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The news that Jiang Yanlan beat up Instructor Liu soon spread around like wildfire.

Everyone who heard the news couldnt be more stunned.

Most of the members of the Mengmeng Security Group, as well as those subordinates of Instructor Liu, who once belonged to the Wolf Head Detachment, were petrified.

“She is so merciless!”

In fact, a few of them had wanted to stop Jiang Yanlan.

Yet, when they heard Brother Fengs words, they understood that there was something fishy about the incident.


Thinking of Instructor Lius carefree character, the audience had their own speculation about the incident.

But few of them knew that the seemingly harmless woman in leather in front of them was actually a master at the peak of the Grand Master Realm, who could tear down the bar in an instant.

“Ah, Instructor, its all due to your bad luck.” Zhao Feng looked at Instructor Liu and winced.

Without any doubt, with Jiang Yanlans strength, Instructor Liu would definitely be in severe pain.

For a master like her, her accurate application in her strength could be said to have reached the pinnacle.

The strength she exerted on Instructor Liu made him feel agony, but it only left a minor injury on his body.

In fact, Jiang Yanlan had pulled her punches.

After all, Instructor Liu was one of Five-Tiger Generals from Mengmengs Security Group.

More or less, she had to show some respect to Zhang Han.

If Instructor Liu had known Jiang Yanlans thought, he would definitely complain.

“Youre beating me up like this.

Are you sure you are showing respect to my boss

Cut the crap! I just dont buy it!”

At Table 17 of the bar, Sun Dongheng, who was a regular guest of the bar, was showing a live broadcast of the fight.

When the camera showed a close-up of Instructor Liu being beaten for about two minutes, the audience watching the broadcast had increased by tens of thousands!

From the introduction clip, the netizens saw a picture of a beauty in leather hitting someone, and they all clicked on the video out of curiosity.

“Gosh! Do you know the one on the ground”

Sun Dongheng stood on the sofa and exclaimed while shooting.

“Thats the well-known Instructor Liu.

Hes actually very powerful, but now he is being pushed to the ground and bullied by a woman.

What explosive news!”

“Ive never seen the beauty who is beating him! Even Brother Feng said that its an internal affair.

F*ck, maybe the two did have an affair.”

Bullet screen: What happened between the two Why is the man being beaten so hard

Gradually, the uproar in the area affected the entire bar.

Every guest in the bar was staring at the two, Instructor Lius loud screams filling their ears.

“This poor man is being trampled underfoot!”

After a full three minutes, Jiang Yanlan stopped the beating.

She swung her ponytail, smugly looked at Instructor Liu who was snorting and threatened, “Now I guess you dare not show off in front of me next time! Also, if you say something bad about me behind my back, Ill beat you up too! Mind your language!”


Instructor Lius eyes narrowed because he couldnt open his eyes.

He stood up and ran more than ten meters away from Jiang Yanlan.

Then he turned back and said, “Wait and see.

There will come a day when I will press you to the ground and kick your ass!”

Hardly had he finished speaking, that he escaped at lightning speed.

He planned to go back and use some medicinal herbs for his injuries.

Jiang Yanlan furrowed.

Just as Instructor Liu reached the entrance, she launched a palm attack against him.

“What She can attack others from a distance!” The audience gasped.


Instructor Lius injured buttock was kicked hard again.

He was sent flying for more than ten meters and collapsed to the ground.

“Ouch! Damn it!”

Instructor Liu stood up, glanced at the back door angrily, and fled away as fast as he could.

Jiang Yanlan ran to the table by the side with satisfaction.

The dancing floor gradually returned to its normal state, noisy and exciting.

The next day, Instructor Liu was full of vigor again, and his bruised eye socket returned to normal.

After all, he had so many spiritual herbs to cure his injuries.

With so many herbs, he could endure Jiang Yanlans eight or ten brutal strikes!

Nevertheless, he felt the demon Jiang Yanlan was a great challenge and threat to him.

