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Chapter 747 Taking the Blame

After the Grand Elder of Wind Snow School left, Zhan Sans face was expressionless and he fixed his eyes on the weapon hanging above the Thunder Stone.

The silver-white battle axe was about 1.5 meters high and one meter wide and it exuded a strong aura.

Because it was made of excellent materials, it was a spirit treasure at the peak of the fifth-stage.

As such, it would likely be upgraded in this way.

“Its a pity that you met me.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and controlling the formation, retreated.

The next moment, he reached the edge of the Main Mount of the Wind Snow School, entered the formation slowly and then left.

He flew toward Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen, all the while keeping himself hidden.

As he approached them, the two men were standing beneath a tree and talking in whispers, “Almost half an hour has passed, but nothing happened.

He should have hidden himself very well.

Its a pity that such a method cannot be popularized, although its really awesome.”

Dong Chen shook his head slightly.

If Zhang Han could bring him into the formation, he was sure that he was able to destroy four of the Wind Snow Schools in the five worldlets in less than a few times before he left!

“Thats right.

Considering that my son has incomparable opportunities, its understandable that he has grasped some incredible skills.” Zhang Guangyou could not help smiling.

“Now I believe what you said.” Dong Chen opened his mouth and then sighed while shaking his head, “There is always someone better than me.

Talented as Zhang Han is, he needs to grow up.

Currently, as a Divine Realm master who is about to reach the Earth Realm Stage, hes still not strong enough.

Only when he breaks through to the Heaven Realm Stage can he undertake all the tasks alone.”

“If we kept offering such resources to him, Im afraid that the other elders and the chief disciples will…” Zhang Guangyou hesitated.

As the Young Master of his sect, he could take advantage of his position to give Zhang Han precious treasures.

However, he would also be denounced if he provided his son with too many resources.

Only when people were united would the sect become powerful.

On the contrary, the sect would be on the decline sooner or later.

“No one should profit from anothers toil.

So, Im going to ask Jiang Bing and the other masters to fight against him a few times.

At that time, hell know how to improve himself.

Talented as he is, all his efforts will be futile if he sits around every day!”

Dong Chen snorted.

He approved of Zhang Han, but strength was always the fundamental element.

You actually were a weak man and at a word from him, a lot of his disciples would emerge to have a battle with him.

Zhang Hans face darkened when he heard what they said from where he was.

“Are they secretly going to ask someone to beat me up”

“I initially did not want to pay any attention to them.

Now that you conceived such an idea, I need to teach those guys a lesson.”

After concealing the formation, Zhang Han slowly appeared.

Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen saw Zhang Han in an instant and came closer to him.

“Hows it going” Zhang Guangyou asked, “Is there a problem”

“No, they were not able to spot me.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Lets go back first.

We have to come back tomorrow.”

They then retreated slowly.

After leaving the territory of the Wind Snow School, they rose into the air and flew toward the Heavenly Knights Sect at a high speed.

“Whats going on inside the formation” Dong Chen asked

“Its easy to get the details.

There are about 20 martial artists at the Heaven Realm Stage, who are all trying their best to refine the treasures.

The Sky Dragons battle axe is likely to be upgraded to the sixth-stage, suppressing the divine weapons.

If he succeeds in refining it, he may be capable of killing those at the same stage as him.” Zhang Han answered slowly.

“What did you say” Dong Chens pupils shrank, “Can they really refine a treasure beyond the divine weapons”

Even Zhang Guangyou was dumbfounded.

“The success rate should exceed 70 percent, but it still depends on their refining methods.

If it were me, I would definitely succeed, because the battle axe is made of sixth-stage materials.” Zhang Han sighed softly.

Those spirit treasures at the sixth-stage or above were counted as backbone treasures.

Zhang Han sighed because he considered that the person who refined the battle axe was wantonly destroying the treasures.

Such a material of excellent quality was wasted.

However, what they did benefited him.

The thunderbolts condensed by the spirit treasures supplied by the Wind Snow School would definitely help improve his thunderclouds.

After all, they were not ordinary thunderbolts.

Moreover, Zhang Han could even absorb the ordinary thunderbolts by right of his Taiyi Wood Thunder.

But the lower the stage the thunderbolts were at, the less effective it was for Zhang Han.

“They wont succeed.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly, “The energy is just suitable for my cultivation.”

“Erm…” Dong Chen was stunned, “Hahaha, its preordained!”

He suddenly burst out laughing and had not been so happy for many years.

Although the Wind Snow School had made sound preparations, all their fruits were falling into Zhang Hans hand.

It was so pleasant!

Meanwhile, as their relationship was enhanced, Dong Chen increasingly believed that Zhang Han would be able to break the deadlock between the Heavenly Knights Sect and the Wind Snow School.

After returning to the Heavenly Knights Sect, Zhang Han went back to his residence quickly and played happily with Mengmeng and Zi Yan on the lawn.

At this moment, he put all thoughts of his cultivation aside.

It was his attitude that made Dong Chen feel a little angry.

“Youll be tortured once you reach the Divine Realm Stage!”

Dong Chen had already decided to ask someone to teach him after he made a breakthrough.

He deemed that any of the top 30 elite disciples could give Zhang Han a hell of a licking.

But considering that they were mismatched, he planned to carry out this plan only after Zhang Han made a breakthrough.

