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Chapter 633 The Chen Familys Guests

“This…” Wang Zhanpeng smiled and shook his head.

He realized that he had misunderstood the “precious” degree of treasures before.

When the Wang family and Mystical Fog Sect competed for Mountains and Rivers Flag, he felt that Xiang Qitian was almost the same.

There were many treasures!

But they didnt usually see them.

Since he met Zhang Han, he had seen the thunder yang tree and Thunder Yang Flower on the mountain, the spiritual marrow that Wang Ming mentioned, and the relics found by the boat of curse in Singapore, where he obtained a holy object and the Yuan Qing Tree.

He had also seen the batch of gemstones taken back from the relics of Mount He Snow in the northeast, the bunch of herbs taken from the Land of Extreme Yang in Lin Hai City, the Demon Dancing Sword and Golden Armor that Zhang Han snatched, Zhang Hans cards known as a Divine Object, and, Roaring flame saber, the divine weapon which once belonged to Gu Donglai.

Now Zhang Han again obtained a pair of bracelets known as Divine Objects.

Now Zhang Han had three Divine Weapons or Divine Objects, five Divine Objects and countless Heaven-grade treasures.

Are these treasures precious


Because Zhang Han had so much of them.

Wang Zhanpengs thinking was the same as Lei Tiannans.

“Zhang Hans treasure may be comparable to the Hong Kong treasure house in a period of time.” Lei Tiannan thought.

They looked at their own wizened Space Treasures, and then sighed with emotion.

At least, these treasures were still valuable for them.

“PaPa, how did it disappear Can you summon it again” Mengmeng looked at her wrist and said in confusion.

“Well…” Zhang Han wanted to have another try.

Zi Yan stopped him and said with a smile, “He cant summon it out.

Look, MaMas bracelet also disappeared.”

“PaPa is marvelous.

He made them disappear…” Mengmeng murmured.

Everyone burst out laughing.

Mengmeng always enlivened the atmosphere.

“Mengmeng, you havent told uncle Chen your name yet.” Chen Changqing looked at Mengmeng and asked her.

“Uncle Chen, Im Zhang Yumeng and they all call me Mengmeng.” Mengmeng looked up at Chen Changqing and replied.

“Zhang Yumeng is a nice name, isnt it given by my sister-in-law” Chen Changqing asked with a smile.

“No.” Zi Yan couldnt help but cover her mouth and smile.

Looking at Zhang Han, she replied, “Mengmeng was born in San Diego and her name was Emily at first.

But he didnt like the name and changed it into Zhang Yumeng without asking for my opinion.”

Thinking of that time, Zi Yan felt it was very interesting.

For every couple, the period when they first met and courted each other was a wonderful memory.

“Really Ha, brother Han.

How could you come up with such a delicate name” Chen Changqing couldnt help but sneer at Zhang Han.

“You look down on your brother Han Yes Do you dare to drink with me in the evening” Zhang Han glanced at him.

They had a good relationship and could joke with each other without any worries.

“Sister-in-law.” Chen Changqing smiled and shook his head, “In the past, brother Han used to poke fun at me because I couldnt drink much and would soon lose my sense of direction every time.

Id like to invite you to the Chen family today.

Ill have dinner prepared and have a drink with brother Han.

Would you mind that, sister-in-law”

“Of course not.” Zi Yan smiled, “He could drink more than you.

Maybe he can do the same now.”

No matter how much Zhang Han drank, Zi Yan hadnt seen him drunk yet.

“Lets compete tonight.” Chen Changqing smiled.

“Changqing, you are so handsome.

Do you have a girlfriend” Zi Yan asked casually.

The others were intrigued by the question.

They wondered if Emperor Qing had a girlfriend and how beautiful that girl might be.

Was she as pretty as Zi Yan

It was normal for a beautiful girl to be a heros girlfriend.

“I dont have a girlfriend.” Chen Changqing took a look at the crowd, hesitated for a while, and then said, “I dont have the time to find a girlfriend.

