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Chapter 718 Wind Snow School

The mountain range stretched for several miles and the first gate of the sect could be seen clearly.

It had suffered a lot of damages.

Some of the mountains were also in a mess, as if they had just survived a fierce war.

On the inner side, the towering main mountain was surrounded by clouds and the majestic stone gate of Wind Snow School loomed with layers of formation around.

Zhang Han walked along the edge, stepped on the top of a tree and surveyed the area around him.

Five minutes later…

There was a sudden energy surge ahead.

Zhang Han pondered and flew to the other side.

In a small open space in the jungle, there was a man at Grand Master Peak fighting with a woman at Last-Stage.

Although there was a gap in strength, their battle was still in full swing.

“Wan, you are not aggressive while attacking with your sword.

You cant even defeat the low-level disciples of small sects, let alone the evil creatures of Heavenly Knights Sect.”

The man with a long face shook his head while waving his sword.

“I dont believe it! I can also kill the enemies!” The girl was annoyed and began attacking the man at a higher speed, blocking all the directions he might move to with her gleaming sword.

“Better than just now.” The man nodded approvingly.

“Humph, brother Liao, be careful not to be defeated by me!”

They kept talking while fighting, making it seem more like a performance.

“Ill show you how I kill the evil creatures of Heavenly Knights Sect when that day comes.”

“Wan, your strength still needs to be improved.

You can participate in large-scale battles when you reach Divine Realm.”

From their conversation, Zhang Han realized that the relationship between Heavenly Knights Sect and Wind Snow School was worse than what the rumors were.

Taking a glance at the two disciples, Zhang Han had no intention of killing them.

He had not reached Heavenly Knights Sect yet, and these two disciples had no impact on the battle between the two sects.

However, when Zhang Han was about to leave, he suddenly frowned and turned his gaze to one side.

After thinking for a short while, he decided to have a look, since he had been discovered.

Zhang Han withdrew his invisibility shield and walked out of his shelter.


The two fighters stopped to look at Zhang Han vigilantly.

“Who are you” Someone asked calmly behind them.

It was a middle-aged man with a pointed mouth and surging Qi.

Though he did not scan the man with his soul sense, Zhang Han knew that the man was at least at God Realm Peak-stage or Earth Realm Early-Stage.

Zhang Han kept calm as he gazed at the man.

“Im Nan Shiyi, Shi Fenghous brother.” Zhang Han said.

Zhang Han made up an identity for himself.

He was among the first batch of people who entered the worldlet and was sure that there were no other disciples from Wind Snow School here.

“Your token”

“I followed brother Shi to fight against the Halan Clan in the West and lost all my belongings.”

“Huh” The pointy-mouthed man frowned and asked in disbelief, “Why did you go to the West”

‘What else could we do” Zhang Han answered, “Whats wrong with your sub-sect The Main Sect has given you clear instructions, but you are still so miserable.

Youd better give me an explanation for it, otherwise, you know how ill-tempered First Elder is…”


The idea of being punished by the First Elder apparently frightened the man, as his expression suddenly changed.

Although he did not believe the words of the strange man in front of him, he felt guilty when it came to this matter.

The two young disciples came to them and made an obeisance to the pointy-mouthed man.

Then they stepped back to look at Zhang Han from the side.


The pointy-mouthed man snorted, “They should recall all of us before the worldlet was isolated from the main world.

We are here to face Heavenly Knights Sect alone and any other sub-sects in the worldlier, except for our Main Sect, would be like us if they were in the same situation.

How dare you, a young man at Grand Master Late-stage, question me”

Zhang Han paused and made an obeisance.

“Im not questioning you.” he said.

“I just want to know what the current situation is like and report it to the First Elder as ordered.

Perhaps he will come here in person.”

“Will the First Elder come here personally”

The pointy-mouthed man was surprised and then frowned.

One second later, “Follow me back to the sect and Ill report this to Lord Earth Tiger.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded and followed them to Wind Snow School.

Zhang Han felt it was so funny that he entered Wind Snow School before going to Heavenly Knights Sect.

Did this seem like penetrating into the enemys territory

Zhang Han was not nervous at all.

Now he had Eight-thousand Thunderclouds and was able to exert some special skills.

“You are Shi Fenghous brother” Wan, the female disciple, looked carefully at Zhang Han, “Why are you still at Last-Stage Shi Fenghous brothers are all at Divine Realm or Grand Master Peak.

Why are you so weak”

She did not believe what Zhang Han said.

Both the pointy-mouthed man and the young man surnamed Liao turned to look at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han hesitated for a while and sighed, “Brother Hu, myself and the other 11 brothers, were all imprisoned by the Halan Clan in the West until brother Si rescued us.”

The pointy-mouthed man looked depressed, “Has Shi Fenghou reached Divine Realm”

“He had helpers…” Zhang Han replied casually.

Based on what he knew, Zhang Han made up the story about the First Elder.

First Elders were usually the powerful managers of sects only second to the sect chiefs and most of them were ill-tempered.

Perhaps there were Second Elders, Third Elders or even Fourth Elders in a large sect, but First Elders were the most common.

Zhang Han was not afraid of having his disguise revealed and he had confidence in his escape skills.

What he was doing here was like a game for Zhang Han.

When he reached the foot of Main Mount, Zhang Han saw that all the surrounding buildings had been destroyed and only the Main Mount with the most powerful Heaven-earth Formation, was still standing.


