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When the people of the Mystical Fog Sect saw Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang appearing in the huge gap, they felt somewhat hopeless.

How did the Mountain-protection Array open in the blink of an eye

“Impossible! Thats impossible!” Xiang Qitians eyes were filled with madness, and he said in a fierce voice, “Its impossible for anyone below the Earth Realm to break my Mountain-protection Array.”

What he meant was that it was difficult for those below the Earth Realm to break the formation, let alone within such a short time.

Many onlookers around were stunned as they heard the doubts.

“What is the Earth Realm Is it a stage above the Divine Realm”

“Thats right.

You might not have heard that before.

If were lucky enough, we can see the battle between super martial artists at the Earth Realm Stage after the gate of the worldlet opens.

However, I did not expect that the Mountain-protection Array set by the Mystical Fog Sect would actually be broken so quickly by Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang.

How horrible they are,” an old man in the crowd exclaimed repeatedly.

He was a relatively powerful man, who was at the Grand Master Late-stage.

The stronger a martial artist was, the more he could feel the incredible strength and horrible power of Zhang Han and Emperor Qing.

“Now that the Mountain-protection Array has been broken, will Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing destroy this place”

Since these people were relatively far away, they could not help but move forward.

When they found that was going on in the next moment, they were all stunned.

“How dare you to privately change the Heaven-earth Formation with such a negligible array” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

His tone was tinged with irony.

Ignorance was not terrible, for he also had been ignorant before.

Yet, Xiang Qitian actually thought he knew a lot.

Learning formations needed great apprehensiveness.

If one wanted to master them on his own, he had to at least have a good command of the Ten-thousand-formation Image, not to mention that he was manipulating the Heaven-earth Formation.

A minimal error or deviation might result in wide divergence.

The Heaven-earth Formation of high quality could not be altered at will.

“Why cant it be changed Its clearly becoming stronger!” Xiang Qitian roared mindlessly.

The Stone Ground Formation, which was made up of thousands of gems and matched up the terrain, only took on the defense capability.

It took Xiang Qitian five years to strengthen it by using the Magical Formation and Killing Magic Shadow.

He was proud of his innovation and was eager to see how tough the situation would be as Zhang Hanyang and his companions faced the Stone Ground Formation later.

Yet he had never expected that his formation would be broken before his men were aware of his approach!

“You changed the arrays in the wrong way.

Look at me carefully.”

Zhang Han smiled faintly and stretched out his right hand.


Xiang Qitian discovered that plenty of Formation Stones of the Stone Ground Formation were changing their positions.

Since the formation was broken at this time, they could interfere in the process, but they did not.

Instead, they just looked at what was happening in a daze.

The countless variable Formation Stones changed the Stone Ground Formation.

Seven in ten of the formation had carried with the defensive property; a tenth was composed of Magical Formation, while the remaining part was formed by the killing array.

Suddenly, he found that the killing array sharply occupied thirty percent, forty percent, fifty percent… ninety percent of the whole!

The Magical Formation gradually dissipated, and the Defensive Formation slowly transformed into a blockade.

In the end, ten percent of the formation bore defensive properties, while the remaining ninety percent turned into the killing part.

The Heaven-earth Formation, costing Xiang Qitians whole life to construct, began to attack them at this moment!

“Feel it yourselves.”

After Zhang Han finished his words, he turned around and left with Chen Changqing.

The formation was complete.

Xiang Qitian couldnt stop shivering.

Staring at the diffuse murderous aura, he turned a deathly shade of white.

“I cant accept this!”

His voice echoed throughout the entire sect.

Under the gazes of many people outside, the mist performed by the Mystical Fog Sect rose again.

The screams ringing out from inside from time to time startled them.

“Why are they screaming inside”

“Did the Heaven-earth Formation launch an attack on the Mystical Fog Sect”

“Didnt you see that it was Zhang Han who changed the Heaven-earth Formation here”

“Hiss! How did he do that”

The crowd did not dare to approach but just watched in the distance.

After half an hour, the mist began to dissipate.

Nevertheless, this place actually turned into a lake surrounded by the mountains after the mist dissipated.

The Mystical Fog Sect no longer existed.

“Theyve destroyed another force!”

“It must be a peaceful night.

Those who try to get the divine objects on Mount New Moon will pay a bitter price.

