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“Look what youve done!” The Second Elder hatred for Zhan San was so great that he glared fiercely at him.

Then he moved his body and covered the entire air with many strong men from the Wind Snow School as they pressed downwards.

“Hiss!” Zhan San trembled and fear was revealed by his eyes.

“Its over.

“Am I ruined What to do

“Could it be that I have to… escape”

With a flash of madness in his eyes, he waved his right hand and withdrew the war ax floating in the air.

Zhan San felt that something was seriously wrong.

The First Elder and the others were shocked and angry.

Even if they killed the man below, it would not quell their anger at all.

“Should I escape”

Zhan San was incredibly confused.

And he was struggling.

“Dong! Dong…”

He could clearly hear the sound of his heartbeat.

“Where should I escape to


“I cant escape.

“If I escape, I would end up having a deadly feud with them.

And unless I go down the Ancient Mine and dont come out or hide in a relic, they could easily find me.”

With a decision made, his face looked paler.

He knew that he was going to suffer a big blow this time.

What could he do then


Zhan San roared.

And his voice rang through the Wind Snow School.

The Heaven-earth Formation continued to swirl and go wild.

The crowd was also quite confused.

“How did he get in here And how did he manage to quietly absorb that much energy”

“Who is he Where does he come from Could it be that some power is targeting the Wind Snow School”


Confusion lingered in the minds of the crowd.

“As for who he is, well know when we catch him!”

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

Many of them kept striking and attacking, turning the whole world upside down.

But, however they tried to hit him, they just kept missing the mark.

That guy was as slippery as a loach.

But in front of absolute strength, however proficient his body skills were, he was somewhat inferior.

“Puff…” Zhang Han was shocked by the aftermath of the First Elders attack.

And he was mentally disoriented.

The spiritual force within him was raging and his body was bloodstained.

Zhang Han sped up again.

“I did run into someone tough!”

Zhang Han laughed bitterly to himself.

At the moment, an air breakout would definitely fail.

Those people had blocked off the surrounding area tightly.

And the only breakthrough lay in the ground.

“Kill!” Zhan San was fast.

Holding a battle ax, he was cutting down across the sky.

A fierce edge seemed to be cutting through space, making ones scalp go numb.

And Zhang Han also felt an intense crisis.

Cupping his right hand, he transformed his body into a hundred streaks, fleeing downward in madness.

But there were too many attacks aiming for him.

It was somewhat difficult for him to tread over this distance, which was not far away.

And at the very least, the injuries on his body were getting worse.

The movement in the air made the disciples of the Wind Snow School in the lower half of the mountain feel confused.

Many of them walked out of their rooms and looked up into the air, looking confused.

“Whats going on”

“It seems to be a fight.

How could it happen in the Main Mount”

“The First Elder and the others are up there.

The one who just shoutedkill should be Sky Dragon, right Hiss! Could it be that hes fighting with the First Elder and the others”

Under the horrified gazes of the disciples, a figure appeared in the air, marching frantically downwards.

“Who is that”

“F*ck! The First Elder and the others are going after that man!”

“Lets go and intercept him.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

many disciples reacted quickly and moved to meet Zhang Han straightforwardly.

As the saying goes, a slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole.

Dozens of disciples formed a blockade on the lower side, most of whom were in the Divine Realm.

And only a handful of them were Grand Masters.

But those few Grand Masters where the chance for Zhang Han to make a breakthrough.

“Soul Suppressing Skill!” Zhang Hans eyes shone brilliantly.

And a huge amount of soul sense formed into a secret method.

In an instant, it made the disciples on the lower side mentally tremble.

And they were dumbfounded for a second.

The situation was changing rapidly.

And this second could make a strong man do many things, including Zhang Han.

He slammed hard with his right hand.

“Puff! Puff! Puff!” Three figures turned into blood mist and fell on the spot.

His figure went down through the gap extremely quickly.

That scene made the First Elders group stare at each other in anger.

The First Elder shouted angrily, “Kill him for me!” His previous order was to capture the man.

So the manpower on his side didnt exert their full force, making the man escape to the lower half of the mountain.

“The Mountain-protection Array should be executed at full strength.

