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“The power of Heavenly Treasure School is mysterious.”

Jiang Yanlan was now like a secretary, constantly telling Zhang Han what she knew.

“It is like the mysterious Black White Palace hidden in Mystical Martial World in the northeast, and no one knows its background.

Heavenly Treasure School has a high status and each time it has appeared with the worldlet, all the visitors behaved themselves because they were afraid of being killed.

The inheritance mode of the Black White Palace is in a single line, and we can only see one of its disciples each time.

These disciples always suppressing all other talents.

No one has broken the record so far.

Basically, a disciple of the Black White Palace will come out every hundred years.

Now it has been more than 90 years since their last appearance, and when the gate of the small world is opened, they will probably send someone out.”

“The Black White Palace is mysterious indeed.” Chen Changqing nodded in agreement with her, “Last time, they sent a young man called Wu Long, who was at God Realm Peak-stage and soon advanced to Earth Realm after fighting with several martial artists in the main world.

It is said that his moves are particularly cruel.

But if someone from the Black White Palace comes to the main world again this time, they will be unable to defeat Brother Han.”

“Maybe thats true.” Jiang Yanlan looked at Zhang Han and said with a smile, “When several of us, including Azure Dragon, chatted with our eldest brother, we wondered whether you were a disciple of the Black White Palace because your styles are a bit similar.

The disciples of the Black White Palace are merciless like you.

However, every time they come to the main world, they were at least at God Realm Medium-stage, and keep advancing at high speed.

Therefore, we denied this idea.”

Zhang Hans expression didnt change when they were talking about the Black White Palace, which surprised Jiang Yanlan.

In her eyes, Zhang Hanyang was so proud and self-confident that he even looked down on the Black White Palace.

“If there is a competition between them, I hope Zhang Hanyang can defeat the disciple of the Black White Palace.

Then he will break another record.”

While Jiang Yanlan was thinking about it, she suddenly saw Instructor Liu smiling at her.

Jiang Yanlan couldnt help rolling her eyes.

“So well go for a walk again in a few days” Zhou Fei was not interested in Heavenly Treasure School, but she liked traveling.

“Well…” Zi Yan, who was silent all the time, took a glance at Zhang Han.

Then she blinked her eyes and asked, “Shall we go with you this time”

Zhang Han nodded without hesitation, “Of course, its safe there.

I promised that I will travel all over the world with you and Mengmeng.”

Zi Yan smiled and turned her gaze at Zhang Han, “Humph, you are clever this time.

Ill think about rewarding you.”


Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan with an expression, “Got it”.

The others didnt know what they were talking about with their eyes, but no one wanted to disturb them.

“Thats it.

Im going to beat Liu.

Lets go.” Jiang Yanlan stood up and took a glance at Instructor Liu.

“Why” Instructor Liu was confused.

“What a merciless girl! How dare she speak in this way in front of my boss and brother Qing”

Not daring to speak his mind out, Instructor Liu said repeatedly, “No, no.

I wont go with you.

I want to live for two more years.”

“Humph, coward.” Jiang Yanlan snorted and rushed to the front mountain.

“Shall we go for a walk” Chen Changqing looked at Zhou Fei and said, “Im going to go back tomorrow.

Will you accompany me”

“Me Well… It depends.” Zhou Fei took a glance at Zi Yan.

“Go as you like.” Zi Yan smiled, “Now we are all on vacation.

You and Changqing are free to travel wherever you want to go.

Its time for you to enjoy your world.”

Before Zi Yan finished, Zhou Feis face turned a little red and grasped Chen Changqings sleeve, “Lets go.”


Early in the morning the next day, Zhou Fei and Chen Changqing got on the flight to Shang Jing, on what was also the companys private plane.

They had a total of two planes and four helicopters, which could take them anywhere nearby or faraway.

These planes were usually idle because the staff of Mengmeng Group seldom traveled for business.

There were too many contracts of intention sent to them every day.

With Liu Qingfeng managing the company outside, and Sun Ming taking care of everything in the company, they didnt have to worry about the business.

The employees of Purple Moon Entertainment Company were very leisurely, which was well-known in Hong Kong.

Therefore, Purple Moon Entertainment Company was known as the most casual company in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

It offered its employees the best treatment and the highest salary, which was a dream for countless people.

Nevertheless, no one had seen the recruitment information of Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

The company had enough staff and no one was willing to leave, so there was no space for others to squeeze in.

They seemed to be relaxed, but they could burst out amazing energy when it was needed.

During the production period of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the dubbing staff and other departments exceeded the task, and everyone at the company was expected to receive bonuses.

Happy times always passed quickly.

After Mengmeng went to school during the day, the young couple in the castle spent most of their time in their big bed.

The rest of the time, they made lunch together and then went to the seaside in the afternoon to take a yacht, experience the water entertainment, and travel in the beautiful underwater world near the coast.

Occasionally they would go shopping, drink coffee, and even go to an Internet bar to experience the fun of online games.

They were so happy that Zi Yan even sighed, “Its terrible.

Im so lazy now that I dont want to go back to work.

