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Chapter 67 – Go buy a car on the way

At this time, Zhang Han carried Mengmeng to the small sofa beside the piano and prepared to play two pieces of the piano.

“Boss, pay up.” The Suns mother said softly.

“Put it on the counter.” Zhang Han casually waved his hand.

“I still need to register for a membership card.” The Suns mother said.


Zhang Han nodded and walked over, he took out his bank card from the drawer and said: “Transferring the funds will do.”

“Alright, may I ask if one membership card can be eaten by three people” Suns mother asked as she took out his phone.


“Then… What kind of food is a members food, and when will you be able to taste more ” Suns mother asked again.

“Not necessarily.”

“Does the member accept an appointment” Can you eat at another time of the day ” Suns mother was a little hesitant.

This restaurant seemed to have the potential to be a underworld restaurant.

If it wasnt for the fact that the food was really delicious, Suns mother would have definitely turned around and left.

“I dont accept appointments.

The opening hours are written at the entrance.

Sometimes, it might not be open.” Zhang Han answered truthfully.

“This …” Suns mothers expression froze.

“Aiya, Mom, the boss member meal is even better, and its also always done.

Since weve already cooked the usual dishes and dumplings at home, it looks really delicious, and the boss also said that from now on, there will only be more and more delicacies.

The first ten members will be sold cheaply.” Sun Dongheng said in a somewhat anxious tone.

“Then Ill buy three membership cards.” Suns mother pondered for a moment.

Although he felt that the price was quite expensive, he was still unable to resist the temptation of the delicacies.

After transferring money to Zhang Hans account, Zhang Han took out a membership card from the drawer.

Five, six, seven.

“Great, I finally have a membership card.” Sun Dongheng beamed with joy as he took out the number five membership card as if it was a treasure.

“Lets go back first.

Call your dad over tonight and have a taste.” The Suns mother smiled.


Alright.” With a membership card, Sun Dongheng was elated and smiled as he nodded in agreement.

Originally, Sun Dongheng wanted to sit and listen to Zhang Han play the two piano pieces, but when he turned his head, he saw that the table he was sitting at was occupied, so he left with his mother.

He had forgotten that he was already a member of the restaurant and that he could sit as a member.


At eight-thirty, the customers left one after another.

Zhao Dahu and Zhao Feng cleaned up the restaurant before leaving.

Ding …

Zhang Hans phone rang.

This was Zi Yans daily call.

“Zhang Han.”


It was a uniform start, but this time, Zi Yan said with a happy tone:

“I could finish my work tomorrow noon, I plan to take a stroll in Lin Hai.

What kind of gift do you think I should bring to Mengmeng ”

“Buy whatever you want.” Zhang Han answered casually.

“How can I do whatever I want I have to give her the gift that she wants the most.

In this way, every time I return after finishing my work, Mengmeng will look forward to it.

” Zi Yan moaned and said: “Do you know if theres anything that Mengmeng has been wanting”

“Theres nothing special she wants … Oh yeah, I plan to take her to buy a set of colourful brushes today, thats what she really wants.

” Zhang Han thought about it and replied.

“Colorful Brush Set Okay, I got it.

Dont buy it for Mengmeng, I will buy a whole set and take it back with me.

“Its fine if you go back to the Hong Kong to buy it.” Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“That wont do, the meaning is different.

Hmph, only a brute like you wont understand human feelings.” Zi Yan snorted and said: “Alright, give me a call to Mengmeng.

I want to chat with my daughter.”

“Yes.” Zhang Han shook his head, walked to the sofa and handed the phone over to Mengmeng.

“Mama” Mengmeng blinked her large and clear eyes, and after she received the phone, the Little Princess said sweetly: “Mama, Mama, when will you come back I misses you.”


This conversation would probably take a while.

When the two were chatting, Zhang Han was free.

He sat in front of his laptop, planning to check the progress of the song he posted on internet.

If Li Fan were to know of this scene, he would definitely mutter to himself with incomparable nervousness, “Hurry up and come up with the software, hurry up and come up with the software! Brother, Im begging you, hurry up and open it …”

However, just as Zhang Han was about to open the software, a guest came into the restaurant.

The guest attracted Zhang Hans attention, he stood up and walked over.

“Sir, here are the twenty photos you requested.” The staff member of photo studio handed over the long box with a smile.

“Yes.” Zhang Han smiled as he received the box.

“Then, mister, Ill take my leave.

If you want to take photos in the future, please pay a visit to our studio.” The staff member smiled and said goodbye before leaving.

Zhang Han placed the box on the table and opened it.

Inside was a large picture.

“Mom…Ugh…Im not going to talk to you anymore, I want to look at beautiful photographs with PaPa … ” Seeing that, Mengmengs eyes lit up, and said with a childish voice.

“Photographs” Zi Yan was slightly taken aback.

Just when he wanted to say something, a beep beep sound came from the phone.