We cant let him escape!” the Second Elder also gave out his order.

“No matter if its in the heavens or the earth, you have nowhere to run!” The Third Elder slapped at Zhang Han through the air.

“Is it” Zhang Han was pale.

But then he turned to look at the Third Elder, revealing a faint but provocative and disdainful smile.

“He is arrogant!”

Many people were angry.

But Zhang Hans figure flashed and moved to the left.

“Bang!” With a muffled sound, Zhang Han got into the middle of the mountain.

“Hehe, how dared you to perform a mere Earth Escape Method in front of me” The First Elder laughed furiously.

And the energy of his spiritual sense energy suddenly shifted as if it had turned into threads, burrowing into the mountain.

Looking like tree roots, it expanded continuously and searched for Zhang Hans location.

At this time, others kept moving and blocking off the lower side area in each direction.

“Do you think you can escape with such a method Ignorant.” The Second Elder sneered.

The Heaven-earth Formation covered more than just the air.

There was nowhere to escape even if he went underground.

It was just that the area of the Main Mount was a bit large anyway.

And they couldnt allow him to make trouble of his own accord.

“Disciples within the sect should retreat quickly,” the Third Elder gave the order.

Witnessing such development, many people were in disarray as they fled in all directions.

Zhang Han, who was deep inside the mountain, took out two pills and ate them, slightly healing his injuries.

“The Soul Sense Secret Method… Im in trouble.”

Feeling the wildly expanding soul sense on his back, Zhang Han smiled bitterly.

Operating the formation underground would not be as fluctuation-free as in the air.

And to move it, one would have to swim through the mountainous land.

Although his fluctuations were petty, they would be infinitely magnified in front of a Heaven Success martial artist.

“Since thats the case, let me have some fun with you.” Zhang Han squinted his eyes slightly.

“Boom!” The spiritual force in his body kept surging, smashing a direct pathway, which should be more appropriate to be called a rat hole.

“Get the hell out of here!” The First Elder was still furious at this point.

At the thought of losing nearly seventy divine objects for no reason, the First Elder felt that his heart was cringing in pain.

He slapped down.

“Boom!” There was a hundred-meter-wide palm print on the mountain.

Chaotic rocks flew and the wind was strong.

But the figure flew out of the gray mist extremely quickly.

“Whoosh!” He headed straight for the sixteen or seventeen disciples of the Wind Snow School who were leaving a few hundred meters to the left below.

“Hes escaping this way!”


“Kill him!”

These disciples were a little panicked, wondering whether they could be engaged in a battle with someone who could flee from the hands of the First Elder and the others.

Six or seven of them fled in all directions.

While the rest turned around and launched attacks of their own.

Suddenly, their eyes trembled slightly.

They saw the figure in front of them taking a step forward that covered hundreds of meters.

The instantaneous speed had gone twice beyond the speed of sound.

“What” The pupils of many protectors in the air shrank.

Their attacks didnt even hit the man in the slightest.

“He is bringing his own destruction!” The First Elder twisted his eyebrows.

And his eyes leaked fierceness.

Energy was sweeping incessantly, forming a shield in front of the dozen or so disciples.

It wasnt made to protect them, but to brew a terrifying attack.

And Zhang Han was bound to die if he dared to enter.

Zhang Han surely could see it.

“Its just a trifling skill!”

Zhang Han sneered and moved his right hand.

Suddenly, a stream of light flashed.

“Puff! Puff! Puff!” Zhang Han killed five disciples who were at the Grand Master Peak in an instant, leaving the ones who had reached the Divine Realm alone.

Then he drilled down into the mountain again.

This scene made many people shiver in anger!

The First Elder once again performed the secret method of transforming soul sense into silk, constantly blocking Zhang Hans escape route.

However, every time the First Elder located Zhang Hans position and was just about to attack him, he fled out of the mountain and flew off in another direction, constantly searching for disciples who were Grand Masters in the midst of the chaos.

Thus a short tug-of-war started.

Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen on the outside were also aware of the noise on this side.

“The Heaven-earth Formation was fully activated.” Dong Chens face was pale.

