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Chapter 65 – Zhao Feng was convinced.

“What do you want to drink” Zhang Han smiled and said as he opened the fridge.

The freezer was full of all kinds of beer and a few drinks.

Zhang Han did not plan to drink any drinks, he only placed it casually on the table, but drinking some beer sometimes would be quite interesting.

“Whatever.” Zhao Feng replied with a smile.

As a result, Zhang Han directly took out four cans of beer, all of which were large bottles.

He turned around and glanced at Mengmeng, the Little Princess was enjoying watching the cartoons with relish,so Zhang Han could be free.

Carrying the beer, they sat down and listened to each other.

“What is it Is there something on your mind ” Zhang Han drank a mouthful of beer and said.

“I guess so …”

Zhao Feng shook his head slightly, his gaze filled with bitterness.

Late last night, he found out that a fisherman found a corpse at the edge of the Southern Districts seaside.

After the official confirmation, the dead person was the little girl that Tang Zhan kept and was also a beauty that Zhao Feng took the risk to hook up with.

Zhao Feng had plotted for half a year and when he was about to obtain the evidence, he failed.

Tang Zhan was on guard against him, but it would be extremely difficult for Zhao Feng to do anything.

“Boss, I really envy you.” Zhao Feng slightly smiled, and said: “Its really great that you have such a good daughter, and a warm life like this.”

“Dont envy me.” Zhang Han said indifferently: “If this is the case, you will only get more and more envious in the future.”

“Huh” Zhao Feng was startled, then he laughed involuntarily.

He took a big gulp of wine and said: “Satisfying, a man should drink a lot.”

“Boss.” After Zhao Feng finished speaking, he looked at Zhang Han with a hint of respect: “You are an expert, whether it is with the blade or the energy in your body, I can feel it.”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

“At first, I thought my martial arts were quite decent.

However, after meeting the boss, I felt that if I were to exchange blows with you, I would not be able to last for more than a minute.” Zhao Feng slowly said.

“A minute Too long, if I want to deal with you …” Zhang Han grinned: “One move.”

Although Zhang Han was only at the early stage of Qi Cultivating Stage, his body could easily move up to a thousand catties or more.

Once he reached the Foundation Stage, he could release his spirit energy outwards,he can hurt a people easily with only a finger.

On the other hand, Zhao Fengs expression paused for a moment after hearing his words, as if he was unconvinced.

He had been a soldier for many years, and naturally he had a temper.

In the army, he was relatively simple and crude.

If you could beat me, then I submit.

Zhang Hans words made Zhao Feng feel that he was underestimating him, and he was even a little displeased in his heart.

Seeing his expression, Zhang Han knew what he was thinking.

With a light laugh, he extended his hand towards Zhao Feng and said: “Try it”


Zhao Fengs eyes flashed and he reached out his right hand to grasp Zhang Hans hand.

When Zhao Feng held it up, he first used thirty percent of his strength.

Because he was afraid that he would hurt Zhang Hans hand, when he held it closely, he discovered that Zhang Hans hand was like an iron pincer, hard and unmoving.


A hint of seriousness surfaced in Zhao Fengs eyes.

When his strength increased to 50%, he discovered that the bosss hand was still the same as before.


Zhao Feng raised his eyebrows, a little peculiar in his heart.

“Boss, Im going to use my full strength.”

Seeing Zhang Han nodding his head slightly, Zhao Feng gradually increased his own strength.

60% strength, 70% strength, 90% strength, 100% strength.

Zhao Feng tried his best to clench it, but the bosss hand still didnt move an inch.

It was only when Zhao Fengs face turned slightly red that he realized that he had underestimated the boss!

“How is this possible”

Zhao Feng said in an astonished tone.

He know that even his former captain didnt have such strength! Although Zhao Feng had used all of his strength to shake hands, bosss expression did not change.

Zhao Feng still could not think of anyone who could do this.

“Nothing is impossible.” Zhang Han shook his head indifferently, using a bit of power for the first time in his palm.

“Hiss …”

In that moment, Zhao Feng felt that his hand was struck by a force that he could not resist, a force that was like a thunderbolt, causing his heart to tremble.

“I submit, I surrender …” Zhao Fengs face paled.

He felt that his boss was holding onto him, worrying that his hand would be crippled, so he hurriedly opened his mouth to plead for mercy.

Seeing that, Zhang Han immediately let go of his hand, turned and looked at Mengmeng, then laughed, picked up his beer and drank another mouthful.

At this time, Zhao Feng was already looking at Zhang Han with a stupefied face.

He placed his hands under the table, feeling numb and senseless.

After resting for two minutes, he took a deep breath, and with both hands holding onto a can of beer, he sai to Zhang Han:

“Boss, Im really convinced.

Youre really unfathomable and powerful.”

Zhang Han did not say anything as he clinked wine with him.

“Boss, you …What were you once like Is it convenient to say” Zhao Feng asked carefully.

