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Zhang Han rushed to the mountain top.

The mountain was so high that it took him 20 minutes to reach the palace of Lord Earth Tiger even though he was travelling at rapid speed.

“Brother Wu.” Zhang Han greeted a man outside the palace.

“Liao Lang, you should be dating your sister.

Why are you here” The man replied without any emotion.

“Brother Ma stopped a young man outside the sect, who claimed to be Shi Fenghous brother.

Brother Ma had doubts about his identity and sent me here to ask Lord Earth Tiger for help.” Zhang Han said obsequiously.

Zhang Han realized that Liao Lang was regarded as one of the lowliest among all the male disciples in the sect, no matter how attractive he was to the girls.

He was always a coward whenever he encountered any stronger men.

“Someone from outside the worldlet” Brother Wus eyes lit up, “Wait a minute.

Ill report it to Lord Earth Tiger.”

Wu rushed into the palace.

Three minutes later, an aged man in a green robe walked out.

His Qi and blood were strong and anyone could judge from his movements that he was a super martial artist.

Zhang Han, being the exception, shook his head.

The man was even unable to control his Qi and blood and it seemed that he had misunderstood Heaven Realm.

Or he was not qualified to be at the stage of Heaven Realm.

If it was for the second reason, the aged man must have consumed many spirit treasures in order to reach Heaven Realm by force.

As a result, his foundation was unstable and it would take him a longer time to digest the remaining energies, which were actually useless.

Not all the medicinal pellets would give him a lot of benefits and most of them were noxious to some extent.

No matter which level the medicinal pellets were at, low level, middle level or high level, they must be taken regularly.

There were hidden dangers in medicinal pellet abuse and only the supreme-level pellets could be perfectly absorbed.

It required a large reserve of knowledge to learn about medicinal pellets and Zhang Han happened to be one of the knowledgeable ones.

Without any hesitation, he took a look at Earth Tiger.

Earth Tiger was an aged man with a long beard and a calm face.

According to Liao Langs memories, Earth Tigers surname was Han, but no one knew what his first name was.

Acting according to Liao Langs habitude, Zhang Han bowed to the aged man, saying, “Lord Earth Tiger.”

However, Lord Earth Tiger was so indifferent that he did not even spare a glance at Zhang Han before he flew toward the mountain.

“Lets follow him and have a look.” Brother Wu said.

Zhang Han followed him slowly.

When the two of them reached the foot of the mountain, Lord Earth Tiger had already left, leaving the pointy-mouthed man alone in that area.

“Lord Earth Tiger has confirmed that it was just a small trick and we need not be worried about it.

Perhaps someone from Heavenly Knights Sect wants to check on us.

Ha ha, the gate of the small world is opened and well have countless helpers.

They must be scared of us.”

The pointy-mouthed man said scornfully.

After discussing about this matter, the three of them left for their own houses.

Zhang Han returned to Liao Langs room.

“He shares a yard with the others and his sisters will soon see through me if I do something different from what he usually does.

Id better look for chances to find Sky Dragon.

Is he refining a sixth-level spirit treasure with so many resources”

Zhang Han frowned slightly.

He soon unearthed a plan from Liao Langs memory.

In addition to Sky Dragon, there were three other disciples on the mountain top and two of them were addicted to alcohol and meat.

Some servants would send wine and meat to them every few days and one of the servants often bullied Liao Lang.

The servant was at Grand Master Peak and ideal for Zhang Han to deal with.

It seemed to be safe here, but should there be any signs of a battle, it could be easily sensed by Sky Dragon and Earth Tiger, who would seal the Heaven-earth Formation and this would create problems for Zhang Han.

These were all small matters, since Wind Snow School in Kun Xu World was at its weakest state now.

When Zhang Han was thinking about it, he saw someone in front of him.

Zhang Han paused and looked at the girl helplessly.

“Langlang, come to your elder sister and let me see if you became thinner than before.”

“Get lost!”


Zhang Han realized that he might have chosen the wrong person.

Liao Lang was indeed an amazing man.

Not knowing how to get along with Liao Langs sisters, Zhang Han returned to Liaos residence and pretended to be undergoing cultivation.

The time in the small world was the same as that of the outside world with 24 hours a day and the sun here also rose in the east and set in the West.

Obviously, there was a fixed space node corresponding to it somewhere in the outside world.

Zhang Han spent the night in Wind Snow School.

When Mengmeng did not see Zhang Han the next morning, she was unhappy.

Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Zhang Li and Zhou Fei guided Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali to the restaurant…

Zhang Guangyou smiled and asked, “Whats the matter, my dear granddaughter Why are you pouting”

“PaPa hasnt come back yet.

Why isnt he here since both my grandparents have come back” Mengmeng replied morosely.

Just at this moment…


Zhang Guangyou took out his cell phone to check the message.

Then he smiled at Mengmeng, “Give grandpa a hug and Ill call someone to bring your father back.”

“Really” Mengmeng looked up, with her shining eyes unblinking.

“Of course, Its true.

Give grandpa a hug and Ill make a call immediately.” Zhang Guangyou said with confidence.

“Okay, grandpa.” Mengmeng promised him without any hesitation and stretched out her arms.

