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Chapter 713 The Befuddled Parents

Under Zhang Guangyous oppressive power, they found that their mouths seemed to be decidedly heavier than usual and they could not utter a word, even though they wanted to provide an explanation.

The whole room was in dead silence.

Zhang Nan and the others were frightened and broke out in a cold sweat.

They knew that Zhang Guangyou, as a heroic man, was always gentle and seldom got angry with others, but nobody could stop him when he flew into a rage.

When Zhang Nan and the two men from the Chen Clan saw Zhang Guangyous fierce eyes, they became terrified.

“He looks more dignified than our old master!” The men from the Chen Clan thought.

“Where are they” Rong Jiali, who was dressed in a cloak and a bamboo hat and standing beside the door, sobbed and shouted at this moment, “Where are they Where are they”

She came back in a state of expectation and arrived at the Zhang Clan with mixed emotions, feeling nervous, afraid, guilty and distressed at the same time.

She was eager to see Zhang Han and Zhang Li and never thought the matter would end in this way.

Feeling an immense heartache for a moment, Rong Jiali seemed to be really weak and had to hold on to the door frame with her right hand.

Zhang Guangyous angry gaze was tinged with pain after he heard what she said.

After glancing at her, he realized that the pressure he subconsciously exuded rendered all the people in front of him mute.

He, therefore, held his temper and retracted his aura which had been emitted inadvertently.

“Hiss, phew… hiss… phew…”

Zhang Nan and other men gasped rapidly.

Under Zhang Guangyous and Rong Jialis gazes, Zhang Nan said something that stunned both of them.

“Its just a misunderstanding! Listen to me first!” Zhang Nan said hurriedly and took a deep breath again.

About ten seconds later, he calmed down and his heartbeat started slowing down as well.

When he was about to explain to them, he gave a wry smile, “Guangyou, we had to protect ourselves in the beginning and we had no other choice.

Im so sorry…”

He glanced at the two men from the Chen Clan.

Since they were around, he could only tell the truth instead of sugar coating what he said to Zhang Guangyou, “Zhang Han, your son, is indeed promising.

In fact, even the whole Zhang Clan is no match for him.

Yes, he is a martial artist as well.

I guess that he is a God State Strong.

Emperor Qing calls him Brother Han and the Warlord of Chen Clan is his friend.

Their relationship is on equal grounds now.”


Zhang Guangyous eyes widened and his pupils contracted simultaneously.

As for Rong Jiali, she trembled and had a stunned expression under the shadow of the bamboo hat.

“What, what did you say” Zhang Guangyou grabbed Zhang Nans arm and said, “Are you kidding Do you mean that my son has reached the Divine Realm Stage Is that true”

“Its absolutely true!” Zhang Nan winced in pain at his tight grip.

He felt that his arm, like that of the heroine in the rain, which was grabbed by the hero in the TV series, hurt a lot at this point.

However, he did not dare to shake off Zhang Guangyous hand and yell at him for hurting him.

Instead, Zhang Nan could only say with a wry smile at this moment, “That true.

You can ask the Chens if you dont believe me.”

“Yes, its true.

Actually, we took care of the Zhang Clans business dealing on account of Zhang Han.

He told us that he did it as a reward for the Zhang Clans kindness in taking them in for several years and he would cut all ties with the Zhang Clan from then on.

Our elder was also present at that time.

Since he is in closer contact with Zhang Han, you can go to the North Sea Island to talk with him if you have any doubts.” One of the Chens replied.

Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali lapsed into silence after hearing what he said.

Zhang Guangyou was still in a state of shock and felt numb as he digested the shocking news.

Then the whole room fell into silence again.

Ten seconds later, Rong Jialis voice sounded, “How are they now”


Indeed…” Zhang Nan responded quickly.

“Lets visit the old Warlord first.” Zhang Guangyou turned around and walked quickly to Rong Jiali.

Then he looked at Zhang Nan and the others.

His mouth moved, but he did not say anything in the end and left directly.

“Alas.” After a while, Zhang Nan sighed, feeling somewhat regretful.

Misfortune might be a blessing in disguise, but he felt that he had lost the chance of boosting the Zhang Clan.

If he had withstood the pressure and kept Zhang Han and Zhang Li in the family, the Zhang Clan would have prospered now.

“Wait!” The older one of the Chen Clan suddenly said in surprise, “We forgot to tell them that Zhang Han is already married and has a daughter, right”

“Hiss! Indeed, we forgot to tell them the big news! If we did that, their expressions would have changed greatly.”