I have been cultivating and have had no chance to go out freely until recently.”

“You are so handsome.

Why havent you got a girlfriend I have a sister, who is also my agent.

She went back to Hong Kong for some business, and she likes young men with big eyes and perfect noses.” Zi Yan said casually.

Chen Changqing was scared and hurriedly waved his hand, “No, Im feminine and tender.

Im not as manly and handsome as brother Han.”


He didnt want to have a girlfriend now, so he added, “To be honest, I have my own goddess.”

“Why didnt I know you have a goddess” Zhang Han asked in confusion.

“It happened during the period after I left you before, in the first year of junior high school.

Its a pity that I left later and promised to find her, but I didnt have time until now.” Chen Changqing shook his head slightly, “After all these years, maybe she has already married someone else.

But I still want to try to find her.”

Everyone was stunned at his words.

“Is Emperor Qing going to steal another persons wife”

Seeing the expression of the crowd, Chen Changqing hurriedly waved his hand, “I just want to investigate her situation, so I can be assured.”

“Oh, yes.” Zi Yan nodded.

“You are so calm that you didnt tell us this until now.” Zhang Han took a look at Chen Changqing.

“I was too shy to say more at that time.” Chen Changqing smiled.

“Yes.” Zhang Han knew Chen Changqing well, who used to be very dull.

Under the influence of Zhang Han, he became more outgoing, but was often teased by Zhang Han because of his character.

They talked from three to half past five in the afternoon.

Chen Changqing stood up after receiving a phone call from his family and said, “The dinner party over there is ready, and the guest rooms have been arranged.

Please take rests there these days, so that I can entertain you.”

Chen Changqing gradually became more and more outgoing since he followed Zhang Han.

Later, he began to cultivate and finally became Emperor Qing.

Now, Chen Changqing was the backbone of the Chen family.

Chen Changqing could keep the Chen family prosperous for 100 years.

Chen Changqing had grown up, and he had too many qualifications as a martial artist at the Divine Realm.

It would be easy for them to be enrolled by any sects in the worldlet.

So now Chen Changqings position in the Chen family was higher than that of the patriarch.

What was more, the other family members heard that Zhang Hanyang was invited to have dinner this time!

Merciless Zhang from Hong Kong!

The Chen family members were so excited and the other families envied them so much.

“Now the Chen family is supported by both Chen Changqing and Zhang Hanyang, and they are brothers.”

It sounded more like a joke.

Zhang Han and his friend packed their luggage, asked Zhao Feng to check out for them, and then went to the Chen family using several Rolls-Royce.

Zhang Hans movements were known by many people who were interested in him.

Now all the big families in Shang Jing were paying attention to his every move here.

They all fell into silence when they saw all those luxury cars.

Both Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing were marvelous, and they dared not to imagine what they could achieve through cooperating with each other.

No one in the world could suppress them except for those Divine-Realm monsters who hadnt been seen for a long time.

Chen Changqing, Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu took the lead in driving to the Chen family.

Xu Yong followed them with Zhang Han and his family in his car.

Chen Changqing didnt speak much along the way.

He sat in the back seat and kept his eyes closed.

Now he looked like a real Emperor Qing.

Even Instructor Liu and Zhao Feng felt the pressure from him.

They knew that it was not Emperor Qings intention, but his own Qi that brought them such a feeling.

As a martial artist at Divine Realm Emperor Qing was different from ordinary people.

His body, meridian, soul sense and spiritual force were all perfect.

He has already bid farewell to the body of ordinary people, so he would inadvertently leak out some unusual Qi and make others feel some pressure.

But Instructor Liu and Zhao Feng felt more psychological pressure at this time,.

Because they both knew that Emperor Qing was following them.

Such little pressure did not make them nervous.

When they were halfway, Zhao Feng took the lead in saying, “Emperor Qing, did you and my master play together since childhood The Chen family should be stronger than the Zhang family, right How can you… I mean call my master brother Han.”

