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Chapter 677 The Crisis Was Coming

“What What did you say Is it true” Jiang Yanlan was stunned by this news.

She thought about Mengmeng, that cute girl, and Zi Yan.

“What if they get the news”


Jiang Yanlan rushed out of the door as quickly as she could.

Her residence was not far away from Mengmeng Group.

Under the pedestrians gaze, she kept running forward on the street.

“Is this girl lovelorn She is running so fast,” Someone thought.

In fact, she was just a little anxious.

She ran all the way to Mengmeng Group.

It was strange that none of the members of the security group, who usually patrolled around the buildings, were seen today.

There were only two ordinary people who guarded the gate of the group.

In the face of Jiang Yanlan who flew in, they opened their mouths widely, not knowing what to say.

They wanted to remind her, “Run slowly and dont fall.”

Jiang Yanlan ignored them.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Instead of running to the elevator, Jiang Yanlan went directly from the right staircase to the second floor, where there were usually many people practicing.

Yet, the second floor was empty today.

Jiang Yanlans ears moved slightly as if she heard something.

She went straight out to the third floor.

The hall was silent, but there were hundreds of people in it.

The atmosphere was oppressive.

Everyone felt out of breath.

At the front, Protector Leng, who had just come there from the National Security Agency, looked helpless.

Beside Protector Leng was Zhao Feng with a pale face and red eyes.

He was shaking and could not even speak, just like a mute.

Instructor Liu, who was usually playful, almost burst into tears.

Ah Hu, Xu Yong, Elder Meng, Leng Yue, and the other members of the security group were trembling in sadness.

There was a sense of sadness in the oppressive atmosphere.

“Its impossible! How could it be possible! It must not be true!” Zhao Feng shouted.

Zhao Feng looked fierce while staring at Protector Leng and asking him, “Are you cheating me”

“How can I make fun of it” Protector Leng said with a wry smile, “I dont want to admit it, but the news has been spread.

Ask Captain Jiang if you dont believe it.”


Instructor Liu came to Jiang Yanlan and put his hands on her shoulder.

“Tell us its fake, okay”


Jiang Yanlan didnt know how to answer him when she saw Instructor Lius eyes.

It was such a heavy topic.

“I can only tell you that the news came out that way.

Emperor Qing came from there and youd better ask him about the specific situation,” Jiang Yanlan answered helplessly.

She didnt want to cheat them and make promises.

In fact, she didnt know the specific situation at all.

The only way for them was to ask Emperor Qing if it was true.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

All the security group members took action.

They jumped out from the third floor instead of finding the stairs.

The others were shocked by them.

There were still a few pedestrians around.

Under their astonishment, the large group of people got into a series of luxury cars.



In the roar of the engines and the sound of the tires rubbing on the ground, the cars quickly left the square and rushed frantically to Mount New Moon.

Jiang Yanlan and Protector Leng were in the cars.

They knew how anxious the group of people was.

The motorcade formed a long line in front of Mount New Moon.

On the surrounding roads, many members of the Wang family were running to the area behind the mountain.


The motorcade stopped in the middle of the road on one side of the restaurant.

Ah Hu quickly got out of the car and asked, “Where is Emperor Qing”

“Behind the mountain!” A young man from the Wang family said and then ran away.

He was so busy that he couldnt stop to chat with Ah Hu.

Ah Hu and the others usually called Chen Changqing “Brother Qing”.

He said “Emperor Qing” just now because he was so nervous and paid no attention to his words.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

More than one hundred people, including Ah Hu and Zhao Feng, rushed behind the mountain.

From the perspective of a third person, they seemed to be going to a group fight.

It was not.

They quickly ran to the area behind the mountain and saw more than 20 Wangs gather together.

In the center stood Chen Changqing and Gai Xingkong.

Everyone was looking at Chen Changqing, whose facial expression was stiff.

The members of the security group surrounded the Wangs.

“Brother Qing, what happened Is the news that has been spread true” Zhao Feng rushed towards Chen Changqing to ask him.