“Forget it.

The senior master of the Chen Clan will tell them.”

They starting chatting with each other.

As for Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali, they flew to the North Sea at a high speed.

They arrived at the central island half an hour later.

“Here you are.”

The Warlord of Chan Clan stood in the yard and on the tea-table under the willow tree, there were three chairs placed there.

The hot tea was ready.

“Senior Warlord.”

Zhang Guangyou kept calm, for he knew that the warlord must have been informed by the two members of the Chen Clan.

After Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali landed, they greeted each other and sat down at the tea-table at the Warlord of Chan Clans invitation.

“Are you surprised” Suddenly, the Warlord of Chan Clan stared at Zhang Guangyou and said, “Are you amazed Are you happy”

“Uh… Im surprised, amazed and happy! Hahaha…” Zhang Guangyou was stunned for a moment and then burst out laughing.

Even Rong Jiali smiled and was in high spirits.

She took off her bamboo hat, revealing her beautiful face.

Unlike Zi Yans exceedingly attractive appearance, Rong Jialis face was relatively gentle and had a beauty of its own.

“Dont show off in front of me.” The Warlord of Chan Clan made a joke suddenly, “My eldest grandson is almost as old as your son.

With the help of the cultivation method offered by Zhang Han, Changqing became much more powerful.

However, before your son reached the Divine Realm Stage, he was not as formidable as Changqing.”

“Ah Wait a minute!” Zhang Guangyou was dumbfounded, “I heard that my son has reached the Divine Realm Stage.

But whats going on with the cultivation method Changqing… Is he so powerful now”

“You were not aware of that” The Warlord of Chan Clan was stunned, but then he said, “Changqing absorbed the Qing Dragon blood and cultivated the skills related to all eight drought demonic dragons with Zhang Hans assistance.

Now, the power of his bloodline has broken through the fourth stage and his strength is almost on par with mine.

As for Zhang Han, he has already reached the Divine Realm Stage.”

The Warlord of Chan Clan looked serious at this moment and said, “After he broke through to the Divine Realm Stage, he left an extremely mysterious impression on me.

It seemed that he, just like Zhang Shenwang, was invincible.

When we were in the western world, he directly reached the Divine Realm Stage while fighting with the enemies and killed 13 masters at the Divine Realm Stage with an incantation in the end.

Even Halan Prince was refined into a drop of blood by him, which was totally incredible.

Ye Tianlang deemed that he had obtained the martial arts heritage of predecessors from the Black White Palace.

I thought he was more powerful than Zhang Shenwang.

What a promising young man he is! You do have a good son!”

“Why is he is so formidable” Zhang Guangyou was a little startled and he said in surprise, “My son is really powerful! Hahaha, what about my daughter”

“Zhang Li isnt a martial artist yet.”

“Senior Chen, you just said that my son has reached the Divine Realm Stage, so how is he now” Rong Jiali was more careful and asked, “Why did you go to the western world, Senior Chen How did you offend the prince of the vampires”

“Huh, Zhang Han has his own idea for breaking through to the Divine Realm Stage.

In fact, he wants to make a perfect breakthrough.

Anyway, I dont know much about it except that he has gained high combat strength from then on.

After returning to Hong Kong, he cut his own cultivation and reached to the Grand Master Peak in a few days.

I havent heard anything about his breakthrough.

As for the reason why we went to the western world, Ill tell you in detail later.

By the way, the Heavenly Treasure School opened a few days ago and Han went into the seventh layer as well.

How awesome he is.

He should have exchanged some powerful treasures.

He once told me when we parted ways that he would go to the Kun Xu World to bring you back as soon as the world reopened.

This morning, Changqing called me, saying that Zhang Han had already left.

He should have appeared at the entrance of the world.

Now that you came out through it, you should have seen him.”

“We did not see him! Did he come to us” Zhang Guangyou raised his eyebrows and shook his head helplessly, “Hes so smart that he should have known that we would come back first.

We should have waited for a while.”

“The worldlet hasnt been open for five years, so no one knows whats going on inside.

Perhaps hes more worried about the Heavenly Knights Sect.” The Warlord of Chan Clan sighed.

“How could something terrible happen to our Heavenly Knights Sect” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “If it were not for the joint efforts of several other sects, the Wind Snow School would have disappeared in the Kun Xu World.

However, some disciples of the sect survived.”

“Lets stop talking about this.

