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Chapter 669 The Terrifying Strength

“It seems that the apparitions have been almost wiped out, and wed better kill the rest of them without any reservation.

If we fell far behind, the treasures will be taken away by others!” the one-eyed man said in a low voice.

His words won recognition of the other nine masters at the Divine Realm present.

After all, they were not fools and knew the seriousness of what they were facing.

The earlier they discovered the treasures, the more likely they were able to grab them.

On the contrary, nothing would be left if they found them too late.

Moreover, they were not willing to take others leftovers.

“Lets go!” Vern let out a cry.

The ten of them moved forward quickly and each displayed their skills, accelerating their speed to a great extent.

More than a dozen Grand Masters behind looked at each other.

“What should we do” someone spoke their thoughts.

“Shall we retreat But that may not be the exit.

Dont forget what happened after we came in and there are also plenty of apparitions at another entrance of the cave, which we cant deal with.”

“Thats right.

Following Vern is the only feasible way out for us right now and we can help them with small issues.

We dont wish to obtain the treasures, but rather to survive!” the oldest martial artist in the crowd said in a bitter tone.


Other people sighed, “Is the A-level ruin so horrible Cant any martial artists inferior to the Divine Realm survive here”

“The journey is just beginning and no one has figured out what will happen inside.

But we can imagine that we arent capable of breaking through this dangerous space.”

“Wait!” a surprised voice sounded all of a sudden, “I have no idea if you have heard that Zhang Hanyang, who is next to Emperor Qing, is also an expert at the Grand Master Peak!”

“What did you say”

Suddenly, someone was stunned and stared blankly at the apparitions below and asked, “How can a martial artist at the Grand Master Peak kill so many apparitions How is that possible”

“Erm…” Other people who had not heard of Zhang Hanyang were astonished as well.

As for the insider, he slowly shook his head and said in a deep voice, “I heard a few pieces of news about Zhang Hanyang not long ago.

He, he…”

He could not go on anymore at this moment and put on a depressed expression.

After pondering for five seconds, he sighed and said, “Hes not like a Grand Master at all since his strength is completely beyond my imagination.

At the very least, he could kill Gu Donglai who is at the Divine Realm and towers over us.”

What he said chilled all of them, who thought they were counted as experts.

As they compared with him, their hearts were broken into pieces.

Comparisons were odious.

Nevertheless, they still came back to reality after feeling shocked for tens of seconds, following Ice Wolf King Vern and going down.

This time, Vern and his companions did not hold back but cast all their moves, killing the remaining apparitions in front of them within a minute.

At this point, they could still see Zhang Han and Chen Changqing from a distance.

“Lets go!” the one-eyed man shouted.

Other people quickly went down.

Zhang Han and Chen Changqing, who were beneath them, disappeared in the darkness in merely three minutes.

They seemingly were swallowed up by the darkness.

Vern and his companions frowned tightly, “How cant you keep pace with us since we move so slowly”

“Be faster!” The one-eyed man was unwilling to submit.

With the spiritual force circulating madly in their bodies, they moved much faster.

These ten martial artists at the Divine Realm, like sharp arrows, started off so fast that only their shadows remained.

Even at such a high speed, they still failed to catch up with the two men on the lower side.

They were a little startled five minutes later and became dispirited ten minutes later.

After half an hour, they slowed down, accepting the reality.

“Damn it!” the one-eyed man said and gritted his teeth, “They run so fast.”

“Forget it.” Vern glanced at the two clansmen beside him and said, “Slow down.

I perceive that something new is about to appear in a little while!”

His words made the two clansmen nervous.

Ice Wolf King Vern, their lord, sometimes cherished an accurate crisis awareness.

Vern, therefore, occupying a secure position in the Ice Wolf Clan, had the support of all of the clansmen.

Thus, the ten martial artists at the Divine Realm moved forward more cautiously.

As for more than a dozen men behind the Grand Master Peak, they became anxious while seeing Zhang Han and Chen Changqing disappearing.

Vern and his companions followed them quickly in the beginning.

“Lord Vern, please slow down!”

“Lord One-eyed, dont move so quickly.

We can help you.”

“My lord…”

They advanced with all their strength.

Although their faces turned red due to the furious operation of their spiritual forces, Vern and his companions still disappeared in the darkness in front of them very quickly.

Was it real

That was indeed the reality, a tip of the iceberg that had been reflected in the martial arts world.

Who would care about you in such dangerous ruins

These people, therefore, felt somewhat desperate.

“Why dont, dont we go back” someone suggested in a trembling voice.

They were like high-ranking kings who determined others life and death in the outside world.

As long as someone offended them, they could kill him in a flash.