“Wow.” Zhang Guangyou burst out laughing and held Mengmeng in his arms.

“You naughty girl.

Its so difficult to catch you.”

Both Rong Jiali and Zi Yan were amused by them.

Mengmeng forgave her grandpa for calling her a “naughty girl” in order to get her PaPa back.

“Make the phone call.” Mengmeng urged Zhang Guangyou.

“Okay, Ill do it now.”

Zhang Guangyou grinned happily.

He found it so comfortable with Mengmeng in his arms.

It was hard to cut off blood ties.

Though Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali just came back yesterday and saw Mengmeng for the first time, their love for the little girl soared.

Zhang Guangyou took out his cell phone and called someone.

“Wu, how many of you came out”

Among all the people present, only Rong Jiali and Rong Jiaxin could hear the other mans voice clearly.

“There are 16 of us, including me.

Are you in Shang Jing, Young Master”

“Im in Hong Kong with my granddaughter in my arms and she is so pretty and clever…” Zhang Guangyou tried to flatter Mengmeng, which was in vain.

Then he cleared his throat and said, “Zhang Han, my son, is now in the worldlet looking for me.

And his destination should be Heavenly Knights Sect… Send someone, no, send a team to pick him up and ask uncle Dong to come out.

You have only one day to find him, otherwise you should ask uncle Dong to come to Hong Kong tomorrow.

Tell all the disciples to find him and bring him back.”

Zhang Guangyous tone sounded decisive.

On the other side, Wu replied seriously, “I see, Zhang Han is Young Masters son.

Ill do it now.

Do you have his photo”

“Yes, Ill send it to you now.” Zhang Guangyou hung up.

Then he gave his cell phone to Zi Yan, “Yan, help me to send him one of Hans photos.”

He had to turn to Zi Yan for help since he had no recent pictures of Zhang Han.

“Okay.” Zi Yan nodded and sent several photos using his cell phone.

“Got it.” The other side replied.

They began to take action.

When Zhang Guangyou walked toward the dining hall with Mengmeng in his arms, Mengmeng squirmed, “All right, grandpa, let me down.

Im four years old and I can walk on my own.”

Zi Yan almost could not help laughing when she saw Mengmengs serious face.

The little girl did not complain at all when she was in Zhang Hans arms and she even asked for a hug from her father.

Obviously, it was a different treatment here.

Zhuang Guangyou was confused at Mengmengs action which was like burning the bridge after crossing it.

Seeing that Mengmeng was much happier now, Zhuang Guangyou put her on the ground.

Then he took the little girls hand and walked toward the dining hall slowly.

It was eight oclock in the morning and the restaurant was full of people.

Among them, many men in suits attracted Zhang Guangyous attention.

Obviously, they were all rich men with the demeanor of commercial giants.

“They are all VIP members of the restaurant.” Zi Yan whispered.

“I see.” Zhang Guangyou nodded.

At 9 oclock last night, Zi Yan chatted with Zhang Li and Rong Jiali for a long time after coaxing Mengmeng to sleep.

They talked about many things and Zi Yan went to bed at 11 oclock.

As for Zhang Li and Rong Jiali, they did not rest until 12 oclock.

Now Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali knew how Zhang Han spoiled Mengmeng.

They supported Zhang Han without making any comments and Zi Yan realized that all grandparents were the same when they doted on their grandchildren,

Zi Yan was under great pressure since she seemed to be the only one in this family to refuse Mengmengs requests sometimes.

Why should she be the strict parent Zi Yan felt helpless.

Fortunately, Mengmeng was obedient most of the time and Zi Yan was proud of her.

She knew that it was due to her upbringing in the past years.

When they entered the dining hall, they immediately attracted the attention of Luo Chengwen, Luo Shan and Patriarch Chu.

They were here to meet Zhang Hans parents, instead of enjoying the breakfast.

They did not expect that someone among them was familiar with Zhang Guangyou.

“Patriarch Zhang, long time no see.” Luo Chengwen said.

He greeted Zhang Guangyou with a smile as soon as they sat down, “Im Luo Chengwen.

When I followed my elders to Shang Jing for business several years ago, I had the honor to work with Patriarch Zhang.”

“Well, Im not Patriarch Zhang now and you can call me Brother Zhang.” Zhang Guangyou replied casually.

He was very open and did not care too much about the appellation.

“Brother Zhang.” Luo Chengwen said and moved back to his seat.

All the others who envied Luo Chengwen intended to do the same, but it was time for breakfast and they decided to wait for other opportunities.

At the same time…

Seven martial artists entered the worldlet led by a man with an oval face and thick eyebrows.

The man was in his 30s and was 1.75 meters in height.

He was Wu, Zhuang Guangyous subordinate.

He was a talented disciple from Heavenly Knights Sect.

After he assigned the task, Wu went back to the worldlet with his men.

“Lets go back to the sect first and take emergency measures if our Young Lord is not there.” He said calmly.

Then he flew toward one side.

While marching in the worldlet, they had to be on the alert to Wind Snow Schools attack at all times and take the longer way if necessary.

Otherwise, they would be like Zhang Han, who chose the short route and went straight into Wind Snow School.

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