I want to know more about my son and daughter.” Zhang Guangyou said while staring at the Warlord of Chan Clan.

“All right.” The Warlord of Chan Clan took a sip of tea, glanced at Rong Jiali and said, “We went to the western world some time ago because Zhang Han was trapped in the lost relics.

Under such circumstances, some enemies came out to create trouble since they coveted the treasures on the mountain.

The Man in Bamboo Hat of the western world even led nearly 300 people.

Gai Xingkong, Changqing, Ji Wushuang, the security group, the Wang family and I spared no effort to stop Luo Disi and the Man in Bamboo Hat, but we failed and were seriously injured.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, with thousands of lightning bolts flashing in the air, Zhang Han opened the strange space door and defeated these people with powerful covering attacks.

Actually, he was at the Grand Master Peak at that point and used certain treasures.

Anyway, I cannot figure out what they are.

Hes so formidable reputedly because he gained awesome martial arts heritage from his predecessors.”

The people around Zhang Han were all aware of the meaning of his words.

But Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali were confused.

“Lost relics What is it”

“The enemies rebellion Who are they So many treasures in the mountains Which mountain is it What are the treasures Why did the Western martial artists come over”

They had numerous questions.

But what the Warlord of Chan Clan said the next moment shocked Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali.

Zi Yan “What happened was totally beyond our imagination.

At that time, the boat of curse appeared and immediately disappeared since it resonated with Zi Yan.

However, Zi Yan fell off the cliff.

The Man in Bamboo Hat reached out to grab her as he wanted to suck her blood.

Just as he was about to succeed, the space gate showed up.

It was Zhang Han who dropped from the sky and executed his powerful moves.

Besides, that group of people were injured as well, leading to a horrible ending, where only two of nine martial artists at the Divine Realm Stage had a narrow escape.”

The Warlord of Chan Clan sighed with emotion, “I wonder how he came to possess such incredible strength.”

“Wait, I am becoming more and more confused.

Whos Zi Yan Whats going on with my son Is he in Hong Kong” Zhang Guangyou asked.

“Huh” The Warlord of Chan was stunned again.

Then he burst into laughter and said, “Dont you know yet”

“No, we know nothing since we just came out.” Zhang Guangyou said with a wry smile, “Although I want to go through all this with them, but in the past few years, alas…”

“We went to the Zhang Clan just now and they told us that you get on well with Zhang Han.

Therefore, we came over directly.” Rong Jiali explained.

Although her eyes were not big, they looked really beautiful.

At this moment, listening to the matters about her son, she was very focused and serious.

“I thought you knew the whole story briefly.” The Warlord of Chan Clan shook his head with a smile and then said, “Shall I start from the beginning”

“Well… Okay.” Zhang Guangyou glanced at his watch and nodded, thinking that it would not take too much time.

“First of all, you should be mentally prepared.” The Warlord of Chan Clan raised one of his fingers and then stopped speaking with a smile.

Five seconds later, as Zhang Guangyou drank a mouthful of tea, the Warlord of Chan Clan directly said, “Congratulations on having a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter!”


Sure enough, Zhang Guangyou directly sprayed the tea on the table, which amazed the Warlord of Chan Clan.

“What did you say, Senior Chen What do you mean that I have a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter Ah”

“What Han is married and has a daughter.” Rong Jialis eyes widened.

Both of them were dumbfounded.

“Do I already have a daughter-in-law”

Rong Jiali reacted quickly in this regard and had a lot of questions, “Wheres my daughter-in-law from What does she look like Is she good-looking How tall is she Whats her personality like When did they get married How old is my granddaughter When was she born”

“Ahem, ahem, ahem…”

The Warlord of Chan Clan was completely stunned by the series of questions.

“How am I supposed to know”

“Wait a minute.” The Warlord of Chan Clan took out his mobile phone and said while typing awkwardly, “Im just aware of the general situation.”

And he knew nothing more.

After waiting for a minute, Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali stared at the Warlord of Chan Clan, who then showed them his mobile phone.

Only two words appeared on the search bar: Zi Yan.

Below the name were pictures.

“Is she pretty”

“Ive heard of Zi Yan before.

Is she a star Uh…” Rong Jiali quickly came to her senses and asked, “Is she our daughter-in-law”

“Thats right.” The Warlord of Chan Clan said with a smile, “Your daughter-in-law is very beautiful.

A pretty lady is indeed a good match for a hero.

Besides, your granddaughter is really good-looking and lovely.

How fortunate you are.

