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Chapter 723 Being Killed after Showing Up

The Wind Snow School was very powerful and famous and they recruited disciples every year.

It was these newcomers who injected fresh blood into the organization.

The battle between them and the Heavenly Knights Sect did not affect their recruitment process and instead attracted far more disciples than the other sects.

Thanks to the war, they had more opportunities to gain further resources, which increased their strength, bit by bit.

Martial artists should fight for all useful resources.

This was an everlasting principle.

Mengmeng, however, neither knew about such complex things, nor understood what they were talking about.

She nestled in Zhang Hans arms and raised her head after a while, “PaPa, you said you would be back soon, but you broke your promise.

MaMa and I waited for so long that we cried.”


Zhang Han turned Mengmeng around, stared at her and said, “Why were you crying Its all my fault.

Next time, Ill come back early, okay”

“Uh-huh, thats good,” Mengmeng replied obediently, but she found that something was wrong after pondering over it for a while.

The little girl was lost in thought as her big shiny eyes widened.

It was not until three seconds later that an idea came across her mind, and she said, “No, PaPa, next time well go out together.”

“Oh, thats right.

Lets go together next time.” Zhang Han answered with a smile.


“Haha…” Zhang Han laughed, then looked at Mengmeng and said, “How do you feel about your grandparents”


“Why did he suddenly change the subject”

Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

After thinking for two seconds, she nodded and said, “Good.”

“Haha…” Zi Yan could not help laughing.

Why did he feel that the little princess was a bit reluctant

“Dont your grandparents treat you well” Zi Yan asked.

“Well, they are very nice.” Mengmeng stared at Zhang Han grudgingly and said as she pouted.

“They wanted to kiss me, but I refused.

PaPa told me that others cannot kiss me and I cannot kiss others as well.”

“Haha!” Zhang Guangyou suddenly looked at Zhang Han angrily, “Your mom and I have become outsiders now, have we”

“What” Zhang Han was somewhat stunned.

Was he shooting himself in his foot

“Ahem.” Zhang Han gently pinched Mengmengs tender face and said, “Your grandpa and grandma are not outsiders.

Look, theyre angry.

Just let grandpa hold you for a while.”

Mengmeng agreed obediently and threw herself into Zhang Guangyous arms.

Just as he smiled, the little girl stretched out her small arms to Zhang Han.

“Uh-huh, times up.

PaPa, pick me up.”

Zhang Han felt totally helpless.

“If you want me to hold you, you should kiss your grandparents first.”

Zhang Guangyou approached Mengmeng while speaking.

Mengmeng blinked her eyes and did not kiss them until she glanced at them a few times.

“Haha, go ahead.” Zhang Guangyou smiled with great satisfaction and put Mengmeng into Zhang Hans arms, “What an obedient girl.”

.”Of course.

Her mother has brought her up well.” Zhang Han replied with a smile and looked at Zi Yan gently.

“Weve heard about what happened to you.

Yan is a good girl, so you must treat her well.

If shes wronged, I wont let you off.” Rong Jiali said.

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Auntie Rong, dont worry.

He is very kind to me.” Zi Yan gave a contented smile.

“Thats great.

If he bullies you in the future, you should inform me.

Uh… I think its time for you to call me mom.

Son, weve reached a conclusion that youd better get married as soon as possible.

We originally wanted to contact Yans parents, but finally, we planned to visit them together after you come back.

By then, we can check the date and prepare for the wedding.”


“If you have nothing to do, why dont we do it tomorrow”



Since it took only a dozen minutes for them to reach Mount New Moon, they were still chatting when they arrived at the destination.

After they parked the car in the parking lot beside the restaurant and got out of the car, Zhang Han looked toward the dense forest.

Zhang Guangyou also looked over coldly and said calmly, “Its time to do some exercise.”

“We wont follow you.

Guangyou, come back soon.” Rong Jiali said.

“Okay.” Zhang Guangyou nodded.

They were not in a hurry but went up the mountain in succession after getting out of the car, preparing to sit in the hall on the first floor of the castle for a while.

“The buildings here look really artistic and fantastic.

Did Young Lord decorate the castle” Keeping pace with the crowd, Wang Xiaowu asked Zhao Feng casually.

“Yes, they were all designed by my master.”

“Your master”

“Yes, I was so fortunate to become his disciple last year.”

“Oh.” Wang Xiaowu nodded casually and did not pay much attention to what he said.

Seeing his expression, Zhao Feng added coldly, “If it werent for my master, I would still be an ordinary person and would not know the true colors of the world.”

“What” Wang Xiaowus eyes suddenly widened, “A year”

He was actually promoted to a Wu Dao Grand Master even though he had not been a martial artist a year ago.

“Are you kidding me”

“Alas, Ive been his disciple for about ten months.

As for the members of our security group, they almost reached the Grand Masters realm after more than ten months of hard work.

However, its a shame that we are progressing somewhat slowly.”

Wang Xiaowus gaze changed.

He wanted to beat him even as he stared at Zhao Feng.

He could not help scolding him inwardly.

Damn it, he was showing off!

However… he was indeed incredible since he managed to reach such a high stage within a year.

“Its a pity that such speeded-up educational programs will not create a solid foundation for them.”

Although Wang Xiaowu was confused, he did not ask him in detail.