“Has… he been discovered”

“Boom!” Zhang Guangyous face went pale.

“Well, what should we do Im going to break down the formation!”

“Youre just going to get yourself killed!” Dong Chen said sternly, “Lets check on the situation first.

Dont add to the chaos.

And if necessary, Ill go.”

After that, their faces gradually became unpleasant.

Zhang Han inside was also suffering.

With a calm and subtle body movement, he dodged some attacks, which was to no avail in the end.

His strength was still too weak compared to that of those above him.

And there was no doubt that if they fought head-on, Zhang Han might not be able to take a single move from them.

The important thing was that those people had seen his methods.

And since they had never seen them before, they allowed Zhang Han to stall for some time.

But next time, they would be alert.

Zhang Han had once again performed the duplication Illusions.

But just after he finished performing it, the Second Elder slapped the ruler in his hand.

“Bang!” Zhang Han was hit head-on.

The wildly surging aftermath caused Zhang Hans body to spill blood.

And his breath was even more dispirited.

“This wont work.” Zhang Han once again drilled into the mountain.

“It looks like I still have to use that move.”

Zhang Hans gaze gradually became heavy.

Feeling the direction, he fled to the foot of the mountain, breaking out of the water in a waterfall.

“Buzz!” He threw the Space Ring into the waterfall, granting it a little spiritual energy.

There were still thirty medium-grade crystals in it, including the Heaven-Piercing Hammer, the Ten-square Wood, and the Misty Yang Flower, all of which had to be discarded.

“You cant escape.” The First Elder put on a sardonic smile.

“I will burn your soul on the Silver Glow Fire for a hundred years!”

“Boom!” Suddenly, a crystalline screen appeared around Zhang Hans body.

Other ten protectors made a move at the same time.

And countless energies crushed in.

“Bang!” With a crunching sound, Zhang Hans body turned into a mist of blood.


“Is he dead”

The Second Elder was furious as he swept his gaze towards the ten protectors.

“Who told you to attack him with full strength”


The ten protectors were dumb and tired as they thought, “We only attacked him with thirty percent of our power.”


Suddenly a cold snort came out from the First Elder.

“Come out!”

A harsh shout made the air hundreds of meters around the waterfall seem to be trembling.

“Puff… ” Zhang Han once again spat out a mouthful of blood and couldnt hide his figure.

At this time, Zhang Han was less than a hundred meters away from the Heaven-earth Formation.

It could be said that the First Elder and his group were not worried about him escaping in the slightest.

That was because, in their opinion, it was impossible to break through the Heaven-earth Formation.

At the same time, Zhang Han was only fifty to sixty meters away from Zhan San.

He faintly looked at Zhan San with determination in his eyes and suddenly shouted, “Open the formation!”

Zhan San thought, “What are you shouting at me for”

Zhan Sans gaze was fierce.


Zhan San suddenly slashed across with his battle ax.

And he only used two percent of his strength, for fear that if he cut down the man in front of him at once, he would have to bear the anger of the others by himself!

And he also wanted to know… Which force on earth it was that dared to do such a thing.

“Boom!” A loud muffled sound was heard.

Zhang Hans body once again waved a mist of blood AND his entire body flew backward in the direction of the Heaven-earth Formation.

“Method Formation!”

“Buzz!” The Space Ring suddenly appeared above the river, violently raising a fluctuation.

Then, a gap of a ten-meter radius suddenly appeared.

“The Heaven-earth Formation has been broken through”

For an instant, everyone was confused.

Zhang Han got into the body in an extremely swift manner.

And before he went out, he turned his head to look at Zhan San as if he were in cahoots with him.

And he shouted, “Run away!”

After saying that, Zhang Han flickered out.

“Chase him!”

The First Elder was monstrously furious.

And after he gave his order, many protectors flew out.

At this moment, the First Elder, the Second Elder, and the Third Elder slowly looked towards Zhan San indifferently.

“Buzz!” Zhan San felt dizzy and was gradually frightened.

Zhan San thought, “Have I been fu***ng framed”

With cold sweat running down his forehead, Zhan San whispered, “First Elder, please hear me out first…”

But the answer he received was, “Take him down!”

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