He was a man not easily defeated.

“Getting beaten up

Its not a big deal.

No matter how strong she is, Ill treat her as a breeze blowing in the hills.

No matter how violent she is, Ill treat her as the bright moon shining over the great river!

I will never lose to anyone in my life!

Ill let you beat me up a few times first, and then Ill take revenge!”

Deep in his mind, Instructor Liu was full of ambition.

But nobody knew what would happen next.

At Seven oclock the next morning.

Zhang Han prepared a big breakfast in person.

Then, he called Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei and invited them to have breakfast at the restaurant on the third floor.

As the hostess, Zi Yan politely asked Chen Changqing, “Did you have a good rest”

“Yeah, thank you for asking.

I feel that this place is much more comfortable than Red Leaf Mountain.”

Chen Changqing smiled.

“The air here is fresh and the scenery is pleasant, like a paradise.”

“Its the paradise that PaPa built specially for me,” Mengmeng reminded him.

“Oh, I see.” Chen Changqing nodded.

Only then did Mengmeng continue her breakfast in small bites.

After breakfast, Zhou Fei and Zi Yan went downstairs, got into the limited edition Bugatti, and left.

When the car arrived at the foot of the mountain, there were two cars, Mercedes-Benz S600, driving at its front and back.

Zhou Fei was used to such an escort and drove at a steady pace.

The car in front was always driven by Leng Yue.

Among the six women in the security group, except for Leng Yue, the other five had mediocre qualifications.

The one with a better qualification was a Heaven-stage Master, and the other four were all Earth-Stage Masters.

The most famous members of the security group were the Five-Tiger Generals, Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, Elder Meng, Instructor Liu, and Ah Hu.

Each of them had achieved outstanding feats.

When they carried out various tasks, their enemies would always be intimidated by their great fighting power.

But Leng Yue, like a ghost in the darkness, seemed to be an ordinary person and had no sense of existence.

She had carried out a total of three tasks quietly.

Yet, to the very few people who knew her, her fighting power was also very strong and terrifying.

Because she was female, she always silently followed and protected Zi Yan, so most people did not know her.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei chatted along the way.

Zi Yan was very curious about the relationship between Emperor Qing and Zhou Fei.

When she asked Zhou Fei about the details, she would always ask questions that made Zhou Fei blush.

After all, Zi Yan had experience in a love relationship!

After chatting for more than ten minutes, they arrived at the company, which put an end to their chitchat.

They went upstairs and began sorting out those companies that were willing to cooperate.

Basically, they chose some film companies.

Many of them wanted to invite Zi Yan to be the heroine of their films.

Those companies showed their humble attitude, and they listed all kinds of budget, specific scripts and schedules in their contracts.

Of course, most of them were local companies in Hong Kong.

They all knew that the details in their contracts were not business secrets at all.

The Purple Moon Entertainment Company might not have any interest in reading the scripts carefully.

The top priority of those companies was to build connections with Zi Yan and her husband, while the film or television show was only their second priority.

If Zi Yan was not interested in the scripts, they would be happy to change them or even the directors.

As a result, the contracts in Zi Yans office were piled like a small mountain even after the first round screening.

Thus, to sort out the ideal contracts and partners was not easy.

While Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were busy with their work, Zhang Han and Chen Changqing were drinking tea quietly in the mountain at the back of the castle.

Wang Jiawen, whom Zhang Han hadnt seen for a long time, also joined them.

After such a long time, Wang Jiawen didnt dare to be so casual with Zhang Han anymore.

The huge gap between their status was like a natural chasm that separated them apart.

Although Zhang Han still treated him like before, Wang Jiawen would be careful with his words when he spoke.

An adults world was complicated like this.

Childrens worlds were much simpler.

Mengmeng and her good friend Wang Yihan were having fun together.

After Zi Yan left for work, Mengmeng muttered to Zhang Han, “I want to play with Yihan.”

Zhang Han would do anything to meet his daughters needs.