At this time, in this dark underwater world, they were scared!

They were at a loss and did not want to die.

But they did not expect that they could not go out once they came in.

It was no use to regret now.

“We must keep pace with them, for this is our only way out,” the oldest martial artist slowly said, “Look up if you dont believe me.”

As the others toed the line, their pupils contracted.

Far above, a beam of dim light was shining.

This scene was so similar to what they had seen at the very beginning!


Catching sight of large quantities of apparitions, all the people present felt their scalp tingle.

They soon calmed down.

“Lets go down!”

“They are leading the way ahead, so we wont be in danger.”

Everyone seemed to band like strands of a rope and became extremely united at this point, going through thick and thin together.

The group of people quickly went down.

One hour, two hours passed…

They eventually discovered something after four hours.

“Theres a light!”

“Could it be an exit”

Everyones heart missed a beat since the light ahead was so bright, which made them believe that they might have found the exit!

A pleasant feeling of surviving a disaster emerged in everyones mind.

Yet, it was written in water.

All the people present were at the Grand Master Peak, so they would not be relieved unless they were absolutely safe.

Thus, each of them accelerated.

The light, which represented safety and hope in their minds, was approaching!

The surprise in their minds was gradually replaced by coldness, like the increasingly cold water.

To their great surprise, the surrounding temperature was already negative fifty degrees though they felt they were in the sea.

They would have already been frozen if they had been in the outside world.

They were in dead water at this moment.

Unfortunately, they found it was not an exit as they came to the bright place.

They were still at the bottom of the water, and the light was reflected by some glittering ice cones.

“Are we going to reach the bottom of the water” Some people were confused.

“Wait, wait!”

Suddenly, the man in the front said in a trembling voice, “Look inside the ice cones!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Everyone gazed at the dozen or so ice cones on both sides and found there were actually figures frozen inside the glowing barriers!

The figures inside were in different shapes, some of whom looked like handsome men and some of whom looked like delicate women.

They seemed to attract great attention from these people.

Gradually, they became obsessed.

“Come on! Come on!”

“Come on! Be quick!”

A faint voice sounded in their minds, which drove them to involuntarily approach the ice cones and look at the people inside through the ice.

But the figures inside suddenly stretched out their hands and grabbed the people floating ahead into the ice cones.

Then these people slowly closed their eyes…

More than a dozen martial artists at the Grand Master Peak directly died here.

Although it was not a Divine Realm, the A-level place was fraught with danger.

They even failed to pass through the starting point.

A hundred meters below, the space was like a broken hornets nest, with connected ice cones, which startled people present.

Yet, two men were happily moving forward at the very bottom under such a dangerous circumstance.

When Zhang Han entered the space with Chen Changqing, he looked at the ice cones from a distance and then raised his right hand to form a white light shield.

The two of them, therefore, passed through the space without any obstruction.

Upon seeing this, Chen Changqing asked curiously, “What are they”

“Theyre grudging souls,” Zhang Han explained, “Theyre grudging souls integrated with dust-melting ice, which can attack others both physically and mentally once theyre awakened.”

“This is the first time Ive heard and seen such a thing.

Brother Han, you are definitely knowledgeable.” Chan Changqing gave a wry smile.

He could imagine that they might not have passed through this space if he were alone.

Sometimes, knowledge was of great importance.

In the distance behind them, the ten martial artists at the Divine Realm, including Vern, smashed the ice cones around them with all sorts of weapons in their hands.

Simultaneously, all the grudging souls in other ice cones opened their eyes and reached out their hands, which looked somewhat terrifying.

Nevertheless, the martial artists at the Divine Realm fought a way out together though it was difficult.

In fact, some of them, possessing secret techniques, could smash all the ice cones within a hundred meters within one move.

Still, it took them a long time to break through so many ice cones.

Not everyone could pass leisurely like Zhang Han and Chen Changqing.

Zhang Hans terrifying strength was indirectly reflected in this way.

The ice cones were not on a very large scale.

After advancing for half an hour, they saw beams of light flowing ahead all of a sudden.

As they came over, their bodies floated.

They were going to break out of the water.

“Weve come out!”

Chen Changqing looked around and found that they came into another space, a worldlet, and they were surrounded by mountains and ravines.

Above their heads appeared a crystal-white cylinder with flowing light in the middle.

It was the water layer that they came out of.

There was a towering mountain amongst the clouds on the left, which was so magnificent that they failed to see its peak.

“It should be our destination!” Chen Changqing said slowly.

At this time, Zhang Han looked to the right and shook his head slightly, “No, we may as well go there first.”

If Chen Changqing had taken a closer look, he would have found Zhang Han was pleasantly surprised.

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