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But that night, at the headquarters of National Security Agency, Captain Azure Dragon told Jiang Yanlan, “The boss arranged a task for you to guard Hong Kong and protect the flowers and grass that may be hurt by Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang.

Well, he said those words.”

Then a scream rang through the floor, “Ah ah ah! I hate old Ye!”

The other three captains chuckled, while the rest of the floor shivered.

Jiang Yanlan usually called Ye Tianlang brother.

But when she was unhappy, she would call him old Ye.

However… Ye Tianlang didnt seem to be aged.

Lets go back to Zhang Hans plane.

The little princess was very happy to return to Hong Kong.

Sitting in her seat, while waiting for MaMa to help her fasten her seat belt, she raised her little hand and hummed, “To go back, to see Big Heihei and Little Heihei, to go back to our castle! To, to… Huh”

Suddenly, she was stunned and looked up at Zhang Han.

“Whats wrong” Zhang Han asked with confusion.

“Ah, PaPa, I, I forgot to bring gifts for Big Heihei and Little Heihei.

What should we do”

“Er…” Zhang Han hesitated, “Lets turn around and fly back”

Zhang Hans words stunned everyone around him.

Looking at Zhang Hans serious face, they had no doubt that if the little princess said “OK”, Zhang Han would immediately arrange to go back.

“What did you say” Luckily, Zi Yan was here, who rolled her eyes at Zhang Han and then told Mengmeng, “MaMa has prepared the gifts for them.

We bought the gifts together when we were shopping.

Do you forget”

“I dont remember.

Oh, yes, we have prepared gifts for them.” Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han again and said seriously, “PaPa, we dont need to turn back.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and touched Mengmengs head.

Then Mengmeng began to chat with Zi Yan.

“I envy you having such a happy family.” Chen Changqing whispered beside Zhang Han.

“Im glad to hear that.” Zhang Han replied casually.

He felt that he was the happiest with Mengmeng as his daughter and Zi Yan as his wife.

It was reasonable that everyone admired him.

Chen Changqing was amused by Zhang Han and burst out laughing.

“By the way, you fell in love with a girl after you left me before Is she your first love” Zhang Han looked at Chen Changqing and asked him.

“Well, I didnt fall in love with her immediately.

I was weak and almost died when I absorbed Qing Dragon blood.

That girl stood up when I was bullied.

Later, we became familiar with each other, and her figure was etched in my mind.

Anyway, I will go find her because I promised her.”

“Well, after all these years, she may have had children.

Changqing, if you were more decisive, you would not regret it now.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Chen Changqing had many faults in his character, and he was even a little cowardly in the past, which Zhang Han couldnt understand at all.

How could the young master of the Chen family have that kind of character

Well, maybe youre right.

” Chen Changqing sighed and smiled again, “But I just want to have a look at her.

Ill take a rest in your place for a few days before I go to find her.”

Zhang Han asked casually, “Whats her name”

Chen Changqing replied slowly while recalling that girls appearance, “Her name is Leng Xuefei.”

“The name is not very popular; it will be easy to find her.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Huh” Zi Yan, who listened to their conversation carefully, was attracted by the name.

Turning around, she began thinking about it.

“I have heard the name somewhere.

Though I cant remember when I heard it, Im sure Ive heard it.” Zi Yan said.

“Really Ha ha, Ive made a wise decision to go to Hong Kong.” Chen Changqing said with a smile.

He didnt pay attention to their words.

Although the name was rare, there must be many people with the same name.

And Chen Changqing knew that Leng Xuefei was not the girls name registered in her household register.

He asked the specific reason, but she cried, and he never asked it again.

The time spent travelling was very boring for most people, but the atmosphere was very lively during this plane flight.

In the face of these people, Mengmeng was no longer introverted.

She sang two songs to everyone in a low voice, and then began to play with her own hairy toys.

It wasnt until Mengmeng was tired and fell asleep that the whole cabin was quiet.

At five oclock in the evening, the plane landed slowly at the airport behind Mengmeng Group.

