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Mengmeng withdrew her little head, blinked her big shiny eyes, and said with a pout, “PaPa, why are you back so late I, MaMa, and Grandma have missed you.”

“Ive missed you guys too.”

Zhang Han grinned.

But as soon as he laughed, he hurriedly closed his mouth and blushed slightly.

It was clear to everyone that Zhang Han seemed to have swallowed a large mouthful of saliva.

But as for what exactly he had swallowed, it was clear to everyone.

“Son, you…” Rong Jiali shuddered and covered her mouth with her hand.

Fortunately, she was wearing a hat and others couldnt see her tears streaming down her face.

“Ah,” Zi Yan also sensed something.

She slightly opened her mouth.

And her eyes were instantly red.

Chen Changqing looked nervous.

And Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ming, and the others also looked a little bad.

“What is going on”

They looked at Zhang Guangyou beside them.

But Zhang Guangyou couldnt explain it to them.

He could only remain silent.

He was distressed, but he couldnt do anything.

Anyway, what was done couldnt be undone.

“Woo” Dahei was scratching its head behind them, looking very low.

It had just broken through the Divine Realm.

Originally, it was expecting that its master would come back to praise it.

But its master was injured.


Little Hei cried out in a low voice, slowly walking to Zhang Hans feet; it lay down on the ground without even wagging its tail anymore.

Tiny Tot was confused and didnt understand anything.

So it leaned against Daheis leg.

If it was a minor injury, then they wouldnt have reacted so strongly.

But all the martial artists present sensed that Zhang Hans breath was draining away, which was baffling.

Zhang Hans face reddened for a few seconds and then turned pale again.

He shook his head slightly, indicating that they shouldnt have reacted so.

Then he looked at Mengmeng again and smiled as he said, “Mengmeng, Daddy and Grandpa have to go out again.”

“PaPa, why are you going out again” Mengmeng pouted up her little lips, looking unhappy.

“We came here rather quickly and forgot to get some toys for you, Dahei, and Little Hei.

Daddy will pick some up on the way to do some business.”

“Then, then Mengmeng wants to come along too.”

Zi Yan secretly wiped her eyes and said beside Mengmeng, “Mengmeng, lets stay here and wait for your PaPa, okay”

“But I want to come along.” Mengmeng was a little lost.

However, upon deliberation, she thought she couldnt do anything.

After all, her MaMa had spoken and there was no way she could argue with them.

Then she muttered again, “Then, PaPa, you should be back soon.”

“I will.”

Zhang Han smiled slightly and pinched Mengmengs little face.

“Be obedient to your mommy and Daddy will bring you ice cream.”

“Got it.”

“Then Daddy and Grandpa will go back first.”

Zhang Han handed Mengmeng to Zi Yan after he finished speaking.

He looked at Rong Jiali and Zi Yan and laughed lightly.

“Ill be back in a day or two.”

Zhang Guangyou chimed in and nodded as he said, “Dont worry, its no big deal.

Wait for us to return.”

After saying that, he left with Zhang Han.

And when he reached a place out of sight of the crowd, Zhang Hans entire body went weak.

Zhang Guangyou sighed; he carried Zhang Han on his back and said, “Dont be so adventurous next time.”

“I wont.” Zhang Han smiled bitterly.

As the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

In Zhang Hans opinion, it was a complete success this time.

Despite the injuries and the crack in his dantian, after breaking through to the Innateness, everything would recover.

And he wondered what kind of great progress he could make in his strength by then.

Arriving at the main entrance of the sect, Dong Chen waved his palm and the Sixth Elders alchemy furnace appeared.

“Be careful, you guys.”

He didnt intend to follow them.

If the Wind Snow School learned that Zhang Han was from the Heavenly Knights Sect, they would surely be overwhelmingly furious and would definitely go there to make a scene.

After all, dozens of divine objects had been consumed; it wasnt something that everyone could afford.

Large sects could only have a hundred or so divine objects.

And the Wind Snow School might have more.

But they couldnt withstand such consumption.

“I know.

We will go first.”

Zhang Guangyou put away the alchemy furnace.

And with a movement of his body, he appeared above the Huanshan River.

Then a token appeared in his hand, which was emitting light.

The Heaven-earth Formation was activated, which was communicating with the world.

After that, a channel appeared.


Flashing into it, the two of them disappeared.

Dong Chen looked at him twice and sighed once more.

“I hope he can recover from his injuries.

Otherwise it would be bad if he had a permanent damage to his foundation.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a figure suddenly flew in at a fast speed.

It was the awful-looking Sixth Elder, who looked grief-stricken.

“Dong Chen, you stole my alchemy furnace and you beat me up.

You crossed the line.

I was so close to refining my Riding Wind Pellet.

