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Chapter 667 Refining Soul-gathering Flag

Regarding Vern as their backbone, all the low-level martial artists ran towards him after hearing his words.

However, though they had used all kinds of methods, they found it difficult to kill the apparitions at the Profound-stage.

In fact, Vern and his men were also shocked when they saw the apparitions for the first time.

The human breath that they emitted made these ghosts crazy, but they were not afraid because they saw that the exit was 300 meters below.

Although the spirits were pouring in from there, the ten experienced martial artists at Divine Realm had been to many relics before.

They knew that the exit must be in the front of them, and there would not be so many apparitions outside the exit.

It was time for them to retreat.

They accelerated after the martial artist at Grand Master Peak joined them.

‘Wait.” While busy fighting, One Eye turned around and asked, “Where are the two boys from Hua nation”

Some Grand Master Strongs began flattering him, “They escaped because they were afraid of you.

They dared not to meet you again in the relic.”

“Yes, they are cowards.

You would have burst out laughing if you had seen them.”

One Eye was surprised and then laughed scornfully, “They are clever.”

“I dont think so.” Vern, the Ice Wolf King shook his head slightly and took a glance at him.

He knew Emperor Qing was a tough rival with Qing Dragon blood, who was at Divine Realm now.

Vern was eager to see how strong he was.

Besides, he was more curious about the identity of that man beside Emperor Qing.

“That man who stood side by side with him may be unusual.

Is he a talent from the small world of Hua nation”

Vern noticed Zhang Han because of a detail.

He saw Emperor Qing stand slightly behind the man beside him.

It was weird in his eyes.

After raising the question, they continued to kill the apparitions.

At the same time, Zhang Han and Chen Changqing had reached a valley.

It was strange that there was a pool without ice in such a cold ice field.

The radius of the pool was about 200 meters.

Though it was not large, there was a big secret hidden in it.

“Is this the entrance” Chen Changqing looked at it and asked.

“Yes, lets go.” Zhang Han nodded and jumped into the pool.

Chen Changqing laughed and followed him.

On the way, Zhang Han told him that the deep pit just now was the same as the place they were going to, but the people there had to go through some detours.

Zhang Han didnt want to pave the way for others however difficult their original route was

So they came here.

After entering the pool, they suddenly found that the water here was warm.

Diving to the bottom of the water, Zhang Han found the seal in a remote place.

Zhang Han easily broke the seal with his soul sense, revealing the dark hole under the mud.

It was only one meter in diameter, and anyone with claustrophobia would not be able to bear it here.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Zhang Han jumped down, followed by Chen Changqing.

The information Zhang.

Han got from that germ was not enough, and it was until he jumped into the hole did they realize the hole was not vertical but curved.

They swam for one hour.


Zhang Hans vision became wide, and now he was in a huge cave with a radius of several hundred meters.

There was a faint fluorescence lighting the cave.

Of course, what he saw with his eyes was different from that with his spiritual sense mind trick.

While he could see the beauty of the world with his eyes, he used his soul sense as a radar to detect anything at will.

The two of them were still in the water, which was a bit cold now, but Zhang Han and Chen Changqing both had a protective ring around them.

Zhang Han didnt have to struggle because he had a water spirit stone, a low-level yet useful treasure.

“Further down, its time for the activity.” Chen Changqing looked down and smiled.

He wanted to fight side by side with Zhang Han and had been looking forward to it for several days.

Now it was time to show his skills.

However, Zhang Han shook his head and smiled, “Its not time for activity.”

Looking at the thousands of apparitions rising slowly like flames in the depths below, Zhang Han smiled.

Suddenly, he moved and went down.

In about three minutes, they saw the apparitions approaching.

They were like fishes, with dim faces and a low hissing sound.

Thousands of sounds gathered together to make people feel like their souls were being torn apart.

Luckily, both Zhang Han and Chen Changqing knew how to use their soul sense.

All eight drought demonic dragon changed not only Chen Changqings dantian and spiritual force, but also his soul sense, which extended out of his body and blocked these sounds.

Zhang Han ignored them as always.

These sounds could not approach Zhang Han after a few flashes of Taiyi Wood Thunder above the clouds on the soul sense sea of Zhang Han.

Chen Changqing was surprised at the amount of these apparitions.

“Its hard for us to get through.” He said.

“No.” Zhang Han slightly shook his head, “Theyre hard to deal with, but sometimes theyre a treasure.”


Chen Changqing was a little confused and turned to look at Zhang Han, not knowing what he meant.

But at the next moment, he was shocked to see that what Brother Han had done was beyond his expectation and against natural law.

“No wonder he is Brother Han!”

Chen Changqing felt excited.