After all, its hard to obtain divine objects…”

That old Grand Master repeatedly shook his head.

His words astonished a group of people present.

“Doesnt it mean that the Heavenly Elixir Sect is the next to be destroyed”

A single rock stirred up a thousand ripples.

Everyone put on a look of shock, ascertaining his words.

Thus, after jointly destroying plenty of forces, Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing headed for the Heavenly Elixir Sect.

The news quickly spread.

The Heavenly Elixir Sect was bustling on this night.

“What did you say” The head of the sect frowned hardly and said, “Have Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing been on the way”

“Yes, Sect Leader!” Heavily sweating as the First Elder was, he ignored it as if he did not feel the sweat.

He looked at the Sect Leader with anxiety and bitterly said, “The Li family, the He family and the Sanyue Sect where the Wind Snow School was located, have all been destroyed.

Only Little Roc Shi Fenghou escaped by virtue of his extraordinary speed.

Besides, the Mystical Fog Sect has also disappeared in the world.

Now, there remains only our Heavenly Elixir Sect, so they must come over.”

“Why are you so nervous” The Second Elder took on a fierce expression and said, “We shouldnt belittle the Heavenly Elixir Sect since our connections spread all over the Wu Dao World in China.

Its impossible for the two of them to make their way up to Mount Tiandan even if they possess the courage to destroy other forces.”

“But dont you know the power of these two people” The First Elder said with shock and anger, “The Warlord of Chan Clan secretly supports Emperor Qing, while Zhang Hanyang is backed by North Tiger Gai Xingkong.

They do have a wide network of support.”

“First Elder, youre boosting other peoples morale and shaming yourself,” the Second Elder retorted, “A large number of people will come to assist us as long as we provide some resources as awards.”

“Thats right.” The Immortal-like head of the Heavenly Elixir Sect nodded and did not panic.

He pondered for a few seconds before continuing, “They have backers, and so do we.

Since I once cultivated in the Holy Pill Field in the Kun Xu World, who would dare to attack us”

His words settled others down.

The Sect Leader calmly looked at the more than 20 superiors of the sect below.

At this point, even the First Elder also calmed down, which satisfied the Sect Leader.

He nodded and said, “Dont panic.

The Heavenly Elixir Sect will exist for a long time as long as we protect it.

Although Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing are formidable at present, they will be a drop in the bucket when the gate of the worldlet opens and the group of genuine talents emerges.


Realizing that the disciples in the sect were in high spirits, the Sect Leader stood up and waved his hand, “Take a rest here.

I have to make a few phone calls.”

Sometimes the morale was of great importance.

At the very least, the superiors of the sect, including these elders and protectors, all stared at the Sect Masters back with much confidence.

They guessed that their Sect Leader was going to seek help, and a few powerful figures at the Divine Realm Stage would offer their help in a short time.

They imagined that Zhang Han and Emperor Qing would be confused when they arrived here later.

Then they would hurriedly bow to the powerful masters on the scene and apologize to the Heavenly Elixir Sect with a low profile.

The Heavenly Elixir Sect did have a wide network of contacts.

Sometimes, the gap between imagination and reality was extremely vast, to the point where it could even be described as an outrageous disparity.

The Sect Leader walked to the room behind with a calm look.

When there was no one around, he waved his hand to cast a barrier.

Then he paced back and forth in the room with his eyes tinged with anxiety.

“Hiss! Who can stop Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing at the same time”

“Isnt this a joke”

“I heard that Emperor Qing became extremely fierce after being promoted to a higher level and was as powerful as a martial artist at the God Realm Late-stage.

As for Zhang Hanyang… Zhang Hanyang… Since he killed more than two hundred Grand Masters after coming back, he might have broken through the Divine Realm Stage!”

“I can only try.”

After a while, the Sect Leader sighed with a frozen look and took out his mobile phone to dial a number.

“Hello, Brother Tianlang, I have something urgent to bother you about.

I think you have heard that Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing are about to launch an attack on Mount Tiandan.

It must be a misunderstanding, for I went to Mount New Moon just for fighting for divine objects since I thought Zhang Hanyang died.

However, they bear a strong killing intent.

Therefore, I want to ask Brother Tianlang to help us, and we can pay with sufficient medicinal pellets in return.”