“Youre hanging up again”

Zi Yan was furious in his heart: “Mengmeng learned to hang up on me.

Muttering, a hint of worry surfaced in Zi Yans eyes.

Mengmeng seemed to be getting better and better with her PaPa.

Then, one day, would Mengmeng still be able to leave Zhang Han Would she leave and follow Zhang Han What should he do then

Without Mengmeng, Zi Yan didnt even dare to think what she would do.

She wanted to finish work as soon as possible and return to properly look after Mengmeng.

Moreover, she also wanted to bring Mengmeng back to the Yunyin Garden and let her leave for a few days.

She didnt want Mengmeng to rely too much on Zhang Han.

Of course, all this worry stemmed from a lack of sense of security.

If a woman did not have a sense of security, she would naturally let her imagination run wild.

Furthermore, it was not easy for Zi Yan to foster Mengmeng.

It must be known that raising a three-and-a-half old baby was an extremely tiring and tiring task.

Anyone with experience in this field would definitely know that a baby was the hardest to take care of.

Compared to the worried atmosphere around Zi Yan, the inside of Mengmengs casual restaurant was really peaceful.

“PaPa, PaPa, this photo looks really good, you have to put it on.” Mengmeng looked at the first photo, it was a photo of Mengmeng and PaPa.

“Okay, put this one up.” Zhang Han said with a light smile.

“This is also good.

PaPa is so handsome, you have to put it on.”

“This is also good.

Mengmeng pouted, PaPa pouted too, hehe…”

“And this, and this …”

“I want this too, this is also good to look at …”

Very quickly, Mengmeng commented all twenty pictures.

In Mengmengs eyes, whether it was his own or her picture with PaPa, they were both very beautiful.

“Eh …” Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry, and said: “Mengmeng, we only have fourteen picture frames, so we can only choose fourteen of them.”

“Mhmm, no.” Mengmeng pouted when she heard it, and said unhappily: “You all have to hang on it, these are all nice to watch … …”

“Sure, everyone hangs up.” Zhang Han laughed and said: “Listen to Mengmeng, okay”

“Alright.” Mengmeng immediately became happy again, and she chuckled: “PaPa is the best.”


Zhang Han shook his head and laughed: “We can hang 14 on the first floor, there are still 6 left.

Why dont we pick one and hang it on the second floor So we can see our pictures on the first and second floors.

“Ugh …Okay.”

Mengmeng thought it over and agreed.

She and PaPa picked the six photos that were to be put on the stairs and chose for an hour.

In the end, Zhang Han placed eight photos of him and Mengmeng on the first floors piano side, and six separate photos of Mengmeng were taken on the other wall.

Of the six photos left on the second floor, two of the photos were taken together with four separate photos of Mengmeng.

“PaPa, theres no such thing as frameon the second floor.” Mengmeng said as she pointed to the big black picture frame on the wall with her little hand.

“Then lets go out and buy a few picture frames.” Zhang Han said.

“Alright, lets go to the shopping mall.

Buy, buy, buy.” Mengmeng really liked shopping with the PaPa.

Every time she had gone to the mall with Mama, she wanted to have snacks, but mama had only bought her a few, and she had always bought a limited amount of toys.

As Zi Yans saying , children could not recklessly buy something.

But when it came to Zhang Han later on, this guy was done.

Snack, buy, buy, buy.

Toy, buy, buy.

This really made Mengmeng experienced the true essence of shopping, every shopping cart was full to the brim.

But relatively speaking, buying toys and other things to play was a bit more.

Zhang Han wouldnt buy her too much snacks, but Zhang Han would say that.

“Mengmeng, after you eating these snacks out, we will buy more.”

That made Mengmeng pleased.

However, every time she finished eating, Zhang Han would only go to the supermarket after some days.

He would not let Mengmeng eat too many snacks.

Right now, when Mengmeng heard that they were going out to buy clothes, she was overjoyed.

She followed PaPa upstairs to change her clothes, then went downstairs to his car and drove to the nearby shopping mall.

“Go buy a car.”

Zhang Han pondered for a moment, this Jeep Wrangler that he rented was only a temporary car, he did not have enough money in the beginning, so he did not buy it.

Now, Zhang Han had over 6 million in his bank card, which was enough to buy a car.

In these four days of operation, Zhang Han earned more than seven million and sold seven membership cards.

After deducting the one million that was spent on membership cards, he deposited about six million and three hundred thousand, but Zhang Han did not care about the exact amount of money.

Moreover, if you bought a car, you could buy most of the cars with 6 million.

Of course, there were even more expensive ones such as the Rolls-Royce Phantom Shadow, the Aston Martin which were worth tens of millions, and various supercars which were worth tens of millions.

But Zhang Han did not plan to buy them, if it was in the past, Zhang Han might be chasing after luxurious cars, but now, Zhang Han could only give a light smile.


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