“Changqing,” Gai Xingkong said slowly and seriously, “Tell them the truth.”

Gai Xingkong also looked depressed.

Not long ago, Chen Changqing told Gai Xingkong the truth under his questioning.

The pressure on him was not from Gai Xingkong, but from the outside world.

Chen Changqing was also a little confused, so he told Gai Xingkong what had happened in that relic under repeated inquiries of Gai Xingkong.

Chen Changqing felt much more relaxed after telling the truth.

Besides, Gai Xingkong was there to share the pressure with him.

They had discussed it before the others came.

They believed that Zhang Han would come back.

Gai Xingkong put more hope on Zhang Shenwang, the owner of the Heavenly Knights Sect who was said to have supernatural powers.

According to the relic described by Chen Changqing, perhaps Zhang Shenwang had a way to save Zhang Han.

Therefore, Chen Changqing gave Zhao Feng a positive reply, “Nonsense!”

“What they sent was false news.

What I saw and heard on the spot was the truest.

Brother Han was cultivating at that time, and he will come back after making a breakthrough.”

“Do your daily routines as usual and dont panic.

Though Brother Han has encountered big trouble, both Uncle Gai and I believe that he can solve the problem.

Xiaofeng has already told you that we may have to face a very fierce enemy recently.

Though Brother Han is not here, I will help you to protect the Cold Immortal School even at the cost of my life.”

“I dont want to see anyone betray the Cold Immortal School.

You can leave the Cold Immortal School now in order not to involve your family in it, but you should keep everything about our school a secret.

What Chen Changqing referred to were all the divine objects and holy objects on the mountain.

Zhang Han was envied by many other martial artists because of these.

The news of the treasures would bring them trouble at this critical moment.

“Security group…”

Instructor Liu looked so serious as he took two steps forward.

Then he looked directly at Chen Changqing and said loudly and clearly, “There is no coward!”

He was very confident that the usual communication had already made the security group feel like a family.

Hearing his words, hundreds of security group members all roared, “There is no coward in the security group!”

This scene shocked Jiang Yanlan.

She couldnt imagine what made the security group so united.

“Well, lets disband first,” Gai Xingkong waved his hand and said, “Dont bother Zi Yan with this matter.

Just tell them Zhang Han is cultivating if they ask you.”

He felt depressed.

The gate of the worldlet was about to open.

He planned to go to the Heavenly Knights Sect as soon as possible to ask Zhang Shenwang for help through Zhang Guangyou.

Zhang Shenwang, the owner of the Heavenly Knights Sect, was likely to get Zhang Han back.

Still, the probability of success was too low, not to mention that no one knew where either the disappearing relic or Zhang Shenwang was.

“I hope Guangyou can do something about it,” Gai Xingkong sighed.

The mood of the security group members improved a little.

They didnt say anything and went back to the motorcade in silence.

Zhao Feng and others also left.

In fact, they were extremely depressed.

Though it sounded hopeful, they all knew that their boss was in great danger according to the news.

Behind them, Rong Jiaxin suffered an emotional breakdown.

She burst into tears while looking at Gai Xingkong, “Tell me, is there any hope that Han will come back What is the probability I want the truth!”

“Yes, Brother Gai and Changqing, tell us the truth.

Anyway, we should face it together,” Wang Ming sighed.

“How could it be so” Wang Zhanpeng was confused.

Wang Zhanzong and Wang Zhanhong were also depressed and nervous.

This…” Gai Xingkong hesitated for a moment, sighed again, and said, “There is a chance, anyway.

When the gate of the worldlet is open, I will go to the Heavenly Knights Sect to ask Zhang Shenwang for help.

Zhang Han will come back safely if he promises to help us.”

“What!” Rong Jiaxin trembled, “Has the situation become this bad”

Gai Xingkong didnt know what to say.

“How can I rely on her

“Tell her that it is worse than she imagines”

Chen Changqing said, “Auntie, dont worry.

I know the situation of brother Han best.

He was cultivating at that time, and there was a kind of strong energy around his body.

I couldnt even get close to the edge of the area.