Changqing once told me a lot about Zhang Han and I might as well tell you in detail because your questions confuses you and me.”

“Okay, thank you, Senior Chen.”

The two of them nodded, sitting straight and listening carefully like students.

“Because you were trapped in the worldlet as it closed, the Zhang Clan declared that you were missing.

Later, Zhang Nan became the patriarch.

When you were in power, the strength of the Zhang Clan improved rapidly, but it was lacking a profound background.

As such, Zhang Nan failed to dominate the whole family.

Moreover, your opponents launched an attack using Zhang Han, your son as the excuse.”

“In the face of so much pressure, Zhang Nan had no choice but to drive Zhang Han away from the family.

Zhang Han, as a stubborn man, vowed to find out every detail of the case and stayed in Shang Jing.

He lived in a shabby apartment for five years and refused to leave even though he was bullied and despised by others.”

Zhang Guangyou trembled at this time as his eyes turned red, while Rong Jiali was in a bad mood and cried with her hands covering her mouth.

The Warlord of Chan Clan did not say anything but continued to tell the truth, feeling that it was helpful for them to vent their emotions.

“As for Zhang Li, I heard that she ran away from home, but she transferred money to Zhang Han every month.

She has grown up since you were missing.

How time flies.

Five years passed quickly.

It is Mengmeng who changed Zhang Han.

Oh, by the way, your granddaughters name is Zhang Yumeng, which was given by Zhang Han.”

“I dont know about the detailed relationship between Zhang Han and Zi Yan, but I know that Mengmeng was less than four years old when she met Zhang Han.

Blood is thicker than water.

In a few days, the little girl conquered Zhang Hans heart.

Zhang Han raced with others and won a sports car, which was going for millions of yuan.

Then, he left Shang Jing and reunited with Zi Yan in Hong Kong.

Later, for some reason, he became a martial artist.

You are clear that people who are in the Entertainment Circle have to face lots of trouble.”

“At first, Zhang Han faced many problems, but gradually, his strength improved greatly.

It only took him a few months to become a master and he destroyed the Li family.

At that time, he cast a spell, killing Li Zhan and other Grand Masters present with one move.

Then, he became unstoppable and was acknowledged as Merciless Zhang.

He is known as Zhang Hanyang in the martial arts world.

After asking around, you will know that everyone in the martial arts world is familiar with Zhang Hanyang now.”

“And then…”

It sounded like a legend, which made people feel a little dizzy.

They spent an hour together.

The Warlord of Chan did not expect that he would be telling the story of Zhang Han for an hour.

“With the help of Zhang Han, Gai Xingkong made a breakthrough and is currently at the God Realm Medium-stage…”

“That guy…” Zhang Guangyou grinned on hearing the name—Gai Xingkong.

“The Wang family in Xihang also went to Mount New Moon.

They are very nice and righteous.

Rong Jiaxin also gives wholehearted support to Zhang Han…”

“They went to Singapore later.

Zi Yan is a member of the Zi Clan in Singapore and they were engaged there.

Rong Jiaxin thought that they were old enough to get married, so she came up with the proposal.

However, Zhang Han insisted on getting married after you came back…”

“The battle launched in Lin Hai was on a large scale.

Zhang Han visited the Rong Clan for the annual meeting and killed Gu Donglai, who had reached the Divine Realm Stage.

At that time, he…”

“When I arrived in Shang Jing, I met Changqing.

I did not expect that the two of them were also on speaking terms.

The Zhang Clan suffered great losses as well.

Later, I told him that you were not from the Zhang Clan, so he made such a choice to help enhance their strength.

He also announced that his family had nothing to do with the Zhang Clan.

At that moment, everyone considered that Zhang Han was not a patch on Changqing, but Changqing was defeated eventually.”

“Zhang Han taught Changqing the martial arts related to all eight drought demonic dragons.

After destroying his meridians and cultivating in defiance of the natural order, Changqing became much more powerful now…”

“Then they went to the western world and Zhang Han survived the ruins.

Someone said that Zhang Han had been running about in the Bone Cave for a long time.

What an awesome man he is! Actually, he is proficient not only in incantations, but also in alchemy, formation-setting and so on.”


“Phew… I finally finished.

I feel that what I said today was much more than what I said in a year.” The Warlord of Chan Clan let out a long sigh after he finished speaking.

As for Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali, they looked at each other.

They saw each others expressions.

Both of them were dumbfounded.

Only the two of them knew what they were feeling at this point.

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