathers identity as a Young Master now

“I was lucky to have received the favor of Zhang Shenwang.

Later, I learned that the war between the Heavenly Knights Sect and the Wind Snow School had been very cruel, so I took the initiative to arrange for your father to stay in the Zhang Clan in Shang Jing.

After several years of war, Zhang Shenwang and the owner of Wind Snow School went to a secret place for a one-on-one battle, and I dont know the result of this.

Since then, there has been less fighting between the Heavenly Knights Sect and the Wind Snow School, so it was time for your father to be the lord of battle.

“Your fathers strength rocketed up after those battles and he soon advanced into the Grand Master stage.

In that era when there was no Grand Master to be seen in the main world, your father was definitely matchless.

But he decided to live in seclusion after your mother gave birth to you and your sister.

Therefore, he cooperated with Gai Xingkong to fool everyone and pretended to be defeated.

Unfortunately, it wasnt long before Qing Zhen Zi found him.

“Qing Zhen Zi was at the Divine Realm and your father couldnt defeat him.

I went to help your father as soon as I heard the news, and managed to save his life.

“When I saw you, Im convinced that there will be no laggard among the children of a brave and talented martial artist.

” The Warlord of Chan Clan sighed with emotion.

“Zhang Han, you are better than your father and even as marvelous as Zhang Shenwang, your grandfather! You are now the prince of Heavenly Knights Sect and the new Young Master in the future, someone who is expected to grow up and strengthen Heavenly Knights Sect.

But as Wind Snow School becomes more and more powerful, the pressure you have to face will be greater.

So, young man, you have to continue to work hard.

You would have lived a peaceful life if you hadnt stepped into the martial arts world.

But you have not only stepped into our world, but become so talented and outstanding.

I think you are the great hope to re-energize the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

The expressions of everyone on the scene changed significantly.

Gai Xingkongs face was stiff because he didnt expect to hear such a remark today.

This kind of little-known news could indeed be called secret news.

Even Gai Xingkong, Zhang Guangyous good brother, had never been told about it.

Although he knew it was a way to protect him, Gai Xingkong was a little angry.

“Why You look down on me Cant I bear the pressure with you”

“Whats more, Zhang Guangyou advanced into the Grand Master stage earlier than me, but he pretended to be a Heaven-stage Master.

I want to beat him so much.”

Although he was dissatisfied, he couldnt help it, and he cared more about Zhang Han.

Therefore, he slowly turned his head and looked at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was also surprised.

Yes, it was out of his expectation.

Zhang Han didnt expect that he was involved in the affairs about the sects, Heavenly Knights Sect, Wind Snow School, long-term hatred, and Qing Zhen Zi in the worldlet.

“What chaos!”

“How I wish I was now at the Innateness stage and could use some powerful methods.

Foundation Stage, after all, is only the entry level!”

“Han, you… You will be busy.” Gai Xingkong sighed.

Zhang Han also fell into silence.

He didnt want to get involved in this conflict.

He just wanted to watch Mengmeng grow up and live a peaceful life, but it involved his father.

These trivial matters could only be discussed after the gate of the worldlet was opened and he brought his parents back.

“In terms of your identity, Zhang Han, you come from a martial arts family, just like Mu Xue.

What is different is that she comes from the Luo Fu Sword sect with fewer enemies than you.

In the worldlet, its rare to see wars as fierce as those between Heavenly Knights Sect and Wind Snow School!” The Warlord of Chan Clan shook his head and said.

He used the word “war” to illustrate the seriousness and cruelty of these events.

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