His safety was guaranteed.”

Chen Changqing did not dare to tell them about the boat of curse, because they all knew how strange that boat was.

The situation was bad enough, and it would make them more worried.

Chen Changqing didnt know whether the Russian martial artists would talk about that boat, but he decided to play to the score tactfully.

Hearing the words of Gai Xingkong and Chen Changqing, Rong Jiaxin didnt feel better.

She was still worried, “What about Zi Yan and Mengmeng”

“Ill try my best to keep them from the truth,” Gai Xingkong replied helplessly.

In fact, such a big thing couldnt be concealed.

Ten minutes before…

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were in the office, looking at the letters of intent.

Recently, they were not planning to accept long-term cooperation, and all the letters of intent were about invitations to various programs and some cooperation in songs.


There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Zhou Fei said without raising his head.

It was not until the man came in that she finished an invitation in her hand, put it on the table, looked up to the front, and found it was the department manager.

“Whats the matter” asked Zhou Fei.

“Just now, the members of the security group jumped down from the third floor and drove away, as if there was something urgent.

Now everyone is talking about it.

They have been seen by many people and may be reported by the media.

Shall I prepare to deal with it in advance” asked the manager.

“Huh” Zhou Fei was confused.

She didnt understand him for a while.

Zi Yan suddenly raised her head and asked, “Which direction are they going”


“East That should be the direction of the mountain!”

Zi Yan was confused.

“All the members of the security group were out and jumped down from the third floor.

What happened there”

Zhou Fei thought about it and then told the department manager, “Pay attention to this matter first, and deal with it as soon as possible if there is any impact.”

“Okay.” The department manager was very capable and left in a hurry.

Zi Yan got nervous.

Zhou Fei was also very curious, so she dialed Chen Changqings number and asked him, “What happened on the mountain”

She did not get any effective information from Chen Changqing.

Before Zhou Feis phone call was finished, Zi Yans phone rang.

It was Hong Qitao.

“Uncle Hong, what can I do for you at this time”

“Is that story… true” Hong Qitao was not sure.

“Was what true”

“Ah Well, nothing.

I just heard some rumors and Ill go and inquire about them again.

Ill communicate with you later, see you.”

Hong Qitao was surprised and quickly finished the phone call.


Zi Yans heart missed a beat.

She was in a panic.

Hong Qitao called her on the phone, which showed that he got some accurate information.


Thinking of Chen Changqings return, she suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Lets go back!” Zi Yan stood up.

Zhou Fei also felt something strange.

They ran quickly to the elevator and drove to Mount New Moon.

When they arrived at the foot of the mountain, they saw Zhao Feng, who was just about to get in the car.

They all looked at the Bugatti that Zhou Fei drove.

It was easy for Zhou Fei and Zi Yan to sense their depression.

“Xiaofeng, what happened” asked Zi Yan when Zhou Fei stopped beside Zhao Feng and rolled down the window.

“Nothing,” Zhao Feng replied, “Brother Qing and Uncle Gai called us here to make some arrangements.”

“Where are they”

“Behind the mountain.”

After chatting with Zhao Feng, Zhou Fei drove to the mountain.

Looking at the back of the car, Zhao Feng covered his forehead with his hand.

“What can we do”

During this period, Zhao Feng received several phone calls from Liu Qingfeng, Patriarch Luo, Patriarch Chu, and so on.

Up to now, many people had been focusing on Zhang Hans safety, because sometimes, the life and death of a strong person would affect the pattern greatly.

Zhao Feng was not in the mood to answer Zhou Feis question, and he just gave her a simple reply.

Ji Wushuang, Mo Chengfeng, and Lei Tiannan were all at the back mountain.

When they saw Zi Yan and Zhou Fei, they all fell into silence.

Zi Yan trembled slightly when she saw the Wangs and Gai Xingkong here.

She was out of breath.

She approached them slowly.

She didnt know exactly what the matter was, but according to Hong Qitaos tone, the unusual action of the security group just now, and the crowd here, she knew that it was definitely not good news.