Thus, he gave a call to Wang Jiawen at once.

Wang Jiawen had been busy with his work.

Yet, when he heard Zhang Hans invitation, he thought, “Well, screw my job!”

He left his company, went straight home and took his daughter Wang Yihan to the castle.

“Back then, Brother Han, when we were still young, we also naively played in the mud,” Chen Changqing looked at the little girls and said with a smile.

While drinking the tasty tea, Wang Jiawen learned that the man next to his boss was his old friend.

“I didnt do that back then.

Obviously, only you did.” Zhang Han was amused.

He denied Chen Changqings words.

“Thats right.

Back then, I was a little introverted and didnt play with you yet,” Chen Changqing replied with a nod.

“Well, your journey in cultivation just began.

Changqing, you still have a long way to go before you grow into a powerful master,” Zhang Han reminded.

If Changqings Qing Dragon bloods bloodline could be transformed into the Bone Dragons bloodline, then the attribute of his energy would no longer be singular and he would definitely become a strong master passing tribulation.

“Got it.

Ill have a promising future as long as we work together.” Chen Changqing grinned.

Their conversation made Wang Jiawen feel stunned.

“Unsurprisingly, with bosss promotion, his friend will have rapid improvement in his career.”

But he didnt have the slightest idea that his boss was actually not as powerful as his friend.

“Boss, boss!”

A sudden cry from behind interrupted Wang Jiawens thought.

When he turned around, he saw Instructor Liu who was rushing over quickly.

“Whats the matter” Zhang Han asked.

“I… I was beaten by Jiang Yanlan again,” Instructor Liu grumbled with a sad face.

“Did you mean Captain Jiang” Chen Changqing was stunned for a moment before he shook his head.

“The gap between you two is too wide, so I am not surprised at all,” Zhang Han replied with a knowing smile.

“Boss, please teach me a few moves to protect myself.

I was beaten up in public.

I just cant bear the humiliation!.

Even if I cant beat her, at least I should be able to protect myself!” Instructor Liu pleaded.

“Thats impossible.” Chen Changqing shook his head.

“How can a Grand Master at the Early Stage resist the attacks of a Grand Master at the Peak Stage”

However, after thinking for a while, Zhang Han nodded and said, “There are several moves available.

One of them is more suitable for you, but are you sure you want to learn it”

He then looked at Instructor Liu, as if he was reminding him of something.

“Even if you resist, it will only last a few seconds.

Wont she make more effort to kick you after that” Zhang Han thought.

“Yes! I cant be surer!” Instructor Lius eyes lit up.

“Even if it means that Ill be beaten harder later, I still have to fight back!”

“All right.”

Zhang Han nodded and his eyes lit up slightly.

Then, somehow, Instructor Liu felt a few strange moves suddenly appeared in his mind.

The moves used the borrowed force from opponents and had tricky attacking angles.

Zhang Han estimated that with these moves, Instructor Liu should be able to catch Jiang Yanlan off guard.

“Whoa! Thank you, boss! Im going to practice them now!”

Instructor Liu laughed and ran back to his place happily.

Wang Jiawen was dumbfounded by what he witnessed just now.

“What was happening

Instructor Liu came and asked for something.

Then he nodded and left

I feel so weird.

Is the boss so powerful that he can pass on martial arts through the air now”

As for the martial arts world, Wang Jiawen was still a little confused and did not quite understand it.

Fortunately, Zhang Han and Chen Changqing just had some chitchat about family affairs later.

This time, Wang Jiawen indirectly cut in a few words to express his existence.

Wang Yihan didnt leave until she finished her big lunch.

The afternoon passed quickly.

At six oclock, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei came back, and they parted after dinner.

Zhou Fei and Chen Changqing went for a walk on the beach.

Zhang Han and his family still came to the mountain at the back of the castle.

Mengmeng wouldnt just sit there quietly.

She was there playing football with Dahei and Little Hei.

