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Chapter 717 Formidable Enemies

“Thunder Yang Wood”

Wang Zhanpeng was surprised, “Guangyou, you are so knowledgeable.

Ive never heard about Thunder Yang Wood and Thunder Yang Tree before.”

Gai Xingkong nodded, “I sensed the Thunder Yang Trees supreme Qi when I first saw it.

Ive seen many divine objects, but none of them is better than the Thunder Yang Tree.”

“Yes, my Master said that it was the Thunder Yang Tree that improved the taste of the food ingredients in his territory.

It was not so powerful before, until Master got the Thunder Yang Flower.

The lawn, the pond, the fish pond and the medicine field over there are all treasures.”

“Thunder Yang Tree and Thunder Yang Flower.

He has both of them” Zhang Guangyou was too shocked to make a comment.

Looking to the left and right, he asked, “Did Han get them within one year”

“Well…” Zhao Feng hesitated for a while and decided to tell the truth, “I have witnessed the development of Mount New Moon.

Though it was incredible, it took him less than 11 months to get all these treasures.”

He did not tell Zhang Guangyou than his Master was a cultivator.

It was better for Zhang Han to tell him about this kind of private secret personally.

Even Zi Yan thought so.

Zi Yan knew more about Zhang Han than Zhao Feng, including the fact that her husband was a reborn immortal.

Though Zhang Han insisted that he was not a real immortal yet, Zi Yan liked to address him in that way.

Therefore, Zi Yan decided to keep Zhang Hans background a secret until he told Zhang Guangyou himself.

It was a chance for him to surprise his parents in person.

“Ten months.” Zhang Guangyou was again surprised and took several steps forward.

After looking around Mount New Moon, he looked again at the Thunder Yang Tree.

“Ive learned a lot from my father, including the function of the Thunder Yang Tree.

It is a profound spirit treasure that can produce Thunder Yang Wood.”

According to his father, Thunder Yang Wood was an even more powerful tool, which could help ordinary martial artists advance to Innateness stage directly.

But he did not know how to use it and what kind of martial artists it could be used on.

What he was clear about was that it was a truly priceless treasure.

Another story he knew was about Thunder Yang Treasure Land.

When all the five Thunder Yang spirit treasures were gathered together, the Thunder Yang Tree would advance to the sixth level and turn the whole area into a fairyland of treasures.

He had never expected his son to be such a powerful martial artist with so many treasures, especially the priceless Thunder Yang Tree and the Thunder Yang Flower.

No wonder those high-level martial artists in the West had formed an alliance to rob him.

All the forces in the worldlet would envy his son.

Zhang Guangyou would have choked on his spit if he knew that Zhang Han had the Thunder Yang grass too, the third item among the Thunder Yang treasures.

Zhang Han was just waiting for the right time to plant it.


Zhang Guangyou sighed with emotion.

He had mixed feelings about Zhang Hans achievement.

Though he was happy with Hans strength, he felt guilty at the same time, since Han must have suffered a lot in order to become such a powerful martial artist.

Opportunities always came with risks and the better the opportunity was, the higher the risk must be.

Zhang Guangyou felt guilty about Zhang Hans experience and was determined to be a good father from now on…

Shaking his head slightly, he touched the Thunder Yang Tree with his right hand, feeling its Qi with his spiritual force and soul sense.


Suddenly, he felt a strong rebound force.

Fortunately, the Qi seemed to sense the blood relationship between Zhang Han and himself and those energies slowly subsided after a few seconds of agitation.


“The energy of the Thunder Yang Tree… It is very suitable for the transformation of territory, making the tree an excellent object for creating a treasure land.

Wait! What is under the mountain range… a crystal mine Hiss!”

All of a sudden, Zhang Guangyou gasped in astonishment.

Although there were not that many reserves in its storage, it was a mind boggling thought that one actually owned a private crystal stone mine.

While it took the Thunder Yang Tree a long time to thoroughly transform the territory into a treasure land, crystal stones were useful all the time, especially for martial artists at Divine Realm and Earth Realm.

“What was the opportunity my son got How amazing it is!”

“It is a young crystal stone mine that needs time to cultivate.

It seems that he has the spiritual marrow I left behind The spiritual marrow, Thunder Yang Tree, Thunder Yang Flower and all the other treasures can help to improve the quality of the land… If the mountain is turned into a real Thunder Yang treasure land, the crystal stones will soon develop and produce lots of medium-grade crystals…”

In an instant, Zhang Guangyou roughly analyzed the situation and the more he thought about it, the more shocked he felt.

All his sons achievements were like those of a Heaven State Strong and he was so proud of his son.

“Well, Uncle Zhang, you should let go of that tree since you have hugged it for such a long time.”

In the eyes of the others, Zhang Guangyou appeared to be hugging the tree while his mind was wandering, which was so weird.

Therefore, Chen Changqing noticed what he was doing and then pointed at Tiny Tot beside Little Hei.

“Uncle Zhang, what do you think about Tiny Tot” Chen Changqing asked.


Zhang Guangyou roused himself and took a long breath.

He nodded at Wang Zhanpeng and put the Formation Stone back to block the Qi from all the treasures.

Seeing the profound array, Zhang Guangyou burst out laughing.

“Even I was blinded by his excellent skills” He spoke highly of Zhang Han.

Wang Zhanpengs eyes lit up again when he saw Tiny Tot.

Its body was still like a black hole and no one could scan it with their soul sense.

“It is not a penguin, is it” Zhang Guangyou was confused and asked Chen Changqing.