“You cant imagine what I do.” Zhang Han smiled slightly.

However, Zhang Hans next sentence made Zhao Fengs hair stand on end.

“You used to be a soldier” Zhang Han said as he drank.

Zhao Fengs expression changed as he looked at Zhang Han with shock.

For a moment, he simply did not know how to reply.

Zhao Feng pondered for a moment, and finally laughed bitterly while shaking his head, and said: “Boss, how did you figure it out”

“Nothing can escape my nose…My eyes.” Zhang Han replied.

“This… Sigh…” Zhao Feng laughed bitterly for a long time, and finally sighed, directly finishing the beer, and then sighed: “I was a member of the Dragon Eagles special forces back then, and was ranked in the top three in my individual combat skills.

At that time, there was a brother who went on a mission, and he …”

Zhao Feng had always kept those memories in his heart, and now that he had opened the chatterbox, he started talking nonstop.

“Boss, I dont regret the attack at all.

If it was you, what would you do” Zhao Feng sighed lightly.

He felt that the boss was very powerful and was a person who hid his abilities well.

Such an expert, in the face of such a situation, would probably retaliate even more fiercely.

However, Zhang Hans reply almost made him bite his tongue.

Zhang Han said very straightforwardly: “I wont encounter that kind of situation.”

“Huh” Zhao Feng was a little confused.

These words were of course the truth for Zhang Han.

Who was he There were countless treasures in the Han Yang Immortal.

If he was Zhang Hans brother, then he would also have many defensive treasures.

“Alright …” Zhao Feng didnt know whether to laugh or cry as he nodded his head, sighing in his heart that the experts way of speaking was so high.

At the same time, he continued, “After that, I was locked up.

Two years later, my old boss found me.

He said it was to give me a mission, but it was actually to help me get out of the prison.

But I also have to do something for him …”

“So youre a spy” Zhang Han laughed and said.

“Undercover … “Yes.” Zhao Feng nodded, and said with a heavy tone: “Yonghe Societys boss, Tang Zhan, has committed all sorts of crimes, and in recent years, his methods of doing things have become more and more cruel, so …”

In the face of Zhang Han, Zhao Feng revealed the heaviest secret in his heart.

He had suppressed it for too long, and he was also very tired.

“PaPa, PaPa…” Suddenly, Mengmeng called out.

“Hes coming.”


Zhang Han immediately stood up and turned to leave without any hesitation.

Zhao Feng was stunned once again.

He looked eagerly at Zhang Hans back, and stretched out his hand towards Zhang Han, as if wanting to call him over.

He finally wanted to have a good chat and reveal the secret at the bottom of his heart, but the boss seemed to have no interest in his words.

Boss, can you not be so heartless …

Zhao Feng almost couldnt catch his breath.

“Hes the most cherished father Ive ever seen, not one of them.”

The corner of Zhao Fengs mouth twitched a few times as he muttered to himself.

After finishing the last mouthful of beer, Zhao Feng saw that the boss and his daughter were playing around on the sofa.

He did not disturb them and quietly left the restaurant.

When he walked out of the restaurant, Zhao Feng laughed loudly.

He felt that after chatting with the owner for a while, his suppressed heart had finally been relieved.


Sun Donghengs family owned a software development company.

His father, Sun Ming, was a talented student in the past.

After working in a large company for ten years, he started his own business and had been developing steadily.

Sun Dongheng was brought up by his mother, so his relationship with her was slightly better.

Every time, he would ask his mother for money.

When Sun Dongheng grew up, his mother bought him an eighty square meter house, preparing to use it when he got married in the future.

That night, Sun Dongheng returned home.

“Youre back.

Have you had dinner Mother made a boiled fish and came to try it.

” Sun Donghengs mother said with a smile.

“No, Mom, Ive already eaten.” Sun Dongheng curled his lips.

It would be bad if he ate Zhang Hans Egg-Fried Rice.

How am I going to eat my moms cooking in the future …

“Brat, youre back You havent eaten, so why dont you come and sit for a while! ” Sun Ming said.

After Sun Dongheng sat properly, Sun Ming frowned and spoke in a sullen tone: “Look at your golden hair, you have been showing off for quite a while, cant you be more orderly You only knows how to stir up trouble in the outside world every single day!”

Sun Dongheng was so angry that he turned his head around.

“Its not easy for the child to come back.

Speak less.” Sun Donghengs mother said to Sun Ming with a hint of rebuke.

“Speak less.

If hes okay with it, I dont mind!” Sun Ming said with a slightly disappointed tone, “He was halfway into university when he was withdrawn because of causing trouble.

Its a disgrace! Now you are still fooling around outside all day, Sun Dongheng, I want to see if you can do anything successful! ”

“When did I mess around” Sun Dongheng could not hold back the anger in his heart, and said loudly: “Didnt I tell you everything about my fight at school Its not my fault! ”

“If it wasnt your fault, why did they fire you Hmm” Sun Ming slammed his chopsticks on the table.


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