Youre too much of a bully today…”

“Bang!” Before he could finish his tirade, Dong Chen slapped him, making the Six Elders figure whirl to the side.

Dong Chen sighed again and touched his forehead, feeling very tired.

He thought, “Why do I have a tendency to move towards being evil ever since they came

“I devoured Spirit Beasts and robbed somebody elses alchemy furnace…”

On the other hand, at the front of the Wu Ming Sect.

The great battle continued in heated pace.

A total of seven Heaven State Strong masters plus twenty Earthly States from the Wu Ming Sect were fighting chaotically against the people from the Wind Snow School.

The head of the Wu Ming Sect couldnt be more agitated.

“You guys shouldnt be too excessive!”

“Hand over that man.

Or die.” The Grand Elder of the Wind Snow School was expressionless as he made his moves effortlessly.

“Who the f**k should I hand over to you” The Head of Wu Ming Sect was furious.

“Not long ago, we all went together to help you fight against the Heavenly Knights Sect.

And now youre just going to attack us, arent you And you, Zhan San! Ungrateful b*stard! Where are the divine objects you promised me You dont give me the stuff and you bring people to attack the Wu Ming Sect.

Do you really think Im afraid of you”

Zhan San was in a dilemma at this moment.

He roared, “How come I am ungrateful I dont have a f*cking clue.

I promised to pay you guys and I will stand by my words.

But you guys are robbing my sects treasures, which are a total of sixty-nine types of divine objects.

Today, if you dont bring them out, were going to annihilate your Wu Ming Sect!”


The Head of the Wu Ming Sect was stunned for a moment, but was quickly incensed.


“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

The battle was getting more and more intense.

But when the First Elder and the others were fighting, they were intending to encircle Zhan San.

In their opinion, this matter was bizarre in every way.

And they couldnt allow Zhan San to escape!

Zhan San also felt the malice.

And he grew increasingly frustrated and angrier.

Then he attacked without mercy.


With a single hack of his axe, he injured three Earth Realm warriors from the Wu Ming Sect.

“Zhan San! I will surely kill you!”

The Head of the Wu Ming Sect was furious.

But he waved his hand and ordered, “Retreat!”

They couldnt against their counterparts.

And if the fighting continued, their side would probably be on the losing end.

Those people were the backbone of the sect.

So he couldnt afford to lose them.

So they all withdrew and went back to the Wu Ming Sect, and the Mountain-protection Array was fully activated.

The First Elder was not afraid, “Zhan San, lead the fight!”


At this time, Zhan San would not dare to refute at all.

He took more than a dozen Earth Success warriors with him to constantly attack the Heaven-earth Formation of the Wu Ming Sect.

The Heaven-earth Formation would usually not consume anything at all.

But if it was always activated, it would need to consume crystals.

Each sect had crystal reserves.

But once the crystals were depleted, the formation could still be broken; it wasnt invincible.

The Grand Elder of the Wind Snow School waved his hand and ordered, “Go and inform the Main Sect and the other three major sub-sects, order Sky Dragon to personally lead the team.

Within a month, I want to trample over the Wu Ming Sect!”

Those people inside had also heard those words; the Head of the Wu Ming Sect was shivering in anger.

But he was confused and wondered about what had happened.


The Wind Snow School sent the notification out quite swiftly; after twelve hours, groups and groups of people answered the call.

The First Elders side had gradually gathered more than thirty Heaven Realm Martial Artists, more than sixty Earth Realm Martial Artists, and more than three hundred Divine Realm Martial Artists.


The First Elder led the way by himself; more than a hundred people attacked with all their strength at the same time, sending a tremor through the Mountain protection formation of the Wu Ming Sect.

They attacked for an hour.

Then another group of people would take their place.

And then another group would take over after an hour.

As the fight went on for more than ten hours, the Head of the Wu Ming Sect looked ugly.

The crystals were consumed quickly.

But they could maintain this and there were several ways to do so.

However, this kind of pointless consumption was infuriating.

At the same time, the fluctuations produced were also detected by many sects.

And all of them were astonished.

“What did you say The Wind Snow School crowd didnt attack the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Instead, they went to fight against the Wu Ming Sect, right”

“Is this, is this a joke The Wind Snow School has never had much to do with the Wu Ming Sect.

The Wu Ming Sect had even lent their manpower to protect the Kunxu Wind Snow School not long ago.

The Sky Dragon and Zhan San had promised them quite a bit of payment.

How come the payment turned out to be revenge Is it evil for good Or is there another reason”

“Its a joke.

The Wind Snow School is too greedy.”


Many sects were discussing and their curiosity had been piqued.

Finally, on the second day, the Head of the Wu Ming Sect couldnt hold himself back.

Appearing from another direction, he raged at the crowd of the Wind Snow School, “Thats enough! Do you really think Im a weakling If you dont give me an explanation today, I will contact the Martial Alliance and start an all-out war against the Wind Snow School!”