After thinking for a while, Dong Chen called several elders and some peak masters and gave an order, “This years Sect Competition will begin in half a month.”

“Half a month later That is, the competition will be brought forward by one month.

Currently, many disciples are preparing to break through to a higher stage and cant control their strength even if theyre promoted.

Isnt it too early” A peak master said as he frowned.

The other people present also had the same thoughts.

Dong Chen, however, always stood by his word, so he responded directly, “Its not early.

The competition will start among outer disciples and Ill give them a few days to rest and reorganize.”

As soon as the order was given, all the people could only obey it.

In their view, it would not make a big difference even if the competition had been brought forward, because sometimes they had no time to make preparations for breakthroughs.

In fact, many masters broke through before battles and only the fittest would survive from the natural selection.

It was time to see the level of the new disciples.

Then, a thin man who was 1.7 meters tall, frowned and said, “Grand Elder, three spirit beasts have gone missing on the Command Beast Peak in the past two days, one at the Grand Master Middle-stage, one at the Grand Master Late-stage, while the other was at the Grand Master Peak.

I wonder if the other peak masters have seen them before.”

“How did the spirit beasts go missing”

In the blink of an eye, all the other peak masters were slightly stunned.

The next moment, two of them burst into laughter, while several of them shook their heads repeatedly, “They should still be somewhere on the mountain.”

“Three spirit beasts have gone missing.

It seems that the last batch of disciples of the Command Beast Peak are quite weak.”

“I did not see any spirit beasts.

Let me ask the others after I return to my sect.”


These superiors were somewhat puzzled.

How did the spirit beasts get lost

It was indeed weird.

However, losing three spirit beasts was not a big deal.

Only Grand Elder Dong Chen narrowed his eyes and pondered for a while, ruling out the possibilities in succession and finally reaching a conclusion, “Did it do this”

It was convincible that the Ancient cursed roc could eat a few spirit beasts at will.

However, Dong Chen was not sure.

He kept thinking about what had happened in the past few days.

In the end…

When Zhang Han had dinner with his family at night, Dahei and its brothers also set out on a journey.

They were familiar with the route and ran to the back hill joyously.

“Its you guys.”

Dong Chen hid his body in midair, seemingly to have caught the culprits.

He had thought that Tiny Tot was the one who ate them.

Unexpectedly, the two beasts in front of him were the chief culprits.

“Oh Why is there no fluctuation in this battle since the two of them fought against a spirit beast at the Grand Master Peak Are the disciples of the Command Beast Peak so reckless”

Dong Chen was somewhat skeptical.

After all, Dahei, the strongest among the three, was only at the Grand Master Peak.

But what happened next startled him.


Little Hei attacked its opponent at an extremely high speed and bit its neck, totally rendering it helpless.

Dahei turned into a ten-meter-tall giant and pressed the prey on the ground, punching it a dozen times before ending the battle.

Then it swaggered back with the prize in its hand.

“Such a high speed… Such a strong power… Interesting.”

After they left, Dong Chen dropped to the ground.

The two beasts fought beside the creek and produced powerful fluctuations, but no one could track the signs of the battle.

“Its quite intelligent.”

Dong Chen narrowed his eyes slightly.

After the battle, Tiny Tot gently flapped his wings and peace was finally restored in this place.

They even knew how to clean up the battlefield.


“Who is it”

Three figures came quickly from the side all of a sudden.

After catching sight of Dong Chen, they quickly greeted him, “Nice to meet you, Grand Elder.”


“Uh Wheres my spirit beast”

Suddenly, a surprised voice rang out.

Among the three of them, the man standing in the middle had a puzzled look, “Grand Elder, weve lost quite a few spirit beasts and have been on patrol recently.

I just walked my spirit beast and let it drink water here.

How did it disappear Did you see it”


Dong Chen nodded and stayed calm.

He pointed toward the downstream and said, “It ran over there.”

“Thank you, First Elder.”

“Youre welcome.”

They did not notice the embarrassment in Dong Chens eyes.

What a sin! He actually managed to fool the youngest disciple in his sect.

After pondering for a while, he said, while putting on a kind expression, “You should cultivate hard and try your best to be a credit to the Command Beast Peak during the forthcoming martial arts contests.”

After saying that, Dong Chen left directly.

The three of them thanked him repeatedly and then became curious, “Why was Grand Elder here”

“Is he investigating the case of the missing spirit beasts as well”



Two hours later, they walked down the river in confusion, “Did First Elder steal the spirit beasts”

It seemed that the person who was the prime suspect had made an appearance.

However, Dong Chen did not think too much, but rose into the air to observe Dahei and its companions.

Tiny Tot made a fire and the meat was roasted in just a few minutes.

Then, it began to nibble on one of the preys thighs.

Dong Chens mouth quivered when he saw what was happening, “I need to go to the Beast Mountain…”

He truly wanted to cultivate Tiny Tot to be a mountain-protecting divine beast because it was to his liking.

Therefore, he allowed it to eat plenty of spirit beasts.

Dahei and his two brothers fell asleep under the willow in the shadow of night.

Zhang Han told Mengmeng that he had to go out again the next day.

The situation was similar to last nights.

After coaxing her for a while, the little girl reluctantly agreed.

At eight oclock the next morning, Zhang Han, Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen went to the Wind Snow School again.

Both Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen thought that the Wind Snow School would suffer a huge loss if they succeeded.

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