He showed his bargaining chip and believed that no one would reject medicinal pellets, including Ye Tianlang, the head of the National Security Agency!

But… why was the phone still silent

The Sect Leader was somewhat nervous, holding his breath subconsciously.

One second, and two seconds passed.

It was not until five seconds later that Ye Tianlangs voice was heard.

He said in a sarcastic tone, “So, is this the reason why you attacked Mount New Moon”


He hung up after saying a few words, which disappointed the Sect Leader!

Still, he felt more angry than depressed.

He made a call to another person, “Brother Liao, Im in trouble here…”

“Get lost!”

“Brother Ma, the medicinal pellets you mentioned last time have been ready now, but I got into trouble…”

“Medicinal pellets I dont remember.

Im busy now.”


The Sect Leader slapped the table to express his strong feelings of rage.

He dialed a number again, “Mr.

Liu, Im in trouble now and need your help.

As for the reward, Im bound to satisfy you.

Hello Mr.

Liu Hello…”

“Miss Mu, Im the Sect Leader of the Heavenly Elixir Sect and a disciple of the Holy Pill Field, which has been cooperating with Luo Fu Sword sect.

Now, Im in trouble and want to ask you for help.

Simultaneously, our Holy Pill Field will offer generous rewards to you and we hope Miss Mu can bring your men to assist us.”

“Hahaha, do you want us to die with you Dont make fun of me.

Ill fight against Zhang Hanyang, but not for you.

Just enjoy the fear, bye.”


The Sect Lead broke his phone in an instant.

“Damn it! No one is willing to help me!

“I cannot control my temper!

“What shall I do”

The Sect Leader walked back and forth once again.

Three minutes later, his eyes narrowed.

As he walked out of the backroom, he took on a calm and confident look.

He slowly strolled into the hall.

Looking at the disciples of his sect, he said in a low voice, “Ive already contacted other masters.

Today, Zhang Hanyang wont come back alive as long as he goes up the mountain!”


“Our Heavenly Elixir Sect must last forever.

Two talents are nothing to me!”

“Whew…” Even the First Elder let out a sigh of relief.

He and the Second Elder looked at each other with a smile since they could weather the storm.

At this moment, the Sect Leader smiled helplessly and sighed.

“But we have to pay a heavy price this time and Im afraid that the medicinal pellets refined in the past year or so will be completely consumed.

Besides, this years auction will be canceled.”

“Thats true.

Thats true.

The experts definitely come at a price,” The First Elder said.

“The auction can be held in the next year.

Moreover, if the bidders fail to win the auction, theyre likely to vent their anger on Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing.

Thats what wed like to see,” the Second Elder answered calmly.

“Yeah.” The Sect Leader nodded slightly and said, “You can take a rest.

Theyll arrive soon, so I need to go to the Pill Store to make some preparations.”

After finishing his words, the Sect Leader went out with vigorous strides to the pill storage room, carrying off all the medicinal pellets and returning to the main hall.

He sneaked out from the back door, took the three holy objects, and various Heaven-grade treasures in the medicine garden.

Then he quickly slipped into the jungle on the back hill.

After entering the jungle, he slowly turned his head, “Someone needs to bear their anger.”

Obviously, he intended to make minor sacrifices to safeguard major interests.

As he waved his right hand, layers of ripples appeared around his body, attempting to block the mark on his right wrist.


Nevertheless, after he walked for five kilometers, violent waves transmitted from Mount Tiandan behind.

“How can they be here so fast”

The Sect Leaders expression stiffened.

But for his resolution, he would have been killed.

Yet right at this point, a cold voice rang out from ahead, “Where are you going”


The Sect Leaders throat seemed to be strangled in an instant.

He slowly turned his head and found that his imagination had come true.

“Zhang, Zhang Hanyang”

“I told you…” Zhang Han, who was in the dark, sneered and said, “None of you can escape.”


The Sect Leaders consciousness disappeared.

With a flash of light crossing Zhang Hans eyes, the Sect Master of the Heavenly Elixir Sects body burned and turned into ashes in three seconds.

Then Zhang Han took the floating Space Ring with one hand, shook his body slightly, moved, and rushed to Mount Tiandan.

A minute later, when he found Chen Changqing, he had already stopped fighting.

He sat lazily on the top of a tree in the ruins.