Mengmeng woke up early and was very happy in PaPas arms.

But when they got off the plane, Mengmeng murmured, “PaPa, put me down.”

“You dont like being held by PaPa” Zhang Han said with a smile,

“No, teachers Lu told us that we are grown up and cannot always be held, otherwise PaPa and MaMa will be very tired.” Mengmeng said solemnly.

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han put Mengmeng on the ground, touched her little head and said with a smile, “Our Mengmeng has grown up, but Ill not feel tired when I hold you, even if I fly around the world one hundred times with you in my arms.”

“Well, PaPa is the most powerful.” Mengmeng said, pulling Zhang Hans little finger.

“Oh, finally back! The air smells so good.” Instructor Liu stretched out.

“Hong Kong.” Chen Changqing looked around and shook his head.

“This is my second time coming here.”

“Let Zhang Han show you around.” Zi Yan smiled, then crouched down and said to Mengmeng, “MaMa will go to the company to arrange some work.

You and PaPa go home first, and MaMa will come back in a little while.”

“Well, Okay.

Bye, MaMa.” Mengmeng cleverly waved her hand.

Then Zi Yan stood up again and said politely as the hostess, “Dinner is already being prepared at home.

Go home first to have dinner if it is ready.

Dont wait for us.”

“Bye.” Zhang Han patted Zi Yan on the waist.

The pretty woman gave him a charming look, and then went to the staff passage on the side of the company accompanied by Leng Yue.

“Lets get in the car.” Zhang Han led the way to the side of the already arranged motorcade.

This series of luxury cars were as good as those in the super families like the Chen family.

After they got in, the motorcade went to Mount New Moon.

Zhao Feng drove, Zhang Han and Mengmeng sat in the back seat, and Chen Changqing sat in the front seat.

When he got to the front of the company, he saw a tall building.

“Your company is not small.

Brother Han, you are really good at everything.” Chen Changqing looked out of the window.

“These are basically run by Xiaofeng alone.” Zhang Han replied.

“Oh” Chen Changqing looked at Zhao Feng strangely, “You let your first disciple manage the company for you”

“Not only the company, but also Cold Immortal School.

He is in charge of everything.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Youre too comfortable, brother Han.” Chen Changqing jokingly said, “Zhao Feng, you are too busy working for him.

Would you like to work for me”

“Elder brother Chang Qing, dont make fun of me.

I will always belong to my Master.” Zhao Feng replied with a smile.

But Chen Changqing knew that he was not joking.

“You dont have to say that.

You are completely free.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

He didnt want to limit Zhao Fengs or others lives.

And he wouldnt stop them from leaving him one day, but…

The cohesion of Mengmeng Security was beyond other peoples understanding.

Mount New Moon was very close to New Moon Bay.

About ten minutes later, they arrived at the foot of Mount New Moon.

“Cold Immortal School.” Chen Changqings eyes lit up as he looked at the huge stone gate and the three words above.

He sighed silently.

“Brother Han has never changed.

Only he can come up with such a beautiful name.”

“Brother Han, you live in that castle” Chen Changqing noticed the beautiful and magnificent castle at the top at the first sight.

“Yes, thats our big castle.

Uncle Qing.

We usually live on the third floor.” Mengmeng mumbled.

“Do you want to invite uncle Qing to your home” Chen Changqing asked with a smile.

“Okay, my PaPa will make you super delicious food.

But Im going to see my good friends Big Heihei and Little Heihei.

Uncle Qing, you can go to my home yourself.” Said Mengmeng, hesitating.

The three adults were all amused by her and burst out laughing.

“How can I go to your home alone You are so lovely.”

“Uncle Qing will accompany you to see Dahei and Little Hei.” Said Chen Changqing.

“Thats good.” Mengmeng replied and looked out of the window.

Zhao Feng saw this and lowered the car window.

Then Mengmeng put out her little head shouted, “Big Heihei, Little Heihei, Im back!”