Zhao Feng was very clear that sometimes the position of a family also determined the position of an individual.

The children of a big family seldom called those with lower positions “big brother”.

Hearing this, Chen Changqing smiled casually, “Just call me brother Chen.”

Chen Changqing thought for a while and replied, “Im not the same as brother Han.

I was introverted and I didnt dare to talk with anyone else.

It was only when I was with brother Han that I became outgoing.

At that time, the strength of our two families was somewhat different, and the Zhang family was stronger because brother Hans father was very powerful.

But even if our family was stronger, I would still call him brother Han.

Yes, he had amazing personal charm.”

“Was the boss very good back then” Instructor Liu asked curiously.

“Yes, he used to be very outgoing.

He was righteous and fastidious, like a big brother, and he did things according to his nature and principles.

If brother Han was young and vigorous then, he is now more stable after getting married.

I couldnt describe my feeling in detail, but I can feel his growing strength hidden under his stable and peaceful appearance.” Chen Changqing sighed with emotion.

Zhang Hans hideous power under the peaceful appearance was for his family.

His family was his treasure, and those who dared to harm them would be wiped out immediately by him.

This was the brother Han Chen Changqing was familiar with.

Then Chen Changqing looked at Zhao Feng and asked, “Are you brother Hans disciple A real disciple”

“Of course.” Instructor Liu replied enviously, “He is the first and only disciple of our boss.

At ordinary times, Zhao Feng manages the bosss assets, companies, crops, livestock and everything just like his housekeeper.”

“Its my luck to meet my Master by chance.

My Master saved my life, taught me how to cultivate and turned me from an ordinary person to a Martial Art Grand Master in half a year, which was like a dream.” Zhao Feng said with emotion as he drove.

“It took you only half a year to become a Martial Art Grand Master” Chen Changqing was surprised and looked at Zhao Feng in confusion.

Even with the Qing Dragon blood, he didnt reach the stage of Grand Master as quickly as Zhao Feng.

“Its not just me.

There is a Mengmeng Security Group in our company, and all its 100 members are trained and taught by my Master.

Among them, there are six Martial Art Grand Masters, 72 Heaven-stage Masters and a few Earth-Stage Masters with poor aptitude.” Zhao Feng replied calmly.

Emperor Qing wouldnt be interested in them and their strength, so Zhao Feng dared to tell him all this information.

Zhao Feng knew that martial artists at the Divine Realm all had their own soul sense, which helped them to estimate the others strength whenever they liked.

Besides, Chen Changqing was Zhang Hans brother, and it was unnecessary for Zhao Feng to keep something secret from him.

Zhao Feng didnt know that Emperor Qing was stunned at his words.

“Really” Asked Chen Changqing.

He was a little surprised.

Zhang Han cultivated 100 martial artists in half a year, among which there were six Martial Art Grand Master and many Heaven-Stage and Earth-Stage masters.

Who could believe that

If this was known by the other big families, their eyes would be red with envy!

The value of these 100 martial artists was very high, and even most big families, including the Chen family, didnt have so many martial artists.

Only the strength of some long-standing sects could reach this level.

“Such an amazing security group was trained by Han Ge in half a year”


Chen Changqing was confused.

Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu felt so proud when they saw Chen Changqings expression.

Zhao Feng explained, “Because my Masters cultivation methods, body training methods and martial arts resources are amazing.”

“Yes.” Instructor Liu echoed, “The boss has taught us at least 80 kinds of cultivation methods, which are tailored for everyones physique.

No one can be compared with him because he has countless cultivation methods.”

“cultivation methods…”

Chen Changqing said slowly, “Importantly cultivation methods, body training methods and sufficient martial arts resources allow you to make quick breakthroughs.

It seems that brother Han has at least one kind of divine object.”

“This…” Zhao Feng hesitated, shook his head and said, “We cant tell you more.”

“Yes, we cant tell you more.

If you want to know more about it, youd better wait for the boss to tell you in person.” Instructor Liu also responded with a smile.

