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Zhang Han returned to the castle with Mengmeng in his arms.

After walking to the bedroom on the third floor, Zhang Han put Mengmeng on the ground, and she happily ran to the bedroom door.

Mengmeng made a gesture, raised her little hand, held the door handle, opened the door, and then quietly walked in.

Zhang Han followed her to the bed, smiling.

He noticed before entering the door, Zi Yan was already awake.

After entering the door, he saw Zi Yans blank expression and dim eyes.


Zhang Hans heart missed a beat.

After coming back, Zhang Han seldom had such a violent mood fluctuation.

Now, his wife Zi Yan was the one most important to him.

“You…” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han.

“MaMa, MaMa, you woke up! PaPa has been back for a long time.” Mengmeng jumped onto the bed, lay in front of Zi Yan, and giggled.

Suddenly, Zi Yans eyes trembled.

“Why have you returned so late”

She was a little aggrieved and wanted to cry with joy.

She had suffered too much sadness and pressure during the day and wanted to vent.

Obviously it was not good timing in front of Mengmeng.

Zhang Han grinned and secretly sighed with relief.

Zi Yan woke up with nothing abnormal, which showed that the Boat of Curse did not bring her any impact.

Zhang Han was nervous.

He didnt know where that Boat of Curse was.

Did it escape because it was afraid of Zi Yans profound Qi Or was it within Zi Yans body now

There were two possibilities, but the latter accounted for 99% because Zi Yan had a small mark like a tadpole on her arm.

This was a hidden danger and a headache for Zhang Han.

Fortunately, Zi Yan soon woke up, which showed that even if there was something abnormal, the impact on Zi Yan was not great.

“It seems that the secret hidden in her dantian was more terrible than I imagined.”

Zhang Han sighed to himself and shook his head slightly.

He walked up to Zi Yan with a smile, touched her face gently, and said in a soft voice, “Im sorry to have worried you.”

“Im your wife and I must worry about you,” Zi Yan pouted and said softly.

“Hmph!” Mengmeng also snorted and pursed her lips, “I am your daughter Mengmeng.

How can I not worry about you Its not proper for you to come back so late!”

Facing the attack of his wife and daughter, Zhang Han was defeated immediately and begged for mercy, “Yes, yes, yes…”

“Haha.” Zi Yan burst into laughter, and her pale face began to glow.

Her eyes were lit up with joy as if her disease were cured at once.

Perhaps it was not an illness but just lovesickness.

Suddenly, Zi Yans stomach called several times.

She pursed her mouth, sat up with the help of Zhang Han, hugged Mengmeng, looked at Zhang Han, and said, “Im hungry.

I want hot pot.”

“Im hungry too, PaPa,” Mengmeng echoed though she had just finished lunch.

“Im going to cook, eh…” Zhang Han hesitated and said, “Lets have some light food.

Well have hot pot in the evening.”

“Alright.” Zi Yan gently nodded her head, “I want pumpkin porridge, and Id like to eat your milk-flavored steamed bread, and…”

Zi Yan said some things she wanted to eat, and then her stomach called again.

She was hungry.

She had been bedridden these days and couldnt eat anything at all.

As soon as Zhang Han came back, she was radiant.

Sometimes the mood was very important.

Zhang Han once read several reports about two people who had the same incurable disease, one felt very desperate and died soon.

The other one was in a good mood and went on a tour.

As a result, he continued to live for a long time.

Because of the change of mentality, Zi Yans condition was getting better very quickly.

After Zhang Han came to the kitchen, he did not cook as usual but used magic.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Pots and pans went flying around, and kneading dough and other procedures were done in one go.

In less than 10 minutes, pumpkin porridge, steamed bread with milk fragrance, sweet potato cake, and more all appeared in the dining hall on the third floor.

Zhang Han quickly came to the bedroom.

Zi Yan had already gotten out of bed and was washing her face in the bathroom.

“Your Royal Highness, your love lunch is ready,” Zhang Han said with a gesture.

Zi Yan covered her mouth to smile, and then pretended to be calm and elegant, “Stand up.”

“And me” Mengmeng ran to Zhang Han to remind him.

“My little princess, your love lunch is ready too,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Stand up.” Mengmeng jumped into Zhang Hans arms.

The family of three went to the dining hall happily.

Zi Yan ate a lot of dishes, showing her good appetite.

After eating, she regained some strength.

Then she went to the back of the mountain to sit Mengmeng on the lawn and occasionally took walks with Zhang Han.

Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, Rong Jiaxin, and Zhang Li ran towards them after seeing them.

Seeing Zi Yans condition, they were relieved.

In the evening, they all ate hot pot in a big restaurant, celebrating the victory and honoring dead friends at the same time.

After dinner, the family of three was alone.

In the bedroom on the third floor of the castle, they played games until they went to bed at 10 oclock.