Her tender and beautiful voice slowly spread out.

The whole Mount New Moon suddenly fell into silence.

Then two cheery roars were heard from the back of the mountain.

“Ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”


After Zhao Feng parked the car in the parking space in the front of the castle, Little Hei appeared beside him.

When the car stopped, it ran back and forth around the car while sticking out its tongue, wagging its big tail to express its happiness.

Dahei ran fast to the thunder yang tree.

Chen Changqing was shocked by the two beasts.

“spirit beast”

“The two spirit beasts are both at the Grand Master stage.

How can they still stay in this world”

Zhang Han opened the door for Mengmeng, and the little girl jumped out on his own.

Zhang Han was worried that Mengmeng would sprain her feet, and was always ready to help her the first time with his soul sense and spiritual force.

Fortunately, the four-year-old girl was very flexible.

She jumped out of the car and turned around to take two customized puppets in the back seat.

One was a black dog, the other was a gorilla, and their appearance was very similar to that of Dahei and Little Hei.

“Big Heihei, Little Heihei.

Look, Ive brought you gifts.” Mengmeng handed the gifts to them.

Little Hei saw this, ran directly to Mengmeng, squatted down, slowly stretched out his head to hold the puppet in its mouth, threw it up, and then caught it.

It was so happy.

Daheis mouth moved when he saw this.

“My second brother is a good actor.”

Dahei also squatted down.

But Mengmeng was still too small compared with it, and she could only tiptoe to hand the gift to Dahei.

Dahei took over both Mengmeng and the gift.

They began to play Throwing High.

“Ha ha ha…” Mengmeng was overjoyed and couldnt stop laughing.

Chen Changqing said with emotion, “Brother Han, it seems a bit exaggerated that you have two spirit beasts at Grand Master stage to play with your daughter.”

Everyone would be shocked by the scene, including Emperor Qing.

“Exaggerated Not at all.” Zhang Han shook his head calmly.

“Its not enough.”

“Brother Changqing, you just met my Master.

You will soon know that the two spirit beasts at Divine Realm stage are not exaggerated at all.

I dare to say that if Mengmeng thinks the world is interesting, my Master will get the world through conquering it the next day.” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

He admired Zhang Han so much.

Zhang Han was his and the whole Mengmeng Securitys good example.

“I see.” Chen Changqing forced a smile.

What Zhao Feng said shocked Chen Changqing.

“Dahei and Little Hei were both taught by my Master.” Zhao Feng said calmly.

Chen Changqing was stunned.

There were six Martial Art Grand Masters, tens of Qi Strength Masters and two spirit beasts at Grand Master stage in the security group.

It was beyond Chen Changqings imagination.

Then he was told the specific reason.

After playing Throwing High for a while, Dahei put Mengmeng on its shoulder and walked to the back of the mountain.

Little Hei and Zhang Han followed it.

When they passed by thunder yang tree…

Chen Changqing was immediately attracted by the tree, feeling that it was not a normal tree.

Which kind of tree could attract him, a high-level cultivator

“Is it a divine tree” Chen Changqing asked.

“Yes.” Zhang Han slightly moved his left hand.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Chen Changqing sensed the Qi of divine object.

Then he sensed the Qi of another divine object on the other side.

Thunder yang tree and Thunder Yang Flower.

“Two kinds” Even Emperor Qing couldnt believe what he saw.

What he didnt expect was that, at the next moment, he again sensed various treasures Qi.

Then Chen Changqing saw the field where the spiritual herbs grew.

He forced a smile, “I thought brother Han would be short of treasures, but I didnt expect that your treasures are many times more than mine.

This medicine field is very good.

Next time I go back to Beijing, I will bring you good herbs from my grandpas small medicine field.”

Zhang Han knew that he wanted to rob his grandfathers things again.

Walking under thunder yang tree, Chen Changqing couldnt help jumping on the trunk of it to look down at the whole Mount New Moon.

“What a great project.” He sighed with emotion.