The pointy-mouthed man took out a token and some of the clouds disappeared, revealing the huge mountain gate.

The gate was 50 meters high and on top of it, stood a dazzling sign “Wind Snow School”.

“Go in.” The pointy-mouthed man said, “Ill take you to the guest room first.”

They entered the sect.

Liao told Wan, “Go and wait me in that place and Ill teach you some sword skills later.”

“Okay.” Wan gave him a meaningful look and left him.

Only Zhang Han was wearing modern clothes.

The other three were dressed in long robes.

Looking in from the gate, Zhang Han found that the sect covered a large area and there were many buildings.

Occasionally, one or two figures could be seen shuttling around in the mountains.

Zhang Han was taken to a deserted guest house for him to rest.

The pointy-mouthed man remained outside the house, blocked his voice with his soul sense while he gave orders to disciple Liao, “Go and ask Lord Earth Tiger to come over here.

I do not believe what he just said and he will felt more pain than death if he is trying to trick me.”

“Yes.” Liao cast an indifference glance at Zhang Hans room and then left for the mountain top.

“Haha.” The pointy-mouthed man laughed and decided to wait outside the room.

One minute later, there was still no sound from the room.

When he broke into the room, he was stunned at what he saw, “Where is he”


He rushed to the bed, only to find a small grass puppet on it.

His face darkened when he sensed the soul sense energy in the puppet.

“Damn it! It is just a substitute.

Who is investigating our Wind Snow School”

“Do you think our Heaven-earth Formation is just a joke”

The pointy-mouthed man felt very exasperated.

He thought the strange man he saw just now was just a substitute, who disappeared after entering the sect because of the blockage of the energy supply.

At the foot of the mountain, Liao was stunned when he walked into the woods.

“Why are you here” Liao asked.

“I am waiting for you.” Zhang Han smiled.

Those were the last words Liao heard.


Liao blacked out before he saw what happened clearly.

There was a burst of energy.

Zhang Han began to change his appearance, altering his height from more than 1.8 meters to 1.7 meters and turning his face into that of Liaos.

Then, Zhang Hans face began to glow as he refined Liaos soul.

After absorbing all the memories of Liao in recent years, Zhang Han felt his head aching a little.

Though Zhang Han did not take over Liaos body, this method had the same side-effects.

Zhang Han could not suppress his soul sense and was thus struck several times by Taiyi Wood Thunder, which was painful.

But it was nothing to Zhang Han since he had endured even more painful effects before.

“Liao Lang”

It was an interesting name.

According to Liao Langs memories, Zhang Han knew that he had dated 13 girls in the sub-sect of Wind Snow School and Wan was his new friend.

What was more interesting was that the 13 girls did not know about each other, due to Liao Langs great skill.

The place Liao mentioned was a bamboo grove at the side of the sect, where he and Wan usually met secretly.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han made a short detour and walked up the mountain along the main road.

He was not interested in meeting Wan and wasting time on her.

However, Zhang Han was unlucky this time.

When he reached the mountain side five minutes later, Zhang Han saw Wan standing on a platform.

“Brother Liao, Ive been waiting for a long time already.” Wan ran toward Zhang Han happily.

“You must get the new task.

Is that stupid guy acting suspiciously Are we going to report it to Lord Earth Tiger He will not be able to hide his identity in front of Lord Earth Tiger.

Lets go and complete the task as fast as possible.

Then, brother Liao, you can teach me… Sword method.”

As she said the last two words, the girl became shy and her face flushed.

But she got the wrong person

“You know too much.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

The girl replied in a low voice, “I know every part of your body.”

She was ready to hug Zhang Han.

Zhang Hans mouth trembled slightly as he looked at the girl coming nearer,

“Get lost!”

He waved his right hand.


The girl was hit and flew tens of meters away and fell into a ravine in the woods.

Zhang Han gave her an indifferent look and waved his right hand downward.

There was a light wind stirring up layers of leaves…

Then Zhang Han continued walking up the mountain.

He sorted out all the information he had about Wind Snow School.

Liao Lang was only a low level disciple and not well-known.

There was no sect chief for each sub-sect of Wind Snow School, instead, they had Lord Sky Dragon and Lord Earth Tiger.

Their direct-line subordinates were the Elders, who were in charge of the Law Enforcement Hall.

The Law Enforcement Hall of Wind Snow School in Kun Xu World had been destroyed and only Sky Dragon and Earth Tiger survived.

It was thanks to the Heaven-earth Formation of the Main Mount, which cost Wind Snow School 30 thousand crystal stones and helped the sects alliance to resist the attack of Heavenly Knights Sect.

Sky Dragon and Earth Tiger were two aged man at Heaven Middle-Stage and Heaven Early-stage respectively.

Sky Dragon had been cultivating and seldom left his cave.

The mountain was originally called Mount Double, which was like a big awl with a small inverted awl in the valley.

Sky Dragon of Kun Xu World was said to be at the top layer refining a high-level weapon and all the martial art resources would be sent to him.

In the past year or so, all the high-quality resources and the treasures in stock here had been sent to the top layer, which was a huge expense.

“Ill go and find Earth Tiger first.”

Zhang Han pondered for a while and then took out a holy gem from his Space Ring.

After he crushed the gem, it turned into small stars and gathered around him.

“The effect can last ten hours.

I cant stay in the presence of a Heaven-Realm martial artist for too long.”

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