Under his gaze, Zhang Hans patted his right hand forward.

Suddenly, a flaming, palm sized small flag appeared and floated forward 10 meters.

However, at the distance of 10 meters, the small flag became a big flag of two meters high.

The flame above was dark blue, which was weird.

But this was just the beginning.

Zhang Hans eyes twinkled as he drew a circle with his left hand on the ground.

Then he turned over his palm, just like holding something.

More than 30 worms appeared in his palm, and Chen Changqing could see that there were seven glittering crystal stones hidden in them.

Chang Changqing could still see this kind of change clearly.

All of a sudden, hundreds of shining silk threads appeared and linked these worms, which seemed to surround the flag.

“Clatter!” The blue flame on the flag suddenly converged in all directions and burned on countless silk threads, forming a space with strange shape.

The big flag inside, however, turned into a black flame!

“Go.” Zhang Han pressed down with his right hand, and the array formed by the flag carrying a lot of worms quickly went down.

At this time, the apparitions were only 50 meters away from Zhang Han and Chen Changqing.

However, with the fall of the flag, they were quickly sucked in.

The flag seemed to be turned into a magnet, and those apparitions were just pieces of iron slag.

“What kind of array is it” The corners of Chen Changqings mouth trembled slightly.

A lot of apparitions were sucked into the flag, which seemed to be a bottomless hole, breaking a gap in the boundless apparitions.

With the continuous downward moving of the flag, Zhang Han and Chen Changqing followed, and those apparitions were absorbed by the flag all the time.

Zhang Han and Chen Changqing were relaxed now.

That was why Zhang Han smiled and shook his head after hearing Chen Changqings words.

“As I said, they can be treasures, so its also a refining.” Zhang Han explained.

“Well, Brother Han, youre so good.” Chen Changqing made a gesture of praise and then looked down, “if I am not wrong, it seems to be Master Wangs Mountain and River Flag Deployment”

“Yes, but it will have a new name after today.”

“Whats that” Chen Changqing asked in curiosity.

Zhang Han looked at the big flag under him with a smile, and then said word by word, “Soul-gathering Flag.”

“Soul-gathering Flag” Chen Changqing repeated and also turned his gaze at the flag.

In any case, it was unimaginable for the flag to absorb so many apparitions, and the energy in it would be accumulated to a great degree.

Chen Changqing didnt know much about this formation, so he didnt know that the blue flame outside the flag and the black flame around the flag were two refining layers.

After passing through these two layers, each apparition had little energy left to change the attributes of Mountain and River Flag Deployment and enhance its ability.

Its previous functions still existed, but became subsidiary functions.

Now, its real ability was gathering souls.

This was the plan made by Zhang Han after he knew that there were thousands of apparitions here.

Wang Zhanpeng was so lucky that even though he was not here, his Mountain and River Flag Deployment borrowed by Zhang Han would be turned into a new divine weapon.

The exploration was more like a game for Zhang Han and Chen Changqing.

With the help of the flag, they became invincible players and made all the way through.

At least Chen Changqing thought so.

They were moving very fast.

But at another place, on the left side of the water, there was a huge hole slanting upward on the left side of the water, which was the cave made by the boat of curse, and a lot of apparitions were gathering there.

More than ten meters away from these apparitions…

Ten Divine Realm masters, including Vern, and eight pale martial artists at Grand Master Peak were fighting hard.

As for the more than ten people who disappeared, they had been devoured by the apparitions.

They didnt expect that this land would be so dangerous that even these men at Divine Realm were exhausted.

“There are still seventeen meters left.

Lets move forward with all our strength.” Vern, the Ice Wolf King said.

Several other Divine Realm masters also nodded, because they found no apparitions 15 meters away from them.

Two meters ahead was the vacuum area, and in front of it was the water curtain.

They sensed it and there was no apparitions inside the water curtain for tens of meters.

That was to say, the apparition area had been passed.

Everyone sighed with relief.

Then each of them showed their magical strength and killed all the remaining apparitions in front of them within two minutes.

Looking behind, Vern found countless apparitions following him.

Out of habit, he said as the leader of the Ice Wolf Clan, “Jump into the water.”

The rest of his companions at Grand Master Peak were relieved as if they had been reborn.

“Finally we got through.”

“Its terrible.

I cant hold on if it goes on like this.

How can there be so many apparitions”

“Thank you, Patriarch Vern and your men.

We couldnt get through without you.

I also want to thank… Thank…”


As they ducked into the water, the scene in front of them suddenly changed.

They were stunned.

Looking at the scene not far ahead, all the ten men at Divine Realm, including Vern and One Eye, were shocked.

“How could it be possible”

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