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Chapter 731 Lv Kong Is Coming

After he finished speaking, Zhang Han also came to his senses.

He chuckled and said, “Stop talking about this anymore.

I dont like this topic either.”


Lets change the subject.” Zhang Guangyou was in a much better mood now and his eyes shone as he said, “What you said earlier, is that really true Will you break through the Elixir Stage and the Yuan Ying Stage without any shackles”

“Of course its true, but I need time as well as a large number of spirit treasures to fortify myself.

Ill do it step by step.” Zhang Han answered.

“Indeed, impatience is the greatest impediment in the process of cultivating.” Zhang Guangyou said with a nod, “Besides, the cultivation system you mentioned seems to be a very high-end type, for Ive never heard of the Yuan Ying Stage before.

Its said that the experts at the Elixir Stage can… Forget it.

You still have a long way to go to reach such a stage and it is better that you take your time to learn about it later.

In fact, I want to ask when will you and Yan have a second child Can I have a grandson Your mother and I want to cultivate a little talent and you have to satisfy us in this regard, right”


Zhang Han was totally at a loss at this point.

“A fat boy How do we get another baby”

“I…” Zhang Han sighed after pondering for a while, “Zi Yan cant give birth to any child for the time being.”

“What do you mean I remember that Zhou Fei once told me that Yan has a chance to have another baby and I think infertility can be solved easily, right” Zhang Guangyou looked at Zhang Han doubtfully.

“Infertility Dad, youre too naive.”

Zhang Han shook his head and said, “I certainly know Zi Yan best since shes my wife, who harbors such deep secrets that even the Ancient cursed roc took the initiative to recognize her as its host.

Such unknown factors are definitely something to be wary of.

As for the reason why she was able to give birth to Mengmeng, it may be due to Gods will.”


Zhang Guangyou froze.

After keeping silent for five seconds, he said, “Who can I impart my skills to if I dont have a grandson”

“You dont need to worry about that.” Zhang Han laughed and said, “Dad, instead of requiring you to teach others, Ill pass on some real skills and secret techniques later.”

“Oh Do you know what kind of cultivation method I am practicing Your grandfather obtained it through a narrow escape, which was left by an ancestor at the Elixir Stage and bore powerful momentum.

But unfortunately, it is incomplete.

As such, I got into trouble at the beginning and my cultivation even regressed as well.

Thats why I came out of the worldlet in those days.

Fortunately, I met your mother.”

“Why are you treating the incomplete cultivation method left by a man at the Elixir Stage as a treasure” Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Let me observe you carefully for some time.

Then Ill find a suitable method for you.”

“Okay, I will wait for you.”

Zhang Guangyou patted Zhang Han on the shoulder, feeling very pleased.

The depression he felt after meeting Zhang Lis boyfriend also dissipated a lot.

All the people present were chatting away.

On the other side…

The manor of the Lv family was full of people.

Three elders were sitting at the head of the table in the hall of the main residence.

The one in the middle was an old man who was dressed in a black Tang suit with a fan in his right hand.

He was Lv Kong, who had just broken through to the Heaven Realm Stage.

The two people beside him were at the God Realm Medium-stage and the God Realm Peak-stage respectively.

They were not only superiors of the Lv family, but also Lv Kongs right-hand men.

Those who were one level below them were twelve Wu Dao Grand Masters.

They were sitting in the second row.

As for the management of the Lv family, such as Patriarch Lv, they were sitting in the third row.

The atmosphere here was tense as Patriarch Lv and his companions told them what had happened at noon.

With strong confidence, they inevitably added some trimmings to the narration.

In his view, the Zi Clan was completely negligible.

In the face of the master at the Heaven Realm Stage, Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing were nonentities!


After learning the news, those who came out of the local worldlet were all calm though they had a variety of expressions on their faces.

After a moment of silence, the elder, with a dark face and a scar on his left cheek, on the left of side of Lv Kong, turned to look at Lv Kong and said, “Now that they chose to launch an attack, theyll pay the price they deserve.

It is time to show our prestige.”

“Thats right.” The other bald elder nodded and said, “Our family already occupies an extraordinary position.

If we dont respond to their attack, we will absolutely be laughed at by others.”

“Third uncle, the decision is based on maintaining our reputation…” Patriarch Lv also stood up and said.


The others also got up in succession, communicating the same idea that they needed to fight!

While the people present became rowdier, Lv Kong brandished the fan in his hand.

“It is Zhang Hanyan and Emperor Qing, the new generation of martial artists in Hua nation who is supporting the Zi Clan.

In addition to them, the Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong and Ji Wushuang are also helping them.

Moreover, the Zi Clan is on good terms with the Liang Clan.

They are all powerful and influential men.”


“Does he intend to give up”

Many people gradually held their breath and their enthusiasm seemed to wane.

There was no doubt that their opponents were indeed formidable, so they could not do anything about them if Lv Kong did not take action.

However, he could crush everything once he joined the fight personally.

After all, he was at the Heaven Realm Stage.

It was no exaggeration to say that anyone who broke through to the Heaven Realm Stage in this world would affect the setup of the aristocratic families!

The Lv family was about to become one of the dominators.

They, therefore, would definitely seize the opportunity to destroy the Zi Clan in order to build their prestige.

But why was Lv Kong afraid of the weak

Many members of the Lv family felt wronged.