After walking to the side of the castle with the crowd, he followed Zhang Guangyou to the thunder yang tree, “Young master, lets go together.”

So, they went to the back hill, flying to the sea behind the dense forest at a high speed.

Meanwhile, the soul senses of Zhang Han, Rong Jiali and Dong Chen, namely the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect, were also probing the conditions on Mount New Moon.

He was aware that the strength of the people from the Wind Snow School was negligible, so he did not bother to take any action for the moment.

But those people did not know what his thoughts were.

The two groups were floating a hundred meters apart above the coastal area.

One party consisted of five men, including Chen Changqing, Wang Zhanpeng, two other elders of the Wang family and Gai Xingkong.

The eleven people against them were all at the Divine Realm Stage, led by a thin-faced man with long hair.

He was Yao Feng, the man who coveted Mount New Moon.

“Emperor Qing, haha, people like you only dare to bestow themselves such grand names when the worldlet is in seclusion.

Its ridiculous that the current martial arts world actually accepts this title.”

Yao Feng gave Emperor Qing a flippant look as he kept playing with the two iron balls in his right hand, completely ignoring him.

“You will realize our real strength once we fight against each other.

Why are you so stupid and arrogant” Chen Changqing sneered.

“I think youre so arrogant,” Yao Feng grinned, “My intention was to kill all of you unless you throw in the towel.

But now, it seems unnecessary.”

While speaking, he looked at the people around him, “Now that they do not know what the Wind Snow School is, we should show them our real strength.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The other ten Divine Realm Masters moved in an instant and rushed toward Zhang Han.

They did not hold back at all, launching overwhelming attacks one after another.

“Soul-gathering Flag, come out!”

Wang Zhanpeng also wanted to have a go, releasing the energy in the Soul-gathering Flag.

However, before the energy finished converging, the 100-meter-high Soul-gathering Flag shrunk after being continuously attacked and flew back to Wang Zhanpengs hand.


He could not stay calm any longer.

He recalled the inspiring picture when Han used the Soul-gathering Flag.

“Why cant I perform it with the same high proficiency Am I using a fake one”

He was angry, but he knew that he was no match for the enemies in this urgent situation.

He then retreated dozens of meters, planning to launch an attack with the Soul-gathering Flag again.


As Gai Xingkong summoned his Dragon-tiger spear, golden spear shadows rushed out in succession.

But these attacks were slowly consumed because there were too many opponents.

Chen Changqing was the strongest in this group.

All eight drought demonic dragon!


Using both his skills and secret methods, he displayed two coordinated sword moves, which even made Yao Feng narrow his eyes.

“Youre indeed powerful, but Ill definitely defeat you.”

He did not plan to continue watching this display, but instead secretly approached Chen Changqing at a high speed.

Simultaneously, the two iron balls in his right hand also began to rotate around him.

Streams of wild energy whistled by and gradually formed a huge tornado, while the seawater beneath him kept surging and huge waves were created by this towering tornado.

It seemed as if a dragon was sucking up the water.

But the energy contained within startled Chen Changqing.


The five of them were apparently no match for him.

They kept retreating and were violently beaten by the enemies.

It seemed that they were about to succeed.

What an easy task.

Yao Feng and all the other ten people looked relaxed.

“Kill them.” Yao Feng gave the order.

Just as he was thinking about ending the battle, at the next moment, a cold voice suddenly rang out, “Who are you going to kill”


Yao Feng looked over and was stunned as he caught sight of the figure coming quickly from the side.

Then his face changed greatly.

“Oh no!”

“Zhang Guangyou!”

“Damn it! Run now!”

He was so scared that his body trembled.

In the twinkle of an eye, he turned around and ran away.

All the faces of the other ten men turned pale as they used their most powerful secret fleeing techniques, heading directly for the depths of the sea as fast as they could.

Maybe many people were not acquainted with Zhang Guangyou, Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect before.

However, after Qing Zhen Zi found him, everyone in Wind Snow School knew what Zhang Guangyou looked like.

After all, as long as they caught him, they would earn high rewards!

But could they get the bonus


They had heard from the sub-sect of the Kun Xu World that Zhang Guangyou, Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect, had killed 17 Earth Realm martial artists and a large number of Divine Realm masters from Wind Snow School…

They were so frightened when they saw Zhang Guangyou at this moment!

“Do you want to escape”


When they heard the buzzing sound of metal rubbing against each other, their scalps tingled.

Yao Feng turned his head and saw Zhang Guangyou pulling out a shining sword, brandishing it toward them.

“Oh no!”

He had not finished performing his Blood Shield Technique.

He did not want to die!

He fixed his eyes on the glow of the horizontal saber.

He felt that he might be able to succeed in using the secret method to escape before the sword light approached!


However, the sword radiance suddenly dissipated, followed by a faint sound coming from his body.

“How… could that be”

Yao Feng, like a deflated balloon, was no longer conscious.

He saw from the corner of his eye that the other ten people had also fallen into the sea.

“Isnt this Mount New Moon”

“Isnt it Zhang Hanyangs territory”

“How is it that Zhang Guangyou is here”

Overwhelmed by doubts, Yao Feng, Qing Zhen Zis disciple, who wanted to take away the divine objects optionally, was killed in less than two minutes after he showed up.

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