If he knew that Zhang Han had made all these in just an hour, he would be shocked again

In fact, there was gaps between different divine objects, also known as fifth-stage spirit treasures.

But few people in the martial arts world knew that divine objects could also be refined.

A very high-end fifth-stage spirit treasure like thunder yang tree would get more abilities after being refined, such as the ability of the thunder yang tree to transform territory.

Chen Changqing was surprised at all these new things.

He hadnt seen what was even more surprising yet.

When the three adults were sitting and chatting in the pet area, Mengmeng was having fun with Dahei and Little Hei.

She hadnt seen them for a long time and missed them so much.

While Dahei and Little Hei are running around Mengmeng, the other dogs who had grown up were following them in a fierce manner.

Now Mengmeng looked like a little general taking command of her troops.

Little Hei was kinder than Dahei.

After a while, it swished to Zhang Hans legs, whispered, and rubbed its head against Zhang Hans palm to express its yearning.

Zhang Han touched Little Heis head, and it ran back to play contentedly.

Dahei felt upset.

“I cant lose to my second brother, who has taken the initiative to fawn on our Master again.”

So it swung his big ass, sat beside Zhang Han, and put its big head close to him.

In fact, it was still taller than Zhang Han even after sitting down.

It looked so funny.

Zhang Han slapped it twice on the forehead, and it rolled back.

Chen Changqing envied Zhang Han so much.

“It seems that I have to get a spirit beast in the future.

They have a good relationship with you.”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded, “In fact, sometimes the people recognized by the spirit beast will accompany them for life.”

This was a kind of stubbornness, but also a kind of stubbornness that moved their Master.

Half an hour later, Zhang Han received a call from Zi Yan and said, “Lets go for dinner.”

Then he stood up, went to Mengmeng, held the little girl in his arms and went to the thunder yang tree.

“Guess what we will have for dinner” Zhang Han kissed Mengmeng on her face and let her go.

“What do we have for dinner” Mengmeng asked in reply.

“Guess what.” Zhang Han was amused.

“Well, I dont know.” Mengmeng blinked her big clear eyes and thought for two seconds before she raised her head and replied, “Is it a hot pot”

“Yes, its hot pot.” Zhang Han smiled.

Zhao Feng, who was following them, knew that if Mengmeng said anything else, Zhang Han would immediately replace her dinner with what she wanted.

“Brother Changqing, the ingredients here are absolutely the best in the world.

Im sure you will like them.” Zhao Feng looked at Chen Changqing with a smile.

“I feel that the meat quality of the livestock in the back mountain is pretty good.

Only the meat of spirit beasts can have better quality than them.” Chen Changqing shook his head slightly.

When they arrived at the restaurant, they saw that many people had already sat down and the soup in the hot pot was heated.

The dinner would begin in ten minutes after Zi Yan came back.

They walked all the way to the dining table on the inside side, and all the people passing by greeted them warmly.

“The boss is back!”

“Mengmeng is back.

Mengmeng, I miss you so much.”



Zhang Han greeted them one by one until he arrived at his table.

Fruit plates and juice were soon served.

Mengmeng took the juice from Zhang Han and drank it happily.

Chen Changqing ate slowly and chatted with Zhang Han.

The others were all curious about Chen Changqing, who was known as Emperor Qing.

They felt so proud.

“Look, Emperor Qing is Zhang Hans little brother!”

When Chen Changqing picked up a small tomato with a toothpick and put it into his mouth…

A clear and sweet voice came from the side, “Im back.”

It was Zi Yan.

Chen Changqing looked at that direction subconsciously.

After smiling at Zi Yan, he withdrew his gaze.

All of a sudden, he slightly narrowed his eyes in astonishment.

The little tomato, which was handed to his mouth, fell on the table as his fingers quivered.


Chen Changqing turned his head and stared at the girl beside Zi Yan.

His body shook involuntarily.

Then he slowly stood up straight.

He still remained calm, but…

Zhang Han saw excitement in his eyes.

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