However, they did not expect that Lv Kongs following words would instantly excite them.

He said slowly, “The forces supporting the Zi Clan are qualified to arouse my interest.”


His words gave many people goose pimples in an instant.

“Lets go.”

The white fan in Lv Kongs right hand seemed to glow as he stood up silently.

Just when everyone stood up, a man in his early twenties hurried in with a respectful look.

After extending his greetings, he said, “I just got news from the Liang Clan that theyre going to visit the Zi Clan tonight.

Zhang Hanyangs parents are back, while Zhang Hanyangs sister is in touch with Liang Hao of the Liang Clan.”

“Oh” Patriarch Lv sneered, “They are in a hurry to court death.”

“Lets go there in the evening.” Lv Kong said in a calm tone and then turned to leave.

The others also left in succession, but they were overwhelmed by excitement at this time.

It was like a group with thousands of troops going to fight against the weak opponents.

Each of them had a gloating look on their faces, as if they were about to abuse someone.

Actually, their rivals were fierce tigers rather than docile cats.

Only when the characters representing “king” showed on their foreheads would they know how cruel their opponents were.

Most people always liked to put themselves in commanding positions and the Lv family totally forgot that the battle was attributed to a series of orders given by them.

Time passed slowly.

Zhang Han and Zhang Guangyou chatted for a while.

As the regret in his mind dissipated, Zhang Han felt the joys of life and completely held in his temper.

After chatting for about half an hour, they returned to the restaurant.

Mengmeng could not wait any longer.

The dinner was almost over, so everyone went to the villa.

Two hours later, Zi Qiang came over in high spirits.

Zi Hu thought that it would be good if he were to show up tonight, so he sobered him up.

Otherwise, Zi Qiang would probably sleep until midnight.

“In-law, shall we play chess now”


Zhang Guangyou smiled and sat at the chess table with him.

However, Zhang Guangyou found something strange.

“What level is he on”

Zhang Guangyou glanced at Zi Qiang several times.

He was indeed bad at playing chess.

He forced himself to have three rounds of chess with him.

Then he said, “Han… play chess with your father-in-law and Ill have a talk with your mother.”

Zhang Guangyou, the famous lord of battle, made his escape!

Then, he chatted with Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi for a while on quite a pleasant note, mainly because Mengmeng accompanied them.

The night fell as they chatted.

The Zi Clan had prepared a sumptuous banquet, inviting not only Zhang Han and his family, but also the members of the Liang Clan.

Since this was the first time that Liang Haos and Zhang Lis parents were meeting each other, Zi Qiang held a grand feast.

Zi Qingtian, the former patriarch, was the busiest among them.

Although he had made some mistakes, he was still very capable.

At about six oclock, the members of the Liang Clan arrived.

Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi were still somewhat anxious, fearing that there would be conflicts.

Furthermore, they felt that Zhang Guangyou still bore some grudges even though he agreed on Zhang Li and Liang Haos relationship.

In fact, they did not expect that Zhang Guangyou showed great respect for Liang Haos parents and greeted all the people of the Liang Clan.

After being seated at the temporarily-prepared rectangular dining table, they chatted with each other enthusiastically.

Finding that Liang Hao and Zhang Li had won Zhang Guangyous and Rong Jialis favor, Patriarch Liang asked with a smile, “Brother Zhang, the two kids have been dating for a period of time and theyre very suited for each other.

Although it might seem a little abrupt, I think they can get engaged first.

What do you think, Brother Zhang”

“Relax.” Zhang Guangyou shook his head directly.

“Now we are busy with my son and Yans wedding.

Lets talk about it later.”

“Ah, well, well.

Thats right.

It all depends on you.”

Patriarch Liang did not pursue the subject and changed the topic then.

Even so, the next moment, Zhang Guangyou raised his eyebrows slightly as his face darkened.


Patriarch Liangs heart skipped a beat.

“Did my behavior make him unhappy”

While he was wondering, Zi Long, Zi Hu and a few martial artists of the Liang Clan were all stunned.

They felt a tremendous pressure and heard a dull sound at the same time, which rang out from the gate of the Manor of Zi Clan.

“Is the Lv family coming”

Zi Long and all the others present looked at each other, quickly got up and went out, followed by the elder of the Liang Clan.

After they went out, Gai Xingkong glanced at Zhang Guangyou and said in a low voice, “We failed to stop them.”

“Well, lets go.”

Zhang Guangyou was also aware that they did not come with good intentions, so he nodded.

“I have something to deal with first.”

After saying that, Zhang Guangyou left with Gai Xingkong.

The restaurant fell silent for a moment.

Zhang Han did not go out but held Mengmeng in his arms and whispered to her.

Zi Long and his companions arrived at the gate speedily.

After they figured out what was happening, their faces darkened.

The gate of the Zi Clan had been destroyed and the four guards were lying on one side of the road.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

The sounds of the opening and closing of the doors from more than a dozen black Porsche Cayennes idling at the roadside echoed loudly in the area.

Over a dozen Grand Master Strong and Patriarch Lv of the Lv family got out of the cars and looked over coldly.

“What is the meaning of this” Zi Long scowled angrily.

Smashing their clans door was akin to a slap on their faces.

“What do I mean Hahaha.” Patriarch Lv sneered, “Why are you asking us what we mean since you hurt the members of my Lv family”

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