With Zhang Hans deep and gentle voice, Mengmeng fell asleep.

Zi Yan blinked her beautiful eyes and looked at Zhang Han.

They went to the balcony, nestled together in their reclining chairs, and whispered together.

They were very leisurely.

At after 11 oclock, Zi Yan went to bed.

Not long after she fell asleep, Zhang Han got up and flew out of the window.

He turned into a faint shadow and quickly moved towards Mengmeng Group.

On the other side of the gate of Mount New Moon stood six or seven hundred people.

Some of them were standing, some were sitting on branches, some were sleeping on the branches, and many were putting up tents.

Zhang Han hadnt come yet, so they dare not leave at all.

They didnt know what would happen due to the killing marks on their arms.

Some of them were ill-tempered.

“Hes not out yet Have we been waiting for him all this time”

“Yes, I have something urgent to do.

Do I have to wait here for a week, a month, or a year”

“Their fight has nothing to do with us.

Besides, a few people left earlier, and one of them was my friend.

I didnt see anything abnormal about them.”

“Its almost 12 oclock.

Will he come out”

Although they were dissatisfied with their words, they were very honest and no one left.

They had been watching until a group of more than 30 people got ready to leave.

Now, many of the remaining martial artists could not sit still.

It was human nature that many people were not willing to be the first to implement any key initiatives.

Once someone took the lead, a lot of people would follow.

As a result, the departure of more than 30 people affected nearly a hundred people, who followed them to go down the mountain.

The others were determined to wait there.

Besides, there were no mosquitoes there, and they could take this as sightseeing.

Still, the group had just covered 50 or 60 meters…

Suddenly, a cry came from behind, “All three people who left before are dead!”


A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples.

The second group came back with a stiff expression.

“What did you say”

The man didnt seem to hear the inquiries of his companions.

His face became pale and his hand holding the phone trembled.

Finally, the phone dropped to the ground.

He said in an astringent voice, “He, he left the mountain.

He is going to hunt those who have the killing marks.”


Many people gasped in fear, while those who were ready to leave felt cold sweat on their foreheads.

When they realized what had happened, they suddenly found that…

Merciless Zhang seemed to be about to carry out shocking revenge!

Blood for blood.

Shocked for a while, all the people on the scene called their family and friends.

“Hello, Second Brother, bring me tents and food.

Im at Mount New Moon…”

“Third Sister, drive your limousine here and lend it to me for a few days.”

“Cousin, I cant go back right now.

You ask someone to send some…”

At this time, the group found that it was safe to stay at the gate of Mount New Moon.

At the very least, they knew that they couldnt leave safely until Merciless Zhang ended his revenge.

They could leave later on.

Maybe tomorrow.

They looked again at the three big characters “Cold Immortal School” above the stone gate.

Meanwhile, Zhang Han and Chen Changqing had arrived in Shenzhen by private plane.

“To the eastern suburbs.”

Zhang Han, who was too lazy to take a taxi, checked the direction with his eyes, and then flew towards the place with Chen Changqing.

“Brother Han.”

Chen Changqing asked, “Have you reached the Divine Realm Your moves and energy are amazing.

So, you have made the breakthrough, right”

“Not yet.” Zhang Han shook his head.

Chen Changqing was surprised.

The Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong and he all believed that Zhang Han had made a breakthrough because the intensity of his attack shocked them.

Chen Changqing didnt expect that what he received was not what they predicted.

Before Chen Changqing could ask, Zhang Han replied, “It was supposed to be a breakthrough, but I suppressed it.”

“Why suppress it” Chen Changqing was stunned, “With your spiritual sense mind trick and fundamental strength, there will be qualitative changes after the breakthrough.”

Zhang Han smiled and replied, “Not really.

The stage of Grand Master you know is actually calledBuilding Base, which is the foundation of cultivation and an important stage.

After the foundation is laid, you can reach the stage of Innateness, which can be understood as the state of the Divine Realm.

There are some differences between them.

It is just like your previous breakthrough, which seemed perfect, but was still far from perfect.

You should feel it now.”

“Yes.” Chen Changqing smiled.

Then he said, “I feel that now I have made a perfect breakthrough.

My dantian grew a lot, and my spiritual sense mind trick is several times stronger than before.”

“Its still not a perfect breakthrough.” Zhang Han shook his head, “You have a Seven Inches Dantian and can use 40% of the Qing Dragon bloods power.

I dont know much about your soul sense, but it should be the same as dantian.

Through practicing all eight drought demonic dragon, you will get an Eight Inches Dantian in Innateness period, or even Nine Inches Dantian if you are lucky enough to get other opportunities.”

“Ah Is there any classification in dantian” Chen Changqing was a little confused.

“You dont need to know these things now.

Ill talk to you in detail later.


Zhang Han looked at the mountain in front of them and said slowly, “The time has come.”

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