“Of course, its not a penguin.” Chen Changqing chuckled, “Uncle Zhang, you may not believe it.

Tiny Tots name was given by Mengmeng.

While Dahei and Little Hei are Zhang Hans pets, Tiny Tot belongs to Zi Yan, my sister-in-law… Brother Han said it was transformed from the boat of curse.”

“Curse, boat” Zhang Guangyou was stunned and asked in astonishment, “The boat with the uncertain track, that always runs into relics and devours Yin energy wantonly”

“Even martial artists at Heaven Realm are unwilling to face that boat.

Was the penguin really transformed from that boat”

“Yes, they are connected in some way to each other, but I dont have the actual details.

Uncle Zhang, you can ask Brother Han when he comes back.” Chen Changqing smiled.

“This…” Zhang Guangyou turned to gaze at Zi Yan, who was smiling while chatting with Rong Jiali and the other women.

They seemed to be talking about something interesting and outbursts of laughter could be heard from time to time.

“According to my soul sense, Yan is just an ordinary person.

What secrets does she hold”

“I dont know.”

The more they talked about it, the more surprised they were about Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

All of a sudden, Chen Changqings cell phone rang.

It was from Captain Xuanwu.


Chen Changqing frowned after he ended the call.

Then he looked at Gai Xingkong and Zhang Guangyou and said, “Uncle Gai and Uncle Zhang, thank you for being here, otherwise we will be in trouble.”

“Whats the problem” Zhang Guangyou stopped smiling.

“There are two kinds of divine objects and many holy objects in Mount New Moon and Cold Immortal School, which is known to almost the whole martial arts world now.

Brother Han killed dozens of disciples from Wind Snow School not long ago and they are using this as an excuse to denounce Brother Han.

Now they are putting pressure on the government…”

Before Chen Changqing finished speaking, they heard “Buzz…”

Instructor Liu hurriedly took the call and his face changed slightly after he hung up.

“They are giving me only two days to get the troops out of here.

They said they should not interfere too much in the affairs of the martial arts world.”

“Who is their leader” Zhang Guangyou asked.

“Yaofeng, Qing Zhen Zis disciple.

Captain Xuanwu said his strength was close to that of Earth Realm.” Chen Changqing replied, “We do not have to be worried if he comes here alone, but there are ten martial artists accompanying him.”

“I see.” Zhang Guangyou narrowed his eyes slightly to hide his anger, “Dont worry, it is just a few numerous underlings.

Ill kill Qing Zhen Zi if he dares to come here.”


Everyone present looked at Zhang Guangyou in astonishment.

“Guangyou, you…” Gai Xingkong was stunned.

“Yes.” Zhang Guangyou nodded.

Instead of explaining to them, he turned to gaze at Mengmeng, who was playing in the back mountain and smiled, “Im going to accompany my granddaughter.”

Zhang Hans smile was similar to his fathers.

But Zhang Hans smile was more doting.

“Oh, by the way, withdraw the troops and dont embarrass the officials.

Tomorrow, I will call someone stronger to guard the mountain.

No matter how many disciples have been sent by Wind Snow School, I will kill them all.”

Zhang Guangyou strode to the pet area.


Instructor Liu swallowed hard in his confusion.

Glancing at Zhao Feng and Chen Changqing, he sighed, “Well… Uncle Zhang sure has a hot temper.

What should I do”

“Just do whatever Uncle Zhang says.” Zhao Feng laughed, “Formidable enemies They will all die here.”

The atmosphere was relaxed again.

The members of the security group realized that their support was now stronger after the return of their bosss parents.

“Granddaughter, come here and give grandpa a hug.” Zhang Guangyou stretched out both arms when he approached Mengmeng.

“Huh” Mengmeng blinked, glanced at him and then turned around, “No, Big Heihei, lets go.”

“Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo!”

Dahei roared and ran alongside with Mengmeng, holding her hand in its hands.

“Wow, grandpa is going to catch you.” Zhang Guangyou burst out laughing.

Then he ran after Dahei slowly.

“Ah! The bad guy is coming.

Big Heihei, run!”

The pet area was livelier than before.

It was late.

After playing for more than half an hour, they were ready to go back to the house and continue talking.

“By the way, Uncle Zhang.” Zi Yan said, “Some of your belongings in the Zhang Clan of Shang Jing were auctioned off during the Spring Festival, but Zhang Han managed to get all of them back.

Now they are placed in the first villa on the left of the castle, the villa for you.

Uncle Zhang and Aunt Rong can live there, or the second and fourth floors of the castle.”

“We will take the villa with the old furniture.” Zhang Guangyou replied with a smile.

“Okay, Ill send someone to clean it up later.” Zi Yan said with a smile, “Lets go to the castle for a rest and have some fruits and tea.”

While they went to the castle, Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu and Wang Zhanpeng went back to their own houses.

Rong Jiaxin, Zhang Li, Zhou Fei, Chen Changqing and Gai Xingkong followed Zi Yan to the castle.

The first floor was quite spacious.

They sat on the sofa in the hall and there were fruits and drinks on the table.

They continued talking about the topics they discussed earlier.

Rong Jiali asked Zi Yan about their sweet love stories and they burst out laughing from time to time.

Mengmeng was curious about her grandmother, who always wore a big hat.

The atmosphere on Mount New Moon was so good.

Zhang Han was in a better environment.

He spent several hours defeating several small sects using the Heaven-earth Formation.

When he came to a vast area of fog, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“This is Wind Snow School!”

This was the shortest way to Heavenly Knights Sect.

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