As he caught sight of Zhang Han, he stood up and said, “Hey Youre quite fast as well.”

“The opponent was too weak.”

Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Lets go.

Todays task is over.”

“Is there any other mission tomorrow” Chen Changqing said wearily, “I feel uncomfortable since I didnt enjoy myself in the battle.”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “Well go to the west to join several battles tomorrow, so youd better make preparations in advance.”

“What else do I need to prepare since you are with me” Chen Changqing said with a smile.

His words stunned Zhang Han.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Just prepare to conserve strength and store up energy.”

“Haha, well.” Chen Changqing looked at the clock and said, “Its almost four oclock now, so we should speed up.

Its time for you to cook for Sister-in-law.”

“Thats right,” Zhang Han responded.

Then he turned into a stream of light and headed for the urban area.

Chen Changqing performed all eight drought demonic dragon to accelerate, running with Zhang Han side by side.

When they arrived at the airport, they saw the captain of the Azure Dragon Detachment with a calm expression standing in front of their plane.

“Hello, Mr.

Zhang and Mr.


Im the captain of the Azure Dragon Detachment.

The flight has been arranged, which will take off in five minutes.”

Azure Dragon walked to the two of them and looked at Zhang Han after introducing himself.

After pondering for two seconds, he said, “Mr.

Zhang, my boss asked me to tell you that it would be difficult to make your way to the West.

He went to Hong Kong because he was under some pressure.

He, therefore, just asked Vermilion Bird to help you.”

“The road is originally made by people,” Zhang Han replied.

“As expected.” Azure Dragon gave a wry smile, “Now that youve made up your minds, I wont remind you too much.

Just be careful.”

Zhang Han glanced at him with a smile and then got on the plane with Chen Changqing.

Five minutes later, the plane took off slowly and soared into the air.

In fact, Zhang Han knew that there must be lots of blocks in this trip to the west and they had to face powerful martial artists like the Warlord of Chan Clan.

Yet Zhang Han was already well-prepared.

“Its not too late for me to arrive in Hong Kong at 6:30.” Chen Changqing sat beside Zhang Han and asked, “By the way, is Sister-in-law in bad condition Do you know about the Boat of Curse Whats going on”

Although they hadnt asked Zhang Han about it yet, they were all curious.

“The Boat of Curse isnt just a curse, and I havent figured out what on earth it is.

Actually, your sister-in-law is not an ordinary person.” Zhang Han gave a general answer.

Even he did not understand it in detail.

“We guessed that Sister-in-law wasnt a common person since she failed to absorb the medicinal pellets a few days ago.

Mengmeng… is also very talented, isnt she” Chen Changqing asked.

“Shes my daughter, so she definitely is talented.” Zhang Hans expression changed and he glared at Chen Changqing.

His words just made nonsense.

Mengmeng, as his and Zi Yans daughter, was really talented.

“Hahaha.” Chen Changqing burst into laughter and said, “Brother Han, when are you going to teach Mengmeng to cultivate If she cultivates from childhood, shell make faster progress in the future.”

“This is a fact, but its still too early.

Ive told your sister-in-law to teach Mengmeng to cultivate and practice martial arts when she grows up,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“A little girl can cast martial arts Awesome.” Chen Changqing also laughed, “I really hope to see those talents from a worldlet, who cannot be compared with Mengmeng, beaten by her in the future.”

“What are you saying How can those people compare with my daughter” Zhang Han was somewhat uncomfortable.

“Well… well, when are you going to teach her to cultivate Im quite looking forward to that day.

By then… erm… I have nothing to teach her.

Alas, you are so powerful, so I may have nothing to teach her at that time.”

“Of course you arent qualified to teach her.

Ive already planned what my daughter is about to learn.

Theyre all beyond imagination, so you cant understand.”

“Please, Brother Han, dont belittle me all the time, okay Anyway, Im Emperor Qing, a well-known master!”

“Come on.

If I forget to belittle you, youll secretly teach my daughter.

Therefore, I have to tell you in advance that my daughter will not learn martial artists.”

“Well, Im convinced.”

As they spoke, both of them kept smiling.

They remembered that they had not had such a casual and happy conversation for a long time.

Nevertheless, Chen Changqing was more looking forward to seeing what Brother Han would do when he taught Mengmeng.

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