“Honey, Ive been reading scripts for a whole day and Im a little dizzy now,” Zi Yan bit her red lips and said.

“Would you like to check them for me I dont even know which one to choose.”

“Okay, Id love to.”

“Then Ill get my laptop.

The several selected ones are in the USB flash drive.” Zi Yan smiled.

When she was about to stand up to get her laptop, Zhang Han grabbed her by the waist.

“You dont have to get it by yourself.”

Zhang Han showed off again.

As he moved his palm, the window of the third-floor bedroom was opened, and the silver-white MacBook flew over.

When the laptop arrived at the stone table, it was already powered on.

“You did save me a lot of trouble!” Zi Yan said with a wry smile.

Then she took out a pink USB from her bag and connected to the laptop.

She opened one of the folders, in which there were ten subfolders with different titles.

“A total of ten scripts were selected, including two modern romantic idol shows, three ancient costume shows, two police and gangster movies, one comedy, one inspirational and youth show, and one dramatic show,” Zi Yan introduced.

“Oh, okay, let me have a look.”

Zhang Han casually clicked open the first folder, glanced at the script rapidly, and began to make comments.

“The first romantic idol show is not good.

Forget it.

The opening remarks are so disgusting! The second one is not good either.

Its too melodramatic.”

“These three ancient costume shows are just so-so.

Theres nothing special about them.

The two police and gangster dramas are exactly the same as those that have been broadcast.

Theyre not special at all.”

Looking at the scripts with unfamiliar names, Zhang Han knew that even if they were made to movies, they would probably be badly received.

“This comedy is good.

But its not suitable for you as youre not a comedian.”

He finally found a script with a much more familiar name, but it didnt seem quite suitable for his wife.

“The inspirational and youth show and this drama are profound with good stories, but theres nothing special about them.”

“We need to check another batch of scripts.”

In the end, Zhang Han gave his own opinion.

Zi Yan felt both amused and a little annoyed.

“According to your standards, none of the shows are qualified.”

“But Im telling the truth.

You will join the red carpet show this year.

At least you need to have one good movie.

Besides, my wifes movie must be a classic movie.”

As Zhang Han expressed his opinions, he did not forget to flatter his wife.

It was obvious that Zi Yan enjoyed that very much.

With a somewhat overjoyed expression, she smiled and rolled her eyes at Zhang Han, saying, “Youre really good at flattery.

Do you have some ulterior intention in the evening”

“How did you know” Seeing the beautys expression, Zhang Han was a little turned on.

Seeing her husbands eagerness, Zi Yan bit her red lips, which looked like a blooming flower, and then shook her head.

“Lets get down to business.

As these ten scripts are not good, well check a new batch tomorrow.

Yet, the quality may be similar.

Sometimes, the script doesnt look so good, but the way its shot will make it better.

Acting skills are very important.”

“Thats right.”

Zhang Han nodded and suddenly something popped into his mind.

He then remembered that when he came back, he found that there was a little difference in the world due to the absence of some stars and their masterpieces.

Zhang Han happened to know some of them.

After pondering for a while, Zhang Han had a bold idea.

“How about I write a script”

“You write the script” Zi Yan was stunned.

“Er, are you also a plagiarist”

“To be more specific, Im the one who makes the classics reappear in the world,” Zhang Han explained.

“All right.

Then, what kind of script do you want to write”

Zi Yans curiosity was piqued at once.

After a moment of pause, Zhang Han replied, “Well, I can only write an outline of the story.

As for the details, Ill ask someone else to complete.”

“There are a lot of professionals in our company.” Zi Yan blinked beautiful big eyes, getting close to Zhang Han.

“After you finish it, please let me see it first, or you can tell me the storyline.”

“Ill write it first.”

Zhang Han had a careful thought for another five seconds.

After that, he built a new folder in Zi Yans USB flash drive.

The name of the folder was a little longer, and the last few words had been covered.

Zi Yan, however, could see them clearly from Zhang Hans typing.

The folder was named Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

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