“Why” Chen Changqing said in surprise, “Does brother Han have more than one divine objects”

His reaction was quick, and he was acutely aware of something from the expressions of Instructor Liu and Zhao Feng.

Originally, he thought that Zhang Han had a divine object and a holy object, but he saw the expression of the two people in front of him.

Chen Changqing was shocked.

“Does he have more than one divine object”

“It seems that brother Han also has a big secret!” Chen Changqings eyes lit up.

His brother Han didnt change at all.

Chen Changqing was a little surprised because he didnt expect brother Han to be so powerful.

He felt happy for Zhang Han.

While they were talking, the motorcade arrived at the Chen family.

The Chen familys large-scale manor was located in the heart of the eastern part of Shang Jing, in the middle of downtown, next to a villa area, surrounded by low buildings.

There were no high-rise buildings in the area with a radius of 1 km.

This was a very high-end manor with all kinds of buildings and facilities in it, including the racecourse, golf course, open-air swimming pool, ancient and modern buildings and so on, showing the strength of Chen family.

The Warlord of Chan Clan gave the Chen family a high position.

It was Zhang Guangyou who helped the Zhang family to surpass the Chen family.

After all, no one had the same amazing identity as Zhang Guangyou, who was the prince of Heavenly Knights Sect just like Zhang Han.

It could also be deduced how high Mu Xues position was, as so few martial artists dared to provoke her.

Zhang Han was an exception.

Zhang Han didnt know his fathers identity at the beginning, so even Zi Yan didnt know why Zhang Han was so confident.

“What is a cultivator”

“Zhang Han is now at the Foundation Late-stage, and he seems to be powerful enough.”

“What about the Innateness stage”

“The Elixir stage”

“And all the following stages until he reaches the pass tribulation stage”

Zi Yan just knew that her husband was once a powerful cultivator at the ninth level of pass-tribulation stage.

But she didnt know what it meant.

Only Zhang Han himself knew the ninth level of the pass-tribulation stage.

When the motorcade arrived at the parking lot of the Chen family, they saw a large group of people standing on the edge of the parking lot.

There were in total 16 or 17 people, including Patriarch Chen and many core family members.

They all seemed to be very enthusiastic and excited.

Even Patriarch Chen often rubbed his hands.

“They are coming.” They were cheered up by the motorcade.

Zhang Hanyang was Chen Changqings brother, and his arrival motivated everyone in the Chen family.

They were all busy preparing to treat these distinguished guests at the highest standard.

Bang bang bang…

With the sounds of doors being opened and closed, everyone got out under the Chens gaze.

“Patriarch, this is my brother Han, Zhang Han or Zhang Hanyang.

This is Zi Yan, my sister-in-law Ziyan, and this is their daughter Mengmeng.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Zhang, Miss Zi and lovely Mengmeng.” Patriarch Chen greeted everyone warmly, including Mengmeng.

Mengmeng was a little embarrassed.

She hid by Zhang Hans leg and waved her little palm, “Hello, uncle.”

“Uncle” Patriarch Chen, who was in his 50s, was surprised and touched his beard, “I like it.

Ha ha, I feel much younger now.”

“Please excuse her words.” Zi Yan smiled.

Mengmeng didnt know much about how to call her elders because Zi Yan didnt teach her too much about it.

The most important reason was that the little girl seldom had contact with strangers before.

“This is Rong Jiaxin, brother Hans aunt.

This is Wang Ming, her husband.

This is…” Cheng Changqing introduced Zhang Hans family members and friends one by one.

Therefore, they stood at the edge of the parking lot for five minutes before they walked to the restaurant to the warm welcome of all the Chen family members.

All the Chens regarded the dinner today as a milestone.

Emperor Qing ruled this era with his strength.

But they also admitted that this was the era of Zhang Hanyang, Merciless Zhang.

“With their relationship, the Chen familys position will be as solid as gold!”

This was something they would love to see.

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