Its all your fault… Hmm…”

Every time he looked at the child-like Zi Yan, Zhang Han would embrace her and throw her onto the bed.

Soon, the worlds most primitive and beautiful melody was sounded again in the room.

Time passed quickly.

At noon on Friday…

When Zhang Han and Zi Yan went to pick up Mengmeng, they held a simple parents meeting.

With the summer vacation approaching, teacher Lu made a brief summary of the junior class year and praised Zhang Han and Zi Yan again.

All the excellent teachers were obvious to all.

Mengmeng was excellent, and all the teachers preferred a clever child like her.

After that, teacher Lu made a brief introduction about the coming middle-class year.

Some parents wanted their children to study in advance and prepare for the new semester so that they would be more competitive and surpass the other students through hard work.

“Its unnecessary for my daughter.”

While walking to the school gate, Zhang Han shook his head after listening to the plans of parents around him.

“Mengmeng,” Zhang Han said, “You have got a little red flower again today.

Its great and you are excellent.

As a reward, Ill take you to travel tomorrow.

Lets go out and play!”

“Eh Shall we go out Great! PaPa is the best.

I love you so much!” Mengmeng was overjoyed and kissed Zhang Han many times.

Zi Yan was amused and said, “You will spoil Mengmeng.”

“Of course, she is my daughter,” Zhang Han said with great confidence.

“Ha ha ha, MaMa, hes my dearest PaPa, hes amazing!” Mengmeng smiled proudly.

“Well, it is said that the daughter was PaPas lover in his previous life.

Humph, you are here to compete with me.”

“No, PaPa is the best.

MaMa, you are here to compete with me.”


The family of three left the school, chatting and laughing.

Li Kai and his family followed them, and his wife was talking with his daughter, “You can play for a few days in the summer vacation, but dont forget to study.

Mom has prepared two tutoring classes for you.

You are going to learn musical instruments and English…”

“Lets forget about studying for a while and go traveling.

Its time to enjoy ourselves,” said Li Kai.

Li Kai didnt go out to relax for a long time.

It so happened that the summer vacation was coming.

He decided to follow Zhang Hans example and take his family out to have fun.

Li Muen cheered at Li Kais words.

His mother rolled her eyes helplessly.

Of course, Zhang Han was not the only one in the world who could give his daughter happiness, but he could make his daughters happiness perfect.

Zhang Han was at the top of the pyramid in this prospect.

Mengmeng spent the afternoon playing with Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot in the back hills.

Before they parted at dusk, Mengmeng said, “Big Heihei, Little Heihei and Tiny Tot, please watch the door.

Im going to travel with PaPa and Ill be back in a few days.

Ill bring you presents…”

Mengmeng said this seriously because the three guys were all her friends.

At eight oclock the next morning, the family of three was ready to leave.

In addition to Zhang Han and his family, Zhao Feng and several other followers also went to Cloud Sea City with them.

The Wangs chose to stay in Hong Kong because they had no interest in such kind of activities.

Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei had taken the morning flight to Shang Jing with the Warlord of Chan Clan.

Gai Xingkong would go with Zhang Han as he said in a phone call.

Besides that, there were also some other martial artists who decided to travel with them.

When Zhang Han and his family walked out of the castle, Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot were seeing them off the top of the mountain.

Mengmeng reluctantly said goodbye to them and then got in the car and left Mount New Moon.

Their trip this time would not take them too long.

The gate of the worldlet would open immediately, and Zhang Han would go back to Mount New Moon to prepare for the follow-up.

The safety of Zi Yan and Mengmeng was the most important.

The motorcade went down from Mount New Moon.

More than ten minutes later, they arrived at Mengmeng Group.

All the people living in New Moon Bay knew the current situation of Mount New Moon.

There were countless luxury houses on it, which belonged to the chairman of Mengmeng Group.

Yet, few people knew that the mountain was inhabited by Zhang Hanyang, the No.1 martial artist in Hong Kong!

“PaPa, how long will we fly this time” After getting off the car, Mengmeng turned her gaze at the plane that she once called “Big Bird”.

“Well…” Zhang Han took a glance at Zhao Feng.

Zhang Han didnt know when they would arrive at the destination.

“Five hours and 15 minutes,” Zhao Feng replied, “Mengmeng can have a rest on the plane, and then go out to play in the afternoon after we arrive.”

“Well, I dont want to sleep.

I want to listen to PaPa telling stories,” Mengmeng grasped Zhang Hans hand and mumbled.

“Ha ha.

Okay, PaPa will tell stories.” Zhang Han smiled.

When they got on the plane, they saw that there were already three people sitting inside.

They were Ji Wushuang, Mo Chengfeng, and Jiang Yanlan, and they were all there to take a free flight.

There were countless treasures in Heavenly Treasure School, including divine weapons and divine objects.

As top-level martial artists in the martial arts world, they were unwilling to let go of such a good opportunity.

They had been making preparations since they got this news.

Those who were rich took their own treasures with them, while the others had borrowed some treasures in order to exchange for something they needed in the coming activity, After all, such opportunities were rare.

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