She asked, “Is it true”


Chen Changqings expression froze, and Gai Xingkong didnt know what to say.

“She knew it”

“Who told her about it”

“Why did she get the news so fast Why did they tell her the news Why did they trouble her with the news”

However confused and angry Chen Changqing was, he had to take the initiative and explain to Zi Yan.

“Sister-in-law, the situation is not as bad as they say.

Brother Han will come back.

Uncle Gai has just said that when the gate of the worldlet opens, he will ask Zhang Shenwang for help.

Then Brother Han will be saved.”


Zi Yan felt as if being struck by lightning.

She staggered, nearly fell to the ground.

Rong Jiaxin on the other side helped her up.

Zhou Fei opened her eyes widely in disbelief.

She never expected her brother-in-law to be in danger.

“What exactly is it Whats going on Wheres my brother-in-law Whats the matter with him”

Zhou Fei unconsciously and forcefully grasped Chen Changqings arm with both hands.

“He is still in the relic.

There was an accident when he was cultivating, and Brother Han didnt come out.

We have no choice but to wait for Zhang Shenwang,” Chen Changqing replied.


Zhou Fei turned pale.

Zi Yan fell onto the ground with both eyes closed and fainted.

Everyone came to help her.

They knew Zi Yan was too sad to remain conscious.

Rong Jiaxin took Zi Yan back to the castle, but she screamed before she reached the gate, “Help!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Everyone one present rushed to them.

“Her body is very hot,” Rong Jiaxin said.

“Whats the matter She has a high fever” Wang Zhanpeng took out two pills and handed them to Rong Jiaxin.

Rong Jiaxin fed Zi Yan with the pills, but they were all astonished to find that the pills didnt work.

Gai Xingkong gave her another two pills.

They still didnt work.

The pills didnt work!

Everyone was shocked and nervous.

Luckily, Zi Yans condition did not get worse after a while.

It looked like a serious illness.

Rong Jiaxin took Zi Yan back to her bedroom on the third floor and took care of her.

Zi Yan didnt wake up until the afternoon, when she heard Mengmengs words.

Zi Yans eyelashes trembled and she slowly opened her eyes.

Yet, there was no luster in her eyes as she forced a smile at Mengmeng.

Mengmeng was shocked and almost burst into tears, “MaMa, why are you sick”

Rong Jiaxin looked at Zi Yans red and swollen eyes because she secretly cried, and felt very uncomfortable.

Everyone familiar with Zhang Han suffered a lot on the day they got the news.

The next day, Chen Changqing sent Mengmeng to kindergarten.

Chen Changqing guarded the kindergarten all day, and Gai Xingkong guarded the Cold Immortal School.

They had been preparing to fight against Man in Bamboo Hat.

They were both God State Strong and no one dared to provoke them.

On this afternoon, the news that came from the West gradually broke away from the control of Chen Changqing and Gai Xingkong.

“There are two kinds of divine objects, many holy objects, and countless Heaven-grade treasures on Mount New Moon, which belonged to Zhang Hanyang.

The Western devil Man in Bamboo Hat, together with the ancient Stefen family of the blood clan; Landry, a Divine Realm Master; the Crazy Sect led by Oshari; and the Red Mountain Society where Parker was from, intended to join hands to go to Hong Kong and destroy Mount New Moon.

The news that came from the West shocked many people.

They knew that Emperor Qing and Gai Xingkong might not be able to defeat so many forces.

On the other hand, they were shocked that Zhang Hanyang had so many treasures.

Two divine objects and many holy objects.

Just one divine object was enough for ordinary martial artists to promote themselves to a much higher level.

Another piece of news from Hong Kong ignited the martial arts world.

“The Warlord of Chan Clan got on a flight to Hong Kong at 10:00 a.m.”

“Several Grand Master Strongs of the Gai family left for Hong Kong at 10:30 a.m.”

“Ji Wushuang said he will kill all the robbers from the West if they dared to do something evil in Hong Kong.”

All the martial artists were stunned by this series of news.

“Is there another war between the East and the West”

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