“Hand him over.” The Grand Elder of the Wind Snow School looked indifferent.

“Whom should we hand over to you Tell me, who are you looking for Huh Or should I hand myself to you” The Head of Wu Ming Sect was so angry that he reached out and pointed at the Grand Elder of the Wind Snow School.

This time, the First Elder was silent for two seconds.

And with a wave of his right hand, many spiritual forces formed a ten-meter tall figure.

“Call him out.”

“Who is he We dont have such a person in the Wu Ming Sect.”

First Elder ordered again with a cold face, “Carry on with the attack.”

The look on the First Elders face indicated that if the Wu Ming Sect wouldnt hand the man over, he would beat them up.

The look on the Head of Wu Ming Sects face was stiff.

He was suddenly a bit confused, wondering whether they had this person in his sect.


He moved back to the sect and said, “All the members of the Wu Ming Sect, assemble at the martial training ground.”

As the attack went on, several disciples among the group of God Realm disciples had a puzzled expression on their faces.

Suddenly, one of them flew close to the First Elder, arched his hand, and said, “First Elder, the person you projected seemed familiar, but I didnt see him clearly.

So I wonder if you could summon his image again.”


The First Elder furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

He moved his right hand and mimicked Zhang Hans appearance again.


The disciple squinted, looking thoughtful.

And two seconds later, his face changed slightly as he said, “He, he doesnt seem to be from the worldlet.”

“Who Who is he Say it!”

As if seeing hope, Zhan San moved his body and rushed over.

Just as one would see in the movies, he looked excited as if he wanted to shake the disciples shoulders.

But before he could get close enough, the Second Elder moved horizontally and blocked his path as he said indifferently, “What Trying to kill someone”

Zhan San was speechless.

He looked around with a confused look on his face and noticed that everyone else had the same expression.

Then his heart pumped.


Zhan San was so angry he spat out blood.

Then refrained from saying anything else.

Many people were startled.

Even that disciples face flashed with a trace of fear as he approached the First Elder and whispered, “If I remember it correctly…”


Before he finished speaking, he felt a lot of cold glares.

The crowd thought, “If you know who he is, just say it.

Why did you have to clarify that you have remembered it correctly”

“No, no, no.

I know who he is!”

The disciple hurriedly changed his words, “Hes a Worldly Celestial talent, Zhang Hanyang, who is based on Mount New Moon in Hong Kong.

Last time, I heard from Shi Fenghou that he would go out to slay Zhang Hanyang after finishing his practice.

It is said that he suffered a loss because of Zhang Hanyang in the world.”

“The Zhang Hanyang from Mount New Moon”

The First Elder became even more confused and turned his head to look at Zhan San.

The First Elder thought, “Did he collude with an outsider to steal the clans divine objects But does he have the guts”

“It looks like its him,” another disciple hurriedly came closer and said, “Not long ago, Senior Martial Brother Yao Feng came out and learned that Zhang Hanyang possessed a divine object, and had killed a dozen or so sect disciples brought by Shi Fenghou.

After using this as an excuse, Yao Feng went over and never came back.

Then I also learned about Zhang Hanyangs existence.

Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing are good friends.

Behind them is Gai Xingkong, the Chan Clans Warlord.

Ji Wushuang in Hong Kong is quite close to them as well.”


Suddenly a disciple at the very edge came forward.

“If its Zhang Hanyang, then this matter might be a bit troublesome.

I have a friend in Singapore who said that the Zi Clan in Singapore had played to someone powerful.

Zhang Hanyang is the son-in-law of the Zi Clan.

Whats more, it is said that Zhang Hanyangs father is from the Heavenly Knights Sect.

And the Heavenly Knights Sect had sent out a Heaven Peak Stage warrior to take control of the situation for them.”

“The Heavenly Knights Sect.” As soon as the disciple finished his words, the atmosphere on the field completely chilled down.

Zhan San roared, “It turns out to be Heavenly Knights Sect! Oh how I hate them!”

The First Elder gave him a cold glance.

“How did someone from the Heavenly Knights Sect appear at your place Tell me, how did he get in”

“I dont know either, First Elder, I really dont know! Hes even entered the Wu Ming Sect.

So how could he have anything to do with me”

For a while, the surrounding crowd was in confusion.

At that moment, the Head of the Wu Ming Sect appeared from the side and said in a cold voice, “This person is not in our sect.

And if you dont give me an explanation today, well have to join hands with the Heavenly Knights Sect and start a war against you.”

“Do you think you are the only one with allies”


Suddenly, the First Elder shouted in anger, “Send someone to contact the Caprice Mo Sect, the Limitless Sect, the Seven Ming Abyss, the Ten Tigers Sect…”

In one breath, he stated seven sects in a row.

Hearing his words, the Head of the Wu Ming Sect was a bit confused as he thought, “Is he determined to annihilate the Wu Ming Sect”

He was nervous for a moment.

They would have too much to lose if there was a fight.

But what the First Elder said in the next moment made him feel slightly relieved.

“Gather at Heavenly Knights Sect at noon tomorrow and attack with all your might! Trample down the Heavenly Knights Sect!”


The First Elders voice was like rolling thunder; it spread across the surrounding tens of miles, shocking all of those present.

Many disciples from the other sects who were watching from afar were also shocked.


The Wind Snow School is going to wage a full-scale war with the Heavenly Knights Sect!”

“There are a total of eight sects.

The Heavenly Knights Sect is probably going to suffer this time.”

“Quickly go back and report to the master.”


Many of them were shocked.

The First Elder and the rest, on the other hand, moved and flew quickly towards the south.

Their figures were about to disappear from sight.

Only then did the Head of the Wu Ming Sect come to his senses.

“Shouldnt you give me an explanation

“Are they leaving after the fight

“Wind Snow School!” he roared.

But he ended up getting a reply from the First Elder who was far away, which was, “If this matter has anything to do with you, the Wu Ming Sect will also be annihilated.

But if you have nothing to do with it, I will personally come and apologize!”

The Head of Wu Ming Sect rose his eyebrows.

“Well then, Ill be waiting for your apology!”

He surely would not dare to intervene in such a matter.

With the eight sects fiercely attacking on one side, could the Heavenly Knights Sect stop them

Even if they had a lot of crystal reserves, would the Mountain-protection Array still work with so many people attacking for one or two months in a row

In his opinion, the Heavenly Knights Sect would be in a difficult position.

On the other side, when Zhang Guangyou and Zhang Han appeared on the lake, the ground was already beneath their feet, the island had been enlarged, and some simple buildings were being built around it.

After all, this exit would be stable for a long time.


Zhang Guangyou carried Zhang Han on his back and flew directly to the south.

Zhang Han partly opened his eyes and said weakly, “Go there by plane.”

Zhang Guangyou directly refused him, saying in an affirmative tone, “Flying there is the fastest.”

Zhang Han felt a little helpless, but he didnt say anything.

He closed his eyes and continued to digest the three medicinal pellets he had taken.

The crack in his dantian was breaking the balance in his body.

The spiritual force was rioting in his meridians.

Even the pellets could only ease the situation rather than really heal the wound.

And with the constantly flickering Taiyi Wood Thunder in his soul sense sea, he could only make a breakthrough.

The speed was fast, and so was the consumption of spiritual force.

Along the way, Zhang Guangyou had taken five pellets, but he was still a little tired from such a high-intensity flight.

In five hours, they finally arrived at Mount New Moon.

Many people were gathered around the thunder yang tree when they arrived, but Zhang Guangyou didnt say anything; he only waved his hand for them not to disturb.

They only took a few glances and left.

Then they stood at a distance and watched them.

Zhang Guangyou looked at the weakly standing Zhang Han and asked with great concern, “Are you still okay”

“Im fine.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and pressed his right hand through the air towards thunder yang tree.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

For a moment, the thunder yang tree, the Thunder Yang Flower, and the thunder yang grass emitted a crystal blue light.

After that, a strand of pure energy was formed.

At the same time, the thunder yang tree trembled.

And the Thunder Yang Wood that was forming at the top left its body and slowly floated down.

Seeing this, Zhang Guangyou silently took out a fifth-rank alchemy furnace.

“Be careful,” he couldnt help but warn him.

“Got it,” Zhang Han nodded slightly and smiled.

And the Thunder Yang Wood fell into his hands.


Suddenly, a monstrous breath was condensed on Zhang Hans body, and his eyes also flashed with crystal blue light, which, along with many energies, formed a phosphorescent blue flame at the bottom of the alchemy furnace.

While Zhang Han murmured in a low voice, “Starting from the thunder yang, stopping at life and death.

Starting from emptiness and ending in emptiness…”

What Zhang Han said was not necessary for alchemy.

Instead, he was drawing the energy of the three greatest treasures of the Thunder Yang, which could be used to refine the Thunder Yang Wood along with some of Zhang Hans soul sense.


The wind began to blow around.

It was a wind caused by energy, which was constantly whistling.

This scene left Zhang Guangyou a bit dazed.

This was the first time he had seen alchemy done this way.

“He didnt even need to use the Fire Stone

“But every time the Sixth Elder does alchemy, he would control the fire stone discreetly.

Whenever he is careless, he would blow up the furnace.”

His son was using a different way to do alchemy.

“He really knows how to do alchemy.

And he seems to be very good at it.”

Zhang Guangyou was a little absent-minded.

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